7 Celebrity Couples That Stayed Together After Cheating (8 That Didn't)

In the early 1900’s, motion picture companies began gravitating towards Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Soon, Hollywood would become the center of the television and film industry. It was the beginning of the true Hollywood celebrity that lives a glamorous lifestyle. It was also the beginning of the major celebrity cheating scandal that would dominate the headlines.

A celebrity cheating scandal can often overshadow a successful film or TV series. Some scandals completely shocked and rocked the world. These surprising affairs consumed the lives of the celebs involved. Regardless of what they did before, the scandals became a huge part of their careers. Some were able to get through the media storm while other careers suffered. The media and fans became obsessed with these shocking scandals and needed more answers. However, not all of these famous couples had the same ending to their stories. Some relationships were over immediately without any hesitation. Once the cheater was caught, a nasty and very public divorce would follow that could drag on for years. Some couples try to work things out, but it soon comes to an end too. Then, there are the other couples that went a different route. Other couples actually stayed together despite the cheating scandal. The cheater was forgiven, and they moved forward. Here is a look at 7 Celebrity Couples That Stayed Together After Cheating and 8 That Didn’t.

15 Mario Lopez & Ali Landry (Broke Up)


Mario Lopez and Ali Landry seemed like soulmates that were destined for each other. Most assumed that these two gorgeous celebs would be together forever and would produce beautiful babies. They should have had the perfect fairytale ending but that’s not how it turned out. Mario and Ali met at the Miss Teen USA pageant in 1998. They soon started dating and married in 2004 in a small ceremony. However, the entire marriage lasted only two weeks after Lopez was exposed for cheating. Lopez had cheated on her at his bachelor party days earlier with multiple women. Landry quickly got the marriage annulled and ended the relationship as soon as she could. Lopez later opened up about his adultery and admitted that he wasn’t ready to get married at the time. He said, “I wasn’t man enough to know how to go about handling it.”

14 David Boreanaz & Jamie Bergman (Stayed Together)


David Boreanaz and Jamie Bergman seem like the perfect beautiful couple. However, the couple found themselves in the middle of the harsh spotlight when David cheated on Jamie after being married for 10 years. Not only did he have an affair but he also did so while she was pregnant with their second child. Additionally, the woman he had an affair with was Rachel Uchitel, who is best known for having an affair with Tiger Woods. Technically, Boreanaz never really took responsibility for his adultery. He said, “In a sacred ground like marriage, you find yourself out of it at certain times for reasons unknown that can be destructive.” Boreanaz is one of the luckiest celebs because Jamie decided to stay with him despite being a cheater. He also said, “There could be demon that kind of comes out and overtakes you. Do I believe in giving up? No, I don’t. I’m a fighter. I’m a lover.”

13 Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid (Broke Up)


The 1988 film D.O.A received mixed reviews from critics with some calling it a disappointment. However, the true significance of the film is that stars Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan began dating. They married in 1991, and many hoped that they’d be the one celebrity couple to make it. In 2000, Ryan starred alongside Russell Crowe in the film Proof of Life. It also received mostly mixed reviews. However, the film is famous for the behind-the-scenes scandal. The movie gained a great deal of attention because Ryan and Crowe engaged in a steamy affair while shooting. After nearly 10 years of marriage, Ryan and Quaid ended their relationship in 2001. The once-perfect Hollywood couple came to an end in an epic fashion. The divorce ended up being very nasty with both having some very unkind words for each other. Ryan accused Quaid of cheating on her for years before her affair with Crowe. Quaid denied the allegations.

12 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore (Broke Up)


In 2003, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had everyone talking when they revealed that they were dating. In the ‘90s, Moore was one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and starred in several critically and commercially acclaimed films, such as About Last Night, Ghost, and A Few Good Men. In the late ‘90s, Kutcher became a household name with his role as Michael Kelso on the hit sitcom That '70s Show. Their relationship generated a great deal of interest and gained a lot of media attention. This was in part because he is 15 years younger than her. They married in 2005, but the marriage would end six years later. In 2011, Kutcher was accused of cheating on Moore. Moore wasted no time and announced her intention to divorce Kutcher. She said, “As a woman, a mother, and a wife, there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life.”

