26 Stars From The "Other" Industry Without Makeup

Do you ever wish you could just make a couple minor adjustments to your face without having to go under the knife? Well, I have the perfect solution for you. For those of you who are not familiar with the “power of makeup,” it’s extraordinary how simple objects like brushes and colored powder can ultimately transform the structure of your face in a matter of minutes.

Makeup is utilized to enhance the features of your face but is also recognized as an art form. It can get very technical, considering that there are certain techniques for brush strokes. Colored substances are brushed across living canvases; a person’s bare face. Take your eyelid, for example, if you apply multiple colors, the colors need to smoothly transition from one color to the next.

The liquid or powdery formulas need to naturally blend in with your face, otherwise, your face can look like a complete blotchy mess. So, don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! Some people are just phenomenally skilled in the art form, to the extent that they can even transform someone’s face and make them look completely unrecognizable. Absurd, right? Here are before and after photos of numerous stars’ makeup transformation from “other” industries. You won’t believe your eyes.


26 Samantha Saint

Who is the pretty bombshell blonde in the photo? Samantha Saint is an extremely popular erotic model and actress with nearly 17 million profile hits. Her channel harbors lots of traffic from visitors, ranking as one of the top 121 channels in the entire world and is one of the top 57 channels in the U.S.

Oh, did I also mention that she was involved in a scandal with the former executive of the one and only Disney company and the chairman of the well known Hollywood entertainment company called Miramax? The former executive and chairman was caught in a leaked dirty film with Saint. Saint informed the public that she was paid to co-star in a sex-tape during the allegations. When the company was informed about their executive’s dirty deeds, he immediately resigned. I’m not done with all the surprises here, take a look at her before and after makeup transformation!

25 Alex Ford


Whoa, am I looking at the same person? Photographed in the corresponding photo is Miss Alexa Ford, an erotic model, and actress in the adult film industry. Would you have guessed that this actress attended a Catholic school back in the day? Wait, there’s more. This star was once a member of the National Honor Grade Society in grade school and previously attended a nursing school.

She was introduced to the adult film industry when she worked as a stripper for bachelor parties and then transitioned to nude modelling. It’s obvious that the makeup has a substantial effect on Alexa’s face. Her skin is more uniform, her eyes pop out with the heavy makeup, and her blemishes have disappeared. Would you attribute this to the “power of makeup?”

24 Larkin Love

This female’s blue hair isn’t the only thing that stands out in the photo, it’s her makeup transformation that catches our eye. Larkin Love previously worked at a computer lab fixing computers. Her career started when she was 20 years old and working at as a stripper. She made her big debut in the adult film industry after nude modelling. Her previous before photo, showing her bare face looks nowhere similar to her after photo.

Her eyes appear to have more of a bold black look and her metallic blue eyeshadow compliments the color of her hair. If Larkin was walking down the street with her bare face, would you even recognize her? Once again, makeup has triumphed in completely transforming people into someone completely different. I’d like to meet her makeup artist.

23 Annika Amour


Who is this burning angel? Her stage name is Annika Amour. She is an actress and nude model and has been in the adult film industry for six years. Under all that makeup, she looks nothing close to the second photo in the makeup transformation. In the before photo, her midnight black hair barely reaches her shoulders. The after photo introduces the element of hair extensions, in addition, the layer of makeup.

Her hair in the after photo appears now to be mid-length and is an electric blue color. She’s hardly even recognizable considering that it seems like her hair grew a good 5 inches and her skin tone is a much lighter color than her natural skin tone. Who knew that you could change the length and color of your hair in a matter of minutes as well?

22 Riley Reid

Do you ever wish your blemishes can just instantly disappear? Riley Reid’s transformation serves as a prime example for eliminating these unwanted features with makeup. Riley Reid is an adult film star and started the lucrative career at the age of nineteen after working as a stripper for a few months. She majored in psychology at a university in Florida and initially aspired to pursue a teaching career.

The transition from becoming a school teacher to an adult star is quite unconventional. In the first photo, you can see the apparent blemishes on her face. The after photo on her right gives you a glimpse of the powerful effects of makeup, eliminating her undesired oily complexion. Her green eyes are more alluring with the dark eyeshadow and her eyebrows appear to be more full and are shaped evenly.

21 Rachel Starr


It is apparent that the adult film industry has certain demands for appearances. The industry prefers made-up and more flawless features versus transparent natural features. Starr started engaging in sexual encounters beginning at the age of thirteen with females. Her first experience with sexual intercourse that was involved with a man happened when she was fourteen. She was then discovered by an actor who recruited her into the industry. Referring to the first photo, without makeup, Rachel’s hair barely goes past her shoulders.

