7 Scorching Photos Of The Mother Of Dragons (And 8 Of Emilia Clarke)

Game of Thrones exploded onto our screens just six years ago – but it’s hard to imagine a time before it. The popular TV series adapted from the novel by George R. R. Martin reached dizzying heights of success that even the creators couldn’t have predicted. While there has always been a market for fantasy, Game of Thrones captured fans where other shows of the same genre had failed.

Like any popular TV show, it brought the cast to the forefront of the public eye - in particular, the otherwise unknown actress Emilia Clarke. Then just 24 years old, the pint-sized 5’2'' brunette was afforded the role of one of the shows' main characters, Daenerys Targaryen. Since then, it’s been a non-stop rollercoaster ride of Awards shows, photoshoots and overall adoration for London born Clarke.

Fans have followed the show as the beautiful Daenerys embarks on her plan to take her place on the Iron Throne, blossoming from a downtrodden girl to an extremely powerful woman – and while her story is compelling, her captivating beauty is also a hot topic. With that being said, we’ve had the extremely arduous task of sourcing some of the most scorching photos of the Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Protector of the Realm, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Mother of Dragons, The Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, Lady of Dragonstone and – well, you get the picture. We’ve also found some of Emilia Clarke too, in her natural form. We think you’re going to appreciate it just as much as us.


15 Daenerys - It Isn't Easy Taking Over The World

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If anyone knows how hard it is at the top, it's platinum haired beauty Daenerys. Scheming and plotting over maps is no easy task. There are armies to manage, strategies to plan - and every other person thinks that they are the rightful air to the Iron Throne. Poor Dany spends a lot of time talking to her advisers about what to do for the best - whether to just set her babies (AKA giant dragons) on an entire town and scorch it to pieces, or to peacefully try and make nice with murderous enemies like the infamous Cersei Lannister. Fortunately, she always finds enough time in her busy schedule fighting the good fight to make sure her hair is perfectly coiffed and her outfits are suitably revealing.

14 Daenerys - Nothing To See Here

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Daenerys has had her fair share of bare scenes too, from learning to be the dutiful wife (which we'll take a look at later, wink wink) to helping bring her dragons to fruition. From the tip to toe, the beautiful Khaleesi doesn't need much in the way of make-up, or clothing. Thanks to the Targaryen genes, little Dany has everything working for her, from the naturally curled hair to the flawless skin. Unsurprisingly, the scenes where she has bared all are some of the most highly re-viewed parts of Game of Thrones. When the youngest Targaryen first appeared on our screens, she was the sad sister of her brother, who was using her to get the family back into power. Dany quickly showed that she was not to be overlooked - both figuratively and literally.

13 Emilia - Did I Leave The Flat Iron On?

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Have you ever left the house, only to get where you're going and have that dreaded thought, 'Did I leave the cooker on?' or, even worse - 'Did I leave the flat iron on?' There's never a surer way to wreck your whole day. When you come home, you tentatively drive around the corner expecting to see your house engulfed in flames - only to get inside and realize you've been worrying all day for absolutely nothing. Is this Emilia's dilemma in this photo, or has she just read the season 7 finale script? Is this the face of a woman who has realized her character is about to sleep with her nephew? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

12 Daenerys - The Wars To Come

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After the death of her beloved Drogo, it seemed like that was it lover-wise for the one true ruler of Westeros. Never one to overtly express her personal desires, fans didn't really expect Dany to ever have any romantic liaisons. So, when she took a personal liking to Daario Naharis (a soldier who killed his company to take it over and pledge his allegiance to her) it caught a lot of people off guard. We were gifted with a few choice scenes of post-lovemaking, revealing the would-be Queen in all her vulnerability. While Daario arguably loves her, Dany was just playing around and he was soon left behind in the Bay of Dragons while she sailed to take care of business in Westeros.

11 Daenerys - That Tutorial

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Cast your mind back to when Dany had been sold to the leader of the most ruthless tribe ever to walk the seven kingdoms, the Dothraki. Khal Drogo seemed like every inch the heartless brute (albeit a handsome one at that). Unable to put up with the way he was treating her, the newlywed Khaleesi asked one of her handmaids for help. Much more experienced in 'that area', Doreah guided Dany through the art of seduction, teaching her a variety of techniques to help appease her new husband. By pleasing him, Doreah taught, Dany would be able to control him and Kahl Drogo would become putty in her hands. These scenes would go down in GoT history as some of the steamiest in the show's duration - and some of the most attention grabbing.

10 Emilia - 'I Woke Up Like This'

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Sometimes, a girl just wants to take a well deserved rest in a black one piece on a bed with no comforter. Can they help it if there is a make-up artist, hairdresser and photographer just hanging around the same place? Let's face it, after spending the majority of your working career either rolling around in ash or riding on pretend dragons, it must make a nice change to jump in front of the camera and get all glammed up. It's not easy being a kick-a*s babe in one of the most loved TV series ever - but having your very own beauty squad for events and photoshoots is a definite plus. And the millions of dollars you're earning. Oh, and the fact you're Emilia Clarke.

