7 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups Of 2017 (And 8 Hook Ups)

There was something different about 2017 when it came to Hollywood love. Like a big-budget summer blockbuster, breakups and hookups were more spectacular than ever. 2017 will be remembered as the year that was filled with heartbreak and new love. The year saw the ending of several famous celeb couples and the beginning of brand new love for many. Celebrities are constantly hooking up, falling in love, getting married, breaking up, and getting back together, although not always in that order. And often, they never get back together. For some, it’s a vicious cycle. While for others, they just need to break free.

The year saw its fair share of shocking celebrity splits. Some couples seemed so perfect for each other and fans assumed they’d be together forever. However, 2017 had other plans in mind. For every couple that broke up, a new one was just starting. Throughout the year, celebs were hooking up just for the night and other times, a lot longer. Some became the new “it” couple of the year while others quickly fizzled away. Here is a look at 7 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups of 2017 and 8 That Hooked Up.

15 Leonardo DiCaprio & Lorena Rae (Hooked Up)


The Academy award-winning Leonardo DiCaprio is known for giving critically-acclaimed performances, caring deeply about the environment, and for dating the most beautiful models in the world. It’s almost as if he has a rule about only dating models. He was previously linked to several gorgeous models, including Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, and Nina Agdal. In 2017, Leo proved that he’s still a great actor and that he can still land models half his age. Throughout the year, Leo was seen with the gorgeous 23-year-old German model Lorena Rae. They were seen attending events and out on the town. Most fans immediately assumed there was something going on between them because she is Leo’s type. She is young, gorgeous, and a stunning model. Leo denies they’re dating, although nobody believes him.

14 Fergie & Josh Duhamel (Broke Up)


In 2004, pop sensation Fergie started dating actor Josh Duhamel after meeting him on the set of the series Las Vegas. They married in 2009 in Malibu, California in a grand event. Their son, Axel, was born in August of 2013. Like any relationship, they had some good moments and some very difficult ones. However, most fans assumed this was one of the few Hollywood couples that could make it. That is until 2017 reared its ugly head. Fergie and Josh sent shockwaves around the world when they announced their divorce in a joint statement. They said, “With absolute love and respect, we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year.” They were going in different directions in life and decided that separating would be best but will remain united for their son.

13 Orlando Bloom & Nina Dobrev (Hooked Up)


Throughout 2017, rumors strongly suggested that Hollywood stars Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom hooked up. They were often seen together getting “cozy,” and rumors intensified when they attended Coachella together. However, they’ve maintained that they’re just friends. There have been mixed stories coming out regarding the possible couple. In April of 2017, some news outlets reported that they had been friends for years and were finally dating. Other outlets denied the story, and their reps stated that they’re just friends. It was even reported that they’re just hooking up and are super casual. Bloom still considers himself single and has been seen with other women in the year. According to People magazine, “He (Bloom) is dating and having a good time. He has known Nina for a long time. They are having fun together.”

12 Rosario Dawson & Eric Andre (Broke Up)


Not only were fans shocked to hear that actress Rosario Dawson and comedian Eric Andre split, but they were even more shocked to hear that they were even dating in the first place. Dawson and Andre started dating back in 2016 and went public as a couple on Valentine’s Day of 2017. However, when they went public, nobody believed they were a couple; not even their close friends. Andre took to social media to prove it was true but not even that was enough. In September of 2017, Dawson confirmed that they were dating when she appeared on Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In November, the couple announced they had split up amicably. According to E! News, “Rosario and Eric went their separate ways. They are still friends and wish each other the best.”

11 Kendall Jenner & Blake Griffin (Hooked Up)


Kendall Jenner is a reality star and model best known for her appearances on the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This year, Kendall Jenner was the center of attention. Fans have always been interested in her personal life and relationships. After things ended with A$AP Rocky, Jenner kept a low profile for a while. Rumors began to swirl that Jenner was in a relationship with NBA player Blake Griffin. They were spotted together out on the town several times. In September of 2017, they pretty much confirmed that they were in a relationship and began getting closer to each other. It’s been reported that it’s “nothing serious” but that Jenner is “seeing Blake romantically.” There is a possibility that things could get serious in 2018 or maybe they’ll be over in a year.

10 Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor (Broke Up)


Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor were married for roughly 17 years before announcing their shocking separation in 2017. They met on the set of the never-before-broadcast pilot for Heat Vision and Jack in 1999. They married in 2000 and now have a daughter and son. They would go on to appear in several films together, including DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, and its sequel. They were the perfect combination of hilarity and beauty, but the couple was just another victim of 2017. In May of 2017, Stiller and Taylor announced their plans to separate. The split was said to be very amicable, and they weren’t entangled in a bitter messy divorce. In a joint statement, they said, “Our priority will be to continue raising our children as devoted parents and the closest of friends.”

9 Brad Pitt & Sienna Miller (Hooked Up)


2017 was filled with rumors of new romances and relationships. At the start of 2016, Brad Pitt probably never imagined he’d be a part of that group. By the end of 2016, Brad Pitt found himself in the headlines after splitting with Angelina Jolie. They’d been together for roughly 12 years after Pitt left Jennifer Aniston to be with Jolie. 2017 was the first year in a very long time that Pitt was once again single. He’s been putting his life back together and has slowly started dating again. Speculation ran rampant that Pitt was involved with Sienna Miller. They’ve been spotted together in public and have apparently “been spending some time together.” They deny the rumors but had people talking when he went across the pond to visit her.

