7 New Shows You Know Are Destined For Failure (And 8 That'll Stick Around)

Every year an endless stream of new television shows premiere. The competition for viewership is fierce and it is only inevitable before the shows start dropping like flies.

You'll be glad to hear that some shows coming our way this year are original concepts that feature some of your most beloved actors. Glenn Howerton (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) has a series coming, as do the creative combination of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchak (Glee and American Horror Story) and even Adam Scott/Craig Robinson are teaming up. Not to mention the expansions to the world of superheroes that are coming your way. We even found Barb from Stranger Things! Turns out she has a new series coming out alongside Ted Mosby.

But not all shows are created equal. And some sound so horrible on paper that you may be stunned to hear that it's actually going to become a reality. Not even some of the most beautiful women in the world, like Christina Hendricks, may be enough to save these new projects. Even Netflix has a potential dud on their hands with their revival of a classic reality show. And really, who out there was asking for Young Sheldon?

Make sure you're prepared for when the new influx of shows start to dominate your week by checking out our list on 7 New Shows That Are Destined For Failure (And 8 That'll Stick Around)


15 Stick Around - Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders

We have seen a recent increase as of late in television mini-series that are incredibly well done and informative about past events in history. The most prominent example may be the American Crime Story franchise which during season 1 focused on the O.J. Simpson trial.

But while American Crime Story isn't new, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders might also help scratch that itch.

The series is starting out with 1 season based on the two Menendez boys who infamously murdered their parents in the 1990s. With success, this could become another great dramatic series.

Edie Falco who appeared in The Sopranos, as well as the lead in Nurse Jackie, is stepping into one of the lead roles.

14 Failure - 9JKL


When it comes to 9JKL, there are several concepts that you might get behind. Such as the fact that it includes in their leading cast the talented Elliot Gould.

But for those unfamiliar with the series commercials, the show revolves around a man (Mark Feuerstein) and his attempts to live in his apartment that happens to be situated in between his parents' place and his brother who is married with a newborn. All of the jokes seem to be based on his inability to set boundaries with his family members, a joke that gets old incredibly quickly. Especially when you know they're going to ram sex jokes down your throat.

No thanks!

13 Stick Around - Ghosted

When it comes to television shows that people enjoy, you won't find many that think The Office is funny that doesn't also enjoy Parks and Recreation. Which may be why you're going to love seeing Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, two of the respected leads from both series' teaming up with a new comedy entitled Ghosted.

The two are going to get their ghost-hunting on with Scott playing the role of a true-believer, and Robinson the more skeptical of the bunch.

Sounds like a modern-day Ghostbusters that won't be brought down by Melissa McCarthy. Aw yeah!

12 Failure - Good Girls


The series Good Girls which is premiering on NBC has definitely been off to a rough start. The series originally cast Kathleen Rose Perkins in one of the leading roles, but after filming the pilot they realized that the chemistry clearly wasn't there.

Instead, they've tapped Christina Hendricks, who is definitely best known for her role of Joan on Mad Men. The series follows Hendricks and two other women and the aftermath of their robbery of a local supermarket.

There is little argument that Christina Hendricks isn't great at times, but the change in casting may be enough to make you at least a little less confident in the project and lead to you avoid checking this one out.

11 Stick Around - 9-1-1

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are not names that are new in Hollywood. The two men teamed up to create the a cappella sensation, Glee, and then went a completely different route and created American Horror Story.

The two must love working together because they're about to come out with another project, this time entitled 9-1-1. The series will follow emergency first responders, including police, paramedics and firefighters and the dramatic situations that they find themselves in.

Fans of American Horror Story should be extra hooked when you find out Angela Bassett is set to play the lead role.

10 Failure - Me, Myself And I


Saturday Night Live must be one of the best shows to be on. You get to party it up on a regular basis, your summers tend to be free to work on other projects and if you're lucky the show can lead the way for huge things in your career.

But at the age of 40 and even after 9 years with Saturday Night Live, we're not too sure if we can get behind Bobby Moynihan's newest venture; the sitcom Me, Myself and I.

Bobby will play one version of the character Alex Riley, but we'll also get to interact with his younger self Alex (set in 1991) and go to the future to check out how he's living in 2042.

The 90's jokes are going to be predictable, and really, who knows what 2042 will look like. You can't tell me 4 years ago that you'd think Trump would be running America!

9 Stick Around - A.P Bio

One of the best television shows running is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. But the actors have been with the show for several years now and it may only be natural that they start to branch out a bit.

Glenn Howerton, who you love as Dennis, is getting a huge opportunity with his upcoming comedy A.P Bio. The series follows Howerton who failing in his attempts to land his dream job, is forced to teach biology in high school and decides that using his students for his own personal gain would be far more enjoyable.

Mike O'Brien, who previously worked on Saturday Night Live, is the creator of the project. Patton Oswalt is also expected to star in the series.


