15True Blood (Infuriating)


True Blood is one of those shows that started out really strong but fizzled out at the end. The final episode is one of the most disappointing for any series. True Blood was based on the novel series The Southern Vampire Mysteries. The series aired for 7 seasons from September

7, 2008 to August 2, 2014. It started Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Nelsan Ellis, and Alexander Skarsgard. Initially, the series received high praise and positive reviews for the first 5 seasons. The supernatural horror series cultivated a strong and dedicated fanbase. However, the series was criticized for a decline in quality towards the end. Series creator Alan Ball stepped down as show runner for the final two seasons, which received mixed to negative reviews. The series finale, “Thank You,” was met with mostly negative responses. Fans of the series were disappointed with the direction the show had taken and were let down by the finale.

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