7 WWE Urban Legends That Are Actually True (And 8 That Remain A Mystery)

The WWE is just so unique compared to any other sport or form of entertainment. The content, when it comes to the company, goes beyond what we see on-screen; aside from the action in the ring, we salivate at the rumor mill which is constantly turning along with various stories from the past. Some stories have become so good that we can classify them as great urban legends. In recent years, thanks to Podcasts and tell-all books, we’ve gotten confirmation on a couple. In the article, we’ll confirm seven urban legends that are actually true. Wrestlers involved include the great Shawn Michaels, Andre The Giant and the late great Owen Hart, among others.

On the other side of the spectrum, we’ll also take a look at urban legends that remain a mystery and that are still talked about. Romance is a big theme in urban legends that remain a mystery, along with other chilling stories including the likes of Hulk Hogan and the late great Macho Man.

Get ready and buckle up, because this is going to be a heck of a ride. These are seven WWE urban legends that are actually true and eight that remain a mystery. Enjoy and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend.

15 Mystery – Curt Hennig Created The Hardcore Title

We start the article off with one of the lighter urban legends on the list and it comes from one of the true greats, Curt Hennig. According to this bizarre rumor, Hennig was in fact the one that created the Hardcore Title (and not Mick Foley). During the late 80s on an episode of Saturday Nights Main Event, in order to gain some heat, Mr. Perfect smashed the WWE Championship with a hammer; yeah, drawing heat was a different ordeal back in the day.

Now looking back, the championship had the winged eagle design, making it very similar to the Hardcore Championship. Many argue that the title Perfect smashed up was the same belt, though the WWE has never confirmed or denied such an allegation, although they have acknowledged the mysterious urban legend, only to deem it “undetermined”.

14 True – Edge Got Caught With Lita Via Her Voicemail

Once the Edge and Lita affair story came out, it caused a firestorm both online and behind the scenes. While sidelined with an injury, Matt Hardy was no longer on the road by Lita’s side and it caused the secret affair to take place. An underrated part of this affair few talk about is the fact that Edge was also married at the time.

Rumors have swirled pertaining to how the two got caught, though Lita finally confirmed the juicy details. According to Lita, Matt suspected something was wrong so he did a little snooping. In doing so, he found a voice message left by Edge expressing his feelings for Lita. Yeah, leaving messages, it was a different time back then. Matt would confront Lita shortly after hearing the message and the entire saga would unfold as we witnessed.

13 Mystery – Over 10,000 Women

We learned a lot more about Ric Flair than we had in the past during his ESPN 30 for 30 film. For one, Flair admitted to having issues with alcohol, as according to The Nature Boy, Ric was pounding down ten beers and five cocktails per day for over 20 years. Yikes!

But the most shocking reveal actually pertained to his other kind of enjoyment which was truly shocking. According to Ric, he slept with roughly 10,000 women, if you can believe it. This remains one of the greatest urban legends ever told; the beauty of Flair’s claim is that most of us are quick to dismiss the fact but then again, there is that doubt that the number might be a little accurate given his lifestyle. As if that confession wasn’t crazy enough, Flair also admitted to “relieving” himself twice a day during the prime of his pro wrestling career.

12 True – Andre Drank How Many At Once???

This one is truly preposterous, though it has been confirmed by numerous sources such as the late Mike Graham, Dusty Rhodes, Michael Hayes and Tim White. All did confirm this outrageous urban legend to be true; Andre did in fact smash 156 beers during one serving. Just imagine yourself trying to pull off such a number of beers. Most of us would be on the floor after just a couple.

For Andre, drinking lots and lots of alcohol was the norm - given the fact that he was enormous in size, one can imagine how many beers it took him to even get a little tipsy. Not only was Andre like that with beverages but the same held true for his daily nutritional intake. According to other urban legends, Andre would order multiple items on menus including a couple of steak and lobster plates. He was a special man both in and out of the ring!

11 Mystery – JBL’s Bullying Tactics

JBL’s WWE stint was longer than most; he started with the company in the mid 90s and would last all the way till 2017, though he did leave sporadically during his time with the company. JBL would start off as a Tag Team wrestler and later, transition into an upper-card heel. He finished off his career with the company as an announcer.

