8 Celeb Siblings Who Can't Stand Each Other (And 7 Who Are Too Close For Comfort)

Business and personal lives never mesh well together, especially when fame and acclaim is at stake in the wondrous world of Hollywood. The phrase "never sh*t where you eat" has never been more apropos than when talking about certain relationships in Hollywood. However, it becomes difficult to maintain the status quo of that quote when you are working with a sibling in Hollywood.

Another appropriate phrase at the center of this piece would be the phrase "what becomes political becomes personal," which in this case would be about how the politics of Hollywood should never mix with any kind of family dynamic. Whenever such a thing does happen, it just gets messy. Which is why so many siblings come out of the Hollywood limelight with destroyed relationships. Yes, some siblings come out of Hollywood hating each other. However, there are some lucky siblings who come out of Hollywood with having as strong of a happy relationship as they did going into Hollywood. To break such occurrences down, we are going to use the following list to discuss celebrity siblings who hate each other, as well as celeb siblings who still love each other to this day.


15 Hate: Stephen And Alec Baldwin

As many of us should know and remember by now, the United States Presidential election of 2016 was the most politically charged election the US has ever seen. People held a lot of weight and importance into who they voted for. So much so that lifelong relationships ended depending on whether or not both parties in the relationship voted for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. The relationship between Alec Baldwin and his brother, Stephen Baldwin, is one of the relationships fractured coming out of the election. In the wake of Stephen being an avid Trump supporter, and Alec famously making fun of Trump on SNL, the two have not spoken since the election, according to Stephen himself on Fox and Friends.

14 Love: Zooey And Emily Deschanel


Zooey and Emily Deschanel have seldom shared the screen together (sans Zooey's one off appearance on Emily's show Bones), but do not mistake this for any sibling hostility because these two sisters could not be closer than they are now. It seems as though the two have stayed away from each other's screen time as a means to avoid leaching off of each other's fame. Behind the camera, they are both extremely supportive of everything that one another does. Professionally, both sisters support whatever the other is doing. More personally in their lives, as Emily revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the sisters had their respective children around the same time and make an effort to make sure they all spend adequate time together as a family.

13 Hate: Rob And The Kardashian Sisters

It is almost universally known that Rob Kardashian has always been treated as the black sheep of the Kardashian clan. His inability to fit into the family circle has caused an ongoing feud and lashing out between himself and his sisters. At one point, Kylie Jenner likened her brother to a baphomet (basically, Satan to the occult) in an Instagram post. Meanwhile, Rob has likened his other sister, Kim, to "the b*tch from Gone Girl" in a post of his own. All of the stress from his sisters resulted in Rob gaining a weight problem and depression. As payback, Rob started dating and knocked up Blac Chyna, a longtime rival to the Kardashians, although their relationship has since dissolved.

12 Love: Maggie And Jake Gyllenhaal


On the big screen, the Gyllenhaal siblings have only shared the stage together for the films Homegrown, A Dangerous Woman, and of course their star making turns in Donnie Darko. However, whenever Jake or Maggie have a film hitting theaters soon, their sibling is always beside them on the red carpet as supportive as ever. As a result, there has never been a question as to whether or not these two were close siblings because they are always seen supporting each other, as if they were attached at the hip. Even when spending time away from each other, they still can't help themselves but to praise each other tremendously in their respective interviews.

11 Hate: Ashlee And Jessica Simpson

Ashlee and Jessica Simpson have always been accused of living in the shadow of the other because they have always lived such similar lives. Both led musical careers as pop stars around the same time. Now, both have left the music world behind in favor of domestic living with their respective spouses. Ashlee especially was anxious to break out of her older sister's shadow. So much so that her music started to steer into a more pop punk direction in 2004 when she released a diss track towards her sister called "Shadow." The pair's feud and angst towards each other became more civil when their parents split and their father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, though it remains unclear if they still hold animosity towards each other.

10 Love: Rooney And Kate Mara


Kate Mara and Rooney Mara are another sibling pair of actors who have never appeared together on screen. However, the two have always had a very deep and sincere bond over acting. While it is a fact that Kate started acting long before Rooney did, Kate revealed in an interview with ABC in 2017 that it was their acting careers that brought the sisters even closer together than they ever were before. After going to their respective auditions back in the day, one would always come home to the other and tell their sibling about the horror stories they experienced, or funny stories that occurred during the audition. Acting became something more than just something for their careers. It became something special shared between sisters.

9 Hate: Madonna And Christopher Ciccone

Christopher Ciccone is a shoe designer whose sister just so happens to be one of the most prolific pop stars in music history. When your sister winds up being Madonna of all people, it is pretty hard to keep a tight lip about everything that goes on behind the scenes. Which is why Ciccone spilled all the beans about Madonna's life behind the curtain and all of her secrets in his tell all book titled Life with My Sister Madonna in 2008. He went as far as to tell personal secrets revolving their family and even former flames of Madonna. Most recently in 2017, he called the pop singer "horrific" and claimed that she personally had him blacklisted from Hollywood. It seems as though their relationship is forever fractured.


