5 Celebs Who Sadly Can't Have Kids (And 10 Who Don't Deserve Theirs)

Some of the most amazing people struggle to have kids, and then you've got others who should've really thought about it.

Life can be unfair at times. If you haven't come to that conclusion yet, you probably will after going through this list. Think of all the parents that you personally know, how many of them are actually fit to raise children? Bringing a kid into this world is the biggest decision one could make in their life, but not many give it much thought. You are responsible for another life, the connection that you create is an ever-lasting one. You don't just get the good times but all the bad that comes with it.

We are taught to believe that everyone needs to have kids, as if the world needs our genetics to continue. But let's be brutally honest: That's far from the truth. Many celebrities are prime example based on their parenting methods and lifestyle. They are unfit to care for a baby and properly raise them, but it's not like there is an application process to filter the bad candidates.

On the other hand, some celebrities would make wonderful parents but have struggled with infertility. In today's age, there are several ways to get things going. Another option is adoption but most people still prefer to raise their very own children.

This list goes through a list of 10 celebrities who don't deserve their kids, and 5 who sadly can't have any.

15 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Blac Chyna

If you have the slightest doubt that Blac Chyna belongs on this list, you could simply Google "Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna texts" and all your concerns will be addressed. For whatever it's worth, Rob Kardashian is just as bad of a parent as she is - they behave like immature teenagers without a care in the world.

There have been many scandals involving them since they began dating, and each one is more embarrassing than the previous scandal. They continuously air out each other's laundry on social media, from personal phone numbers, to private texts, and even nude photos. You have to feel for the baby who's going to have all this information widely available on the internet.

According to TMZ, there is an ongoing investigation about the former couple's behavior, as they may be losing custody of their child.

14 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Kris Jenner

We're sure that the Kardashian and Jenner supporters are all up in their arms, ready to send us email hate for including Kris. We hear all your arguments and our rebuttal is very simple: Their claim to fame was Kim's sex tape.

The truth hurts but it is what it is. The Kardashian/Jenner dynasty owes their success to Ray J, they should really be sending him monthly checks to thank him for opening the door for them. Not only did Kim record the tape but she also allowed the adult company to sell it. That would have never happened under the watch of any decent mother.

They may be millionaires and living lavish, there isn't a single member of the family with talent. The daughters are known for taking off their clothes while Rob's antics speak volumes about Kris Jenner's parenting.

Kris Jenner is certainly a great businesswoman but she's far from being a good mother.

13 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Courtney Love

You know you're a terrible parent  when you allows things to escalate to the point where your own child gets a restraining order against you. Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, has been outspoken about her mother's behavior throughout the years.

At the age of 17, Frances filed for a restraining order against Courtney following a physical fight. According to Frances and other witnesses, Courtney's reckless actions have endangered her life, while causing the death of two of her pets. She also claims that her mother has been an addict since her earliest memory.

Thankfully, the court sided with Frances who's now 25 years old and no longer has to deal with her mom. Courtney Love has continued to bash her daughter on several platforms, including Twitter. She clearly doesn't deserve her kid.

12 Couldn't Have A Kid: Nicole Kidman

Plenty of celebrities have battle infertility over the years, but not many are willing to admit it. While they aren't obliged to do so, it's important for popular figures to speak in order to encourage those who are having their own struggles, as it can be daunting to maintain hope after years of failed attempts.

Nicole Kidman was one of those figures and for that, she deserved to have kids of her own. After adopting two kids, she went through years of unsuccessful pregnancies before she went through with a gestational carrier. For years, the Hollywood star couldn't get pregnant, and she has admitted how heartbreaking it was to not be able to conceive her own kid.

With so many bad parents on this list who neglect their kids and treat them badly, it's always wonderful to see a happy ending for someone who struggled to have that joy in her life until years later.

