30 Hot Celebrities Who Left Their Undergarments At Home

Whether it is for a night out on the town with friends, an elegant red carpet event or an outstanding photo shoot, the 30 women below all "forgot" to put on all the typical pieces of underwear before

Whether it is for a night out on the town with friends, an elegant red carpet event or an outstanding photo shoot, the 30 women below all "forgot" to put on all the typical pieces of underwear before stepping out.

As you're going to read, sometimes it's an incredibly active choice and one that you're probably going to be grateful for. After all, which Hollywood celebrity hasn't stepped out in a gorgeous outfit? Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicki Minaj, and Emily Ratajkowski are just 4 of the women who have chosen to leave the bra at home for the red carpet.

For women who are just leaving the house, you'll find women like Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, and Ariel Winter have all gone sans bra. And for the photo shoots? Little names like Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke, Kate Upton and Alison Brie are just the tip of the iceberg. While many of the women elected to forget bras, Paris Hilton, Nina Agdal and Amanda Seyfried also all show that panties can also be an often forgotten clothing item!

Women from all different industries, all with one thing in common. They "forgot" to wear underwear.

30 Sophie Turner

Via imgur

Sophie Turner's claim to fame may be her role as the fiery redhead on Game of Thrones, but if you had any doubt that she could pull off blonde, clearly you are quite foolish. Turner turned heads at the Kineo Diamanti Awards Ceremony during the 73rd Venice Film Festival that was back in September.

Turner had plenty to be happy about, as she had recently finished filming Huntsville. When talking about the experience, Turner said “What a completely unforgettable experience with the most magical people.”

The dress may be showing off some cleavage (and a peek at her little side tattoo), but it’s definitely not showing off any bra straps. In case you were curious, Turner is wearing a dress from Yanina Coutoure.

29 Selena Gomez

Via thefappening

Selena Gomez may have gotten her start at a young age on the Barney and Friends show, but if you had any doubts that she has grown up, just take a look at the above photos! In the one on the left she substituted underwear for a fancy gold jacket that still managed to stay classy for a photo shoot with Marie Claire this past June.

It must not have been hard to convince Gomez to drop the underwear, as the photo on the right was an even racier shot that was taken back for V Magazine in Spring, 2015.

While we aren’t too sure why she would be into him, at least it’s clear why Bieber was into her! Gomez made headlines back in August after she announced she was cancelling her Revival tour after revealing she was suffering from severe depression and anxiety that stemmed from her battle with lupus.

28 Sofia Richie

Via thefappening

Considering her dad is Lionel Richie and her sister is Nicole Richie, it was only a matter of time before younger sister Sofia started making an impact in Hollywood. And when you look at her, you may not be shocked to hear it’s in the modelling world.

Sofia also came to fame for a short-lived romantic fling with Justin Bieber. Geez, he may be a dick, but at least he can land some pretty attractive women. Maybe her and Selena Gomez can get together, drink some wine and gossip over Bieber!

You can understand why she would be confident in whatever she wears when you look at her, but the above photo is still one of the most risqué of any on the list. Credit (I suppose) to her for being the only person on this list who thought “Yeah, stickers are totally an appropriate substitute for a bra.”

27 Alison Brie

Via imgur

Wait, what? Alison Brie? I mean sure, we knew she was cute when she was playing Annie in Community, but she’s definitely showing off a whole different side here that would surely get Winger’s attention. We aren’t too sure how serious any of the business meetings would go with that suit jacket on, but something tells me Brie would probably get whatever she was negotiating for!

The above photo shoot was done for Esquire magazine, something we are sure her fiance Dave Franco will encourage her to do more of in the future. The two have been dating since 2012, and while we are not too sure when their wedding will be held, they’ve been engaged since August of 2015.

Brie is also going to have a busy next little while with the movies The Masterpiece and The Little Hours both in post-production.

Brie also teamed up with Willem Dafoe and Gerard Butler for the recent film, The Headhunter’s Calling.

26 Katy Perry

Via thefappening

Whether she is showing off her patriotic spirit, or just hanging around town, it’s clear that Katy Perry thinks wearing a bra is an optional choice, and we are sure there are plenty of you that would salute her for that!

