8 Celeb Couples That Are In An Open Relationship (And 7 We Wish Were In One)

Celebrities have lives that nobody can relate to unless they’ve lived it for themselves. Between juggling their career and public image, it’s amazing that celebrities find time to settle down and have kids. But, despite wanting to put their relationships first, celebrities can’t always do so. They have to travel as part of their job, which can lead to them wanting to experience intimacy on the road. Sometimes, they have their partner’s permission.

An estimated 5 per cent of couples in America are polyamorous, often referred to as having “open relationships” which mean that they can seek love or s*x from someone that is not their partner. For some, these relationships work perfectly fine while other couples struggle with the idea and get jealous. There are a few celebrity couples that are in open relationships out of necessity, others want to try it out to save their marriage, and other celebrities just like the idea of not being tied to one person in the bedroom. Is your favourite celebrity couple on this list? Keep reading to find out!

15 Mo’Nique And Sidney Hicks — Open Relationship

Mo’Nique has been married to her teenage sweetheart since 2006. Her husband, Sidney Hicks, has accompanied her to numerous high-profile events that she’s been invited to. She won a Grammy in 2002 for best comedy album, and later won an Academy Award for her role as Mary Lee Johnston in the movie Precious. The two have been through thick and thin together, but claim that their open relationship has been the key to their success.

The idea of an open marriage was Mo’Nique’sa, despite what you may think. She brought the idea to her husband by saying that she was an entertainer, a performer, and that she wanted to have “it all.” Reporters have asked Mo’Nique about the rules that her and her husband have, but she claims that the only rule is honesty! The couple has been used as proof that polyamory can work, after all.

14 Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds — We Wish

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds met in 2010 while filming one of the worst superhero movies ever — Green Lantern. Their relationship is probably the only good thing to come out of that movie. They began dating a year after meeting and married the year after that. Together, they have two daughters and their relationship is low-key perfect.

While Blake Lively is gorgeous in her own respect, just about everyone wants to have a romantic evening with Ryan Reynolds. The Vancouver-born actor is devilishly handsome, charming, and very quick-witted. It would be an absolute treat to sit down with Reynolds and have him act as Wade Wilson, his character from Deadpool. Just imagine what it would be like to have Deadpool in the bedroom. Think of the hilarity!

13 Tilda Swinton And John Byrne — It’s Complicated

The prolific Tilda Swinton has somewhat of a complicated arrangement in her life. She was formerly partners with John Byrne, the father of her children. Byrne himself has an interesting backstory, as he is the child of an incestuous relationship — but that’s besides the point. Swinton and Byrne eventually began having some relationship issues and decided to go their separate ways romantically. However, Swinton and Byrne stayed living together.

Swinton found herself a boy toy, Sandra Kopp, who is 18 years younger than she is. She invited Kopp to live with her (and Byrne) and that’s the way that they’ve lived for years! According to Swinton, “The father of my children and I are good friends and now I’m in a very happy other relationship. We’re all really good friends. It’s a very happy situation. Life doesn’t have to be complicated.” It may not be an open relationship, but there’s something fishy about their little arrangement.

12 Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth — We Wish

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have had an on-again, off-again relationship. Most recently, Cyrus and Hemsworth conveniently broke up (and got back together) before the release of Cyrus’ latest album. It may have been a publicity move, considering that many of the songs on Cyrus’ album are about her love for Hemsworth.

Hemsworth, fell for Cyrus in 2009 after filming The Last Song together. The two have lived very different lives, with Hemsworth growing up in Australia and Cyrus growing up in rural America. They both have successful careers in the entertainment industry and probably spend a considerable amount of time apart. Who knows what might have happened when Cyrus was going through her bad girl Bangerz phase. The two have more than likely been committed to each other, but we wish that wasn’t the case.

11 Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green — One-Way Open Relationship


Megan Fox was the star of teenage boys fantasies through the late 2000s and early 2010s. She solidified her position in Hollywood after appearing in Michael Bay’s Transformers, though her career has taken somewhat of a decline since getting the boot from the franchise. Through the highs and lows of her career, Fox has had Brian Austin Green to be her rock. The two met when Green, who played David Silver in Beverly Hills 90210, was 30 years old and Fox was only 18!