11 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Britney Spears

There was a time when the entire world fell in love with Britney Spears. It seems now as if it was so long ago that it was a different lifetime. Over the years, Britney managed to not only tarnish her music career but also her personal image as well. Being an adult comes with plenty of responsibilities, none of which Britney was ready for.

Her life choices haven't exactly been the brightest either, I mean she married Kevin Federline after all. Ironically, it was K-Fed who got fed up with her bad parenting, and ended up getting full custody. There are way too many incidents that we could probably write an entire list, but we can't ever forget the photo of Britney driving with her one-year old son on her lap instead of a car seat.

It's also been said that the kids lived in a chaotic environment and picked up on many of her bad habits, such as cussing.

10 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Gwyneth Paltrow

When Angelina Jolie calls you out for being a bad parent, then your inclusion on this list is more than justifiable. Gwyneth Paltrow is a famous actress who has been criticized for her parenting methods over the years. She has defended herself but that hasn't stopped the media from putting her on blast.

She is another Hollywood parent who has placed their kids on a ridiculous diet plan that isn't suitable for their ages. We understand wanting your kids to eat healthy but there's also a lesson to be learned in allowing them to have junk food every once in a while. But that's not all.

Gwyneth made a ridiculous statement about working moms having it easier than Hollywood moms. I'm sure paying a babysitter to look out for your kid is very challenging when you never have to cook or clean.

9 Couldn't Have A Kid: Courteney Cox

While the first Courtney doesn't deserve a kid, this one definitely does. It's hard to look at Courteney Cox beyond her Monica character on Friends, whom everyone (mostly) loved. If you're a true fan of the show, then you would remember Monica and Chandler struggling with having a kid, and adopting what would turn out to be twins.

The plot from the show was influenced by real life events, as Courteney Cox struggled with infertility. Although she may have struggled with the storyline, it was a great opportunity to bring light to something you don't often see in TV shows.

Courteney was able to get pregnant on several occasions but she couldn't keep the baby as she had many miscarriages. She opted to go for IVF and things worked out for her. Courteney loves kids as much as her Monica character did, so it would've been heart-wrenching if she never had any of her own.

8 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Farrah Abraham

One of the many entries that doesn't warrant an explanation. Farrah Abraham is an example of someone that's willing to do anything for fame while completely disregarding those around her. She's mostly known for her appearance in reality TV show Teen Mom and what followed afterwards.

Farrah has released several adult tapes since then and posed topless on more than one occasion. That makes her a terrible parent by definition, but if that's not enough - she has been criticized for her parenting ways. At three years old, her daughter had a unibrow so Farrah did what any responsible parent would have and waxed her eyebrows.

She has also called her "stupid" on TV, insulting her own daughter and even her own mother. Farrah is often disrespectful and has a foul mouth. Not to mention, she has admitted to taking a break from her daughter from time to time, claiming that it's healthy for their relationship.

7 Couldn't Have A Kid: Giuliana Rancic

Best known as the anchor of E! News, Giuliana Rancic has also starred in her very own reality show Giuliana and Bill, where she was very open about her struggles with infertility. She shared personal information and documented the whole process.

Following many rounds of failed IVF, Giuliana received heartbreaking news that she had breast cancer. She was determined to continue her attempts to have a kid, and her husband was more than supportive. Two years later, the couple finally had their first kid after years of struggles.

Giuliana and Bill certainly deserved to have a kid, and they got their wish, while her breast cancer was successfully treated. A happy ending for a couple who never gave up despite all the obstacles that faced them over the years.

6 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Kim Kardashian

To many people, especially celebrities, kids are nothing but shiny toys that they can have fun with by dressing them up and doing irregular activities. Perhaps no celebrity defines that mentality more than Kim Kardashian who constantly use her kids for attention. The ageing Kim refuses to let go of her younger days and continues to pose nude even now that she has kids.

