7 WWE Names Rumored To Be Unhappy Behind The Scenes (And 8 Stars That Are Being Wasted)

With the indie scene hotter than ever, wrestlers can now finally leave the WWE knowing that the grass can possibly get greener on the other side. Cody Rhodes has recently spoken out discussing the fact that he’s making more outside of the WWE than when he was with the company. Cody has caused quite the stir since leaving, not only did he invade a WWE event with The Bullet Club, but he’s also getting calls from other talents pertaining to ways they can leave the WWE (like he did). For the first time in a long time, the WWE is under fire behind the scenes.

In this article, we take a look at seven specific talents that are rumored to be very unhappy behind the scenes. Some walked away while others are taking time off due to their current displeasures. On the other side of the coin, we’ll also take a look at eight Superstars that are being under-utilized and quite frankly, wasted. If things don’t change with these eight, they two can be on the unhappy side in a hurry.

So without further ado, here are seven names that are rumored to be unhappy behind the scenes and eight Superstars that are being wasted. Enjoy the article and always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s begin!


15 Wasted – Johnny Gargano

You know things are pretty bad when HBK Shawn Michaels is taking to Twitter and asking fans how Johnny can get back on “the horse”, seeing as he’s been quite irrelevant lately. With the injury to his former partner Tommaso Ciampa, the epic feud between the two has been put on hold. As a result, it seems as though Gargano’s career has been put on hold as well....

In terms of utilizing his talents, options are certainly vast. The obvious play here would be to send Johnny up to the main roster, which seems like a no-brainer given his talent. You can have Ciampa join him once he recovers on the main roster as the two rekindle the feud that should have been underway by now had it not been for Tommaso’s untimely injury. Just imagine the magic such a feud could bring; now imagine how great it could be on the main roster! Whatever option the company takes, we hope they realize the brilliance they’ve got in this Superstar.

14 Unhappy – Nia Jax


The backstage area is a little more heated than usual nowadays, as Nia Jax was another WWE Superstar that recently made the headlines for being unhappy with the company. There were also rumors floating around that like another one of her peers, she walked out of the company. It remains unclear how true this story is, however we do know that she’s been off television, which has people talking.

Alexa Bliss recently spoke out about the situation claiming Nia is having a hard time with the circus-like life the WWE Superstars live. Bliss claimed that the travel has caused Jax to take some time off, which can be a legitimate possibility but one that a lot of wrestling insiders just aren’t buying. Can Nia be the next in line to ask for a release? If so, she’ll be one of the first females of the modern era to walk from the company.

13 Wasted – Rusev

Entering the WWE pipeline in 2010, the Bulgarian had huge upside early on as he combined both strength and athleticism into his repertoire. Alongside Lana, Rusev looked like a future World Champion during his run with the NXT. Oh, how wrong we were!

He was booked as such early on, however he would start to flounder once he and Lana were initially separated. His talent never went away, and in truth the booking has just been God awful. Dirt sheets believe this is due to the fact that Vince isn’t the biggest fan of Rusev, particularly because of his relationship with Lana.

Still only 32, we hope to see the talent undergo some type of change, and a babyface run can actually be something interesting to ponder as he’s been a heel throughout his entire run with the company.

12 Unhappy – Summer Rae


Putting things into perspective, Summer Rae's last notable appearance on WWE programming took place during a kick-off match at WrestleMania 32. She was drafted to Raw, however she hasn’t been seen since getting drafted to the brand. As you might expect, she likely isn’t very thrilled of the fact that she’s spent her last couple of months just collecting pays, while doing no work with the company.

Although limited in the ring, Rae has huge upside when it comes to charisma and promo work; heck, she was partnered up with Sasha Banks and Charlotte during her NXT days, so yes, she has experience with some of the better talents. She’s currently teasing a return which is long overdo, so we hope she can finally get some recognition in what might be her final run with the company.

