30 Times Celebs Let Their Children Show Way Too Much

Public interest in celebrity children is at an all-time high. Gone are the days when the rich and famous shielded their sons and daughters from the spotlight. Nowadays, it is heartily encouraged for stars to share pictures and video of their offspring, from in utero all the way through the teen years. However, sometimes, the footage shown seems exploitative. Children are often depicted being scantily clad or in compromising situations. What seems innocent to some may be offensive to others.

Some celebrities always get it right. Reese Witherspoon keeps a tight rein on her children, and they are always immaculately dressed and well-behaved. Lori Loughlin’s daughters have a cult following online, but they look and act their age. Ben Affleck’s children are only photographed here and there.

Other celebrities don’t seem to be able to differentiate between what images of their children should be shared, and what images should remain private. As a result, the line between wholesomeness and indecency is blurred. The children wind up being manipulated, and the parents are scrutinized. It’s no secret that most celebrity parents get it wrong.

So why do they do it? Speculation runs the gamut. Some think that celebrities are taking their hunger for fame too far. Some think social media is to blame for encouraging a world of oversharing. Some think that celebrity children are fair game, since they are famous by proxy. And some simply believe that too much is being made out of pics of celebrity children, as they are often taken out of context. To put it bluntly, haters are gonna hate.

30 Cindy Crawford’s Daughter, Kaia - Like Mother, Like Daughter

via www.instyle.com

Cindy Crawford has been prepping her daughter, Kaia Gerber, to be the next big supermodel for years. Supermodels used to be a thing of the past after the bubble burst in the '90s, but they are en vogue again, thanks to Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Kaia is often photographed looking exceptionally well-coiffed and wise beyond her years. However, this shot of her in a trench coat is a little too much. It’s obvious that she is trying to make the voyeur think that she has nothing on underneath her coat. And the hose wrapped around her is phallic. Cindy never resorted to cheap tricks like that to further her career, so we’re surprised she has let her underage daughter do so.

29 Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis’ Daughter, Lily Rose - Jail Bait

via Celebrity Baby Scoop

Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily Rose, is going to be the next big thing in the modeling world. However, her rise to fame hasn’t happened overnight. She’s been pushing the envelope for years, while slowly garnering press for herself. There are a lot of Hollywood kids with famous parents who are trying to make for themselves, so Lily Rose’s parents let her dress in a manner too old for her age in order to set her apart. In this shot, Lily Rose is scantily clad in a tube top and denim shorts which show off her desirable figure. And who is that right next to the 13-year-old Lily? Her mother, Vanessa Paradis!

Now that Lily Rose is just about a bona fide star, she hasn’t let up in trying to get attention. She attends events in outfits that reveal her bony frame...and then some. She frequently goes bra-less and lets her nipples poke through her dresses. And if she is covered up on top, then she wears midriff shirts which allow her to flaunt her tight tummy. Talk about having started young!

28 Britney Spears - Oh Baby, Baby

27 Kim Kardashian’s Daughter, North - Teeny Weeny Bikini

via OK! Magazine

People have a knee jerk reaction to seeing little girls in bikinis (obviously). Even though the two-piece has been en vogue for decades, the public just doesn’t think it’s appropriate for certain age groups. It’s hard to form an opinion, because social mores are always evolving. However, this shot of Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North, was especially egregious. She’s wearing a fringe bikini that barely covers her nipples. And a close inspection of the bottom of the bikini reveals that it is a triangle bottom with side ties. The style of this swimsuit is just too adult.

26 Jessica Simpson’s Daughter, Maxi - The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

via E! Online

Jessica Simpson got negative attention when she shared this pic of her daughter, Maxi. She is a beautiful little girl, but people said that the shot was too risqué for a three-year-old. For crying out loud, her diapers were poking out of her bikini! And clearly, the shot was posed, as a little kid doesn’t know to stick out her hip and rest her hand upon it.

When we look at Maxi next to Jessica in a similar stance, Maxi looks all the more s*xualized. To take this shot of a child is one thing, but to share it with the public is quite another, since degenerates troll the Internet for this sort of footage. Jessica is known for being an airhead, but she still has no excuse for this sort of parenting. After all, she was criticized when she posted baby pictures of Maxi in a macramé bikini.

25 Christina El Moussa’s Daughter, Taylor - The Color Purple

via TooFab

Reality star Christina El Moussa (famous for being on Flip or Flop), posted this picture of her and her daughter in matching purple bikinis earlier this month. Opinions on the appropriateness of the shot were split. Half of the people said that the whole thing was too revealing. The other half just viewed it as mother-daughter bonding.

The fact that the picture was staged has a lot to do with why people think it is inappropriate. If the two El Moussa girls were simply on the beach in bikinis, then the attire would have fit the occasion. But since the girls were modeling for L Space Swim, the photoshoot came across as a desperate attention-seeking measure.

