8 Actresses We Only Want To Look At From The Front (And 7 From The Back)

There is no denying that in Hollywood, it definitely helps to be good looking. For the 15 women on our list, that is not a problem. These are some of the sexiest women in the entire industry, and rest assured we have the photos to back up that claim.

But just like we're sure that we aren't alone in believing these women are drop dead gorgeous, we also know that everyone may have their own preferences when it comes to features on a woman.

Which is why we've highlighted the 8 actresses who you may love looking at the front half and the other 7 who have another asset that you may enjoy.

And just in case you need further validation as to how sexy these women are, the photos included will surely make it abundantly clear why the women landed on the side of the list that they did.

Whether they're rocking out on television like one Big Bang Theory or taking the big screen by storm, we're sure you'll love checking out the 8 Actresses You Only Want To Look At From The Front (and 7 From The Back)


15 Front - Brie Larson

Brie Larson wasn't relying on her sex appeal when she blew audiences away for her role in Room. She took home an Academy Award for Best Actress and her career has definitely only continued to blossom from there.

Larson's most exciting upcoming role may be as Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) in the Captain Marvel film. Something tells us Marvel films just tend to make a little bit of money! Prior to that, the character will also be making an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War.

This isn't the only film ahead of Larson though, which hopefully means they'll be plenty of red carpet events and various talk shows in Larson's future. Especially when you consider she has no shortage of dresses and outfits that help put some of your perhaps favorite assets on prominent display.

14 Behind - Elle Fanning


Elle Fanning is still only 19 years old, but she is quickly making a big name for herself in Hollywood. Granted when your older sister is Dakota Fanning, you can imagine there was some pressure for her to succeed!

At the very least as judging by the above photo, it's very clear that Elle succeeds at making sure she keeps her body in excellent shape.

Her biggest claim to fame thus far may be the film Maleficent, but she has several projects coming out in the near future including teaming up with Maisie Williams for the film Mary Shelley.

13 Front - Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson might be the most badass woman on our entire list. She's had several roles that allow her to show off her fighting ability, including, of course, her stint as the Black Widow. But the Avenger movies are also PG, something that her photo shoots and other roles definitely are not.

Including perhaps her most alluring film, Under the Skin, where Johansson bares it all. Johansson knows that she gets plenty of attention for her chest and in a past interview admitted that she thinks they're good enough to win awards!

She also admitted that she's all natural, despite what some online tabloids will say about her. We're sure once Johansson's time alongside the Avengers is done that she'll have plenty of opportunities to keep growing as an actress.

12 Behind - Gal Gadot


There aren't many women on this list who you'd want to piss off less than Gal Gadot. After all, not only is Wonder Woman a badass but she clearly has no shortage of powerful friends as well!

So let's be clear and state that while Gadot has an absolutely beautiful face, the above photo that we have may make it abundantly clear why she lands where she does on our list.

You can't expect her to bare it all in the DC Universe anytime soon, but Gadot has stripped off her clothes for a recent perfume ad. Let's hope Wonder Woman will lead to plenty of opportunities in the future to observe just how gorgeous Gadot is.

11 Front - Kate Upton

Wait, Kate Upton on a list about actresses? No, we aren't just using this as an opportunity to bend the rules and talk about how gorgeous she is. Though if we were, we're sure you wouldn't complain too much about staring at a picture of her.

Instead, we get to talk about the fact that Upton is starring in an upcoming movie alongside another bombshell, Alexandra Daddario entitled The Layover.

While it's not clear if the role will lead to a promising career for Upton, it is being directed by the talented William H. Macy so we hope she will be learning a lot. Regardless of the success of the film, we're sure Upton's time in the spotlight is still far from over.

10 Behind - Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff is one of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood. She came to fame at a young age with Lizzie McGuire and is still as relevant as ever with the television series Younger. And while Duff may look great no matter which way you look at her, judging by the photo we have for you above, you can understand why she landed on the side of the list that she did.

Duff currently isn't scheduled to appear in any upcoming movies, but at least you still have a show that allows you to check her out on a regular basis. We're also sure having only one project to juggle also allows her to balance her fitness routine alongside being a fantastic mother to her young son.

9 Front - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is never going to appear in a film role that shows off as much skin, in as many situations as when her cell phone got hacked and leaked photos of her emerged online.

But that doesn't mean Lawrence doesn't still have plenty of moments in her life where she is going to blow you away with what she is wearing and the amount of skin she is showing.

It's very different to choose to show off your body and to have your privacy violated like Lawrence suffered. Unfortunately, that's just one of the ramifications that can come with being a celebrity. Lawrence has several big projects coming out in the near future, including X-Men: Dark Phoenix.