9 Daenerys - The Season 7 Finale

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This was the scene that confused almost every viewer/fan. We could all see it coming a mile away as the tensions mounted between Daenerys and everyone's favorite underdog, Jon Snow. While in theory, both characters would make the ultimate good-natured, good-looking power couple set to rule the world together...there was one small detail that made the entire situation extremely uncomfortable. Jon's real name is actually Eagon Targaryen - making him Dany's biological nephew. Of course, there are only a few people privy to that information - and the pair aren't some of them. While it is cringeworthy, we can't deny how strikingly beautiful the Breaker of Chains looks here.


8 Daenerys - Mother Of Dragons

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Doesn't she look smoking hot here? Of course, we are talking in the literal sense. After all, Dany had just survived a fire unscathed - and come out with her hair still perfectly in place and a baby dragon on her shoulder. No big deal, that's just how she rolls. There's something particularly attractive about a woman in power, so is it any wonder that this episode set hearts on fire across the globe? She even makes being covered in ash look good - and that's not an easy outfit to pull off. We all know that Jorah Mormont is hopelessly in love with his queen. He was one of the ones to first see her emerge from the flames - we can't be sure, but he probably didn't hate that!

7 Daenerys - The Doting Wife

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Being married off to a complete stranger who is the leader of the most chauvinistic, violent army in the world has got to be a bit of a kicker. Not only does he look pretty intimidating, but he's a bit of a pig at first. Being the loyal, obedient wife is a little difficult when you've been forced into the marriage with no choice, but Dany is never one to give up a challenge and before long, the pint-sized powerhouse had the giant Kahl Drogo wrapped around her wedding finger. Using her feminine whiles and new found language of the Dothraki among other things, Daenerys secured her place as the rightful leader of the angry clan. She also looked amazing doing it.

6 Emilia - Wrapped Up

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There's something about a beautiful woman in a black and white photograph that just accentuates every finite detail. Most people were shocked to know that Emilia Clarke was actually a brunette, compared to that of her on-screen character. We have to say that dark tresses suit Clarke extremely well - and what's more, the camera loves her. The people over at Dolce & Gabbana clearly thought so when they recently cast Clarke and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) in matching perfume ads for their fragrance The One. These kind of photoshoots require the perfect setting - and Emilia in a bed wearing nothing but sheets is as close to perfect as it can get.

5 Daenerys - Poised

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As we've previously seen, Dany has risen to become a force to be reckoned with. From a wallflower unsure of herself or of her future, to one of the leading powers in the seven kingdoms. While we won't reel through her host of names (we wouldn't do that to you again so soon) it's pretty plain that she is the one true Queen, the one born to take over the Iron Throne (at least until Jon Snow realizes he is who he is, anyway). There's something about the way she carries herself that just screams confidence. She's no longer a meek girl who needs schooling on how to be a courageous leader. She is poised, fully rounded and completely backed by her fiery, scaley babies. Let's switch gears now and take a look at the actress that brings Daenerys to life, Emilia Clarke.

4 Emilia - It's Getting Hot In Here

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Being famous is probably a bit of a drag, isn't it? Well, okay, probably not. But, it must be a little bit boring when you're having to do photoshoot after photoshoot wearing the same over the top outfits and striking infinite poses. It takes a very crafty performer to be able to breathe new life into shots in front of the camera, making them pop in a way that their various other shoots didn't. Seeing Clarke in modern day outfits a million miles away from her usual get-up makes us realize just how talented the costume department are on GoT. We all know that it's a character, but when you see the actress out of character, it can often be a shock. Thankfully, this is a shock of the best kind.

3 Emilia - Back In Black

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There's nothing that a little old school Hollywood glamour can't solve - a lick of red lipstick and a beautiful black floor length gown has Emilia looking more like Vivien Leigh here, or even Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago. Clarke oozes sultry confidence in this shot, glaring at the camera with the type of confidence usually only exclusive to Cersei Lannister. Do you think she learned that from actress Lena Headey? We can't know for sure, but since Clarke has been acting since an early age, we can bet it's probably something she picked up during her time at the Drama Centre London. There's a lot of competition out there, but you better believe that Clarke is at the top.

2 Emilia - Don't Look Back In Anger

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We've all been there. We catch sight of a beautiful girl and it's like there's no-one else in the room. Will she notice us? Probably not. Then - all of a sudden, she whispers to her friend and shoots you that look - before bursting into hysterical laughter, forcing you to realize you inadvertently dropped mustard all down your shirt at lunch and no-one thought to tell you. This is definitely one of those times. Completely captivating, completely unbelievable - and entirely alluring. What do you think, are you team long hair or team short hair for Clarke? Personally, we think she could go full on Sinead O'Connor and still look drop dead gorgeous.

1 Emilia - Last But Never Least

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They often say leave the best until last, and that's what we've tried to do here. Clarke has the confidence of a megastar because - well - she is one. In this photoshoot for British GQ she brought her A-game, her best defying stare and long, luscious locks. Is there anything that Clarke doesn't completely smash these days? While it's arguable that she is one of the most recognizable actresses of the past few years, it takes guts and determination to stay there. So - that about wraps it up. What do you think? Does The Mother of Dragons float your boat, or do you prefer raven haired Emilia in all of her natural glory? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: gameofthrones.wikia.com


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