According to reports, Fox and Green have a one-sided open relationship. This essentially means that Fox is allowed to date and do whatever she wants with other men, but Green must stay faithful to her! The two have had somewhat of an on-again off-again relationship. They were engaged in 2006, but called off the engagement in 2009. They were engaged again in 2010 and married a few days later. In 2015, Fox filed for divorce, but they reconciled their differences in 2016. They have three sons together.

10 Jay-Z and Beyoncé — We Wish

Despite being 11 years apart, Jay-Z and Beyonce have managed to juggle their relationships and careers. The pair have been together for 15 years, and, for the most part, their relationship has been fairly private. They have three children together, despite Beyoncé having a miscarriage around 2011. For most of their relationship, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have kept their lives private, but that changed with the release of Beyoncé‘s newest album.

In Beyoncé’s song “Sorry,” she hints that Jay-Z cheated on her. People thought that these were just rumors because let’s be honest, why would Jay-Z cheat on Beyoncé? She’s gorgeous and he has a face that only his mother (and apparently Beyoncé) could love. Jay-Z confirmed the rumors to be true and said that he cheated on his wife because he was struggling to deal with things from his childhood. Maybe it’s time for Beyoncé to get even with Jay-Z. She could learn a thing or two from Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.

9 Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake — Had An Open Relationship

Any woman (or man) would be lucky to end up with Justin Timberlake. Not only is he incredibly talented, charming, and handsome — he’s also loaded! He has an estimated net worth of $225,000,000! Timberlake married Jessica Biel back in 2012, but the couple has had somewhat of an interesting history.

In the early stages of their relationship, Jessica Biel would call Justin Timberlake to talk on the phone while he was on tour. During these phone calls, Biel always knew that she would somehow end up marrying Timberlake. For a while, Timberlake and Biel were casually dating but were actually more like ‘friends with benefits’ and could see other people on the side. Biel was determined to tame Timberlake. All that waiting eventually paid off when the couple finally became exclusive!

8 Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis — We Wish

Kutcher and Kunis met on the set of That 70’s Show where they played Kelso and Jackie, a couple that couldn’t decide if they wanted or did not want to be together. Thankfully, their real-life relationship has been a lot less dramatic than the one they had on-screen. The two started dating in 2012, after Kutcher divorced Demi Moore, and have two children together.

Mila Kunis picks weird guys to date. In 2002, she found herself in a fairly serious relationship with former child star Macauley Culkin, and there were rumors that the two were going to get married. Kutcher, on the other hand, has been with a number of women out of his league. In his previous marriage to Demi Moore, the two had an agreement that they would try being in an open relationship to save their marriage. It didn’t end up working, but that doesn’t mean that Kutcher won’t try to convince Kunis to give it a shot.

7 P!nk And Carey Hart — Had An Open Relationship

P!nk met Carey Hart in 2001 at the X Games. At the time, Hart was a professional freestyle motocross competitor, racer, and the first person to perform a back flip on a 250cc motorcycle during competition. Because of the couple’s busy schedules, they decided that they shouldn’t limit who they can and can’t get physical with. P!nk was quoted as saying, “monogamy is work. You have times when you haven’t had sex in a year.” Essentially, the couple opted for a don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

Things were going great for the couple until Hart started bringing the same woman to a number of public events. Two years after they got married, the couple separated in 2008. They have since managed to put the pieces back together and more than likely have chosen to live as a monogamous couple.

6 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt — It’s Complicated

For years, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were Hollywood’s hottest couple. Their relationship ended in 2016, after 12 magical years together and six children. Since their divorce, Brad Pitt has emerged as one of Hollywood’s hottest bachelor’s whereas Jolie has been somewhat shunned from the spotlight, but that could be due to Jolie preferring to work as a director rather than an actress. Her most recent film, First They Killed My Father is a Netflix original that retells the story of Loung Ung and the horrors she faced as a child in Cambodia.