The photo on the right was taken a few years ago for Cosmopolitan and while the green hair may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we’re sure you’re probably still a pretty big fan of her top.

If you wanted a more classic look, the photo on the left definitely looks to be more recent, and if you had the ability to zoom in, let’s just say it would become evident very quickly that she decided for forgo a bra for that evening!

25 Charlotte McKinney

Via thefappening

It is clear that the internet loves Charlotte McKinney. Unlike most models on this list, McKinney got noticed through her posts on Instagram and used that to help jumpstart her modelling career.

So when Charlotte McKinney decided to go on a shopping trip to West Hollywood back in August without a bra on, the internet took notice. If we’re just being blunt, the above photo is far from the most revealing from her shopping adventures! We definitely wouldn’t blame her if after seeing the photos she made sure a bra was next on her shopping list.

That being said, when you’re a famous model, as McKinney is, is anyone out there really going to question your fashion sense?

24 Lady Gaga

Via thefappening

When you see the elaborate costumes that Lady Gaga has worn in the past, it may really throw you to see her in a sheer black shirt as she is in the photo on the left. But while it may be hard to tell in the photo, make no mistake about it, there was no bra to be found for Gaga on that day. The photos were taken when Gaga was walking around New York on August 17th of this year.

As for the photo on the right, it was taken at the Moth Club in London back on September 10th. Gaga was smart enough to pair the outfit with some pasties on her chest, but that’s not exactly underwear, and for that it’s a worthy addition to the list.

23 Cassie Ventura

Via thefappening

Ready for a fun fact about Cassie Ventura? She stimulates some steamy love and appears in the buff with Diddy for a commercial promoting the fragrance called “3am” that was unsurprisingly banned. Perhaps her confidence with her body allowed her to step out to the VMAs wearing the above outfit that definitely would be altered had a bra strap been thrown across the middle.

She definitely has plenty of reasons to be confident, including releasing several studio albums and working with some of the biggest names in the music and modelling world.

It’s also possible she just thought more people would be looking at her hair than anything she had on her body. We’re not too sure why she took a look at a yellow highlighter and said “Yes, that is the color I want to have on my head,” but at least it helps her stand out in a crowd.

22 Chrissy Teigen

Via thefappening

Be prepared for a spoiler, because Chrissy Teigen is not the last former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model to make our list, not even close. But something tells us you probably aren’t devastated by that information. In fact, part of you probably just wants to quickly skim the list until you see the word Sports again!

For Chrissy Teigen, when you step out on the town in New York City wearing the above outfit, you can understand why you landed yourself in this list.

As well as being an incredibly successful model, Teigen co-hosts Lip Sync Battle and has also released her own cookbook that went on to be a New York Times bestseller.

Teigen got married to singer John Legend in 2013. The two had their first daughter together through in vitro fertilization back in April, 2016.

21 Cara Delevingne

Via thefappening

Like some of the other women on this list, Cara Delevingne definitely made an active choice to strip away the bra for the above photo shoot that she did in September for Puma. Delevingne may only be 24 years old, but she’s already had an outstanding modelling career, including winning Model of the Year in 2012 as well as in 2014.

Photos like this one help make it clear as to why, even if she isn’t trying to pull off blue steel or magnum! While she’s said in the past she has stepped away from modelling to focus on acting, at least she’s still working in a profession that keeps her in the public eye.

Delevingne has several films coming out in the next year including: London Fields, Tulip Fever and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (good luck fitting that on a poster!)

20 Rita Ora

Via thefappening

Rita Ora may like singing about poison, but perhaps the above photos is proof enough that what’s poison for her is wearing all the necessary pieces of underwear! The photo on the left is a more candid photo of Ora out and about in New York back in August.

The photo on the right may show Ora in a revealing sun dress, but it was actually taken back in December when she was leaving the studios following some work on The X Factor. Ora was a judge on the 12th season of the UK version of the hit show.

Ora is definitely talented enough to be a judge, having had 3 consecutive singles reach the top position in the UK Charts. Ora has also spent time as a coach on The Voice UK.

