15Overrated: Taylor Swift

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I can give Taylor Swift props for somehow managing to monetize Kanye West's narcissism, but besides that, her shtick is just tired. The snake thing is tired, the boy obsession is tired, the acting like a teenager when she's in her late 20s is tired. I get that

being Taylor Swift is a very lucrative business, but continued success needs to have something solid behind it, and it feels like Swift has lost that. "Look What You Made Me Do" was a pretty weak appetizer for her new album, and "Gorgeous" is the same stuff we've been hearing from her for a decade. Her always Instagram-ready perfect life was boring, but her attempt to flip the script on everyone when they stopped buying it is a little embarrassing; we all know she'd still be playing that role if anyone believed it. And good god, could the snake thing be any more on the nose?

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