6 Baywatch Babes Who Posed For Hef (And 9 Who Didn't)

It must be said, when undertaking this article, one assumed the ratio of Baywatch babe turned Playmate, to just the average actor/model would be hugely in favour of Playboy. It turns out that there is a comparatively small number of Baywatch babes who ended up doing any sort of spread for Playboy.

It's actually fairly shocking, especially considering that Pamela Anderson is probably the most famous woman from Baywatch to have posed for Hef... because most (if not all) of the other women are much more attractive than Anderson. That being said, they may very well have been approached by Hugh, and just turned him down instead.

Regardless of what they've done beyond either the show or the mansion...here are nine Baywatch babes who never posed for Playboy, and the sexy six who gave Hefner the time of day, and some exciting pages for the masses to..."read" up on.

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15 Pamela Anderson Was Playmate Of The Month In February 1990


This should come as no shock to anyone who lived through the nineties. May as well get Pamela out of the way, right off the bat. Especially since after innumerable surgeries and quite a few years of rough living, she in no way resembles the twenty-one-year-old in the above photo. This Canadian-born actor is also a whole bunch of things. Most of things don't really matter though, in the context of this article. But hey, it's important to some to know that she is not just a model and actor. She's also an author, a producer, and heavily-involved animal rights activist...and former wife of hair metal drummer Tommy Lee.

Getting to the crux of her appearance in this article though, Anderson was featured as a Playmate back in 1990. Playmate of the Month for February of that year. She was indeed hot stuff back then, and a much hotter topic once she did her shoot for Hef. Like a good number of the women in this article, they are getting on in years, and may not quite compare to the images of their youth...but Anderson is especially far removed from that youth. Mainly thanks to how fake much of her face is...and other parts of her body.

14 Brandy Ledford Didn't Pose For Hef But Was In A Few Penthouse Projects


Well here is one Baywatch babe who had nothing to do with Playboy. Brandy Ledford, in addition to her time on Baywatch, was also featured in Modern Family and Andromeda. A devout, non-denominational Christian, Ledford has a deep sense of morality, with regards to the way she conducts most of her career. Aside from one fairly glaring mark on that pristine record. In 1992, she was declared Penthouse Magazine's "Pet of the Year". Well, maybe there is more than one glaring mark on her cuddly Christian record. She's been heavily featured in six Penthouse films as well. Not to mention Indecent Behaviour, Silk Stalkings, and Irresistible Impulse. But hey, as sweet as she is, there's nothing wrong with a little sin now and again. We all sin, after all, and she's got the sex appeal to make men and women want to sin a whole lot more!

13 Kelly Packard... Is A Mormon (So No, She Didn't Pose For ANY Naughty Mag)


Ah, Kelly Packard. This entry just had to have the side by side. Sure, of course she's pretty damn smoking hot in the Baywatch photo. But to be fair, she is much younger in that photo, and she's still quite attractive in the right photo. Just look at that smile. Aside from Baywatch, Packard has been the co-host of Ripley's Believe It Or Not! And she's been all over nineties television with Step By Step, Boy Meets World, and The Wonder Years.

There's just one glaring thing here with Kelly Packard. She didn't pose for Playboy, Penthouse, or Maxim, or anything exciting like that. And while she would have done wonders for Hef, she's very committed elsewhere. Having joined the Mormon church as a teenager, she is perhaps the only Baywatch babe to have actually been married sometime in the nineties...and actually still be with that same person today...aside from that stint on Celebrity Wife Swap, which one would have assumed would be against the wishes of the church.

12 Brande Roderick Was Playmate Of The Year In 2001


Instantly, one can tell the difference in overall...quality between Pamela Anderson, and Brande Roderick. From the more naturally alive eyes, to the fancifully done up do...and not to be forgotten, the more fantastically full body of Roderick. Oh goodness. Ten years after Anderson's appearance as Playmate of the Month, Roderick took the title in April of 2000. And beyond that, she became the Playmate of the Year in 2001. Now who knows if this is simply because of her looks, or because of any sort of hanky panky between her and Hef? But either way, by way of Playboy, Brande has Pamela beat, for sure.

Aside from Baywatch, and Playboy, Brande is also known for a stint on the reality television show The Apprentice (back when Trump was still running the show). Though she denies it and defends him for whatever reason, several crew members on the shoot have come forward about some rather lewd comments made about Roderick from Trump. Surely this can't be any surprise. He apparently spoke very graphically about how he wanted to f*ck her, when cameras weren't rolling...at least he didn't grab her by the p*ssy...that anyone knows of.

11 Krista Allen - Never A Bunny But Done Other Naughty Projects


Krista Allen is one of those Baywatch babes who has made a living at just being hot. That isn't too surprising as people will fall over themselves just to make sure a sexy person can have it all. That's not to say she is a freeloader like D'errico, but she is certainly not as intensely active as Nolin either. Swinging right in the center, Allen has appeared on melodramas like Days Of Our Lives, but has also been featured in big Hollywood comedies like Liar Liar and Anger Management.

