5 Celebs Who Grew Up In A Trailer Park (And 10 Who Look Like They Did)

Celebrities today are richer than ever and they can afford all the luxuries that life has to offer. While most celebrities now are making bank and living in mansions, this wasn't always the case for a lot of them. In fact, a lot of them had much humbler beginnings. Many of the biggest stars out there in the world of entertainment actually grew up in trailer parks and had tough starts to their lives.

On the other hand, there are celebs who might not have actually grown up in the trailer park, but you might think they did. Now, this doesn't mean that all the people in this article "look" like they belong in a trailer park. Sure, some do, but for others, it can simply be about their attitude or how they carry themselves. Basically, we wouldn't be shocked if it came out that many of the celebrities on this list had indeed grown up in a trailer park.

Either way, read on and check out these 5 celebrities who grew up in a trailer park, and 10 who look like they did.


15 Hilary Swank - Lived In A Trailer Park

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Hilary Swank is a two-time winner at the Oscars and is one of the classiest actresses in Hollywood, but she came from very humble beginnings. She grew up in a trailer park in Washington and her family was not very well-off. After her father abandoned her family, the teenage Swank and her mother moved to California where they lived out of a car for a period of time as Swank was trying to find work. Today, Swank is worth $40 million and is extremely successful. She has said that the way her life was at a young age helps her not take what she has for granted.

14 Amanda Bynes - Looks Like She Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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When she was a young teenager, Amanda Bynes looked like America's sweetheart and was acting as a lead character in both TV shows and movies. However, once the roles dried up, we didn't hear from her all that much. However, she then began to make headlines for her tweets, her actions and how she looked. Instead of looking like the young superstar she once was, she looked like she was fresh out of the trailer park and didn't care about the things she did or how she looked. While we haven't heard much from Bynes in a while (which is a good thing), here's hoping that she has gotten her life back on track and is doing better for herself.

13 Kid Rock - Looks Like He Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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Despite not actually growing up or living in a trailer park, Kid Rock looks like the king of the trailer park. Everything about this man screams trailer park from the way he acts, the way he looks and his music. However, not only did he not grow up in a trailer park, but he actually grew up on a giant 6-acre estate that his family owned in Michigan. He may sing about things many would expect from someone who grew up and lived in a mobile home, but he never did. Despite the people in the trailer park being his demographic, Kid Rock won't be seen living in one anytime soon, as he is worth a ton of cash and is one of the most famous rap-country-rock stars on the planet.

12 Britney Spears - Lived In A Trailer Park


During the late-90s it could be argued that Britney Spears was the most famous musical act on the entire planet. From the time she was a teen, she was destined for greatness. However, it wasn't always easy for her. When she was much younger, she would often go live with her auntie in a trailer to get an escape from her parents, and she spent a ton of time living in that trailer. While there were definitely a few times in which Spears has looked like she belongs in a trailer park (especially in the all-jean outfit she rocked a few years back), but with a net worth of around $200 million, she likely wants to leave the trailer park living to her past self.

11 Jason Lee - Looks Like He Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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Jason Lee just has the look of a guy who grew up and lived in a trailer park. However, much to our surprise, he hasn't. In fact, he was born in California and actually was a skateboarder, which is quite the opposite of the type of people that normally frequent trailer parks. In fact, he was actually a pro skater for a while and only stopped once he became an actor. We think part of the reason he has that look for most people is his role in My Name is Earl, where he played a character who is a bit of a redneck (in terms of how he looks, talks, dresses, and acts) and often frequents trailer parks.

10 Eminem - Lived In A Trailer Park

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If you have ever watched 8 Mile or know a decent amount about Eminem, you are aware of the fact that he used to live in a trailer park in Michigan. He and his family often changed living arrangements and things were never very solid for Eminem when it came to his life at home. However, without those struggles as a child and a teenager, there is a good chance he would never have become as famous and successful as he currently is. During the 2000s, he was one of the best-selling musical acts and still has millions of fans around the world.

9 Tara Reid - Looks Like She Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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Tara Reid grew up as a fairly well-off child born in New Jersey to two teachers. She began acting as a child and had a lot of potential in the industry. While she has been a successful actress, she is much better known for being a bit more of a trainwreck than an actually talented actress. She is always partying or getting snapped in precarious photos like the one above. While she didn't grow up in a trailer park, she looks like she belongs in one now. Hopefully, she can get it together and return to being a talented actress, instead of being a personification of the term "hot mess".