11 Wasted – Becky Lynch

In terms of television time for the month of September, Lynch was an after-thought taking a backseat and allowing the other talents to flourish. Becky was in one notable match for the month of September, losing in a number one contender fatal four-way match. She’s finally being used this month, however her duties involve tag matches alongside Charlotte Flair. In terms of meaningful booking, we have to go back to the debut of SmackDown Live as a separate brand for Lynch’s most formidable run.

At this point, she’s clearly being wasted away, which is a tough pill to swallow for such a talented performer (who’s arguably the most talented female on the roster). In terms of getting her back in the mix, perhaps a heel turn can do her some good (it’s working for Sami).

10 Unhappy – Dolph Ziggler


There’s really nothing wrong with his in-ring work, but after being on the main roster for nearly a decade, fans have seen it all when it comes to the “show-off's” work. His career has been in a massive tailspin in the last couple of years and this might be the very worst as he’s currently imitating gimmicks as his persona. Yup, it really doesn’t get any worse than that. At this point, leaving the company is best for both sides.

Ziggler isn’t the happiest either and seriously, how could he be (looking at his current persona)? Ziggler has in fact planned for life outside of the WWE as he told Nakamura he had interest in going overseas to wrestle in Japan once his contract expires. Seriously speaking at this point, anything outside of the WWE is a solid option. At the age of 37, he should make that decision sooner rather than later.

9 Wasted – Cedric Alexander

A former member of Ring Of Honor, Cedric Alexander is a beast of a performer combining speed and tremendous power into his arsenal. He’s a dazzling act, and one that Triple H himself couldn’t help but to sign during the CWC Tournament (literally though, he signed the guy right after his match due to the tremendous display he put on alongside Kota Ibushi).

For such a talent, the proper route should have been NXT and later, the main roster. Instead, he leaped over Triple H’s brand and joined the 205 Live Division. Thus far, the decision has plagued Alexander in a big way as he’s stuck floundering in the lackluster weight class as the likes of Enzo Amore grab the headlines. If Cedric isn’t granted access to the main roster eventually, he might be better off betting on his talent and working elsewhere.


8 Unhappy – Zack Ryder


Zack Ryder can potentially be put in both categories for this article. Zack took a special route in making a name for himself as he used social media as a tool to gain popularity, despite the fact that he wasn’t being booked by the WWE. Before you knew it, fans were chanting his name at shows despite the fact that he wasn’t on the card. The likes of Cody Rhodes recently spoke about Ryder’s contributions, calling his work “inspiring”.

It seems like the WWE doesn’t totally see eye to eye when it comes to this situation. Ryder is more so known for his PR work for the company, than his actual in-ring work nowadays. Being put in a tag team alongside Mojo Rawley, Ryder has suffered in a big way becoming an afterthought in the company. He can’t be happy with his current status and after a lengthy run with the company, maybe finding work elsewhere can give him the spark he needs at the moment. Still only 32, he’s got the age on his side.

7 Wasted – Apollo Crews

Similar to Cedric Alexander, it seemed impossible to drop the ball with such an obvious talent like Apollo Crews. A huge mistake with Apollo was taking him out of NXT way too early. His in-ring work was flawless and more than main roster ready, however his gimmick and persona was not. As generic as generic can be, Apollo’s personality never shined during his NXT run and that has cost him during his current main roster run.

As a member of the Titus Brand, Apollo is barely involved in storylines nowadays. The decision to put him on Raw was also preposterous; granted he wasn’t doing anything on SmackDown, but at least there was hope for him over on the Tuesday show. He’s being wasted on Raw and we wouldn’t be all that surprised if he was also another one of those wrestlers miserable behind the scenes.

6 Unhappy – Sasha Banks


Sasha has taken some minor jabs at the WWE recently, which leads us to believe she’s pretty unhappy with her current status, as Banks’ talent is floundering pretty badly at the moment. It also doesn’t help that Vince reportedly isn’t the biggest fan of her work, particularly in the ring.