24 Christie Brinkley’s Daughter, Alexa - Mini-Me

via Fanpop

Back in 1989, Christie Brinkley posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and her daughter, Alexa, wandered into the shot. The magazine went with it, and published mother and daughter together. Alexa’s bottom was bare, which was a nod to the Coppertone baby. Christie re-posted the original pic this year on Instagram when she and her daughter posed for SI. The pic of a naked Alexa did not sit well with the Internet, and it was yanked.

Christie had to re-post a cropped photo of the two of them, and was livid. She wrote on Instagram, “Isn't it a shame that a photo that others deemed iconic and to me was a beautiful loving artful moment, has been removed by people who have issues. And In 2017 I have to crop this photo to be able to post it ... shame on you #Instagram for succumbing to pressure this is a photo of a mother and daughter and pure innocent joy! And to all my friends I'm sorry all your wonderful comments (over 400 of them!) were Lost.”

23 Michael Jackson’s Son, Blanket - Whoopsy-Daisy

In an effort to give his fans a great view of his infant son, Blanket, Michael Jackson dangled his baby over a balcony. Oh, and MJ almost dropped him! The world hasn’t been the same since. People defended Michael when he was accused of child molestation. People stuck up for Michael when he paraded his children around Las Vegas wearing masks at all hours of the day and at night. People looked past his plastic surgery. But even die-hard supporters of the “gloved one” admitted that this was one huge error in judgement.

22 Miranda Kerr’s Son, Flynn - Mother’s Milk

via Se og Hør

There are a bevy of beautiful celebrities that have been allowed themselves to be photographed breastfeeding. Maggie Gyllenhaal was caught doing it on a bench in public, and model Nicole Trunfio did a glamour shot of her and her baby for the cover of the Australian version of Elle. However, this one of Miranda Kerr with her baby boy, Flynn, was over the top. She s*xualized the act in her silk robe and spiky red heels.

And before you go getting mad and start accusing us of posting lascivious pics of a celebrity breastfeeding, take a close look at this shot. Miranda’s robe is clearly closed, and she is not actively giving her son nourishment.

21 Gisele Bundchen’s Son, Benjamin - Mommie Dearest

via gbagam.com from tweeterest

This photo has been haunting Gisele Bundchen for quite some time. In an effort to show the world what a “busy mom” looks like, Gisele shared this staged one. She’s juggling parenting, all the while being pampered from head to toe, complete with makeup, hair, and nails. She had very few defenders. Most critics thought she gave off an aura of smugness. Others thought she was short-changing her son by getting the star treatment when she should have been tending to his needs. And the worst criticism of all was that she was using her son to gain publicity for herself. Once she became a mom, Gisele tried to change her image in order to appeal to a broader fan base–all in the name of making big bucks with her endorsements.

20 Brandi Glanville’s Sons, Mason And Jake - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

via star-mag.top

Brandi Glanville made headlines for all the wrong reasons when she posted a pic of her sons (aged 7 and 11) trying to put together a desk while in their underwear. The photo is so inappropriate that we can’t even show it on this site. Critics from all walks of life accused her of poor parenting, as the image was one that a pedophile would likely take advantage of. Brandi was unrepentant. She defended herself on Twitter by saying, "They both were clothed from waist down whatever! i was naked my whole life- #f—koffhaters."

19 Nicole Richie’s Daughter, Harlow - Harlot?

via Pinterest

Nicole Richie is like most celebrities, and enjoys posting candid pics of her and her children on social media. While many people have a fascination with the personal lives of celebrities, others wonder if certain moments should be kept private. For example, perhaps only family portraits should be shared with the general public. The beef some have with Nicole sharing a pic of her daughter in a bikini is that it could potentially be viewed as blurring the line between cutesy and sexy. Many have pointed out over the years that the name “Harlow” sounds a lot like “Harlot.” They think Nicole should be careful not to give her daughter a “reputation.”

18 John And Jade Barrymore’s Daughter, Drew - Little Girl Lost

via The Guardian

Here, a very young Drew Barrymore is caught opening up a pack of cigarettes while out dancing at a nightclub. We all know the story, as told by Drew in her autobiography, Little Girl Lost. What most people have forgotten over the years, though, is that her mother (Jade) encouraged the drinking and drugging lifestyle. Jade used Drew so that she herself could go to the best parties and meet all the right people. Unfortunately for Drew, the photographs that were taken have left indelible impressions on the public’s consciousness.

