8 Actresses We Want To See On-Screen Again (And 8 We Want To Stay Away)

It is not easy to be an actress in Hollywood. You've got to adjust to constantly being in the spotlight and as you get older, you may start seeing your potential roles dry up. Which means you better save your money!

Included on our list are some of the biggest names of the past decades. But while they used to earn millions on a regular basis, it's clear that many actresses have given up. Which is perhaps just as well then that many of them are finding themselves out of work.

Courteney Cox may be Monica to us, but her recent track record outside of Cougar Town was horrific. Cameron Diaz chose mistake after mistake and has found her career shelved and you can't honestly tell me many people are missing Katherine Heigl?

Other actresses may have found themselves largely out of work, but we're sure you're hoping it doesn't stay that way for long. While some have stepped away to help start a family, such as Eva Mendes and Jennifer Love Hewitt, other names may shock you to find out they're currently out of work.

These are 8 Actresses We Want To See On-Screen Again (And 8 We Want To Stay Away).

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16 See Again: Amanda Bynes

If Bynes decided that she wanted to give acting another try, we'd hope that Hollywood would welcome her back. Especially because in an interview back in June, Bynes revealed that she had been sober for three years.

During the interview, Bynes also admitted

"I do miss acting and I have something surprising to tell you: I’m going to start acting again. I want to do TV. Maybe a few guest spots on some shows that I’m a fan of and maybe another TV show where I’m the star of it.”

She doesn't have any potential projects booked as of yet, but it may only be a matter of time.

15 Stay Away: Tila Tequila

Now we aren't too sure if you want to count Tila Tequila as an actress when you consider she is a reality television star. But anyone who is a fan of Hitler is definitely not someone we want to see in any format.

Tequila had the opportunity to further her public image on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, at least until they also found out about her views towards Hitler not being such a bad guy and kicked her from the show.

Thankfully nobody seems to be paying attention to Tequila anymore and when they do, it's not for positive reasons. Let's just hope it stays that way.

14 See Again: Jessica Biel

With our next entry, we suppose this works more as a hope that we continue getting to see Jessica Biel. While her career has seemingly dwindled in the last few years with nothing notable, she may recently be receiving a big boost by her appearance in the new miniseries The Sinner.

Biel also has one project coming out in the near future, but her work on that is completed meaning she is currently finding herself out of work.

The film in question is titled Shock and Awe and follows a group of journalists that cover George Bush's invasion of Iraq and the validity of his statement that they possessed weapons of mass destruction.

13 Stay Away: Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson is one of the most recognizable children actresses of all-time. Her most notable appearance is as the lead in Matilda but she also had appearances in other classics such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Miracle On 34th Street. While Wilson did some voice acting in 2016 (and a small cameo role), it doesn't appear like she has anything planned for the future when it comes to acting.

That's not a bad thing though, especially when you hear her thoughts on how she feels after leaving the spotlight

"I feel good about myself, and I feel like I'm sort of in control of my own story and my own narrative. Which is a really good feeling to have, because I don't think I had that when I was a child. I felt like somebody else was always telling my story or making up stories about me."

If that's how you're feeling Wilson, we definitely don't want to drag you back into it.

12 See Again: Eva Mendes

It's tragic to think about the fact that Eva Mendes hasn't appeared in a movie since 2014. Especially when you consider she's been in some fantastic ones such as Hitch and The Other Guys. One of her last films came in 2012 when she appeared in The Place Beyond The Pines.

The film also starred Ryan Gosling who Mendes fell in love with. The two are not married, but they do have two young daughters together with one being born in 2014 and another in 2016.

It's admirable to see Mendes taking a step back to help raise her family, but that doesn't mean we don't miss her.

11 Stay Away: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was one of the most recognizable movie stars of the 1990s and early 2000s. But when you consider the fact that she hasn't released a movie since 2014, and it is abundantly clear that she isn't one of the biggest stars of this decade.

Perhaps she's weighed down by countless bad decisions with her last few films, including Sex Tape which went limp at the box office and participating in perhaps the Coen brothers biggest disappointment Gambit which scored 17% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Diaz has never really explored the world of television, so if she does come back into the public eye again you can expect it to be on the big-screen.

10 See Again: Jennifer Love Hewitt

If Jennifer Love Hewitt wants to make a return to the spotlight, she definitely should try and do it in the world of television. Many of her films have failed, whereas at least she's had several television shows that have been able to have multiple seasons.

On top of financial success, JLH also found love after she started dating her co-star on The Client List, Brian Hallisay, back in 2012. The two have two children together.

We're sure that if JLH was stepping back into the spotlight on a regular basis it wouldn't take her long before she made everyone re-aware of just how gorgeous she is.