Her past is far from being clean but that wouldn't be as much of a problem if she had adjusted her ways. She's another celebrity whose baby is treated like a Barbie, Kim waxes North's eyebrows and puts way too much make up on her. Not to mention, the kids are extremely spoiled which is always a recipe for disaster once they're grown.

You also can't forget the terrible names she and her husband chose for them. Luckily for the kids, they will be able to legally change them one day. As for now, they will have to hope that Kim learns how to properly seat them in the car.

5 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Madonna

While it's not fair to criticize kids, they are often a reflection of their parents. When Madonna's teen daughter was pictured smoking cigarettes at 14, or wearing very inappropriate clothes, it tells you all you need to know about Madonna's parenting. To make matters worse, Madonna posted the explicit photo of her daughter on Twitter.

Meanwhile, her son Rocco has previously claimed that his mother treats him like a trophy, going as far as to block her on his Instagram. She had him on a very strict diet that isn't suitable for his health or age. That's 101 bad parenting by Madonna.

Although she is far removed from her prime days, the star hasn't adjusted at all, taking it out on her children who have complained about their mother's actions. She's reportedly very controlling when it comes to their personal lives, and selfish in her decisions.

4 Couldn't Have A Kid: Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh is best known for her appearances in Grey's Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why and Private Practice. She has spoken several times about her infertility and struggles with conceiving. Unlike many names on this list, she still doesn't have a kid as of now.

According to the actress, she went through early menopause that didn't allow her to have any kids. To make things worse, she recently had a surgery for a meningeal tumor that was successful. Kate has also indicated that she has always dreamed of having children, so it must be heartbreaking for her.

At 49 years old, it's highly unlikely that she will have any of her own kids although many celebrities have opted to adopt at an advanced age. We certainly wish her the best and a long healthy life, even if she doesn't realize her dream.

3 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Amber Rose

According to Amber Rose's baby daddy, Wiz Khalifa, she is a terrible mother. The photo above is decent evidence to back up Wiz's claims but he offered plenty more for any doubter. He filed documents to the court listing examples of Rose's bad parenting, such as only playing with her kid for 15 minutes per day.

Additionally, she's extremely lazy and doesn't clean the house or look after the kid. There were many disturbing claims, including that of Amber Rose's dog eating its own feces only to lick the child immediately afterwards. Amber is clearly not fit to be a mother if any of Wiz's claims were in fact true, we're inclined to believe him since he provided photos of Amber's dirty house.

She's also been accused of cussing around the child without a care, even going as far as using the N word.

2 Couldn't Have A Kid: Celine Dion

Can you imagine a world where Celine Dion doesn't have any kids? Well, that world was almost a reality as the iconic singer couldn't have any children for years. It was disheartening for her but she never gave up, and thankfully, things worked out for her in the end.

But it certainly wasn't easy on her or her husband, who went through plenty before finally conceiving their first son in 2001 and twins later in 2010. It took years of heartbreaks before the couple successfully had children, including several failed procedures.

Celine has been outspoken in regards to her struggles, unlike many celebrities who prefer to remain quiet and hide their infertility from the public. Celine conceived both times through IVF and now the world can go on knowing that she will forever live on through her children.

1 Doesn't Deserve A Kid: Kate Moss

Kate Moss is one of the most well-known supermodels and can be considered somewhat of a pioneer figure in recent fashion history. Since the beginning of her career until today, she has become of the top earners in the model despite all the controversy that has surrounded her. She has made so many headlines for the wrong reasons that it has become the norm over the years.

Her lifestyle choices would have you thinking that's single without a single responsibility but that's clearly not the reality. The media has questioned her parenting and it's easy to see why. There are very few justified reasons to miss your kid's third birthday, and snorting cocaine in rehab is definitely not one of them.

If that wasn't bad enough for you, remember that she was in a relationship with Pete Doherty for years, who was unfortunately always around the child. There aren't enough words to describe what a bad influence he is.

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5 Celebs Who Sadly Can't Have Kids (And 10 Who Don't Deserve Theirs)