8 Actors Confirmed For The New Season Of The Walking Dead (And 7 Who Won’t Be Back)

The Walking Dead, America’s most beloved post-apocalyptic horror TV show, first aired in October of 2010 and has since blown up in popularity. What started out as only a six episode first season, to see how the ratings would do, turned into a 13 episode second season and has continued to grow ever since then. The Walking Dead is very dramatic and suspenseful, and it always leaves viewers on the edge of their seats and, since it is based on a zombie apocalypse, characters are always getting killed off.

Many characters in this show have come and gone, leaving some viewers fuming over the loss of some of their favorites, but it is to be expected considering the storyline. Sometimes, with all of the deaths that occur in this gruesome show, it can be hard to know exactly which characters you will be seeing in the upcoming season and which ones were actually killed off for good. We have compiled a list of 8 characters who will definitely be making a return in season 8 and seven characters who will sadly not be coming back.

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15 Rick Grimes - Returning

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What better way to kick off the list than to start with the show's lead character, Rick? Rick, played by actor Andrew Lincoln, is said to be the longest living survivor in the comic books and is followed closely behind by his son Carl. Rick started off as a small town Sheriff and now is the leader of Alexandria and is currently leading a new alliance to fight Negan and the Saviors. Rick is a character that is looked at as a good man that emphasizes moral codes and good values. No surprise here, but Rick is one character who will definitely be making a return in season 8, which is obvious because he is the lead character. After all, what kind of show would it be without Rick, and would anyone even watch if they killed him off? Fear not, fans because Rick is here to stay for a very long time.

14 Glenn Rhee - Not Returning

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The death of Glenn Rhee left fans everywhere in shock. Glenn died at the hands of Negan due to an outburst that Daryl had. Glenn was one of the originals and a fan favorite who started off as a very timid character, but grew to be a leader. Glenn was a resourceful quick-thinking man and it was because of this that he ended up being the group’s main supply runner. Played by actor Steven Yeun, Glenn lasted seven seasons before his death occurred and he will not be making a comeback at any point in time. Fans who were not familiar with the comics, and therefore did not know that Glenn was supposed to die, were emotionally shook by the gruesome death that he encountered and it was all the talk the day after the episode had aired. Sorry fans, but this is one character you will have to live without.

13 Daryl Dixon - Returning

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Played by Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon is another fan favorite. He is Rick’s best friend and he is the main hunter and recruiter for the group. In the earlier seasons, despite Daryl’s temper and volatility, the group goes on to tolerate him due to his impressive hunting and tracking skills. However, once his brother disappears and he his left with no one by his side, Daryl begins to soften up and bond with the group, becoming a protector of the group leader, Rick. Daryl went through a lot in season seven after watching in horror as Negan murdered Abraham, and his character's personality may slightly change as a result from this. Daryl is another one of the longest surviving characters on the show and he will definitely be making his return in the season 8 premiere. Daryl is another character that we can get used to seeing, because he will (probably) not be leaving any time soon.

12 Abraham Ford - Not Returning

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Abraham Ford, played by Michael Cudlitz, was a skilled shooter who came off as aggressive and volatile. However, Abraham was also emotionally broken after watching his entire family get eaten alive by zombies. In Alexandria, Abraham was the head of the construction crew, but only lasted four seasons before he was killed off. Abraham Ford was another character that died at the hands of Negan, after Rick’s group blew up the sanctuary's outpost. Following the explosion Negan lined up all of Rick’s people up and played an evil game of eeny meeny miny moe, and whoever he landed on was to be murdered. Unfortunately for Abraham, the game ended when Negan landed on him. Obviously, Abraham will not be making a comeback in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Although, fans probably already saw that coming and they really weren't all that upset over his death anyways.

11 Maggie Greene - Returning

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Maggie Greene-Rhee, played by Lauren Cohan, started off as an insecure and very depressed character who at one point even tries to take her own life after having watched her entire family be killed in front of her own eyes. As time passes, the character of Maggie becomes hardened and more independent and involved in the war against the Saviors, wanting to seek revenge for the horrible attacks her family faced. Maggie wound up marrying Glenn and is currently pregnant with his child. Although once ignorant to things like weapons and survival, once she joined Rick’s group, Maggie became proficient with weapons and supplies, and she quickly became a very skilled fighter. This character is indeed confirmed to be returning in the season eight premiere and the creators do not have plans to kill her off any time soon.

10 Sasha Williams - Not Returning

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Sasha Williams is played by the actress Sonequa Martin-Green, who was a firefighter before the apocalypse had occurred and was led by her older brother, Tyreese. Sasha forms a relationship with Abraham, who at the time was taken by Rosita. So, when Negan murders Abraham, Sasha is heartbroken and decides to seek revenge. Sasha then recruited Rosita to infiltrate the sanctuary and take out Negan, although this does not end up working to their advantage. When they arrive at the Saviors compound, Sasha gets captured and held hostage by Negan. Negan tells Sasha that he likes her spunk and that she would make a great member of his group, but when she declines, Negan tells her that he will have to take someone’s life, since her breaking into the sanctuary caused others to lose their lives. In hopes of stopping him from taking someone else’s life, she takes a “suic*de pill” that would essentially kill her and turn her into a zombie, so that she could then attack Negan and avenge Abraham’s death. Sasha is now dead and definitely will not be making a return in the season.

