7 Reasons The Punisher Could Take Out Batman (And 8 He Has No Chance)

Marvel’s newest outing in the Netflix world revolves around Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. This character is somewhat of a departure from previous superheroes in recent years in that he has a code that goes against what we have become used to. The Punisher has a very strict “no second chances” rule wherein when he chooses a target he will do whatever it takes to eliminate them. If you have seen Castle’s appearance in Daredevil or if you have watched through his new show then you will see that he is even willing to subject himself to torture just to get close enough to end someone’s life.

On the other end of this spectrum, there is a hero who has a very strict “no killing” policy. Batman goes to great lengths to make sure his villains do not die but are temporarily subdued until the proper authorities can take them away. More often than not these villains end up back on the streets just for Batman to catch them and the cycle continues. So is The Punisher’s way the right way? In Daredevil Season Two we see these competing ideals play out between Daredevil and The Punisher, but with all due respect to Daredevil, he is no Batman. This leaves us with the question of who would win in a fight between The Punisher and Batman. Well, here are seven reasons The Punisher could take the Bat and seven reasons he wouldn’t stand a chance.

15 Has No Chance - He Doesn’t Have A Team Like Batman

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Batman wouldn’t be the only vigilante The Punisher has to do research on. Batman’s sidekick list is almost as extensive as his rogue gallery. The Punisher has taken on several mobs and gangs at the same time before, but never an army of Batman trained warriors. Batman would be able to call upon a horde of heroes ready to help in the fight if need be. The Punisher has sidekicks and help offered from time to time but these individuals have nothing on the loyalty and skills of Batman’s extended family. The Punisher may go in looking for a fight with Batman but may very well end up facing off against the likes of Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, Nightwing, Red Robin, Huntress, Azrael, Oracle, Jim Gordon, and even Alfred... just to name a few.

14 Could Take Him Out - He Has More Experience

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It may not seem this way in the current cinematic universes with Batman being older and Frank Castle being a veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but originally Castle was a veteran of the Vietnam War. Frank joined the military and received SEAL training, UDT training, and LRPA training. He has also had extensive sniper and hand to hand combat training throughout his military career. He received only a few days of rest after departing from the military before his family was murdered in front of him in cold blood. Castle became The Punisher and the rest is history. Outside of fighting off other trained military operatives, The Punisher has also taken out entire mob families and gangs as well as trained assassins that would have killed anyone less experienced than Castle with ease. He is not one for days off so he receives more experience every day.

13 Has No Chance - He Is Older Than Batman

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Castle may have more experience than Bruce, but that does come with a disadvantage as well. The Punisher is nearly double the age of Batman. As mentioned before, this may not seem to be the case if only looking at the current Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal adaptions of the characters. These two have actors have gone head to head before in The Accountant wherein Bernthal played Affleck’s younger brother. However, the current comic book versions of these characters show that The Punisher is significantly older than Batman which would definitely be a disadvantage when coming head to head with him. With The Punisher’s tenacity to take torture, stabs, and even bullets, age isn’t going to be pleasant for Castle. He just isn’t going to be able to be as quick as Bruce Wayne.

12 Could Take Him Out - He May Be The Best Weapons Expert In The World

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Batman is notorious for not using guns (with a few exceptions). The Punisher, on the other hand, is well versed in everything from revolvers to improvised explosive devises and everything in between. With military training and precision, The Punisher not only knows his way around guns, but also where to place a bullet in an enemy depending on if he wants to kill them instantly, bring them in for questioning, or to simply warn them to back off. Batman has taken on villains such as Deadshot and Deathstroke in the past, but The Punisher can shoot circles around these guys. The Punisher travels in what is known as the Battle Van which is accentually a bulletproof armory on wheels. The Punisher boasts close range, sniper, armor piercing, assault, explosive, and many more style weapons at all times. The Battle Van is never far away for a reload or to trade up for a different style weapon.

11 Has No Chance - He Doesn’t Have Batman’s Tech


The Punisher’s Battle Van is all well and good, but it is not Batmobile. Batman’s wealth has acquired him technology of which The Punisher hasn’t even dreamed. While Frank Castle has been trained on the latest and greatest technology that the military has to offer, Bruce Wayne owns a company that creates prototype technology for the military that is better than what they had previously. This means that Batman will always have a leg up on The Punisher because it is Batman’s company creating the hand-me-down tech The Punisher is used to using. Batman may not use guns, but that doesn’t instantly give The Punisher the upper hand. If Batman can use his technology to take down Superman, he can for sure figure out a way to use his next level gear to slow down The Punisher.

10 Could Take Him Out - He Has Multiple Versions Of Each Plan He Creates


As with any well-trained soldier, Frank Castle does not enter a fight without a well-drawn up plan. Far from it actually. The Punisher always has several well-planned procedures when going into a fight and has already thought his way through every scenario. If he is entering a building he already knows every room in the building, the fastest way to each of these rooms, as well as how many men are in each room and where they are located. Even in times where The Punisher is captured, it was either part of his plan or he has a plan on how to escape. He has even gone so far as to hide weapons such as blades in his body to cut his way out of a situation. The Punisher does his best to stay one step ahead of everyone else in every scenario.

9 Has No Chance - You Cannot Out-Prepare The Bat

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Being one step ahead of your opponent is great in regular situations. Unfortunately, Batman is not a normal opponent and this is not a normal situation. Batman also meticulously plans out everything he does all the way to having a plan to take out his allies if needed. Batman operates three or four steps ahead of everyone else in the room and although The Punisher will have done his research on an area before he enters it, Batman does research even in battle. Batman, with the help of his advanced tech, runs diagnostics on his opponent throughout the fight finding out what can give him the upper hand. Although Batman was not a soldier, he also knows never to enter a fight blind and will work to figure out who Castle is before and during the fight. But again, The Punisher doesn’t enter an area blind so he will have done his research.

