7 Wrestlers Sunny Confirmed Were Her "Lovers" And 8 She Didn't

Looking back at the impact the 90s had in the world of sports entertainment, the wrath and effect can still be felt today. Various 90s wrestling stars are still banking on their fame, and perhaps nobody has done it better than Sunny, despite the fact that she’s been gone from the WWE as an active performer since 1998.

She remains in the spotlight for a variety of reasons. For one, she’s still a huge hit at wrestling conventions as fans all over the world gravitate towards her at these types of events. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she entered the adult industry. This made her fame that much larger.

Recently, she once again stirred the pot during a shoot interview for Kayfabe Commentaries. In the video, Sunny revealed for the first time a list of Superstars in the world of pro wrestling that she hooked up with. Several names were revealed, some that we already speculated about and others, that clearly came from left field given the amount of buzz the interview generated. In this article, we’ll discuss the wrestlers she confirmed as lovers and the ones she denied.

Enjoy this list of seven confirmed Sunny lovers and eight who weren’t confirmed! Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend and let us know your thoughts on the wrestlers that did and didn’t hook up with the 90s WWE Diva!


15 Wasn’t: Bret Hart

For years and years rumors swirled around about Sunny and Bret Hart hooking up but once again, those allegations were denied in the tell-all interview. Sunny admitted to several affairs as you’ll see in this article but Bret Hart was not one of them. Sunny discussed the fact that the two were great friends but nothing more. She was even close with his family and learned the sacred Hart family handshake, believe it or not.

What the WWE refuses to tell us interestingly enough, is the fact that Sunny added to the tension between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Sunny confirmed she was hooking up with HBK (which we’ll discuss in the next point) and it fueled the hatred even more as Shawn became worried that Sunny was hooking up with his rival as well. This is a twist rarely mentioned that just made things worse between the two.

14 Was: Shawn Michaels


This was another high profile Sunny affair that wrestling fans discussed for years. Finally, Sunny admitted to the affair during her recent shoot interview. To make matters worse, her boyfriend was present during the interview and found out about the details for the first ever time. Yikes.

Sunny would confirm the affair years after claiming the two hooked up for at least nine months. During that time frame, things were rocky behind the scenes with Sunny being at the helm of several controversies which included problems between HBK and Hart and even, HBK and the British Bulldog. Both situations were fueled by the first ever WWE Diva, Sunny.

Eventually, both Sunny and HBK would leave the WWE towards the tail-end of the 90s. Shawn would leave his in-ring role for several years due to a back injury while Sunny would have brief stints with ECW and WCW. Both are still cashing in on their 90s fame today as huge attractions wherever they go.

13 Wasn’t: Sabu

During the revealing shoot interview, Sunny decided to list the wrestlers she slept with by going the route of promotion by promotion. Surprisingly, once she landed on her time with ECW, Sunny stated that nothing happened during her time with the company, stating the wrestlers and atmosphere was “gross”.

We’ll take Sunny’s word for it, although the rumor mill indicated otherwise. According to ECW legend The Sandman, he once walked in an arena boiler room only to see Sunny and Sabu together doing some R rated stuff. It should be noted that Sadman was also heavily intoxicated at the time, so you can take those allegations with a grain of salt. Sunny would confirm that the story was made up and that Sandman was drugged up throughout her stint with ECW. Meaning, he was probably making things up. Sunny claims she was completely clean following her WWE stint when she worked with ECW and later, a brief stint with WCW.

12 Was: Chris Masters


Yup, that’s right, even Sunny fell victim to the “Master Lock Challenge” as she admitted to sleeping with the former WWE star. Age-wise, the two are 10 years apart with Sunny, who is currently 44, while Masters, is still in his mid 30s at the age of 34. Despite the age difference, Sunny has no problem hooking up with younger wrestlers. As you’ll see later in this article, she’s even hooked up with a wrestler that was still in his teens. Yup, that’s right.

In all likelihood, the two met during their indie days away from the WWE. Masters left the company in 2007 spending two years on the independent circuit. He would return to the WWE in 2009, but was out the door in 2011 once again. He would work the indie scene up until this point, even making a brief pit stop with TNA in 2015.