Thankfully a bit of an all-rounder. It's always more exciting to this author when it turns out these girls have a life outside of just being a vapid, yet vivacious vixen on TV. Though to be fair, Allen is fairly well known for her work on Emmanuelle (an erotic movie series from the Space channel, that readers will now go on a search for). In fact, it was her work on Emmanuelle that likely got her the job on Baywatch. While she has not posed for Hef and the bunnies at Playboy that has not stopped her from doing nude modelling all around the world. She's done so in Spain, France, as well as here in America for Maxim (earning #70 of 2005's "Hottest 100").

10 Angelica Bridges Was Hef's 2001 Cover Girl For November

In 2001, when Brande Roderick was busy being Playmate of the Year, Angelica Bridges was given a decent spread in the November issue of Playboy, and also featured as the cover girl of that same issue. Aside from that, modelling, and her perhaps not so wide-ranged work as a soap opera actor, Bridges is also a singer. Having formed a band called Strawberry Blonde, Bridges serves as the producer, writer, and front woman of the band. The very first single they released with a video was called "Do It To The Music". And of course that would be the first big release from a playmate. The video simply had to be part of this entry, so that people can really understand the...breadth of Angelica Bridges' career in the performing arts. All things considered, while the video is pretty awful (and is just an excuse to watch a sexy Angelica Bridges roll around in black satin), the music isn't actually all that bad. Who would have though?

9 Mitzi Kapture Was Not A Bunny But Does Have Some Other Credits


Another veteran of the show Silk Stalkings, Kapture was probably best known for her film work before anything to do with Baywatch came along. However, once a woman dons that red bathing suit...it is indeed hard to go back to anything else without simply being known as "that Baywatch babe". And one has to be fair here, she was known for some pretty hilarious films. For horror buffs, she would be recognized as the "Cowgirl" in House II: The Second Story. She also plays "Angel" in the third instalment of the ridiculous action series of the same name.

Apart from a few other credits from similarly silly eighties movies, and a stint on The Young and The Restless, Kapture is fairly out of the know. Having looked to her Baywatch wiki page, one discovered that there is no history, no prospective work, and no personal information. The only thing that is said of her is the character she played. That being said, perhaps she would rather fade into obscurity to become a normal, everyday person like the rest of us. It must be better than being known almost solely for how her body looks with almost nothing on it.

8 Carmen Electra Posed Multiple Times And Even Had Some Side Projects


The so-called "Baywatch thespian", according to Dr. Gregory House, from House MD, Carmen Electra is perhaps one of the most popular women to have graced the beaches on Baywatch. Though by no means the most attractive Baywatch babe on this list, she has certainly made her way around the circuit. Landing relationships with the likes of Prince, Dave Navarro (to whom she was married for several years), Fred Durst, Dennis Rodman, Rob Patterson, and even Simon Cowell...that's not even mentioning the fact that she also got involved with Pamela Anderson's ex, Tommy Lee.

Capitalizing on everyone thinking she's the hottest thing around for some reason, she certainly worked to sell out her gender. How? Well, after she starred in the movie Lap Dance, she wrote her own book entitled, How To Be Sexy. And she even went so far as to shoot her own brand of workout videos...Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease. Oh, and then there's the Naked Women's Wrestling League that she founded. Way to break the barriers Carmen.

7 Gena Lee Nolin Wrote A Book Instead Of Posing For Hef


This stunning and sexy specimen is perhaps one of those most active Baywatch babes to this day. Best known for her stint on the boob-bouncing beach show and appearances on The Price Is Right, she should be much better known for something else. It turns out that, while doing all of her television work in the nineties, she had a very tough time. Why? She was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease. This disease typically results in hypothyroidism, which slows down one's metabolism and other functions based on hormone secretion. Nolin spent a long time not knowing what was wrong with her, but once she found out, she couldn't be stopped. A huge advocate for health, and turning the disease into something that those affected can work with, Nolin has been pushing books and boot camps about how to overcome the slowing down of one's system. Her book Beautiful Inside And Out, was a number one best seller on Amazon, and in the top five at Barnes & Noble. She's still best known for being a sexy beach babe, but she should be better known for her encouragement and determination.

6 Nicole Eggert Didn't Pose For Hef Despite Always Competing Against Pamela


Ok, sure, this is an older picture of her (in that it was taken some time ago), but this former Baywatch babe is still attractive today, make no mistake. She is only forty five after all. She's hardly old enough to be considered a cougar, though one surely wouldn't mind her on the prowl. And this is a competitive woman after all. This is the bountiful babe who had a breast enhancement, simply to keep up with Pamela Anderson. If only she knew that not very long after, Pamela would destroy her face with plastic...then she wouldn't have had cause for worry. Sadly though, Eggert has not been able to keep up with the money-making Pamela Anderson, for reasons that one simply cannot grasp.

