7 Celebs Who Drive Garbage Cars (And 8 Whose Cars Are Way Too Much)

When you're a celebrity, you've got to have a cool car. It goes with the territory. You have an image to maintain, and the money to do it. Everyone is scrutinizing you at all times when you're rich and famous, and what is more obvious than the car you drive? But you've also got to show some taste. It's got to be a reflection of you and it has to send the message you want to convey to the world. So, here are 8 celebrities whose rides are amazing. It's a mix of classics, super cars, collectors pieces and more environmentally conscious rides, but all of them are amazing, the exact sort of car that make you drop your jaw as it cruises past. These celebs have the sort of cars that are so awesome you barely notice the famous person riding in it.

However, not all celebrities seem to choose their cars wisely, or don't want to spend the money. These other celebs are the total opposite. They are people who have no shortage of money, and so decided that taste is overrated. A normal person, if they were going to spend that much money, would think about it pretty hard. A celebrity doesn't have to. After all, it's one of a few different cars they own, and they'll make that money back the next concert night. Here we have rubbish paint jobs, terrible custom work, or the insanity of Will.i.am's custom supercars. Here are 8 celebrities who drive amazing cars, and 7 celebrity vehicles that will shock you.

15 Amazing Ride: Nicolas Cage's Lamborghini Miura

via: youtube.com

Nicolas Cage has spent a lot of money on stupid things. He was on a massive hot streak in the 90s, and spent money like it would never run out. It did, though. His run-ins with the IRS have been widely publicized, and his money troubles are the reason that, for a while, you could see him in about 4 movies a year. He probably regrets buying that T-Rex Skull, and that French castle, and those pygmy heads (not a typo) and those two albino cobras. But it’s unlikely he regrets buying a restored Lamborghini Miura.

The car, valued at $500,000 these days, is rare. Only 764 were ever built. Much like all Lamborghinis, it’s an extremely high performance vehicle. It has a V12 engine and a top speed of 170mph. Unlike modern Lamborghinis, however, it’s all soft lines and gentle curves, not the hard angles of their more modern cars. Given all the silly things Cage has done, this car is an outstanding choice.

14 Garbage Ride: Justin Bieber's Cadillac CTS-V

via: topspeed.com

Unsatisfied with already being the poster child/punchline for why child stars are a terrible idea, Justin Bieber also tried to get in on the competitive “I’ve made the dumbest and most expensive decisions about my car” stakes. It really isn’t surprising. The guy spent his teens, when most of us are gangly and awkward, being adored. Even cool indie comic Noel Fielding couldn’t hate him.

And so, Bieber, having grown up a beloved millionaire, never went through the part of your youth where you realize how terrible your taste is and grow up. As a result, he took a Cadillac CTS-V, an absolutely superb car, and ruined it. The matte black paint job is alright (though, looking at his collection, it’s the only idea he’s ever had) but there’s a Batman logo on the front... of a Cadillac. The interior is also completely matte black (I told you, it’s the only idea regarding cars he’s ever had) and there’s the prerequisite giant sound system in the back. It shows such a horrifying lack of imagination that all Bieber’s music immediately makes sense.

13 Amazing Ride: Beyonce's Rolls-Royce 1959 Silver Cloud II

via: idolator.com

The other half of the biggest power couple in entertainment, Beyonce isn’t about to let her husband have all the fun. She drives the iconic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, one of those models of car that is instantly recognizable, a car that’s transformed into the shorthand for automotive luxury and power. It is fitting for a modern Queen.

To give you an idea of how crazy Beyonce’s life is, though, she received it for her 25th birthday. She’s an icon now, pulling in over $50 million a year, but it’s strange to remember just how long Beyonce has been successful for. When she was 25, it was 2006 and she was already a massive star, appearing in films and selling out stadiums, carving out her place as more than just a former member of Destiny’s Child. At 25, the age when most of us are struggling to get out of an entry level position, she was given a literal million-dollar car. And you can’t say she hadn’t earned it.

12 Garbage Ride: Jay Leno's Blastolene Special

via: amcarguide.com

We agonized over which half of the list this should go in. On the one hand, it’s cool. The Blastolene special was custom built by a legendary car maker (Randy Grubb) around the engine of a WW2 tank (seriously, an M4 Sherman, to be precise) and is, thus, mostly engine. It looks like it escaped from a comic book, and would be kind of cool if it wasn’t owned by, you know, Jay Leno.

Leno was the blandest, safest, most middle-of-the-road comic in a TV era filled with them. He was terrified of ever doing a joke that might offend anyone, certainly anyone with any power. Then there was just how long he stuck around, long after his era had passed, then the saga with Conan. Him owning a car as cool as that (along with a custom supercar that runs on vegetable oil) is just a reminder of how well he’s done despite having very little appreciable talent. It also looks absolutely ridiculous being driven by someone like Jay Leno.

