15Kiefer Sutherland (Denies)


Getting into a fight with a Christmas tree is never a good sign. Kiefer Sutherland is best known for his role as the ultimate hero Jack Bauer. However, Jack Bauer would probably not be proud of Kiefer’s wild actions. Kiefer Sutherland sometimes displays erratic and out-of-control

behavior. There is a possibility that he may struggle with depression and anxiety. He is either unaware or maybe he is just in denial. Kiefer has had a history of alcohol abuse and DUIs. In 2009, he turned himself in to the NYPD after head-butting fashion designer Jack McCollough. He was allegedly standing up for his friend, Brooke Sheilds. However, the best example of Kiefer struggling with mental health was when he literally had a run-in with a tree. In 2006, Kiefer was partying at a London Hotel. He saw a Christmas tree and decided to tackle it. Kiefer has never spoken about considering therapy or seeking any type of help.

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