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7 Stacked Babes Who Are Natural (And 8 Siliconed Ones Who Lie)

7 Stacked Babes Who Are Natural (And 8 Siliconed Ones Who Lie)

Having a large chest and booty isn’t exactly required if you want to be a Hollywood actress. But, as they say, it’s near enough as dammit. So, what do you do if you are 32-26-32 babe who wants those curves? You find a plastic surgeon to fill you up with silicone. Fill her up, as they say. Aha! You are 36-26-36 at last. Then the next step? Well, that’s easy. Some, like Kaley Cuoco, proudly brag about their boob job. Others try to deny it, or they just keep totally silent. Then, the gossip web sites go nuts with “Before” and “After” snaps. Which hotties are in denial? Some say Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian have faked it and then claimed they hadn’t had work done. Then there are the lucky few, the babes who are naturally endowed with a chest that seems to go on forever. Reportedly, this includes chicks like the luscious Kate Upton and the totally fiery Sofia Vergara. Put them all together and you have got a pretty spectacular display of real and fake cleavage to enjoy. But how do you know if it is real or fake? You can sometimes spot the fakes a mile away. You know what we mean: it looks as if the chick has a fully inflated balloon in there. Sometimes, it’s hard to determine. Here come 8 real deal babes with assets made in heaven and 7 babes we think are faking it.

15. Victoria Beckham – Denied The Totally Obvious


Victoria Beckham is rich and super thin. Oh, yeah, she had fake boobs and a cheating husband. She lost the implants, but stayed with the cheating husband. Now, looking at the pictures, it’s just obvious that she had them done. Her chest looks like over-inflated balloons about to burst. Yet for years and years, the former Spice Girl denied the obvious. She had them removed and kind of fessed up back in 2014. Then, in September of 2016,  British Vogue persuaded Posh Spice to write a letter to her 18-year-old self in which she says admits that she had implants and spent years denying it. “Stupid” was how she summed it up. Talk about stupid. At about the same time, a chick called Rebecca Loos was rabbiting on about having “no regrets” over her alleged affair with Victoria’s hubby, soccer superstar David Beckham. We predict the hubs may go the way of the implants. Out, out, out.

14. Kate Upton – Luscious Natural 36DD


Kate Upton: stacked all American sweetheart or stacked out-of-control diva? Ten years ago, the teenage Kate Upton was winning prizes as an equestrian. Nine years ago, at all of 16 years-old, she walked into a modelling casting call in sunny Miami and was, more or less, signed on the spot. It all happened pretty fast. By 2011, she was Rookie of the Year in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Now, her face is pretty darn good, a combination of innocence and naughtiness that sets pulses racing. But it’s those 36DD’s that have set her apart in the modelling world. And now, our Kate is an “actress.” Well, she wears low cut clothes, bounces around, and says a few lines in a handful of movies. Some say, Hollywood has gone to her head and that she has become a bit of a diva. Say it isn’t so, Kate.

13. Scarlett Johansson – Real Deal 32DD


Hey, the good news is that Scarlett Johansson is naturally stacked, single, and thinks monogamy is not the way to go. And, in the summer of 2017, she walked her talk by reportedly dating two guys at once! Our ScarJo is a proud bombshell babe. And, trust us, she is not afraid to show off her assets. Sure, she’s had leaked naughty pictures and there have been rumors of s*x in an elevator. But we’re not complaining, are we? Her first husband, Canadian hunk actor Ryan Reynolds, is now married to Blake Lively, whom he met on the set of 2011’s Green Lantern. And, of course, the pair say they didn’t get together until after his split from Scar Jo later that year. But, according to the Daily Mail, a waitress in a New York restaurant, who saw the “couple” pre-split, says otherwise. Not nice, but very Hollywood. Meanwhile, these days Scarlett is holding hands and kissing guys… and having a great time. Ryan who?