11 Amazing Ride: Jay Z's Maybach Exelero

via: pinterest.com

It was inevitable that the rapper, hip-hop mogul, husband of Beyonce and car enthusiast Jay Z would appear on this list. The man has a net worth greater than that of several small countries, and loves his cars. There’s a few you could feature, including the Mad Max style Maybach from the Otis music video, but his customized Excelro takes the cake.

Maybach is a car brand that you probably not familiar with unless you’re among the very rich. They exclusively made ultra-luxury cars as a Mercedes Benz subsidiary right up until they were folded into their parent company a couple of years ago. They now make even fancier versions of the S-series.

Jay Z’s Exelero takes the cake for what you can do with unlimited money. It’s valued at $8 million, and was custom built as per Jay Z’s specifications. Looking like a sports car on steroids, it weighs two and a half tons, with a luxury leather interior, yet can hit 218 mph, 60mph in 4.4 seconds. Jay Z essentially owns a real-life Batmobile.

10 Garbage Ride: Guy Fieri's Shelby Cobra

via: twitter.com

There’s that old concept in mythology of an avatar, of an actualization of one’s spirit made physical. Guy Fieri’s is a Shelby Cobra, one that he’s done a terrible, terrible job of customizing.

Shelby Cobras are special. They don’t get made very often, and the genuine ones are loved by car enthusiasts. There’s a particular make (1966 427 Super Snake) that only has one left in the world; it sold for 5 million two years ago. It’s enraging that Fieri, a celebrity chef struggling with his complete lack of taste, has one. It’s even more enraging that he put a terrible decal on it.

It’s a perfect metaphor for his cooking, as well. Take something nice, even great, bury it under a whole bunch of stuff that could be nice if you had any sense of restraint, then serve it in a way that a 13-year-old would think was cool. That's Guy Fieri in a nutshell.

9 Amazing Ride: John Cena's 2017 Ford GT

via: autoblog.com

John Cena is a rare beast. He’s a pro-wrestler that’s been doing it for nearly two decades, and there’s not a single horror story about him. The business attracts, or used to attract, extreme personality types and every wrestler seemed to have something horrible in their closet. Not Cena, though. He seems determined to be the good guy he plays, which includes holding the record for most Make a Wish Foundation visits, at 460 as of January 2017, by a huge margin.

His car ownership saga is an insight into the strange world celebrities inhabit. Cena bought the new, high-end super car, almost impossible to get, soon after release. He could only buy it due to his status as a superstar. The thing is that it came with a stipulation. He had to own it for at least two years. He did not. He flipped the new, exclusive car at a significant profit 6 months later, and is currently in the middle of a legal dispute with Ford. It couldn’t happen to a normal person.

8 Garbage Ride: Chris Brown's Lamborghini Gallardo

via: carsearchonline.com.au

It’s not surprising that an awful woman-beater who consistently makes terrible life decisions (check that neck tattoo of the woman he beat up) should also have terrible taste in cars, but Chris Brown still goes a step beyond in his quest to be the least likeable celebrity. You sort of must admire his dedication and consistency in how regularly he makes terrible choices.

It's not even the choice of car. It’s a Lamborghini Gallardo, an outstanding high-performance car. It’s that he’s had a series of terrible paint jobs. You can Google it now – there are heaps of them, all for the same unfortunate car. There was the ill-advised WW2 plane paint job (the irony of having this on a German and Italian car is kind of amazing), there was the Hot Wheels paint job, bright blue and yellow (we’re sure he was the coolest kid at play school that day), and there was the stupid idea to paint it to match his sneakers. You can’t help but feel a little sorry for the car.

7 Amazing Ride: Patrick Dempsey's Jaguar XK120

via: zimbio.com

It might surprise you that such a dull guy has such fantastic taste in cars, but Patrick Dempsey, best known for his (very) long run on the never-ending Grey’s Anatomy, had, among many other great cars, the classic Jaguar. It’s a true classic, having been made between 1948 and 1954, and they only made 12,000 or so. It was the company’s first sports car since 1940, made in celebration of the post-war years.

It’s not Dempsey’s only classic car. He’s a dedicated collector, and will ramble on adorably about the subject if asked. His first car was a Porsche 356 he spotted on the street and made an offer on. Since then, he’s used the sizable earnings from the show to also pick up a Ferrari Daytona and a Porsche 911 Targa GTS. He’s quite a fan of Porsches Sadly, he doesn’t own the Jaguar anymore; he sold it and regrets it even now.

6 Garbage Ride: Will.i.am's IAMAUTO

via: vimeopro.com

This is probably the weirdest entry on the list. The Black Eyed Peas frontman and hip-hop mogul didn’t just ruin one car. He used it to test just what he could get away with. Will.i.am started off with a DeLorean, a car that isn’t especially pretty, but with great nostalgia around it, and promptly covered it in a weird custom body kit, attempting to hide that it was a DeLorean.

