7 Kinda Hot Walking Dead Walkers And 7 Kinda Not

The hit zombie apocalypse show that seems to be the guilty pleasure of just about everyone, is AMC’s The Walking Dead. Those that are interested in getting their zombie fix, also watch the spin-off se

The hit zombie apocalypse show that seems to be the guilty pleasure of just about everyone, is AMC’s The Walking Dead. Those that are interested in getting their zombie fix, also watch the spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead. Both shows center around the same universal premise: There has been a massive pandemic that causes all human life to reanimate once dead as a flesh eating zombie (referred to on the show as “walkers”). These walkers have no communication skills and are technically dead. Through the seven very intense seasons of The Walking Dead and two of Fear The Walking Dead, we’ve seen a lot of walkers.

Some walkers barely have a body, while others have managed to keep themselves pretty well intact. Because nothing except a shot to the brain can permanently stop a walker, most of these things can start to look pretty rough. In some cases, you have to turn away. None of these walkers are what we’d call desirable, but some look far better than others. In fact, in some cases, you can look at a walker and think “wow, they were pretty hot once upon a time.” So you’ll see some of the best looking walkers that have been on the show and then some of the most grotesque that you just wonder what sick individual thought-up the idea.

14 Hot: Pale Blonde Walker

via: AMC

Starting the list of hot walkers, from season three of The Walking Dead, this young lady managed to break the hearts of every zombie in town. With that beautiful, flowing blond hair and her milky white skin, she is definitely quite the looker. She’s not overly chewed-up yet and that’s what you really want in a zombie.

Maybe it’s the absence of color in the eyes, but she looks confident and very independent. After all, no one wants a clingy whiner. One common theme with most walkers is that they are incredibly dirty. This is as a result of being exposed to all the elements and certainly not caring about a shower. For all the reasons above added to the fact that she’s just the right amount of dirty, we feel that this girl has to weigh-in on the hot list.

13 Hot: Hospital Patient Walker

Via: AMC

Perhaps the best a walker could possibly look would be right after they have turned. With some color still in their cheeks, they still look relatively normal. This walker comes to us from season five of The Walking Dead. She was a hospital patient that passed away and... you guessed it, turned into a walker. In the show, the main character Beth, used our friend here as an opportunity to try to escape.

Let’s state on record that there’s something pretty great about scrubs anyway. But considering that this is about as fresh of a walker as you can get and she was pretty hot before, this equals to one good looking walker! Unfortunately, as is the nature of all zombies, it’s all downhill from here and they really don’t care how they look.

12 Hot: GQ Walker


The hot list isn’t just women. There are some well dressed and stylish male walkers as well. This fellow is impeccably dressed with good fashion sense. With a pretty healthy appearance (other than some light zombie wear and tear) he seems to want to really put himself out there and show off what he’s got. The long hair, clean shaven face and great bone structure is both fashionable and stylish.

Now keep in mind that this guy has nothing on his mind other than gobbling-up your flesh and also turning you into a walker. But beneath those sunken eyes, pale skin and open neck wounds, there’s someone just wanting to be loved and cared for... right? Wrong! Don’t be fooled by his suave and sophisticated appearance. He’ll chow down on you before you can say “how you doin’?!

11 Hot: Pouty Lips Walker

Via: Daily Dead

For this walker, you’ve got to use some imagination to think about how she looked when alive. But those pouty lips and long hair show a wholesome look that I’m sure made her "girl next door" hot. It seems that she’s pretty hungry and needing to feast on some flesh, as evidence of the bones showing prominently on her face.

Oddly enough, this lady walker still has just a hint of color in her eyes. That really doesn’t mean anything, since it’s pretty clear that she’s been a walker for a while now. The low cut neckline also shows a little more of that pasty, discolored flesh that drive all the boy walkers crazy! Truth be told, she’s not going to be going on any dates soon, but of all the walkers in all the world, she could turn a couple of dead heads.

10 Hot: Surf’s Up Walker

Via: AMC

Fear The Walking Dead spent a fair amount of time in season one on the water. As part of the premise, it proved that there really isn’t anywhere completely safe and walkers can even be found in the ocean. This guy here makes the hot list for a few reasons. Sure he’s got long, stylish hair, but also check out that mustache and goatee. Pretty well groomed walker with minimal amount of wounds to the face.

It’s true that the walkers in Fear The Walking Dead are a little more fresh, since it chronicles the beginning of the outbreak, but this guy looks pretty newly turned. Check out those teeth also. While he wouldn’t pass “the tissue test,” they are actually very straight and may have had braces in his day. Way to care about your appearance my friend!

9 Hot: Highway Walkers

Via: AMC

Have you ever noticed how many walkers are wearing overalls? Maybe it’s a fashion forward trend in zombie activewear, but it seems to work. These two walkers on the highway are both pretty good looking. If you look at the female in the background, she has some straight, fixed looking hair. She’s got another confident, yet hungry look on her face that we’ve seen before. In the foreground, this guy has the messy hair look that drives all the ladies wild. The overalls don’t really flatter the rest of him, but since the zombie body is generally one of the more chewed up areas, it seems to be a pretty good fashion choice.

Walking out on the highway like that has gotten him some sun, so now it’s a slightly less dead look than usual. He’s also got a pretty strong bone structure. Now if he can manage to not get his head blown off by Rick or Carl, he’ll be ready for ladies night at the club!