11 Billy Ray & Tish Cyrus (Stayed Together)


They say two wrongs don’t make a right. But, it might have kept Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus together. Billy Ray and Tish married in 1993. They have several children together, including pop sensation Miley Cyrus. The couple was together for roughly 19 years when rumors swirled that Billy Ray had been unfaithful. However, he wasn’t the only one accused of cheating. Rumors also suggested that Tish was having an affair with Bret Michaels. In 2010, Billy Ray filed for divorce but later dropped it. In 2013, Miley took to Twitter to apparently accuse her father of cheating. She tweeted, “Since you won’t reply to my texts, I’m giving you an hour to tell the truth or I’ll tell it for you.” Miley was outing her father for cheating and demanded him to tell the truth. Tish later filed for divorce. However, she dropped it as well. Billy Ray and Tish remain together.

10 Eva Longoria & Tony Parker (Broke Up)

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In 2004, Eva Longoria broke the hearts of millions of men when she started dating Spurs point guard Tony Parker. He was considered the luckiest man in the world. Despite having an incredibly beautiful wife, he still wasn’t satisfied. They married in 2007 but Eva filed for divorce by 2010. She discovered hundreds of texts from another woman on his phone. Parker was having an affair with the then-wife of his teammate, Brent Barry, Erin Barry. Brent and Erin were going through a divorce at the time. The scandal and affair ended up being a major story. After finding about his infidelities, Eva was quick to file for a divorce. Eva went into a depression following all the chaos and media attention. She even lost a great deal of weight because of the stress and anxiety due to the media storm. She has since remarried and moved on.

9 Magic And Cookie Johnson (Stayed Together)


In the 1980’s, there wasn’t a person alive that didn’t know the name Magic Johnson. He played for the Lakers for 13 seasons and led the team to numerous NBA championships. However, in the early ‘90s, he dropped a major bombshell that would change everything. In 1991, Magic married Earlitha “Cookie” who was pregnant with his child at the time. Six weeks later, Magic admitted to Cookie that he had been unfaithful to her his entire NBA career. He also told her that he had contacted HIV from one of his multiple partners. Magic held a press conference where he admitted to his adultery and to contacting HIV. He was commended by the media for coming forward and has since become an HIV activist. Cookie also stood by his side throughout the entire situation, and they’re still married to this day. In the 2016 memoir Believing in Magic, she addressed the infidelity and HIV. She said to Magic when he told her, “We’re going to beat this together.”

8 Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson (Broke Up)

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It might be difficult to forgive a cheater when they’re caught in the act. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson started dating after co-starring in the Twilight saga. They were one of the most beloved couples at the time. Every Twilight fan’s dream came true when they got together in real life in 2008. However, Stewart was photographed being intimate with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Sanders himself was also married at the time. The affair quickly became a major story that Stewart was forced to face. She immediately apologized to Robert, saying in People, “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” It didn’t matter as they split that same year in 2012.

7 David & Victoria Beckham (Stayed Together)


David and Victoria Beckham are the perfect couple. They’re both beautiful, world-famous, and fashion icons. They met in 1997 when she attended a Manchester United game. They married in 1999 and have since attracted a great deal of media attention. In 2004, they found themselves in the headlines when David was accused of having an affair with his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos. Loos denied anything was going on between them, but the media frenzy was so intense that Beckham fired her. That’s when the trouble really started. Loos then admitted to the affair and sold the story to a British tabloid magazine. Later, model Sarah Marbeck also alleged that she had encounters with Beckham. David denied all allegations and called them “ludicrous.” Victoria chose to believe her husband and stayed by his side. They’ve been married for roughly 18 years.

6 Sandra Bullock & Jesse James (Broke Up)


Sandra Bullock is considered “America’s Sweetheart.” Her ex-husband learned the hard way to never mess with the America’s Sweetheart. Sandra has starred in several universally praised films, such as Crash, Gravity, and The Blind Side. Sandra and Jesse James met when she arranged for her godson to meet James as a Christmas present. James is best known for hosting the reality series Monster Garage. They soon started dating but it wasn’t long before things came to an end. In 2010, James was exposed for being a serial cheater and had several scandalous affairs. The long list of women rivals only that of Tiger Woods' own list. James apologized to Sandra and said, “There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me.” He also checked into rehab in order to save his marriage. However, Sandra filed for divorce in April of that year.