Having to file for bankruptcy not too many years ago, Eggert made an appearance on Botched, selling her house in order to pay off even more accumulated debt. What boggles this author's mind is the inability of some of these ladies to live within their means. They always have to go bigger, and they always have to compete. Maybe Eggert should take a page out of Nolin, or Paul's lives: just live for the love of life; not for being better than Pamela Anderson...because that's not a difficult feat.

5 Alicia Rickter Was Miss October In 1995


Rickter made Miss October in the 1995 issue of Playboy, and that's perhaps the most exciting part of her career overall. Basically, she is known for Playboy. She was named the 500th Playmate (though it turned out she was actually the 499th). In addition to that, she also featured in three separate Playboy films. So she's pretty well known for being the Baywatch babe who strutted around, posed nude for Playboy whenever convenient...and then got married to baseball player Mike Piazza.

It's interesting, because she looks as though she's got a better head on her shoulders than the likes of Pamela Anderson, or Carmen Electra, but she seems to simply be a bit of a freeloader. To be fair though, perhaps that was her plan all along. In which case, she really does have a better head on her shoulders. She certainly knows how to work the system in her favour in order to do nothing but show off her hot body. It does seem a bit vapid, and hollow, but if that's what floats her proverbial boat...well, then she's done a great job.

4 Brooke Burns Prefers To Work For Charitable Causes


Brooke Burns broke into the business by way of Baywatch, but did by no means let that be the end point. Sure, it is where most people stop, because they love looking at those red bathing suits, and those slow motion, beach-running shots...but she's not just tits in a red top. Burns has been nominated for several Emmys, and none of them had anything to do with Baywatch. And apart from her work in television and film, Burns has been a very gracious charity worker. Advocating against domestic violence and bolstering women's rights, Burns has been incredibly engaged in the world of charity and...somewhat the world of activism. She also advocates for child development, and health. The two charities she has notably supported the most are the North American Spine Society, as well as the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. That may sound like a lot of work, but knowing that there's something Burns is passionate about beyond money and being known for bouncing around like a bimbo, is incredibly reassuring.

3 Donna D'errico Was Playmate Of The Month For September 1995


D'errico was the pretty Playmate of the September 1995 issue of Playboy. Of course, she first made her name by rocking the red swimsuit donned by all Baywatch babes. But ultimately, apart from appearing in a nudie mag, and bouncing her breasts on television, she is really only well known for having been married to Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue)...and then subsequently going through a terror of a divorce with him. One really can't feel much sympathy for her. Her monthly child support credits, paid by Sixx, come to more than some people make in most of a year's worth of work. Yet somehow, she chose to live so far beyond her means that she had to claim bankruptcy back in 2014. Claiming she only had $20 in her pocket, and nothing left in any account, she got a bunch more publicity, and of course was immediately making more money again (even though she was already raking in almost eight grand every month. And as of 2016, thanks to the success of Sixx's last tour, D'errico now makes about two hundred and fifty thousand every year, just from child support. Sure, Rickter might play the game so she can do as little as possible...but wow D'errico...wow.

2 Alexandra Paul Prefers To Reminisce On Her Baywatch Days Than Pose For Hef


So here's the thing with Alexandra Paul. Some might expect her to be, after so many years removed from her stint on Baywatch, somewhat tired and fallen apart (like Pamela Anderson, for example). But that is simply not the case. Sure, she is still aging (she is human and not made of plastic like Anderson), but she is aging well and her eyes are so incredibly alluring...anyway, not getting too husky about these facts, Alexandra Paul is still active these days.

Paul has no trouble speaking about her time on Baywatch, even if she thinks it shouldn't be what she's best known for. But she still will speak to anyone about her work there, and elsewhere. Her website is full of professional and personal information with regards to what she has done, is doing, and hopes to do in the future. She's still a working actor, but she is also: a peacenic, an activist, a blogger, and she even has an open Q&A on her site...that she does frequently respond to! Of all the former Baywatch babes, Alexandra Paul has got to be the most active, and perhaps the most alluring, not just because of those eyes, but because of how engaged she still is in the world.

1 Daisy Fuentes Is Basically The Go-To Hostess For Any TV Show


Daisy Fuentes is more than just a Baywatch babe (who did not pose for Playboy). She is also a role model to many for becoming MTV's first Latina VJ. In addition to this, she might be well known by big fans of the nineties hit show Ghostwriter. She played the wonderful role of Galaxy Girl! She's also hosted so many television and award shows that one cannot list them all here without taking up all the space for the entry. But a few notables would be: America's Funniest Home Videos, the World Music Awards, and even Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve.

She's certainly more stunning than Jenny McCarthy (and less of a dunce when it comes to vaccines – hopefully), so it's too bad that she hasn't been brought back to do the event again, and again. She continues to do Spanish TV presenting though, and also dishes out relationship advice on a podcast. Though she doesn't really need to do any of this because she rakes in near three hundred million dollars each year thanks to hygiene products, sunglasses, and makeup lines sold out of Kohl's.

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