17 Ryan O’Neal’s Daughter, Tatum - The Innocence Of Youth

via Arts Meme

Ryan O’Neal and his daughter, Tatum, starred in Paper Moon, a film directed by Peter Bogdanovich in 1973. Tatum won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and she was only ten. The film centered on a father-daughter duo that were grifters during the depression. There is a touching part in the film where Tatum’s character is missing her deceased mother (a prostitute) and seeks to emulate her style by putting on cologne and posing in front of the bathroom mirror. Tatum is dressed in a thin white tank top tucked into white panties. It’s a powerful scene and demonstrates the innocence of youth, but it’s nothing we could post on this site.

16 Kurt Cobain’s Son - Or Is It?

via www.doseofmetal.com

A naked baby boy graced the cover of Nirvana’s iconic album, Nevermind (everyone remembers it, don't they?). It included hit songs like "Come As You Are", "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "In Bloom". But it was also famous for sparking assumptions that the baby on the cover was actually none other than Kurt Cobain’s son. For the record though, it was not. It still certainly deserves a spot on this list, after all, it was a pretty shocking image, because it seemed to many like baby p*rn.

15 Demi Moore’s Daughter, Tallulah - More Is Not More

Demi Moore’s daughter, Tallulah Willis, posted pics of herself walking the city streets topless in order to show how fierce and fearless she is. While Tallulah was “of age” when she did this, many people looked at Demi as a bad parent. They thought she should have instilled a better value system in her daughter. Posing naked from the waist up was tacky, and did not serve any purpose but to stir up controversy and publicity. This makes sense when one understands that Demi has been trying to get her family to have a reality show that will be bigger and badder than the Kardashians.

No one should be shocked to see Tallulah pull a stunt like this, though. Demi named her after the famous actress Tallulah Bankhead, who was widely known for her promiscuity with men...and women.

14 Donald Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka - Daddy Issues?

via Amadershomoy.com

This throwback pic of Donald and Ivanka Trump caused quite a stir after Ivanka was thrust into the spotlight when her father was running for president. Many thought their embrace was sleazy. We have to admit that it doesn’t look quite right. However, to be fair, we have to bring up the point that no one would have cared about this pic if Ivanka wasn’t so darn gorgeous. If Chelsea Clinton was giving her dad a peck on the cheek, no one would have blinked. Ivanka matured earlier than most girls, but that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t have been able to give old dad a hug and a kiss.

13 Kris And Caitlyn Jenner’s Daughter, Kylie - Bodacious Bod

via Mirror

When Kylie Jenner was 17, she was photographed at events and at her home looking very sexy. Given that her sisters have always showed a lot of skin at a young age, this was pretty much par for the course except for one thing—it was evident that Kylie had undergone some serious plastic surgery. Her chest was enhanced to enormous proportions, and her face got “the works.” This sparked a debate about how young was “too young” to go under the knife.

12 Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes - Like A Virgin?

via Dengi.ua

Back in 1996, a teenage Lourdes Ciccone Leon had a cameo appearance in her mother Madonna’s music video, Celebration. Lourdes was in her mid-teens at that point, and was copying Madonna’s infamous look from her Like A Virgin performance at the MTV Video Music Awards from 1984. While the choreography and styling are iconic, they are definitely not meant to be emulated by impressionable teens. Madonna writhed around on stage in a most unladylike way, and simulated a s*x act with her veil.

11 Kris And Caitlyn Jenner’s Daughter, Kendall - Slippery When Wet

via Pinterest

When Kendall Jenner was just 16 years old, she started participating in some very racy photoshoots (as you probably already know). The world took notice, and many media outlets reported on how she didn’t look her age (16) at all. We couldn’t agree more. And it isn’t just because she was so tall and developed at a young age. It was because the styling of the photos was so glamorized. She was wearing skimpy bathing suits, and gazing seductively at the camera. However, no one expected anything less from her famous family.

10 Richard and Kathy Hilton’s Daughter, Paris - Underage And Over-s*xed

via Tumblr

Paris Hilton was always trashy, but that didn’t happen overnight while partying too hard in NYC, or while striving to become a reality star. And this picture proves it. It is of a teenage Paris lounging in a silk camisole and matching silk shorts. How many teens do you know that sleep in anything other than a T-shirt and boxer shorts? Even the way she is posed is sleazy. She is looking into the camera with bedroom eyes, and stretching out her long legs. Her stance is submissive, with her hands behind her back. This might be her bedroom, but it looks posh enough to be a hotel suite. God only knows what she was up to when this picture was taken.

9 Brian Williams’s Daughter, Allison Williams - Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

via Google Plus

Brian Williams used to be a respected newsman. Now, he’s basically famous for two things. The first is for lying about riding in a helicopter that was hit by a grenade while he was covering a story about Iraq. This earned him them moniker Lyin’ Brian. The second thing he is known for is having a daughter with very loose morals, Allison Williams. Allison was one of the stars on the popular HBO series GIRLS. She never showed her breasts on camera, but she simulates some very raunchy acts. No one expected such lewdness from a renowned journalist’s daughter... Or do they?