19 Nina Agdal

Via thefappening

Below you’re going to see Nicki Minaj also try and pull off a similar look where she seems like she was trying to be elegant, but at the last minute decided “Hey, who needs panties!” To be fair though, I don’t think many people on Nina Agdal’s wardrobe team were thinking anything but how amazing Agdal looks in the above dress.

Nina Agdal was attending the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Summer of Swim Concert” back in August when she decided on this outfit. I suppose when you’re an international swimsuit model, you aren’t too worried about people seeing a lot of your upper thigh.

Don’t get any ideas though fellas, as Agdal has been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio since May of 2016 (because that’s why you wouldn’t get a date with her!).

18 Lena Headey

Via imgur

When you’re looking as good as she was on this night, you better believe Lena Headey can just wipe that dirt off her shoulder! Headey is always turning heads at the red carpet events, and there was no exception when she arrived at the 65th Emmy Awards.

The nature of the dress is going to prevent any unfortunate slippage from happening, but we assure you the reason she is giving the thumbs up may be because her boobs are living freely in the dress! And when you consider the elaborate outfits that she has to wear on Game of Thrones, you can understand that Headey was probably pretty stoked to get control over her look for the night.

Headey also gets to step away from Westeros for her role in the 2016 movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

17 Kim Kardashian

Via thefappening

For many ladies, when they step out without underwear, they’re hoping nobody notices or takes a picture. Kim Kardashian hardly has that luxury, as is evident by the fact that her short time out and about in Miami this past September was photographed relentlessly by paparazzi. But while the above photo may not be the smoothest of angles, we assure you it’s one of the few safe for work photos of Kardashian on this day!

Kardashian recently made headlines after being robbed in Paris. It’s definitely not the last you’ll hear of the ordeal, as she’s recently come out and said she is suing for having 3 posts that allegedly said there was evidence supporting the belief that Kardashian had faked the robbery.

16 Ariel Winter

Via thefappening

2016 was definitely a huge year in terms of Ariel Winter getting noticed for her incredible good looks. It definitely helps when you get to appear on television on a regular basis, as Winter gets to do for Modern Family. But while the series is starting to enter its final stretch, Winter is just gearing up for her time in the spotlight. One of the disadvantages of becoming more famous has to be that when you step out on the town like she did in the photo on the left, you better believe the paparazzi are going to be on hand.

As for the photo on the right, while we cannot confirm the lack of bra, it certainly does not look to be there as the photo shows off a plunging neckline, and we are sure you aren’t complaining! Winter wore the outfit when out for her sister’s birthday dinner.

15 Rihanna

Via thefappening

Now, if we want to give Rihanna some credit, she’s definitely wearing underwear in the above photo. But as evident as it is that she’s in black panties, is the fact that she’s elected to pair that by going au natural on the top half. If we’re being honest, that green dress is definitely not one of the nicest things around, but we’re sure the paparazzi that were on hand to capture the event definitely didn’t mind.

The photos were taken back in May of 2016, the morning after she was seen partying it up with Leonardo DiCaprio in NYC. You can imagine it’s very possible she just woke up with a hangover and did not care what the world thought about her, or her bare chest!

14 Nicki Minaj


To be fair, when you’re showing up at the VMAs, you definitely know the cameras are going to be on you, so you want to look your best. For Nicki Minaj, that clearly meant forgetting things like underwear, as is evident here by her see-through dress. While he is not in the above photo, you can imagine her boyfriend Meek Mill was all smiles when he was asked if she looked good in the dress.

That being said, what color underwear would she really have been able to use and pull off the look while also keeping her reputation as being pretty risqué? The brand of dress was Bao Tranchi and it has also been seen on stunners like Jennifer Lopez and Ashley Graham.

13 Paris Hilton

Via buzzclown and celebitchy

What the heck are you doing, Paris Hilton? We get that she always likes to feel like a princess, but her dress is the color you drink when you get sick.

Hilton was ecstatic with the look though, saying “This was one of the couture gowns [from the runway], and I said, 'I have to wear that for my birthday it's like the perfect Barbie princess dress.'"

At the very least, she was wearing the dress when she stepped out on the town for her 33rd birthday, so you can understand her wanting to stand out.