12. Selena Gomez – Messed Up And In Denial

Did you see the leaked photos of Justin Bieber on Selena Gomez’s Instagram account? No? Not surprising. The whole account got pulled pretty fast. Seems our little Selena’s account was hacked in August of 2017. Hence the naughties of Bieber. Oops. But what about her boobs? Fake or real? We think fake. According to MTV, the Gomez camp has denied what we think is obvious. Number one, they’ve gotten bigger. And number two? It’s that fake balloon look all over again. The singer and former Disney Channel star has had her ups and downs big time. She is the kind of babe who hooks up with Justin Bieber and then goes into a meltdown when they split. Rumors of bust ups with friends, mood swings, and stints in rehab have kept her in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. Is she getting better? Maybe. Maybe not.

11. Sofia Vergara – 32F Real Deal Twins


When Sofia Vergara came to America from her native Colombia, the Modern Family star had those F cups, ambition, but very little English. Reportedly, she could say, “I want to work with Johnny Depp” and little else. Rumor has it that she’s the kind of chick who has hung out with gangsters. And recently she’s the kind of woman who has been in court battling over custody of frozen embryos with an ex-fiance. WTF? Seems like the guy filed suit in Louisiana, the only state where embryos have legal rights of their own. He’s even given them names. It got kind of funny when the Louisiana judge threw the case out of court. Why? He said the embryos were citizens of California. It’s where they were conceived!

10. Kim Kardashian – Implants To Save Marriage?


Kim Kardashian, a.k.a. the Queen of Photoshop, appears to have had her boobs done. Metro News has reported she has denied it. But we think it’s kind of obvious. One of the rumors flying around was that her marriage to sometimes-nut job Kanye West was on the rocks and that she had her chest expanded to make him happy. No word on whether or not it worked. Now, our Kim has been on quite a chest and booty journey, with both ends of her body changing over the years. Yes, it seems they have both gotten bigger. And it’s no surprise that gossips whisper that she has had silicone implants. These days it seems she that has gained weight, leaving her once luscious heart-shaped ample butt is to expand (and not in a good way). We remember the good old days when Kimmy was young, hot, and sometimes single.

9. Kylie Jenner – Hottie Crafted In Hollywood


The youngest Kardashian/Jenner hooked up with bad boy rapper Tyga long before she was legal. And we all know what that means. Now 20 years-old and worth millions, she’s become a social media star and, some say, a bit of a diva. And rumor has it that Kylie Jenner is heavily into silicone, Botox and fillers. Now, in the past, she has taken to Twitter to deny a boob job. Recently, she seems to be hinting that maybe, just maybe, she did do the deed. Now come on. Just look at the picture. Like her big sister Kim, K. Kylie’s booty and chest have been on a journey from little to large to ginormous. And her lips? Getting onto a duck bill size, we think. And Tyga? Seems he is a thing of the past. Reportedly, she’s hooked up with another rapper, one Travis Scott.

8. Ariel Winter – Down To A Hot 34D From 34F


Ariel Winter lost nearly a pound. So? No, she lost a pound when she had her breasts reduced from 32F (2.6 pounds) to 32D (1.7 pounds). Guys don’t think about this, but F-size boobs are pretty heavy and can (and do) cause back aches. 19 year-old Ariel has grown up before our eyes over her eight years on Modern Family. While these days Ariel exudes a real trailer park vibe in real life, the show has made certain her character Alex Dunphy has remained totally PG. In fact, the show’s makers are NOT happy about Ariel’s tendency to hit the streets in barely-there shorts and crop tops. Plus, there’s another problem: Unlike her TV family, Ariel’s real life clan is a white hot dysfunctional mess, complete with a domineering momager Ariel has shut out of her life. Ariel seems like she’s got a lot on her plate, we’d say.

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt – 4 Plus Pounds Of Natural


In 2010, Jennifer Love Hewitt wrote The Day I Shot Cupid. Yes, it’s about her love life. In it she talks about “vajazzling. “WTF? It’s putting Swarovski crystals on her lady bits. She must have had one heck of an interesting love life! If you think Ariel Winter got back aches with her F’s, spare a thought for Jennifer Love Hewitt and her 30H twins! It seems that her girls weigh in at between four and five pounds. The Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds star is totally natural in the chest department. She got lucky, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it. And our Jen is not into all the Hollywood work out vibe, saying “I like to eat carbs… I like to chill out with my friends.” She seems like our kind of girl.