The problem with that is that, aside from disguising a very specific car, what he disguised it as was ugly as hell. It was a confused mess, looking like a muscle car had landed on top of a really ugly coupe. What it is (a poorly-disguised car) is immediately obvious from even a cursory glance, but Will.i.am thought he could fool people. He spent a few years trying to convince people that it was a custom supercar built from scratch. I guess, after he convinced everyone that "My Humps" was actually a good song that could become popular, he figured anything was possible.

5 Amazing Ride: Ice-T's  Fisker Karma

via: wikimedia.org

Ice-T has now played a TV detective for almost as long as he was a dedicated gangster rapper, pausing only to point out to us that Soulja Boy is terrible (thanks for that, Ice). However, his taste when it comes to cars is still very much that of the man who proclaimed that he was our Pusher. He drives a Fisker Karma, and while it might be a new age electrical car, the product of a Scandinavian firm, in looks, it’s all gangster.

A brief look at Ice-T’s music videos confirms his love of curves, and the Karma has them too, equally suggestive of a high end sports car and American muscle, fitting for something described as an "ultra luxury hybrid." And while its electric motor might make it a green car, it can still hit 60mph in 6.3 seconds and hit a top speed of 125mph. It is perfect for a man who’s played characters on both sides of the law.

4 Garbage Ride: Nicki Minaj – Lamborghini Aventador

via: thedrive.com

What is it about Lamborghinis that provokes terrible customization? They’re already a brand of car famous for their extremely distinctive lines. They have 54 years of history designing high-end cars. They’re instantly recognizable and the only brand of supercar most people can name (how many people do you think would recognize a Koenigseg or a McLaren as quickly as they would a Lamborghini?) yet a huge chunk of the terrible paint or custom jobs are these cars.

Nicki Minaj is no exception, painting hers (Aventadors cost, at minimum, $400,000) bright pink. She even went so far as to get bright pink rims, as well. The result is looking like Barbie’s millionaire cousin from out of town; it’s such a loud and aggressive pink, you can’t ignore it. This probably has pride of place on the wall where the car’s designers go to cry and wonder why they bother.

3 Amazing Ride: Lady Gaga's Chevrolet El Camino

via: carscoops.com

She really doesn’t do anything you might expect. Lady Gaga keeps subverting expectations. When she could just be another forgettable pop star, she does art techno, in a time when everyone’s making bubblegum pop. When others are trying to avoid controversy, she does a song confronting s*xual assault. When she wants to do movies, she jumps into Machete Kills. And her choice in cars is no exception.

A lot of pop stars, like a few of the ones on this list, are demonstrations of how money cannot buy taste. Gaga isn’t. She only acquired her driver’s license in 2016 (if you’re expecting a good explanation, it’s because she’s Lady Gaga, so shut up) and immediately grabbed herself a few cars. There were the expected classic luxury sedans and a muscle car, but there was also a customized Chevy El Camino, the sort of hard-driving car you’d expect a workman to ride between jobs as it got more and more battered, yet here was one of the queens of pop riding around in it. Just proof that you can never be sure what she’ll do.

2 Garbage Ride: Shaquille O’Neal

via: complex.com

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Shaquille O’Neal, former basketball player, is kind of a large man. He stands 7’1" and weighs in at a lean 320 pounds, and can still move like the elite athlete that is. Apparently, he never got the memo about how things like physics and momentum are supposed to work. The reason I tell you this is because, apparently, Shaq himself doesn’t know it.

I know it’s not the only car he owns, and it’s probably not what he usually drives, and there’s a good chance he just did it for the funny picture, but, damn it, these are dark times and we need a laugh. And the comically enormous Shaq, complete with his trademark goofy grin, riding around in his tiny car, looks exactly like the tall guy on The Simpsons. Don’t tell us why it’s not real; we need this.

1 Amazing Ride: Matt Damon's Tesla Roadster

via: topspeed1.com

Matt Damon is pretty familiar with cars. Playing super spy Jason Bourne has placed him in several of the best car chases of the last few years, including a wild Moscow chase involving a dilapidated Russian taxi and a Vegas chase involving an armoured car. And while the choices in the movies might be functional to give them the gritty realism they’re always chasing, the real life actor’s tastes are a bit more fun.

He’s environmentally conscious, and so chose a new, top of the line Tesla Roadster. It may be a hybrid, but it doesn’t sacrifice performance. It boasts a top speed of 125 mph, and a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds (the follow up, due out in 2020, will reportedly get that down to an insane 1.9 seconds). It’s exactly the sort of car that lets Damon save the environment while being in another movie where people have to save him.

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