8 Courtney Love - Looks Like She Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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While she is a talented musician and actress, Courtney Love is best known for her personal life and the fact that she is often portrayed as a bit of a trainwreck. She has struggled with substance abuse in her life and has had her fair share of other traumatic moments. While her looks might remind some people of their local trailer park, it is truly her rebellious stance and her "don't give a sh*t what people think" attitude that landed her on this list. She didn't grow up in a trailer park, despite what you might think, and actually grew up in San Francisco and has claimed that her parents were pretty big hippies.

7 Demi Moore - Lived In A Trailer Park

Demi Moore has been a star in Hollywood for decades and was one of the highest-paid actresses of the 1990s. However, her life wasn't always about award shows and dollar bills. She was born to an alcoholic mother and her biological father left before she was born. She was born in New Mexico and lived in a trailer park, but she, her mother and her stepfather moved fairly frequently. At 16, she quit school and decided to pursue a modeling career, which eventually led to her getting into acting and the rest is history. While her childhood and teenage years might have been difficult, all of her life experiences got her to where she is today.

6 Lena Dunham - Looks Like She Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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Lena Dunham is best known for being the creator of Girls, which has been a very successful show that has run for years. However, she often isn't in the news now much for her show, but more for her personal life and antics. She tweets, says and does some questionable things and recently has defended a writer on her show who was accused of r*pe. It isn't so much her behavior that lands her on this list, but mainly how she looks. The way she dresses and presents herself is something you'd see four times if you were ever to walk through a trailer park in rural America.

5 Miley Cyrus - Looks Like She Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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While she has changed her public image recently, there was a time period when Miley Cyrus was known for doing and wearing some pretty trashy things. And if there is one thing that comes to mind when many people think of a trailer park, it's being trashy. She would do crazy things during performances, say strange things in interviews and simply act like she didn't give a crap what anyone thought of her. However, instead of a trailer park, Miley Cyrus grew up on a giant farm with a rich and famous father. Cyrus has done incredibly well for herself as both an actress and a singer.

4 Larry The Cable Guy - Looks Like He Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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If you were to think of the term redneck and try put a face to it, you would likely get Larry the Cable Guy. Everything about the guy just screams redneck and trailer park. Despite his act, the way he dresses and the way he speaks, Larry the Cable Guy has never lived in a trailer park. However, he was raised on a pig farm in Nebraska. Also, did you know that not only did Larry the Cable Guy not live in a trailer park, but that he is actually a character? That's right, Daniel Lawrence Whitney created the character when he was not getting much traction performing as a stand-up comic under his own name, things have since worked out pretty great for him of course.

3 Pamela Anderson - Looks Like She Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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While she is not in the public eye that much anymore, Pamela Anderson was a giant star in the 1990s and the early 2000s. While she did some acting and such, she was mainly known for being in Playboy and being the typical blonde bombshell. She often made headlines for her skimpy clothing, her racy tapes and the fact she wasn't always the classiest of people. If you saw her in a trailer park during her heyday, you wouldn't even take a second glance, as she would fit right in. Funny enough, while she didn't grow up in a trailer park, she did live in one for a while in 2009/2010, despite being quite a wealthy woman.

2 Matthew McConaughey - Looks Like He Grew Up In A Trailer Park

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Matthew McConaughey is one of the best actors on the planet and is likely best known for his romantic comedies early on, but in recent years, has become famous for more serious roles. He is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood and just seems like an all-around good guy. There is just something about the way he holds and carries himself that makes you think he might have grown up in a trailer park. Maybe it is his humility, or his ability to not take himself too seriously. Despite this, he has never lived in one and grew up with his parents and siblings in Texas, in a fairly well-off upbringing in terms of money.

1 Ryan Gosling - Lived In A Trailer Park

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That's right, the king of the romantic comedy himself, Ryan Gosling, actually spent some time growing up in a trailer park. His parents divorced at a young age and him and his mother were left largely to fend for themselves. While he was a Mickey Mouse Club member and made some money as a child, his mother wasn't making much, so he had to provide for his mother from an early age. They couldn't afford to stay with the other children who starred in the Mickey Mouse Club, so they instead decided to live in a trailer park in Florida to save money. This upbringing has obviously helped him succeed and he is one of the most popular, famous and admired actors in Hollywood.


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