8 Hot: Supposed To Look Hot Walker

Ok, so I don’t think any of the walkers in either The Walking Dead series are supposed to look overly hot... except maybe this one. Meet Gloria, who is Nick’s girlfriend in Fear The Walking Dead at the beginning. She turned very early and just about got Nick himself, after dining on another unsuspecting person.

Because she’s so fresh and died of... natural causes, there really aren’t any open wounds or gashes. She shows off an awful lot of skin and was obviously a beauty before turning. When you think of a “hot zombie,” it’s hard to do much better. Now keep in mind that despite Nick’s best effort, he couldn’t get her mind off of devouring his flesh and turning him into a walker, so I’m sure they’re not dating anymore!

7 Not: Your Gums Are Showing Walker (S45)

Via: Daily Dead

There have been thousands of zombies shown on both The Walking Dead series at this point and they’re all pretty gross. This guy here starts the “Not” list with a pretty hard to look at face! Like the sun, don’t stare too long or you might hurt your eyes. His lower lip is all but ripped off, showing some very neglected teeth and a very nasty gum line.

His skin is not only pale, but it’s freaking falling off! Between the open wounds and the skin around the nose rotting, there’s not really anything positive to say here. To top it all off, he’s even losing his hair! It’s bad enough that he has to be a zombie, but he’s got to be balding too! If you come across him in the zombie apocalypse, just put him down... for the good of everyone's eyes!

6 Not: Supper Time Walker


This raises a pretty important point of looking good if you’re a walker in the zombie apocalypse. It is generally considered unattractive when feasting on the insides of a human. In fact, it really doesn’t matter how good you look otherwise, the act of eating a person is just a turn off. This walker is representative of just such a problem. Sure, it happens all the time in both series and it’s probably about the grossest thing ever.

The idea isn’t really that different than the real world. No one wants to watch anyone just tear into food with their hands and get it all over their face. Good manners must just be a thing of the past. Either way, with this walker, you’ve got human remains all over your face and it’s pretty gross. Welcome to the “Not” list.

5 Not: Your Ribs Are Showing Walker

Via: Ranker

Not all walkers are upright. We still call them walkers, but they do more crawling, reaching and growling then walking. This lady here is a prime example of just such a walker. Her face has no lips, her skin is falling off and to add insult to energy, her ribs are completely exposed. There’s a ton of open wounds and I even think chunks of hair are missing.

When we’re talking about facial expression, it’s hard to make one with half your face missing. For that reason as much as the others, this walker is one of the more gross representations. It’s hard to understand though how people still wind up getting bitten by walkers like this. They can’t chase you down and it’s not like you can’t see it there.

4 Not: Dramatic Walker

Via: Rolling Stone

This walker shows just how nasty a half rotted face can truly appear. Not only is he missing most of his mouth and cheek, it’s just kind of hanging there! He’s missing a great deal of hair and it looks like he’s been out in the elements for a long time! But the eyes... those eyes tell a story. He looks thoughtful and downright epic. Surely the next meal of human organs and tissue is all that he’s thinking about, but wouldn’t you agree that his expression is a little Shakespearean?

But don’t look too long at this guy because the nastiness will overwhelm you. In the zombie apocalypse, these guys are a dime a dozen. He sure didn’t win the lottery in terms of how you look after death. Be careful not to let your face fall off, chief!

3 Not: Put On A Shirt Walker


Die hard The Walking Dead fans will recognize this dude from the season at the prison. No spoilers, but he is a recognizable walker among the thousands that have been seen. He makes the “Not” list for several reasons. First, what’s with the shirt being off? No, he’s not the most athletic guy and he generally looks pretty nasty. With blood all over his face and a very confused look (admit it... he looks really confused) this walker doesn’t really have any positive qualities.

Well, in a world where zombies have taken over the planet, they can’t all be eye candy. There have to be some duds in there somewhere and this guy is clearly one such dud in the world of zombies. But couldn’t he have done us all a favor and put on a shirt before he turned?

2 Not: Where’s Your Eye Walker

Via: AMC

One of the most grotesque walkers on the show is this guy right here. Or is it a woman? Either way, this is one ugly walker. One entire side of the face is practically missing and disfigured. He’s missing his eye completely and it doesn’t even look like he can open his mouth! Surely no one can find anything good to say about the physical attractiveness of this walker. In fact, as with others, don’t look too long or you might just go blind!

There are a lot of these kinds of walkers on the show, but few that have taken quite this much damage! With rotting flesh and facial features that are pretty unrecognizable, walkers like this are among the grossest you’ll find. The clothes seem to have held together pretty well though!

1 Not: Well Walker

Via: AMC

Fans of the show all know this guy here. He is perhaps the most memorable and disgusting walker of all time. Found in the bottom of a well, completely water logged, bloated and super nasty, the main characters of The Walking Dead had to use their buddy Glenn as bait for this guy. His skin is so thin, you can see pretty much all of his insides and his face is so bloated that he doesn't even really look human.

The well walker will most likely live on in infamy as the nastiest walker in the history of the show. Just thinking about it and recalling the events from the episode he was on is enough to make my stomach turn. So there you have it, the nastiest, least hot walker in the history of The Walking Dead!


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