She just also elected to not put on any underwear with the dress. Really a shocking decision when you consider it was only a matter of time before she got hammered and photographers got more than they were asking for!

12 Jennifer Lawrence

Via thefappening

The world may be talking about how amazing the trailer for Passengers, the upcoming movie starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, looks, but that wasn’t all that was worth talking about this night! Lawrence chose a super pretty outfit for one of the film’s premieres, she just also chose to forget to pair a bra with her top! Something tells us Pratt probably wasn’t going to remind her.

The movie also stars Laurence Fishburne, Michael Sheen and Andy Garcia and is scheduled to come out on December 21st.

As well as this, Lawrence has finished production on an untitled Darren Aronofsky project that also stars Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer. Aronofsky is one of the most talented directors in Hollywood with classic films like The Wrestler, Black Swan and Requiem For A Dream. You can imagine with that powerhouse cast he’s got another classic on his hands.

11 Jennifer Aniston

Via dailymail and socialite

If we’re just going to call a spade a spade, the costume director on Friends definitely conveniently forgot to give Jennifer Aniston a bra for many of her scenes, so perhaps that’s just a trait that Aniston has carried over to her real life.

Whether it’s just going out on the town or getting dolled up for the 20th annual Critics Choice Awards, it’s clear that Aniston is comfortable enough with her body to leave the bra at home. Perhaps not shockingly, she isn’t the last television sitcom star to appear on this list without a bra on as Kaley Cuoco also gets in on the action.

Aniston definitely has not been afraid to play up her sex appeal after leaving television, perhaps most prominently for her role in Horrible Bosses (both 1 and 2). You can imagine looking at her in photos like the above one is definitely not going to make Brad Pitt miss Jennifer Aniston any less, especially now that he’s single!

10 Miley Cyrus

Via thefappening

If we’re going to be completely honest, this is probably one of the least “scandalous” photos out there of Miley Cyrus. Hell, if you want photos where she isn’t wearing underwear, you can also find many photos of her, you know, just not wearing clothes. This becomes even more apparent if you look up photos from her in concert! But she is most definitely sans bra in the above photo that was taken in December of 2015 when Cyrus was getting off her flight at an airport in Vancouver.

It’s definitely hard to blame Cyrus. After all, even if you’re rich and famous it’s probably not the most fun thing in the world to have to take a flight. Plus, as we are sure you may agree, in those situations comfort definitely becomes priority number one.

9 Sarah Silverman

Via mirror

Sarah Silverman chose to wear the above outfit to the premier of her movie I Smile Back, but you can imagine that no matter how awful the film was, she’d be receiving plenty of smiles that night! Thankfully for her, her performance in the movie was just as good as her look on the red carpet. Silverman was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, but lost out to Brie Larson in Room.

Silverman has been known for her prominent relationship with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that started in 2002, but as of 2016 Silverman is living the single life. Something tells me if she used these photos as her Tinder pictures, she’d be getting plenty of matches!

8 Emily Ratajkowski

Via imgur

If your first thought when you look at the above photo is “My God, how could that be comfortable?” well then rest easy because Ratajkowski said, “It’s actually very comfortable and simple, and I feel great.”

Perhaps it was a warm night out, because all I can think about is how cold she must be! Ratajkowski wore the dress to The Plaza Hotel in New York for Carine Roitfeld’s New York Fashion Week affair. So you can also imagine that if people at the party liked or didn’t like the outfit, she’d have heard about it!

You definitely should not be shocked to hear she’s comfortable exposing some skin, especially when you consider she also posted a very revealing selfie (in the same pose as some of Kim Kardashian’s infamous photos) and is constantly “forgetting” to put clothes on when she puts pictures on her social media.

7 Scarlett Johansson

Via nalgassylibros

When you look at the above photo, you can understand why Black Widow would be able to add seduction to her list of superpowers and nobody would be complaining.

Scarlett Johansson has countless photo shoots in which she’s wearing limited clothing, but perhaps the muted colors and elegant jewellery may make this particular one a personal favorite. As well as her on-screen credentials, Johansson was also called the Sexiest Celebrity by Playboy in 2007, and was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire in 2006 AND 2013. This makes her the only woman that Esquire has ever given the award to on two separate occasions.