6. Salma Hayek – Did She Or Didn’t She?


Salma Hayek claims to be a silicone-free zone. But is she? Pictures don’t lie. But maybe actresses do? Now, he’s all loved up with billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault. No, she definitely didn’t marry him for his looks. Anyway, a while back the rich Frenchman got slapped with a paternity suit by supermodel Linda Evangelista. Of course, he denied it. Then he paid up to make it go away. Speaking of billionaires, long before he became President, Salma Hayek claims that Donald Trump asked her out again and again and again. She turned him down flat. Hayek says he pitched a hissy fit and planted a bad story about her in the National Enquirer. Salma Hayek could have been First Lady? Long, long shot, we’d say.

5. Ivanka Trump – Then And Now


Speaking of billionaires, let’s move on to billionaires’ daughters and take a look at Ivanka Trump. Believe it or not, some chick in Texas spent $60,000 on some thirteen plastic surgeries to make herself look like Ivanka. Seems our Ivanka has become a plastic surgery role model! What is the world coming to? That’s beyond weird. Spending that kind of money to look like Kate Upton is one thing. But $60,000 to look like Ivanka? Forget it. While First Lady Melania Trump has been busy denying that she went under the knife, Ivanka, as far as we can see, has kept silent on the whole issue. The chest thing is just darn obvious, we think. Gossips say that even the Prez has had work done. Some say he had a scalp reduction to hide baldness. Ouch.

4. Charlotte McKinney – Totally Real 32F


Back when Carl’s Jr. was doing raunchy ads (yes, unfortunately they’ve stopped), model/actress Charlotte McKinney did one in which she was supposedly walking around a market in the buff. No, you could not see anything other than legs and cleavage, but the whole thought of it was yummy. She has sometimes been called the “new Kate Upton.” We can totally see it. Charlotte got to the big time by becoming “insta-famous” on Instagram. Then, Esquire did a spread on her, and Carl’s Jr. came calling. The rest, as they say, is history. She is also an “actress” to the extent she appears in films like Baywatch, wearing only a skimpy swimsuit. She bounces around the beach and says a few lines. Don’t expect to see her and her 32F’s picking up an Oscar anytime soon.

3. Katy Perry – Real 32D Twin Set



Singer Katy Perry is s*xy and wacky, the kind of babe who wears a bra in the shape of cupcakes and steps out in tight Lycra in lurid colors. She usually doesn’t put a foot wrong on social media, but she got into hot water recently with accusations of racial insensitivity when someone commented on her newly blonde hair by saying they missed her dark hair. “Oh, really,” she said in a flip way, “Do you miss Barack Obama as well… Times change.” Then there is the supposed running feud with Taylor Swift that kicked off with Katy reportedly trying to lure some male dancers away from Swift’s tour and into hers. Oh dear. Not our Katy. Yes, our Katy. Ask her ex Russell Brand. He has said he had to think of other women when they were “at it.”

2. Blake Lively – Of Nose And Boob Jobs


Reports are that Blake Lively has denied having work done. Or, at best, she simply keeps silent. The woman who won Ryan Reynold’s heart and body has been married to the Canadian hunk since 2012. So, did she steal the guy from ScarJo, or as she and Ryan claim, did they get together after the split? Opinions vary. The internet went nuts when she and Reynolds married at Boone Hall, a former slave plantation in South Carolina. Talk about politically incorrect! That’s not the only time she got into hot water with the Internet trolls. The shot of her luscious booty on the red carpet at Cannes last year that was posted with the caption “LA face with an Oakland booty” got slammed as being racist. Does Blake worry? In a word: no way.

1. Kelly Brooke – 34E Totally Natural Babe


English rose Kelly Brook is a luscious 34E real deal package of hot. She’s been a tabloid “glamour” model, a TV host, a reality TV star and a commercial model. When you think “glamour” model, forget most of the clothes, if not all of them. Like Kate Upton, she is no stick woman and regularly gets shade from Internet trolls about her weight. A bikini picture she posted on social media recently brought the trolls out in full force, with some pretty nasty body-shaming rants. She hit back and then deleted the picture. Believe it or not, she loves pottering around the garden of her million pound cottage in Kent. Presumably that’s with clothes on, although the alternative is certainly appealing.

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