5 Kobe & Vanessa Bryant (Stayed Together)


Kobe Bryant is widely regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He holds several records and led the Lakers to several championship victories. However, his greatest victory is when he was able to convince his beautiful wife, Vanessa, to stay with him after he was caught cheating. In 1999, a 21-year-old Bryant met a 17-year-old Vanessa while she was working as a background dancer. They married the following spring in 2000. In 2003, a 19-year-old employee of a Colorado hotel accused Bryant of assaulting her. He admitted to having an affair with the accuser but denied the assault allegation. The charges were eventually dropped, but Bryant was now labeled a cheater. However, Vanessa decided to remain by his side during that time. Bryant held a press conference with Vanessa and apologized to her. He also bought her an eight-carat purple diamond ring worth over $4 million. In 2011, Vanessa filed for divorce. But by 2013, they had reconciled.

4 Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shiver (Broke Up)


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former bodybuilder, actor, and Governor of California. He is also one of the most infamous womanizers and cheaters in Hollywood. In 1977, Arnold started dating journalist Maria Shriver while he was in an open relationship with another woman. He carried on both relationships for a year, which Shriver was unaware of, until the other woman made him choose. Arnold and Maria married in 1986 and were together for roughly 25 years when it all exploded. In 2011, Shriver ended the relationship after it was discovered that he fathered a child with their housekeeper 14 years earlier. Shriver was pregnant at the same time with their third child, Christopher. This shocking scandal consumed the news and headlines. Arnold admitted to his mistake after being confronted by Maria. Later, actress Brigitte Nelson alleged that she too had an affair with Arnold while he was married.

3 Bill & Hillary Clinton (Stayed Together)


Bill Clinton is one of the most famous cheaters in American history. Bill and Hillary’s relationship has constantly been in the headlines. Bill was the 42nd President of the United States, and Hilary ran for President in the 2016 election. Several different women have accused Bill of cheating and physical misconduct over the years. In 1998, a scandalous affair he had with an intern came to light that nearly brought down his presidency. He had an affair with Monica Lewinsky from 1995 to 1996. Initially, Bill denied having any kind of relationship with Lewinsky or any other woman. He later admitted to the affair and apologized for lying. Initially, most people assumed that Hillary would dump Bill and move on. Instead, she decided to stand by Bill’s side and support him through the situation. They remain together and have been married for over 40 years.

2 Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren (Broke Up)

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Tiger Woods was once known as the greatest pro golfer of all time. Nowadays, he’s considered one of the most notorious serial cheaters. In 2003, Tiger was on top of the world when he was introduced to Elin Nordegren. They soon started dating and married in 2004. They had the perfect marriage and life, but it soon came crashing down. In 2009, Tiger was accused of having an affair with Rachel Uchitel, but both denied the claim. Soon, more than a dozen women came forward claiming to have had an affair or an encounter with Tiger while he was married. Some of the other women include Jaimee Grubbs, Holly Sampson, and Jamie Jungers. Elin had no interest in standing by her man and divorced Tiger, which was finalized in 2010. She received $100 million from her divorce from Tiger. Not only did Tiger lose his wife but also several major endorsements, such as AT&T, Gatorade, and Gillette.

1 Jay Z & Beyoncé (Stayed Together)


The King of New York and Queen B are hip-hop royalty. In the ‘90s, Jay Z and Beyoncé became two of the biggest stars in the world. In 2002, rumors ran rampant that the two superstars were dating. Eventually, they’re married and have three children together. They’re a very private family and are known for keeping a low profile. Despite appearing to be the perfect couple, for years, rumors of Jay cheating on Beyoncé persisted. These rumors were confirmed in Beyoncé’s 2016 album, Lemonade. The album contains several tracks that deal with Jay’s infidelities and cheating ways. The universally-praised album won a Grammy Award and dominated the Billboard charts. However, the bigger story was the outing of Jay as a cheater. Many speculate that Solange Knowles’ famous attack of Jay Z in the elevator in 2014 was because he cheated on her sister. Despite being unfaithful, Beyoncé forgave Jay, and they remain together. In 2017, Jay Z released the album 4:44, which is widely considered a response to Lemonade where he apologizes to Beyoncé.

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