11 Wasn’t: Droz

The revealing interview took a couple of weird twist and turns which included comments from Sunny’s boyfriend away from the camera. While listing the names of wrestlers she hooked up with, her boyfriend suggested Droz was on that list according to stories he had heard. Sunny would however confirm, that nothing of the sorts ever happened between the two as she was not attracted to Droz in that way. She did confirm however, that the two were very close at one point in time. They were together in the company during the 1998 time period as Sunny was departing from the company while Droz was just getting started.

Sadly, as most wrestling fans probably already know, Droz’s career was sadly cut short after a botched in-ring maneuver during a SmackDown taping. Droz was left in a quadriplegic state, but still remains positive today holding no grudges against D’Lo Brown for the incident.

10 Was: British Bulldog


This one was another surprising confirmation as Sunny admitted to an affair with the late British Bulldog. The rumors swirled around for several years and finally, Sunny admitted to it actually happening. What makes this hook up so much more controversial compared to the other wrestlers is the fact that Davey Boy was married at the time to Diana Hart, the daughter of Stu Hart.

The affair would also cause even more tension behind the scenes. According to Sunny, Bulldog despised Shawn Michaels at the time, and this furthered his hatred for HBK as the two were after the Diva behind the scenes. Bulldog would eventually leave the toxic environment and join WCW for a lackluster run in 1998. He would return in 1999, but this time, both Sunny and HBK were gone from the company (Shawn as an active wrestler).

In 2000, Bulldog and his ex-wife Diana Hart, would finalize their divorce and sadly, in 2002, Bulldog would pass away at the young age of 39.

9 Wasn’t: The Road Warriors

A Tag Team since 1983, LOD was an iconic duo that wrestled all around the world for years and years. They grew to popularity with the WWE, but at one point, with the product turning into an edgier program, the tag team was forced to change their ways into something more modern to fit the times in the late 90s. As a result, the WWE made the decision to revamp the Tag Team calling them LOD 2000, and pairing them up with the popular Diva, Sunny.

Sunny became a babyface, and her last run in the WWE was serving as the manager of the team. It was also the Road Warriors' last run as a duo with the WWE as they would later hit the indie circuit after their release. They would return in 2003 for a one-time only match on Raw and sadly, Hawk would pass away shortly after in the same year.

As for the rumors of a possible hookup with Sunny and her former Tag Team, those allegations were shot down by the Diva.


8 Was: Chris Candido


Sunny can thank her late high school boyfriend Chris Candido, for all her success in the wrestling business. Sunny would join Chris way back in 1992 as a way to make some extra cash. Sunny would start off with Chris in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and eventually, both would join the WWE with Sunny making the jump before Candido.

Look back at their legacies; it’s pretty clear that Sunny overshadowed Chris. Candido was a great in-ring performer, but Sunny’s popularity skyrocketed with the WWE becoming the first ever Diva type of female on the program. By 1996, her popularity had peaked as she was AOL’s most downloaded woman of the year.

Despite Sunny hooking up with countless wrestlers during her time, the two somehow remained together. They stayed by each other’s side throughout, as they both joined ECW, WCW and the indie circuit following their WWE stints. Sadly, their run together would come to an end in April of 2005 when Candido tragically passed away. He was only 33.

7 Wasn’t: Ahmed Johnson

If you followed the WWE during the mid 90s, you were well aware that Ahmed Johnson was actually a pretty big deal at one point in time. He was the first ever African American IC Champion, and the WWE pushed him as such for a short while. He would eventually leave the WWE in early 98 and his career would plummet to the ground from then on. He joined WCW in 1999, enduring a horrid run with the company, like so many others have in the past. WCW would give up on the big man due to on-going weight issues. He’d wrestle the indie scene for a short period and leave the business soon after.

During his rise in the WWE, rumors swirled about Johnson being one of the many names Sunny hooked up with. Sunny denied the rumors claiming she “doesn’t sleep with chocolate”. Although she admitted that colored men are very much into her, including Mike Tyson who once kissed her straight on the lips. Sunny claims, she was repulsed by the incident.

6 Was: Josh The Indie Guy


After things went south for Sunny during her WWE, ECW and WCW runs, she turned to the indie scene for the most part of her career throughout the 2000s. She worked for various promotions rarely wrestling and usually serving as a valet or special guest referee. She had several gigs and managed to make a living with her new lifestyle. She continues to cash in quite nicely today with lots of shoot interviews, including her most recent where she revealed her lovers. Sunny even makes a healthy dollar bill at wrestling conventions as she’s still to this day one of the most sought-after faces for hardcore 90s wrestling fans.