If you aren’t staring at her rings in the above photo, then at least you can also agree that there is no bra to stare at!

6 Emilia Clarke

Via ex-news

Emilia Clarke is no stranger to not wearing a bra on Game of Thrones. Hell, she’s used to not even wearing a shirt! But in the above photo shoot, it was a classic white dress that the photographer thought looked best sans bra. Definitely hard to argue with him, as Clarke flawlessly pulls it off and shows that sexy can sometimes mean keeping it simple.

Like Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire, but for her it was 2015 that she was looking her best. Outside of Westeros, Clarke is appearing in Voice from the Stone and Above Suspicion.

We’re sure movie studios are going to be eager to try and snatch up Clarke once her schedule opens up dramatically after Game of Thrones comes to an end.

5 Miranda Kerr

Via pinterest

You know, I suppose when you’re an international model, you probably get pretty comfortable with wearing minimal amounts of clothing. Kerr became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2007, making her also the first ever Australian to hold the job title.

You also have a profession where people gush over your body online, so I guess that gives you the confidence to step out in the dress above. Call me crazy, but something tells me I wouldn’t look quite so good!

Miranda Kerr wore the above dress to the Magnum Pink and Black Party back in 2015. Something tells us it probably helped her get a lot more invites to their future events!

Kerr had a former prominent relationship with Orlando Bloom, but is currently dating billionaire and Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel.

4 Kendra Wilkinson

Via thefappening

There are a lot of women on here that look like they just left the house and were like “oh shit, no bra!”

For Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett though, it was most definitely an active choice to leave the bra at home when she helped raise support for Amber Rose’s Sl*t Walk (which was on October 1st). When talking to the crowd, Wilkinson-Baskett said “I’m so excited to be here with all you motherf–kers and this beautiful b*tch Amber,” so at least you knew she had a good time!

The walk is aimed at helping combat issues surrounding women’s equality. The crowd was full of supporters who beared signs like “Don’t tell me to cover up, as well as Amber Rose’s that said “F—K Fame. Start Movements.”

Blac Chyna was also present at the event to show her support.

3 Amanda Seyfried

Via thefappening

Now, we need to preface that Amanda Seyfried has come out and said that it was not her lady bits that photographers got a look at, saying on Twitter: “That was not a vagina it was a Cosabella nude, lace thong.”

That didn’t stop the internet from writing about what appeared to be an upskirt moment that Seyfried experienced when doing a photo shoot for Givenchy’s new fragrance. Especially when you consider her tweet only got liked 544 times and retweeted 106 times, which is definitely not enough momentum to stop the internet when they think they’ve discovered a raunchy moment!

One thing that we can definitely discern from the photo is that given that she’s wearing pink, you can imagine it’s a Wednesday!

2 Kaley Cuoco

Via mirror

When you consider that these above photos were taken shortly after Kaley Cuoco became single, you can imagine she had to know how good she looked that night. After all, it’s not often you see women in Hollywood wear their hair up in that style and still get all eyes on them. Granted it definitely didn’t hurt that she chose to leave her bra back home in the closet.

Perhaps she took a cue from her character on The Big Bang Theory who also often conveniently forgets to put one on! Maybe she is just hoping to find the same amount of success in her career that Jennifer Aniston did! But at the very least she landed a higher spot on our list and that has to count for something, right? (…No, not really, but you go Kaley!)

1 Kate Upton and Caroline Wozniacki

Via imgur

How do we not end the list with the two women who not only forgot to wear underwear in public, they forgot to wear shirts! Especially when Kate Upton is one of the biggest models in the world. With over 600 posts and 3.8 million followers on her Instagram account, it’s clear that the world pays attention to whenever Upton posts a new photo.

On the other hand, Caroline Wozniacki is not only gorgeous but one of the best tennis players in the world.

Granted “forgot” is definitely a generous term, as they were both clearly done up with extravagant body paint. The photo shoot was done for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, proving that even the swimsuit part of that is optional.

We can only hope this is a style that the magazine keeps adopting going forward.

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