9 Stay Away: Katherine Heigl

If you're a huge fan of Katherine Heigl, we hate to say it, but you might be one of few. Her fans definitely didn't band together to throw their support behind her recent television series Doubt which was off the air almost as quickly as it arrived.

Heigl's big-screen efforts haven't failed much better, with either forgettable performances in things like Jenny's Wedding or films like Knocked Up which she soiled with her attitude towards the film after it was released.

Heigl currently has no projects on the horizon meaning her career may be all but over.

8 See Again: Kat Dennings

It might be a little bit too early to start missing Kat Dennings, but we're going to throw her on the list after her television series 2 Broke Girls got the ax. Especially because Dennings has no future projects - - outside of a one-episode spot on an animated series - on the horizon which may mean she may be thinking about taking an extended break from Hollywood.

Something that we're sure you would be devastated about. After all, you don't have to enjoy her performances as an actress to still get excited anytime she steps out on the town and shows off her good looks.

7 Stay Away: Courteney Cox

I know what you're thinking, hating on Monica Geller? Say it isn't so? Sorry Cox, it is in fact so. While Cox showed great insight with signing on for Cougar Town, her career has completely stagnated as of late. The films that you loved her in are also logically decades old - such as Ace Venture and the Scream franchise.

Critics have hated everything she's put on the table as of late, making you perhaps all the more in agreement that you'd love seeing Cox taking a backseat before she kills the legacy of Monica any further.

6 See Again: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, her good looks are probably going to keep her in the public spotlight for at least the next few years, but if she isn't careful, that'll be the only reason people are talking about her.

Hudgens has no upcoming projects as an actress and her most recent venture, the television series Powerless was canceled after only one season. She's had some fantastic roles, including roles where she shows off plenty of skin (Spring Breakers), but we hope we haven't seen the last of her as an actress.

5 Stay Away: Sharon Stone

In the 1990s, Sharon Stone was one of the biggest sex-symbols in all of Hollywood. Anyone who saw Basic Instinct definitely had a few scenes that they weren't going to get out of their head anytime soon. And while the movie wasn't hailed by critics, it did make over $350 million at the box office.

The fact that Stone returned to the series over a decade later to film a sequel is perhaps proof enough of how far her career had fallen. Now aged 59, nobody would blame Stone if she's more than happy to slide into retirement. She does have some projects in the future, but none that may be more exciting than what appears to be a minor role in The Disaster Artist.

4 See Again: Danielle Fishel

When it comes to Danielle Fishel, we'd really just love to see her step into a role that isn't Topanga Lawrence! Sure, we loved her on Boy Meets World and we suppose it was only logical that she'd sign on for Girl Meets World, but she has to have more to give as an actress than that, right?

We may never know as following the cancellation of Girl Meets World, Fishel's acting schedule is wide open. Nobody would blame her if she retired, but she has to know there are millions of guys who grew up crushing on her in the 90s that would love to see her again.

3 Stay Away: Meg Ryan

No matter how many terrible movies Meg Ryan does, she's always going to be able to look back fondly on several classics such as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle. Unfortunately for Ryan, those films came out back in 1989 and 1993.

Her career has never come close to that level of success with bomb after bomb in the 2000s, including Against the Ropes receiving a score of 12% on Rotten Tomatoes and earning under $6 million.

Her career on the big-screen has been essentially non-existent these past years and her television work wasn't anything to write home about. She's trying it one more time with an upcoming series entitled Picture Paris that currently has very few details.

2 See Again: Emma Watson

Wait, see Emma Watson again? Is it really too soon to start missing Hermione? Or should we call her Belle? How about just the nerdy girl who gets herself into tough situations. While some of Watson's films have been less than stellar, such as The Circle, we're sure you'd be ecstatic to see her tackle another project.

And while her recent film, Beauty and the Beast, was everywhere and may have you think her career is blossoming - Watson is actually currently left with no upcoming projects.

Is that going to change in the near future? Perhaps don't be so sure. Watson has been outspoken in the past about her passions that extend outside of Hollywood and may very well use this opportunity to take some time away from the spotlight.

If she does, you may find yourself missing her before long.

1 Stay Away: Kathy Griffin

For years Kathy Griffin had millions of people who just thought she was a horrible comedian. Even if she did have some involvement in some great television shows such as Seinfeld.

But when she posted a video alongside a mask that resembled a severed bloody head of Donald Trump, she definitely crossed a line. It's understandable why people are upset with Trump, but the move has cost Griffin millions and we wouldn't blame you if you don't want to welcome her back with open arms.

The attorney for Griffin spoke out on the matter saying,

"Like many edgy works of artistic expression, the photo could be interpreted different ways. But Griffin never imagined that it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against Trump. That was never what she intended. She has never threatened or committed an act of violence against anyone."

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