Many believe JBL stayed on board for so long due to his role in the locker room backstage. According to urban legends, McMahon used JBL to test other wrestlers, mostly the newer Superstars. According to various urban legends, some of JBL’s hazing tactics were quite distasteful, one of which was confirmed to be true as he stole another wrestler’s passport. This one in particular remains an urban legend due to the fact that it hasn’t been confirmed, but according to the story, JBL even snuck up on a wrestler while in a shower as a part of a hazing prank. Yikes, we hope this one is deemed untrue.

10 True – The Stephanie McMahon Love Letter

It sounded too good to be true; according to this urban legend, Chyna caught Triple H cheating via a hand-written love letter by Stephanie. In a shocking twist years later, Chyna would confirm the story as true!

Chyna revealed the details during a Podcast. After suspecting something was up, Chyna decided to pick the lock of Hunter’s briefcase. At first glance, she hadn’t found anything though after a second look, she would find a love letter written by Stephanie. According to the Ninth Wonder of the World, the letter was dated in August when the two began working together on-screen.

We all know how the story plays out, Chyna would confront Vince about the romance only to be sent home and receive release papers shortly after. We never saw Chyna in a WWE ring again, sadly.

9 Mystery – Heat Between Shawn & Rock

For the most part, when a dream match can take place, the WWE gives it to us. During Shawn’s 2002 return, one of the only star opponents he never faced off against was The Rock. Fans would have loved such a match and it was even rumored for WrestleMania at one point, though according to urban legends, Rock turned down the offer to take on Shawn, something nobody ever does.

According to the details, Rock wasn’t fond of HBK for a couple of reasons. For one, according to Bret Hart, Michaels and Hunter would bury Rock to Vince so he wouldn’t move up the card. In addition, it is said that Michaels was rude to Rock’s family members back in the day, causing the hostility. All of these details seemed plausible, though The Rock completely threw everyone off during his Hall Of Fame speech claiming one of his few regrets was never getting the chance to work with Shawn. For that reason, the heat between the two remains a mystery.

8 True – Mickie Gets Caught Googling Her Affair

This story was too good to be true. Though shockingly, Ken Doane, Mickie’s ex would confirm the details. According to the former Spirit Squad member, he caught Mickie googling the term, “Mickie James and John Cena dating”. Kenny would confront Mickie only to see her break down into tears. James would confess and the engaged couple would fall apart. According to Doane however, Cena would never admit the details to his ex-wife at the time.

Doane would switch brands while Mickie would see her career fall apart due to the fact that Cena was unwilling to date Mickie, which according to Dykstra, caused a temper tantrum from James that got her booted out of the company. Kenny admitted that it wasn’t in his best interest to speak out at the time, given the fact that it would have jeopardized his position with the company.

7 Mystery – Melina & Batista’s Secret Relationship

When it comes to Melina’s reputation behind the scenes during her run with the WWE, she certainly doesn’t come across as a glowing saint in comparison to her in-ring work. Now, Melina was great in the ring but according to many of her peers, that success got to her head and she turned into an egomaniac backstage, often isolating herself from the rest of the Divas locker room.

Making things worse, an urban legend arose pertaining to Melina being unfaithful during her time with John Morrison. Many alleged she’d been hooking up with Batista during the relationship, though Melina has never confirmed this fact claiming the two were nothing more than just really close friends. In a controversial twist, Batista did admit to the two hooking up; for what it's worth, Batista also admitted that he was a s*x addict in his book as well. Nonetheless, with both conflicting sides of the story, it remains a mystery.

6 True – Sunny Used Vince’s Office To "Have Fun" With Shawn

We’ll give Sunny the benefit of the doubt in confirming this urban legend. For years, rumors swirled around pertaining to HBK and Sunny hooking up behind the scenes and finally, Sunny would drop all the juicy details admitting to the affair.