8 Could Take Him Out - He Would Initiate The Fight


The Punisher has been known to travel to take down his targets. Unlike Batman, who rarely leaves his city unless it is a fate of the world matter, The Punisher gets around and follows the crime wherever it goes. That being said, this fight would take place in Gotham where The Punisher had come to end some crime boss. There would most definitely be many articles on Batman circulating for The Punisher to study before he went into Gotham. He would understand an attack from Batman was possible and would of course plan for it. The Punisher would more than likely set traps and do something to provoke the Bat to attack. This would allow him the upper hand in being more prepared for the fight knowing that Batman was coming while Batman still is unaware of who he is. But…

7 Has No Chance - The Fight Would Probably Be On Batman’s Home Turf

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This fight would take place in Gotham. This automatically gives Batman the home field advantage. Batman patrols Gotham every night and while he wouldn’t be able to notice every detail, he would more than likely notice most things that are out of the ordinary which would allow him to avoid many of the traps set by The Punisher. This also allows Batman to know the layout of the city and the opportunity to move the fight by knocking The Punisher to a new building or a new street. This can allow for a battle stage with which Batman is already accustomed while The Punisher will have to fight and study the new layout at the same time. While The Punisher’s Van will be close at hand for the battle, Batman’s entire cave full of gadgets, weapons, and vehicles is just down the street.

6 Could Take Him Out - He Understands His Enemies’ Weaknesses

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The Punisher does extensive research prior to entering an area. Thus, not only would he have studied Batman but he would also be able to use his skills to identify some areas where Batman seems weak. There is no doubt that The Punisher would be able to gather from his research that Batman doesn’t kill and he would have that knowledge going in and would be able to know that in order to win this he only has to not get stopped; he does not have to worry about death. He would also be able to quickly detect Batman’s reliance on his technology. If he can separate Batman from his technology then he may have a strong chance of winning this battle.

5 Has No Chance - He Would Not Kill Batman


The Punisher’s biggest weakness in this fight will come from what he has in common with Batman. Batman does not kill and The Punisher will not kill those that he does not think deserve it. With Batman’s career, there is no way that The Punisher will want to kill Batman. He will simply be trying to slow Batman down enough that Batman will not be able to stop him from taking out criminals. However, Batman is a big believer in his code and will stop at nothing short of stopping The Punisher. The Punisher is an unstoppable force and Batman is an immovable object to use the words of Heath Ledger’s Joker. So would The Punisher be able to slow Batman down enough to get the upper hand and fire off a deadly shot to a crime boss; or would Batman always be there to stop him?

4 Could Take Him Out - He Is Exceptionally Good At Distance Warfare


If there is one definitive skill that The Punisher has over Batman it would be distance combat. The Punisher is an extremely accurate marksman with all types of weaponry, including a sniper rifle. The Punisher would no doubt begin this fight to end it quickly by luring Batman into an area that he could use to his sniping skill advantage. Batman, on the other hand, does not have a lot of long-range weapons. A sniper rifle is made to kill a target from a long distance and Batman is not about killing. Even though a well-trained individual such as The Punisher could use a sniper simply to maim and slow down an opponent, Batman doesn’t use guns. Therefore, he wouldn’t even use a sniper rifle for this. He does have a few long range weapons but nothing as effective as The Punisher. Batman’s long-range game is mostly for tracking and he would need to get up close to win this one.

3 Has No Chance - He Isn’t As Good At Hand-To-Hand Combat

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Batman would have the chance to get up close. Even if he fell for The Punisher’s trap and The Punisher was able to fire at him with the sniper rifle, Batman would either be able to avoid the bullet or be able to take the bullet and press on. The Punisher would be firing to slow Batman down and warn him to back off. He would not shoot to kill Batman. Thus, if he were to miss Batman he would have given away his location. Even if he were to make contact Batman wears armor in his suit and would be able to continue on to the battle. Either way, Batman would now know where The Punisher was and it wouldn’t take him long to get face to face. The Punisher has military hand-to-hand combat training, but Batman was trained by Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Shadows which is pretty much the best hand-to-hand combat training in the world.

2 Could Take Him Out - He Can Withstand Insane Amounts Of Pain


Even though Batman will be able to fight better close range, The Punisher will not go down easy. Castle has been captured and tortured on several occasions, he has been stabbed, he has been shot, he has been mutilated, and he always prevails. Batman will be fighting to subdue, not to kill and The Punisher will be able to withstand blow after blow. This type of tenacity will allow him to get in some blows of his own. Even if he isn’t as well trained in fist fighting, he is still a strong fighter with a strong punch. This, coupled with his tenacity and any injuries Batman has previously sustained that he can focus on, can give him a much-needed advantage when the guns are out of the scenario.

1 Has No Chance - He Doesn't Have Batman's Money

Throughout the years it has been hinted (and disputed) that Batman has very low key superpowers; super strength, super human intelligence, super agility, and more. Although this has been debated, one thing is undeniable: one of Batman’s greatest strengths is his money. Batman does not work with whatever he can steal from arms dealers or the weapons he takes off of his enemies as in the case of The Punisher. Anything that Batman doesn’t already have through Wayne Enterprises he can get his hands on via credit card. This doesn’t only give Batman access to more weapons, but also things such as information and access. If Batman finds out The Punisher is in Gotham before the fight begins then The Punisher automatically loses any upper hand he may have. Batman will have the ability to track down any information on Castle he may need and he has some grease for palms if he needs it. Batman is the world’s greatest detective with an unlimited budget.

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