8 Kylie Jenner & Tyga (Broke Up)


For a few years, reality star Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga were caught up in an on-again-off-again relationship. The couple was also embroiled in a bit of controversy due to their age difference. They went public just days after Kylie turned 18, but rumors suggested that they’d actually been dating since she was 16. They made headlines all over the world and were one of the most talked-about couples. When they split earlier in 2017, most people assumed they’d be back together by the end of the year as they’d done many times before. A friend close to the situation even said, “It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again.” Unfortunately for Tyga, that couldn’t have been more wrong. After breaking up with Tyga, Kylie quickly got over him and moved on for good with rapper Travis Scott.

7 Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott (Hooked Up)


Just a few months after finally ending her relationship with Tyga, Kylie Jenner already moved on with a brand new man. Kylie Jenner is a member of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family. Kylie is quickly becoming the star of the family, and her personal life is making big headlines. At Coachella 2017, Kylie was spotted with new boyfriend Travis Scott. As the year progressed, the relationship became more serious. They both got matching butterfly tattoos to coincide with the release of Scott’s single, “Butterfly Effect,” which most fans believe is about Kylie. Based on their past track records, most fans assumed the couple would be over by the end of the year. However, the relationship seems to get stronger and stronger. In fact, the couple is now expecting their first child together.

6 Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky (Broke Up)


In 2016, world-famous actress Jennifer Lawrence and critically-acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky started dating. Despite the 22-year age difference, the relationship blossomed while working together on the psychological thriller Mother! It was released on September 15, 2017 to mostly positive reviews. The film also received negative feedback and some harsh reviews. It stirred up controversy because of the violence and biblical allegories. The negative backlash had an impact on the relationship. According to Lawrence, the criticism effected Aronofsky so much that the relationship eventually ended by October of 2017. Lawrence said, “It’s his baby. He wrote it. He conceived it. He directed it. I was doing double duty trying to be a supportive partner, while also being like, ‘Can I please, for the love of God, not think about Mother! for one second?’”

5 Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx (Hooked Up)


Since 2013, rumors have swirled that Hollywood megastars Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were an item. They’ve denied the rumors for years and always maintained that they’re just really good friends. Holmes was in a high-profile relationship with Tom Cruise that garnered a significant amount of media attention. Holmes and Cruise made headlines with a bitter divorce. Apparently, the divorce settlement included Holmes not being able to publicly date for 5 years. For years, Holmes and Foxx have been spotted together at events and leaving each other’s homes. In 2017, they finally went public with their relationship when they were photographed holding hands walking along the beach. It’s pretty impossible to get more romantic than that. Despite celebrating Foxx’s 50th birthday together in December, they’ve never confirmed if they’re a couple.

4 Selena Gomez & The Weeknd (Broke Up)


In January of 2017, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd caused mass hysteria when they revealed that they were dating. For the next ten months, every fan and member of the media were greatly invested in their relationship. They were the new hot couple of 2017 that had everyone talking. They made headlines when spotted together at the Met Gala and Coachella. They were the “it” couple of the year with fans envisioning a long and romantic love story. Unfortunately, they were wrong on every account. Their busy life and hectic schedule were a strain on the relationship. They attempted to make it work but they soon saw the writing on the wall and ended things in October of 2017. However, they’ve been very mature about the breakup with E! News reporting, “They are still talking and will remain friends.”

3 Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez (Hooked Up)


There were many popular couples in 2017, but no new couple can equal Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The relationship is still very new but they’ll end 2017 in a very good place. Lopez is known for being in several high-profile relationships with numerous major celebs, such as Sean Combs, Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony. The media and fans have always been very interested in her personal life and relationships. However, former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is no slouch himself and had his fair share of highly-publicized relationships. That is part of the reason why they had so many people talking this year. In early 2017, they had everyone buzzing when they were spotted together getting “cozy.” There is a good chance that 2018 will be the year of JLo and A-Rod.

2 Chris Pratt & Anna Faris (Broke Up)


Most fans assumed that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris would be the one Hollywood couple that would grow old together. They started dating in 2007 after meeting on the set of Take Me Home Tonight and eloped in 2009 on a whim. Their son, Jack, was born in August of 2012. When they first started dating, Anna was a star on a steady rise but Pratt was relatively unknown. During their relationship, he became one of the biggest Hollywood stars. In August of 2017, they announced their intentions to divorce. Rumors suggest that Pratt’s success changed him and the dynamics of the relationship. They released a joint statement that said, “We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another.”

1 Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas (Hooked Up)


It’s safe to say that 2017 was the year of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. They’re also one of the most attractive couples of the year. Technically, they started to get together around December of 2016. However, 2017 is when they really started to make headlines. Turner is best known for her role as Sansa Stark on the critically-acclaimed series Game of Thrones. Joe is a former member of the Jonas Brothers. Both are incredibly popular and have caused fans all over the world to faint when they started dating. They made even bigger news when they announced their engagement in November of 2017. According to US Weekly, “They are madly in love...They are really good together and his friends and family love her and vice versa. They aren’t rushing to get married.”

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