8 Failure - Young Sheldon


Why? C'mon CBS. Are you really that desperate to try and funnel more money out of The Big Bang Theory empire? You just know the idea for Young Sheldon was something that must have been started as a joke, but then Hollywood being what it is, momentum started to build and now, here we are.

You have the chance to stop this. Don't tune in. Just don't do it. At least The Big Bang Theory should be credited for having the longevity that it has. What's the redeeming factor here? Here's hoping the writers of Young Sheldon know The Big Bang Theory inside and out or any inconsistencies are only going to serve to infuriate the most passionate of fans.

7 Stick Around - Grey's Anatomy Firefighting Spin-Off

If the upcoming Grey's Anatomy spin-off series bombs, you can consider us surprised. Grey's Anatomy has shown before with the series Private Practice that they can pull off a successful spin-off and we're sure the millions of Grey's Anatomy will surely love checking out a firehouse in Seattle too.

Many of the same themes that have helped sustain Grey's Anatomy for so many years are expected to be at play with the currently unnamed series. Fans can also keep their eyes peeled as it is expected that the lead actor (still unnamed as well) will appear in an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy. 

When talking about the project, the president of ABC Entertainment said

"No one can interweave the jeopardy firefighters face in the line of duty with the drama in their personal lives quite like Shonda, and Grey’s signature Seattle setting is the perfect backdrop for this exciting spinoff.”

It's going to take some awful ratings and subsequent press for ABC to not give Shonda at least a few seasons.

6 Failure - Life Sentence


Lucy Hale has shown off her acting chops on the series Pretty Little Liars but gets to take on her comedic side with the upcoming series Life Sentence which is set to air on The CW later this year.

The series follows Hale in her attempts to undo some decisions she makes after she incorrectly believes she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. A premise like this already seems like it can only be stretched out so far. Does she find out she's cured in the first episode? And if she does, is she just going to tell us all the poor decisions she made? Are we going to get some flashback action all up in this show? Or maybe we see her do terrible things all season and then find out at the end that she's cured and tries to change her ways?

We're not sure, but we're not sure we want to know.

5 Stick Around - The Gifted

It's hard to argue against movie and television studios wanting to cash in on the superhero craze as of late. The movies are almost guaranteed blockbusters and there are several shows that have found a solid following. We hope that happens again when the X-Men universe gets another tale added to it with the upcoming series The Gifted.

Stephen Moyer, who you may recognize from True Blood is tapped to play the lead role. Funnily enough, Moyer is married to Anna Paquin who has played Rogue. The trailer for the upcoming series is among the most popular and the visual effects surely look like they're going to impress.

The show is definitely going to have enough eyes on it night one. The only question is how many will stay tuned in?

4 Failure - Queer Eye For The Straight Guy


You read that right, they're actually bringing Queer Eye For The Straight Guy back. And not only that, they're bringing it back without any of the 5 cast members that helped make the series such an iconic hit. Now granted, the series did come out several years ago and bringing them back may have seemed a bit odd, but not as odd as deciding to reboot the series in the first place!

None of the 5 cast members have been set as of yet, but we can imagine you may still check this one out if only because it's coming to Netflix. That definitely doesn't mean it should be though.

This one could end up costing Netflix quite a bit of cash!

3 Stick Around - Inhumans

Fans of the Marvel Universe, and in particular Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are definitely going to be stoked when Inhumans premieres later this year. The series will follow several members of the Inhuman Royal Family, which contains several powerful characters and their attempts to save the world following a military coup.

Joining along for the ride is Iwan Rheon who you must recognize as Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones. Rheon is expected to be the primary antagonist of the series. Facing off against him will be Anson Mount who steps into the role of Black Bolt.

The series promises outstanding visuals as well, and for those who are truly on the edge of their seat with anticipation, the premiere episode will be available to watch in IMAX at participating theaters.

2 Failure - By The Book


Jay R. Ferguson is no stranger to appearing in some great projects. His best may be Mad Men, but you may also enjoy checking him out in The Real O'Neals or his part in the Twin Peaks revival.

He's stepping into the leading role of Chip in CBS's new comedy Living Biblically. If the title didn't give it away, it follows the story of Chip and his attempts to live his life 100% by the bible. David Krumholtz is also attached to the project.

We're sure you can already think of the best jokes that they're surely going to go with, meaning you best not be wasting your time to see it play out on-screen for you. Some people may have faith that this show will succeed, but we don't.

1 Stick Around - Rise

If I'm being completely honest, the biggest hook for Rise for myself is the leading role played by Josh Radnor. The series will follow Radnor as a drama teacher in his attempts to inspire his students.

How I Met Your Mother may have ended poorly, but Radnor still did a solid job as Ted Mosby. But just in case you're not down with Teddy Westside, what if we told you the series also has Shannon Purser (Barb from Stranger Things) and Auli'l Cravalho who was delightful as the voice of Moana?

The series is based on the nonfiction book entitled Drama High.


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