8 Behind - Emma Stone


Emma Stone is a tremendous actress. She has shown off her comedic ability with roles like Easy A, she's shown off her good looks in a variety of situations and this past year, she showed off her musical chops with La La Land.

But the above photo of Stone in yoga pants has her showing off the part of her body that allowed her to land on the backside end of the list. Stone has been open in the past about the importance of being healthy, which hopefully means they'll be no shortage of future opportunities for us to see her in yoga pants.

Stone's good looks are being downplayed for one of her upcoming films, Battle of the Sexes, but the movie also stars Steve Carell so you can imagine it's going to be a great time.

7 Front - Melissa Rauch

When it comes to picking the most beautiful woman on The Big Bang Theory, many people may immediately jump to Kaley Cuoco. But when you look at the above photo we have, perhaps you may start giving some serious consideration to Melissa Rauch as well!

Especially because while Cuoco has come out and stated her chest is not natural, Rauch at the very least appears to be all natural.

Rauch has also dialled up the steamy factor for her role in The Bronze, including at least appearing to show the world her birthday suit. Sorry to disappoint though fellas, as it was revealed that Rauch had used a body double.

6 Behind - Vanessa Hudgens


Thankfully for you, Vanessa Hudgens is no stranger to walking around in yoga pants. Which means the Paparazzi has plenty of opportunities to catch Hudgens looking fantastic and showing off her very in-shape body.

Hudgens has been open about her love of working out, including gravitating in particular to Yoga classes and SoulCycle. On top of the obvious physical benefits, Hudgens also praises SoulCycle in particular for the mental benefits

"I don't consider it fitness. It's more like therapy for me," said Hudgens. Which means she probably isn't stopping anytime soon!

5 Front - Kylie Jenner 

Does Kylie Jenner count as an actress? She's definitely no stranger to the public eye, but you wouldn't be alone if you caught yourself still wondering how the Kardashian-Jenner family is still as popular as they are.

Well, it definitely doesn't hurt that Kylie Jenner is incredibly good looking. Not to mention the fact that she tends to strip off her clothing on a regular basis, something that the Kardashian's may have done in the past.

Whether it's for a photoshoot or her Instagram account, Kylie clearly takes as many opportunities as she can to show off her good looks. She'll get even more opportunities with her own reality show starting up in August.

4 Behind - Emma Watson


Emma Watson has typically dressed fairly conservatively in her film roles. But when it comes to real life, Watson often blows people away with how gorgeous she looks and the clothing she wears (or chooses not to wear!).

Judging from the photos that we've included above, it's also clear that Watson typically picks clothing that highlights her body. Granted we're sure she also has no shortage of stylists and people to help her make the right decisions.

Watson has no upcoming films planned, but we're sure her time leading at the box office isn't going anywhere. Until then, let's hope she spends some time either going to red carpet events, the beach or various photo shoots!

3 Front - Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra's biggest success as of now is the television series Quantico. Chopra has the leading role and the show was announced earlier this year that it will be coming back for their 3rd season in 2018.

Unfortunately, when it comes to success on the big screen, Chopra's most recent adventure came with the horrendously disappointing Baywatch.

While you can't blame Chopra for the pitfalls that plagued the movie, the film definitely didn't live up to the expectations of fans or the people involved. Chopra is going to be taking on a far more dramatic role in 2018 with the film A Kid Like Jake which centers around (presumably) her four-year-old son who expresses a love of more female-centric interests such as Cinderella.

Claire Danes and Jim Parsons are also involved with the project.

2 Behind - Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is no stranger to walking around in a bikini. Not only does she do it for several of her movie roles, but there are also several photos seemingly every year of her looking outstanding while taking in the water.

And while Alba has several great features, it's the one we've highlighted above that helps her earn her placement on our list. Though it's also evident that Alba also looks pretty amazing in jeans!

While her acting career has slowed down as of late, Alba is still easily considered to be one of the most beautiful women to ever act in Hollywood. We're sure her time of getting photographed definitely won't end anytime soon.

1 Front - Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter is no stranger to showing off her body on Instagram. Her millions of fans can definitely attest to the fact that Winter wearing revealing clothing is just Ariel being Ariel. But when it comes to the area you may find yourself staring at the most, you may be surprised to hear that Winter has actually had her breasts reduced.

Winter admitted that they were causing her a significant amount of pain, so she elected for the decision to have surgery. It's clear that even following surgery Winter is far from flat-chested, but we commend her for making the healthy decision for her body.

Winter has also stated she knows she has plenty of haters online, but that she isn't going to let that stop her from showing off her body if she feels comfortable.

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