8 Jada And Will Smith's Daughter, Willow - Fresh Princess

via Õhtuleht

Willow Smith was in her mid-teens when this photo of her with her twenty-something boyfriend took the Internet by storm. While Willow is covered from head to toe, she’s in a very compromising situation since she’s embraced by a man in bed who clearly left his shirt at home. People expected more from her parents, Will and Jada Smith. They have been plagued by divorce rumors, and many saw this picture as evidence that their marriage was in trouble if they couldn’t even police their own daughter.

7 Kim Basinger’s Daughter, Ireland Baldwin - Sugar And Spice

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Ireland Baldwin posted this picture of herself when she was just 17 years old. It caused a sensation because everyone was in awe of her beauty and were shocked that an underage girl would pose so provocatively. However, that’s exactly what Ireland wanted–to have tongues wagging. She would have gotten less attention if she was 18 when the pic was taken. A strange twist of fate happened, though. Her career didn’t skyrocket. She started receiving a lot of negative comments online, which she then complained about. Ireland, if you are going to put yourself out there, then you need to deal with the good and the bad! Her parents both had to start from the bottom, and apparently, Ireland thought she wouldn’t have to put in any hard work to get modeling gigs. Meanwhile, her cousin Hailey Baldwin is now the superstar.

6 Victoria Beckham’s Daughter, Harper - A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

via www.redbookmag.com

Victoria Beckham posted this pic of her kissing her daughter, Harper, on social media. With it, she wrote a message to little Harper that read, “Happy birthday, baby girl.” What appeared to be an innocent kiss from a mother to her daughter ignited a firestorm on social media. Critics said that Harper was too old to be kissed on the lips by her mother. This was all a little ironic, considering that Victoria Beckham has often been criticized for being an ice queen. She finally showed her softer side, and was berated for it. People are never happy, are they?

5 Stephanie Seymour’s Son, Peter - Too Close For Comfort

via Dayonline.ru

Stephanie Seymour and her son, Peter Brant, were roundly criticized for being too touchy-feely in this candid shot. We have to admit that it looks a little bad. However, we’ve got to consider the context. They are both scantily clad and wet, but that’s because they’re at the beach. If either one of them were schlubby, we doubt that this photo would have caused controversy. The fact that they are both gorgeous added sensuality to an otherwise innocuous embrace.

Peter put rumors about dating his mother to rest when he posted on Facebook that he and his mom have “nothing to hide.” He also reminded people that he is openly gay. So get your minds out of the gutter!

4 Julianne Moore’s Daughter, Liv - Red-handed

via NBC News

Actress Julianne Moore and her young daughter, Liv Freundlich, posed for this pictorial years ago but it is still raising eyebrows, and likely will for a while. Liv is covered up from head to toe, but her little schoolgirl outfit seemed like it was straight out of a barely-legal girlie magazine. You don’t believe us? Just look at how her legs are open, while her mom almost appears to be cupping her breast. This photo reminded people of Julianne’s first really big role, as Amber Waves in Boogie Nights. You remember that role, don't you?

3 Goldie Hawn’s Daughter, Kate Hudson - Too Much, Too Soon

If you Google “Kate Hudson + Teen,” this is one of the first pics likely to show up. We can’t be certain if she was under or over 18 years old when this photograph was taken, but it’s clearly early in her career. Goldie Hawn wanted to ease Kate into the entertainment business, so she often micromanaged Kate’s roles and looks. That’s why it’s so strange that Goldie would let Kate walk out of the house in such a low-cut garment. All Kate would have to do would be to sneeze, and her nipples would likely pop out, right then and there.

2 Shauna Sands’s Daughters, Alexandra, Isabella And Victoria - Splish Splash

via Zimbio

A lot of people don’t like this photo of Shauna Sands with her young daughters, Alexandra, Isabella, and Victoria. They see Shauna as a bad influence, because of her history of nude modeling and over-the-top plastic surgery. However, we think that this is a case of guilt by association. Shauna is front and center in this photo, as are her “assets.” Thus, when one takes a quick look, it appears like her daughters are posed in a scandalous way. In reality though, these girls look like any other teens and tweens on the beach.

1 Terry Shields’ Daughter, Brooke Shields - Pretty Baby

via Séptimo 7 sello - blogger

Brooke Shields’ mother, Terry, became a celebrity in her own right after Brooke became a household name. Terry was known for being a terrible stage mother, as well as a famous drunk. She was also known for allowing her daughter to participate in questionable projects (take a look at the picture above if you don't believe us). The worst has got to be letting a 12-year-old Brooke play a prostitute in the historical drama Pretty Baby. Brooke was filmed in the buff. We'll repeat, SHE WAS ONLY TWELVE YEARS OLD! Imagine if social media was a thing back then,,,

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