8 Love: Ben And Casey Affleck


Ever since they were both young children, Ben and Casey Affleck have been prominent actors in Hollywood, even appearing in each other's movies from time to time; most notably the Oscar winning Good Will Hunting. The two have had their fair share of ups and downs over the last year alone--while Casey won his first Oscar in 2017, his own and his brother's sexual assault allegations were exposed this year as well--one thing that has never changed is that the two have always had each other's backs along the way. Ben was one of the first to congratulate his brother on his first Oscar win, and was even kind enough to have his brother star in his directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone.

7 Hate: Randy And Jermaine Jackson

Michael Jackson was always destined to be the most famous and beloved Jackson of his musically influenced family, but there was a time when Jermaine Jackson was expected to be the breakout star of The Jackson 5 considering he was the original lead singer of the group. One of the things that prevented Jermaine from taking his career to new heights was that he was all too embroiled in a heated feud with his other brother, Randy. It all started when The Jackson 5 were rebranded as The Jacksons and left Motown Records. Jermaine remained loyalty to Motown instead of staying with his family. His spot in the group was replaced by Randy. Years later, Jermaine started dating Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza while she was already dating Randy, and wound up getting her pregnant and marrying her. Since then, Randy wanted nothing to do with Jermaine.

6 Love: Liam And Chris Hemsworth


Of the three Hemsworth brothers, Chris Hemsworth is the middle brother and Liam Hemsworth is the youngest brother. As two actors deep into the trenches of the Hollywood A-List scene, one would assume that they had a bitter rivalry of their own, but there is nothing but love between the two Aussies. The closest that the two ever had to feuding was just a friendly, professional rivalry over the role of Thor. Chris told W Magazine that before he got cast in the role himself, he found out that his brother Liam also auditioned for the role. Chris used that as extra motivation to do his absolute best when auditioning and he got the part. Despite this, the two brothers frequently hang out and support each other.

5 Hate: Noel And Liam Gallagher

A strong argument can be made that no celebrity sibling pairing has ever had more of a destructive and dramatic falling out than that between Liam and Noel Gallagher. The pressures of being apart of a wildly successful band like Oasis would be enough to cause a rift between any relationship, even between brothers. Noel and Liam frequently were known to get into fistfights over women and the direction of the band, sometimes even bringing their squabbles to the forefront onstage. The last straw came in 2009 when Liam sued Noel for claiming an Oasis gig was cancelled because Liam was hungover, when in reality, Liam had laryngitis. Among other debacles, the band split and the brothers stopped speaking to each other.

4 Love: Luke And Owen Wilson


It is easy to believe that Owen and Luke Wilson have a very affectionate brotherly bond with each other. After all, both broke into film together through the indie Wes Anderson film Bottle Rocket (both the short film and the feature length film of the same name) and also appeared in another Anderson film, The Royal Tenenbaums, shortly afterwards. Despite often appearing in each other's movies over the years, neither man has butted heads with the other on set, nor has their ever been a documented clashing of the minds behind the scenes. There seems to be nothing but love between the two without a single instance of one lashing out at the other.

3 Hate: Julia And Eric Roberts

There was once a time when Eric and Julia Roberts were as close as any brother and sister would hope to get. Their rift started when Eric's drinking problem grew out of hand. So much so that it resulted in the relationship between himself and his girlfriend Kelly Cunningham (mother of Eric's daughter, Emma Roberts) to fall apart. In the midst of all this, Julia took Kelly's side over her brother's and even paid Kelly for a lawyer to get custody of Emma. Eric never forgave Julia for what he deemed to be a betrayal, and their relationship has never been the same. Although the two seem to have let bygones be bygones, Eric has admitted that the two rarely speak or see each other anymore.

2 Love: James And Dave Franco


Although early in his career Dave Franco publicly stated that he was trying to distance himself from his brother James, he only said that so that he could build a noteworthy career for himself without relying too heavily on his last name or who he was related to. Considering that Dave now has a respectable filmography of his own attached to his name, the career move seemed to have worked. So much so that the two are in starring together in the upcoming film, The Disaster Artist. Even before they shared the screen together, both Dave and James have always expressed the utmost and unapologetic love for each other whether they shared the red carpet together or spoke of each other in interviews.

1 Hate: Emilio Estevez And Charlie Sheen 

In the eyes of the public, there has always seemed to be a sort of friction between Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. We always got that impression just from the fact that Emilio refuses to act under the family name, though he has admitted that he just wanted to represent his Hispanic heritage and even his father, Martin Sheen, later regretted adopting Sheen as a stage name for himself. Anyway, in the wake of Charlie Sheen's drug addled conundrums during the early 2010s, Emilio took some jabs at his brother in interviews, and Charlie took some jabs himself against his brother. One time, Estevez said Charlie had turned into a "completely different guy" while under the influence.


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