Now back to her indie days we go, and during the shoot, Sunny admits to hooking up with an indie wrestler by the name of Josh. She didn’t discuss the situation in length but he was just another wrestler to add to the list.

5 Wasn’t: Jake The Snake

One of the most bizarre names to make the list of rumored affairs with Sunny was the one of the WWE legend, Jake The Snake Roberts. The two briefly worked together when Jake returned to the WWE for a short run in 1996. However, by ‘97, he was already out the door and working for ECW on another short-lived run.

Rumors linked the two, but Sunny was having none of it exclaiming that the rumors were all lies and that nothing of the sort ever went down between the two. After all, Sunny likes her men young, and Snake, well, is 16 years older than Tammy.

Today, Roberts is 61 and currently doing extremely well. The pro wrestling star underwent some terrible times with drugs and alcohol, being on the verge of suicide due to depression. Along came DDP and his Yoga practice which caused Jake to transform into a new man physically, with a new lease on life.

4 Was: 19 Year Old In Virginia


Perhaps the most disturbing details to come out of the shoot interview were of Sunny hooking up with a 19 year old. Yikes! Do the math, that’s a pretty substantial age gap, although Sunny was pretty joyful about it all laughing as she recalled the story of hooking with the teen in Virginia. To make matters worse, her boyfriend had to endure the story which according to Sunny, took place last year.

Such stories shouldn’t be too surprising however, considering Sunny’s recent history. Sunny makes a crap load of cash in the adult industry, especially with her Skype sessions offering insane rates to those who purchase the one-on-one sessions. And of course, she’s worked in the adult industry on film. She recently signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment and shot her first film, Sunny Side Up: In through the Backdoor (how many of you cringed reading that title?). At the age of 44, Sunny is showing no signs of slowing down as she remains in the spotlight.

3 Wasn’t: Raven

For many wrestling fans, Raven is regarded as one of the most underrated performers of all-time. His character, microphone skills and in-ring abilities were all top flight. This was exposed in the mid 90s during his initial ECW run. Raven and Dreamer had a feud for the ages which was arguably the best of the mid 90s. Raven would eventually depart from the company and join WCW. He had some decent moments but for the most part, his time was wasted by the company.

He would return home to ECW in 99 for another brief run. During that point, Sunny was with ECW. Despite the rumors, Sunny made no mention of any ECW hookups as she was repulsed just thinking about her time with the company.

As for Raven, he continued on to the WWE finding limited success. He remained as an indie guy, along with joining TNA for a lengthy run. Today, like Sunny, Raven is cashing in on his work attending various wrestling conventions.

2 Was: Dolph Ziggler


One of the more depressing revelations from Sunny’s former affairs was the reveal of hooking up with current WWE star and fan favorite, Dolph Ziggler. One of Sunny’s Tweets went viral in 2015 after a fan asked her who she found hotter between Dolph and Randy. Sunny would respond, “since I had Dolph, I’ll say Dolph”. The Tweet went viral and according to rumors, Ziggler was ribbed big time about the situation by his fellow co-workers. What made things so much worse is the fact that several fans ridicule Ziggler for copying Michaels in the ring, and this made the similarities even worse with Dolph hooking up with HBK’s former lover.

The hookup also didn’t sit too well with Sunny’s current boyfriend. According to Sunny, her boyfriend blocked Ziggler from her social media page. Without a doubt, this is one of the more mind-blowing hookups on the list.

1 Wasn’t: Stone Cold

The two shared a good friendship but nothing more. Sunny retold a story on how Austin was her driver at one point in time because of the fact that she had all expenses paid for by the WWE. Austin would ride with Sunny, getting free meals paid for by the company. Sunny recalls expensing breakfast bills of a hundred dollars only to hear from JR for spending such absurd amounts. Sunny never broke and although Jim Ross didn’t buy it, he let her be. Sunny stated that only herself, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and The Undertaker received first class accommodations while flying as the others settled for coach. Again, Austin would join Sunny in an attempt to bump up to first class with the Diva.

For what it’s worth, Sunny even stated that Vince was the most professional boss she ever had, and never made any advances towards her despite the fact that he did admit to cheating on his wife Linda, in the past.

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