During the course of their relationship, everyone speculated whether or not they were in an open relationship. Angelina Jolie hinted at an open relationship by saying, “I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship. It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterward. Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that “lived together” means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other.” Considering their separation, I guess this didn’t really work out for them.

5 Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid — We Wish

Zayn Malik became internationally famous after being eliminated from the X Factor and being asked to join the newly-formed boy band, One Direction. After performing in the group for five years, Zayn decided that it was time for him to leave the group and take a swing at a solo career. Shortly after, he began dating Gigi Hadid, who was named International Model of the Year in 2016.

Due to One Direction’s fans obsessive nature, it’s safe to say that there are a number of women that would happily take care of him if Gigi Hadid decided to leave him. Additionally, there isn’t a shortage of guys out there for Gigi Hadid to romance with. Since they’re still in their early 20s, it would be a shame for them to get tied down so early. Maybe they should live like Timberlake and Biel for a few years before finally settling down.

4 T-Pain And Amber Najm — Open Relationship

T-Pain may have faded from mainstream culture, but his influence on music during the mid to late 2000s will be remembered. Seriously, it seemed like he was featured in every song. But, before his career peaked, T-Pain married Amber Najm in 2003, and has been with her ever since. This celebrity couple isn’t necessarily in an open relationship, but they have quite an interesting arrangement in the bedroom.

According to reports, T-Pain is allowed to bring whatever woman he wants into the bedroom. The only rule is that his wife, Amber Najm, who is bisexual, gets to join in on the fun. When asked how he managed to convince his wife to agree to the arrangement, he hinted that the idea was hers. He said he didn’t try to do any convincing, and if you have to convince your girlfriend to do something like this, you’re going about it the wrong way.

3 David And Victoria Beckham — We Wish

David and Beckham are the picture-perfect celebrity couple. They’re both beautiful people that had successful careers before they fell madly in love in the ’90s. Today, they have been married for nearly 18 years and have 4 children together. But, it seems that there’s been a little trouble in paradise over the years.

In 2004, after moving to Spain to play soccer for Real Madrid, David Beckham allegedly had an affair with his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos. Beckham never refuted these claims, which has led many to accept them. If true, Posh Spice should get to have a little fun of her own. But, to be honest, it wouldn’t be surprising if they’ve already dabbled in having an open relationship. After all, they’re two successful European models — it wouldn’t be hard for them to find a side fling.

2 Dolly Parton And Carl Dean — Open Relationship

For years, Dolly Parton insisted that her and her elusive husband Carl Dean were in a committed, monogamous relationship. Parton even went as far to say that she’d hurt her husband if he slept with another woman, and that he would do the same to her. She said it jokingly, of course. However, in 2017, Parton finally revealed that both her and her husband had countless affairs since getting married in 1966 and admitted to being in an open relationship. She told reporters that they have both been with other people, but neither of them get jealous.

Despite being married for more than 50 years, Parton and her husband live very different lives. She’s a celebrity, and her husband, Carl Dean, hates the spotlight. He rarely accompanied her to events and has only seen Parton perform once in her entire career. He lives in Nashville and ran an asphalt road-paving business while Parton was touring around America.

1 Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith — We Wish

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, like any couple, have had their share of ups and downs. The couple met in 1994 on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Jada auditioned for a role that she did not end up getting. They have two kids together, Willow and Jaden, who will either take Hollywood by storm or end up looking like MacCauley Culkin in a few years time.

For the past few years, there have been rumors that the two are in an open relationship. These rumors were fueled by Jada Pinkett Smith dancing around the question when asked about whether or not she was in an open relationship. In an interview with Howard Stern, she said, “I’m not his watcher. He’s a grown man. Here’s what I trust — I trust that the man that Will is, is the man of integrity. So, he’s got all the freedom in the world. As long as Will can look himself in the mirror and be okay, I’m good.” She eventually put an end to these rumors, but that doesn’t mean people can’t wish it to be true.

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