9 Carl Grimes - Returning

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Carl Grimes, Rick’s teenage son, is played by the actor Chandler Riggs. He is another one of the longest surviving group members. Carl starts out as the typical innocent child, but soon adapts to the new life that he has to live, developing into a colder and more grown up person. This of course leads to some issues with his dad, Rick, because his dad wishes that Carl would remain a child, although that is not likely to happen with the circumstances that now surround them. Having to learn how to use a pistol at just the age of seven years old, Carl has become quite to survivalist and he has been through a lot during his short life. During a zombie attack, Carl was shot in the face and lost his right eye. As a result, he was in a coma for weeks. When he awakens, he recovers fairly well, but now has a much more negative outlook on the world. This is one character that we can most certainly confirm will be back in the upcoming season and will most likely not be dying off any time in the near future.

8 Richard - Not Returning

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The part of Richard was played by the actor Karl Makinen. This character does not have an important role in the show and he only appears in a select few episodes. So, it is no surprise that this character will not be making a return in the new upcoming season. During a meet-up to hand over supplies, Richard got into an argument with one of the Saviors. They then told him that if he ever messes up again, Richard will be murdered. Richard then hides a cantaloupe during the following supply drop, thinking that it if the Saviors kill him, it would lead the king to join Rick’s cause. Although, this ultimately resulted in the death of Richard, but it did not help the cause and his death was in vain. All of that being said, Richard will obviously not be appearing on the show anymore.

7 Michonne - Returning

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Played by Danai Gurira, Michonne is a katana-wielding warrior with a very mysterious past. She first appeared in the show during the season 2 finale and has appeared as a regular and main character in every season since then. She is said to have a three-year-old son and a boyfriend that had died during the early days of the apocalypse. Michonne goes through a lot of trauma in this series and it causes her mental health to slowly deteriorate. This brings her closer to Rick, since he shares some of the same grief and traumatic experiences. This leads Michonne to become Rick’s potential love interest. Michonne also ends up becoming the constable at the Alexandria safe zone. Michonne is another fan favorite and viewers will be happy to know that she will most definitely be back for the season eight premiere.

6 Benjamin - Not Returning

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Benjamin was not an important character and he definitely did not last long at all. The role was played by Logan Miller, and this character was a survivor of the outbreak, and he became a soldier for the kingdom in his short time on the show. Although he initially lacks the ability to kill a walker in close combat, his skills improve under the command of Morgan. Benjamin was shot because of Richard’s actions when he hid the cantaloupe. It was because of this that Morgan strangled Richard. Two lives were lost over something as silly as a cantaloupe. Although Benjamin saw his death coming, it was still very sad for the viewers. Benjamin was a friendly and inquisitive young boy who was loyal to his king. After encountering Morgan at the roadblock that Richard had set up, Ezekiel notes that Morgan now wears Benjamin's armor in his honor.

5 Carol Peletier - Returning

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The role of Carol is played by the actress Melissa McBride. When she was first introduced to the group in the third episode of the first season, she was simply a housewife with her daughter Sophia, and she was suffering from constant abuse by her husband. She has since then made very many tough decisions to survive and has turned into a very fierce member of the group who has overcome several traumas. Carol now wants to fight the Saviors to get revenge for the deaths of all of the people that she has loved and lost. Carol is of course a regular character on the show and the producers do not have plans to kill her off at this point.

4 Spencer Monroe - Not Returning

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Played by Austin Nichols, the character Spencer Monroe was the son of Alexandria’s original leader. He had served as one of the lookouts in the Alexandria safe zones tower. Spencer was one of the main characters and played the role of an antagonist in the entire seventh season for his dislike of Rick. Spencer goes behind Rick’s back to team up with Negan, who finds Spencer to be somewhat of a coward and does not trust him for going behind Rick’s back. Negan then kills Spencer in a very gruesome way. Negan then jokingly mocks that Spencer did have guts in him, showing no remorse whatsoever for murdering him. Spencer, of course, will not be making a return in the upcoming season of the show.

3 Morgan Jones - Returning

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Morgan Jones is played by Lennie James. Morgan was the very first survivor that Rick had encountered in the first season. Rick had saved Morgan from a walker when they first met, and they split up with the intention to reunite in Atlanta. However, they lost communication with each other. Rick eventually runs into Morgan during season three in the middle of a supply drop, but realizes that Morgan has become mentally unstable, but then again, who isn’t a little crazy after going through such traumatic events and having to fight zombies every day just to stay alive? Morgan is now living in the kingdom and is currently fighting to keep his sanity. Although not a major character in the show, he is going to be making a return in the season eight premiere and will not be killed off just yet.

2 Olivia - Not Returning

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Olivia is a resident of the Alexandria safe zone, and she is played by the actress Ann Mahoney. Olivia was the manager of the pantry and armory inventory. She was a cheerful young woman that persuaded Douglas to let Michonne keep his guns after Rick’s group joined the community. She was also Rick’s hairdresser. Olivia was not on the show for very long, only having been in three of the seven seasons so far. When word gets out that there are some guns missing and Rosita refuses to tell Negan who has them, Negan tells Arat that she gets to choose one person to kill for the theft of the guns. Arat of course picked Olivia, pulled her gun out, and shot Olivia directly in the face. Olivia is among the long list of actors and actresses that will not be making a return on the show.

1 Dr. Eugene Porter - Returning

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Dr. Eugene Porter is played by the actor Josh McDermitt. He was known to be a very cowardly man and is no longer a part of the group for this reason. Eugene is overweight and possesses pretty much no survival skills. However, his extreme resourcefulness led Negan to take him under his wing. When he was first found, he had claimed to be a scientist that had a cure for the plague that started the apocalypse, in hopes that this would make him a valuable member of the group, but everyone soon learns that he was indeed lying and he never had a cure. They also soon discovered that he was never actually a scientist either, but a high school teacher. Although he definitely is not a fan favorite and most people cannot stand his character, he will be making his return in the new season and there are currently no plans to kill him off just yet.

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