Nonetheless, Sasha has fired back with her displeasures in various podcast interviews. Also recently, she pinned a tweet that read “be so good they can’t ignore you again!” Along with that, Banks also took out 'WWE Superstar' from her Twitter bio, changing it to business inquires.

Obviously, changing this unhappiness is simple: turn her heel! Banks works on another level as a villainous character but somehow, we have yet to see that side of her on the main roster. Hey monkeys in the creative room, make the switch!

5 Wasted – Chad Gable

Obviously, Jason Jordan was the chosen one by the powers that be, however many would argue that Chad Gable is the one with the most upside. Although smaller in stature, Gable is one hell of a performer inside of the ring. Along with his obvious in-ring skills, he’s also got tremendous charisma, being compared to Kurt Angle in terms of his comedic promos. We wish the WWE would realize his true potential, instead he’s still being utilized as a tag wrestler, this time, alongside Shelton Benjamin.

Although the tag team is pretty great to watch, there’s a lot more Gable has to offer, specifically as a solo act. Seriously speaking, how many of you would rather see Gable carry the US Championship than Baron Corbin? Nine times out of ten, fans would probably answer Gable.

4 Unhappy – Neville


This article was inspired by Neville walking out of the company. At this point, it seems like his WWE days are over. It remains to be seen when an official release statement will come out. Neville is yet another Cruiserweight to show his frustrations with the company, as Austin Aries also fled from the scene after he was made aware that getting out of Cruiserweight purgatory was not an option.

Neville has been miserable for quite some time apparently. Since January, the talent hasn’t been happy. Making matters worse, he was infuriated when the WWE chose to not include his pre-show match on the WrestleMania DVD, which could have resulted in an extra pay day. His final straw came when it was revealed that he was to lose to Enzo Amore in a lumberjack match. Both sides are none too pleased at the moment. No matter how you look at it, the potential of losing such a talent is a huge blow to the company.

3 Wasted – Matt Hardy

Hard to believe that Matt Hardy’s currently making the news for a Twitter battle against a WWE seamstress; yes, notable programs have been few and far between for Matt as of late. We understand Jeff’s injury derailed plans, however Matt’s popularity with the crowd should not be under-utilized, especially coming off of his hot run outside of the company. The last thing the WWE wants to do is completely squash that momentum. Right now, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

We hope there’s a big picture here. At the moment, Matt doesn’t really have a proper gimmick. In all likelihood, he should be debuting his “Woken” persona at some point. Perhaps the WWE’s waiting for Wyatt to finish up his feud with Balor. Whatever the case may be, the company needs Matt in a big way given his obvious draw value.

2 Unhappy – Daniel Bryan


He might not be miserable, however that’s probably because he knows once his contract’s up, he’s gone from the company. Unlike the others who have been released by the company for acknowledging the enemy (Jimmy Jacobs), Bryan isn’t even getting a slap on the wrist by the company for setting up a future feud with Cody Rhodes via social media. Of course, the WWE turns a blind eye on the situation because like, firing Daniel would be exactly what he wants at this point. So literally when you think about it, he can do what he wants, when he wants.

A hair versus mask match in Mexico, ROH Title match against Cody at Final Battle in 2018, these are already potential matches being discussed and Bryan isn’t shying away from such allegations. We’ll be shocked at this point if the WWE is somehow able to retain his services.

1 Wasted – A.J. Styles

Yes, he’s currently working a minor program with Jinder Mahal, however we all know how that one’s going to work out with Mahal, once again overcoming another talented Superstar and in this case, the most talented Superstar on the roster. Many find it unbelievable when assessing A.J.’s current role in the company. Some find his booking so hard to believe that speculation arose among dirt sheets that he was nursing an injury. Whatever the case might be, his talents are being put to good use as of late.

Following WrestleMania 34, we hope to see Styles back with the WWE Championship in hand. Though, we won’t be too surprised if he’s on Raw following next year’s marquee event. For now, with the title picture being withheld by Jinder, a feud with Nakamura heading into WM 34 can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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