According to Sunny, the two got it on regularly, even during shows. She described the "affairs" in detail, claiming The Kliq members would guard the door backstage while she and Shawn were getting it on. In one of the most bizarre twists, Sunny confirmed that Vince was aware of the relationship and even offered his office backstage for the two to mingle in. Again, it was the 90s and Vince is one wacky dude, so we’ll give Sunny the okay for this story. The two would continue seeing each other even taking a vacation together. When Shawn asked Sunny to move in, Sytch made the claim that things ended between the two.

5 Mystery – Hulk’s Black Eye

Oh, the black eye urban legend! One of the greatest unconfirmed stories of all-time. The event was WrestleMania IX and fans of the WWE got to see their favorite wrestler rock a mysterious black eye. Rumors swirled about the black eye, and many claimed that Macho Man was responsible for the bruise. According to the urban legend, Savage blamed Hogan for the demise of his relationship. The story goes that Hogan and his wife introduced Elizabeth to another man, causing the enraged Savage to hit Hulk.

Hogan would state the story to be false, claiming he got the wound from a dangerous Jet Ski accident just before the event. Hogan was also worried about his WrestleMania involvement because of the injury, though as we know, he ended up playing a big part at the event nonetheless. The story remains a mystery when it comes to what exactly went down.

4 True – Owen’s Harness Was Defective

The details regarding the death of Owen Hart were kept on the down low by the WWE, even today the company rarely talks about Owen in general due to legal complications against his wife. When it came to the details of his death, many debated exactly what went wrong - after the dust settled, the harness was deemed to have been the biggest problem as the court issued it defective. The Hart family won the case against the WWE and were granted $18 million in personal damages for the failed mechanism. With the money, Owen’s wife would write a tell-all book, along with starting a foundation in the name of the late legend.

Hart passed away from internal bleeding, collapsing in the ring due to the velocity of the drop. He was only 34 and left behind two children. We hope to see his legacy celebrated in the WWE one day.

3 Mystery – Macho Man & Stephanie Romance

Macho Man leaving the WWE left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, and that included Macho Man himself. With the WWE catering towards pushing newer and younger stars, McMahon was forced into limiting Macho Man’s role as a commentator. When Randy wanted a return, Vince would not allow it, causing his exit. An emotional McMahon thanked Savage for his contributions following his release.

In a surprising twist, McMahon would never acknowledge Savage again, despite the amount of emotions involved in his departure. An urban legend would emerge explaining why McMahon cut complete ties, and according to the infamous story, Savage did the dirty with Stephanie while she was underage, causing the blacklisting of Savage. He was finally acknowledged following his tragic passing. Still to this day, none of the parties involved have touched base on the story.

2 True – Undertaker & His Fear Of Cucumbers

This one has to be one of the most bizarre and confirmed urban legends of all-time. Even the WWE Network recently acknowledged the bizarre fear claiming that it is in fact true. The Deadman, The Undertaker, who’s regarded as the dawn of pro wrestling and WWE in general, has an apparent fear of cucumbers; no, you didn’t read that wrong.

Many took advantage of his fear, including the late Owen Hart. According to various stories, Owen would slice up cucumbers and place them all over Undertaker’s wardrobe, putting some in his hat and boots. Even the late Paul Bearer got in on the act needing to get Taker back for various other pranks he sustained from Taker in the past. He did so by using the cucumber and you bet Bearer was able to get even with Undertaker given his fear of the vegetable. You truly can’t make this stuff up, folks!

1 Mystery – Triple H & Christy Hemme

Hemme’s WWE departure was truly puzzling; she was over with the masses as a former Diva Search winner and Playboy cover girl. Though, the WWE somehow would release her due to budget cuts and having nothing for her creatively. The decision seemed totally unjust given how over she was at the time; many just weren’t buying the reasoning.

Hemme left the company gracefully, though she would reveal some huge information years later. According to Christy, her release was totally unwarranted and because of a certain situation that took place. This got the rumor mill stirring as an urban legend had previously existed pertaining to Stephanie getting angry over Hemme’s excitement when hearing about a trip overseas that featured herself along with Hunter and Batista. The story goes that her reaction cost her her job. Although it might sound harsh, we do have reason to believe it might be true. It also doesn’t help when Hemme compares Triple H’s pro wrestling accomplishments to Hogan’s.....

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