In contrast, the after photos introduce a more fair complexion, even skin tone, dark eyeshadow to increase the intensity of the eyes, and long eyelashes to finish the made-up look. While comparing the before and after photo, her skin tone has drastically changed, transitioning originally and naturally to from a light tone to a darker tone. It is apparent that lip gloss was applied to her lips to provide an effect of enlarged lips.

20 Nikki Benz

Prior to Nikki Benz’s career in the industry, she worked as a swimsuit model and stripper. How was she introduced to the field? Well, she actually personally emailed her an adult director to jumpstart her career. Referring to the first photo in the left corner, we see Nikki’s pre-stage look. Her face is completely bare and her eyebrows are somewhat sparse. While looking at the photos start from the left, the middle, and to the right, we can see the transformation step by step.

With the wave of magic from the makeup brush wand, we can see her unbelievable transformation. In the second photo, her eyebrows are fully filled in and shaped evenly, her lips appear to be fuller considering that they are now covered with a shade of pink lip gloss, and she has elongated eyelashes that were not as apparent as before. In addition, her facial skin tone is more even throughout the entire surface of her face, and her cheekbones also look more rosy and sculpted.


19 Misty Stone


Misty stone is a brown eyed beauty with luxurious locks of curly hair. As an adult star and nude model, it is expected that she would apply an abundant amount of makeup to meet the industry’s standards. She started her career in the industry at the young age of 20 and has started in more than 300 films. She is also recognized as the “Halle Berry” of the industry. Let’s compare the before and after photos side-by-side. In the before photo, her face is completely naked and natural.

She appears to have darkened areas under her eyes and her skin tone is not uniform: there are various darkened areas and lighter ones. In contrast, after applying a full face of makeup, we can see she looks nothing like she did before in the first photo. The after photo displays the makeup artist’s exemplary skills, implementing a touch of pink on her cheekbones to appear as if she has natural blush, fully shaded and shaped eyebrows, brown and metallic hues of eyeshadow to make her eyes pop, long eyelashes, and lips covered in gloss to make her lips bigger.

18 Sarah Peachez

Sarah seems more peachy in the second photo right? Sarah Peachez started as an actor in the adult film industry as the age of sixteen years old. In the first photo in the left corner, Sarah’s hair is untamed and there appears to be a bit on the frizzy side. Her skin appears to have blemishes here and there. She possesses a set of eye bags and sparse eyelashes. Now let's compare the after photo. Obviously, her makeup artist is quite skilled in refining the features of her face.

Her eyebrows initially in the first photo were extremely sharp, whereas in the second photo her eyebrows have softer edges and curves. In addition, her overall skin tone in the before photo was more of a pinkish red tone. We could see she was experiencing some forms of acne prior as well. Her made-up face exposes a lighter skin tone, sculpted cheekbones, dark eyeshadow to that create a sharp effect around her eyes, eyelashes, and voluptuous curly blonde hair.

17 Anikka Albrite


Can you guess this stars previous occupation? Let me guess, stripper? Anikka Albrite does not fit the typical early career of a star; she did not start out her career as a stripper. Anikka actually was a former lab technician who double-majored in molecular biology and business. Shocker, right? Who would have guessed? Anikka in the before photo, which is in the top right corner, shows her bare and natural face. Her hair looks unkempt and you can see she has some blemishes scattered throughout her face.

Once the makeup artists work their magic, she looks completely different! Her long blonde hair is now arranged into beachy and wavy curls. Her dark smokey and shimmery eyeshadow gives her more of a bold look, sharpening the features of her eyes. In addition, her skin appears to be blemish free. How in the world did she make her blemishes disappear? With the help of foundation!

16 Nikki Hearts

Nikki Hearts is an adult film star and the owner of a queer production company. Her before photo displays her natural features which include her sparse eyebrows. Her short hair is swept to the side in the before photo. After a few touch ups, such as eyebrow powder, foundation, brown hues of eyeshadow, and lip gloss, Nikki has transformed into a different person. Her makeup transformation clearly gives her a more alluring and bold look, and also seems to expose her sensual side as she proceeds to pose for the camera.

Even in a matter of minutes, her eyebrows are more full, thick and alluring. Her skin tone is more even and seems to be a lot lighter than her natural skin tone, eliminating her natural rosy complexion. The lip gloss has provided an enhanced effect on her lips, and her hair is brushed towards the front of her face. Does makeup provide the same effect on your confidence levels? It seems to have brought out a different side of Nikki versus her demeanor in the photo with her natural complexion.

15 Karmin Karma


The stunning pink haired adult actress is known as Karmin Karma in the adult film industry. Karmin grew up in a small town in Michigan. She experiences her first sexual encounter at the young age of fourteen. Can you guess her first job? You would assume it would be somewhere along the lines of the adult film industry, but her first job actually was with Subway. Her career in the industry skyrocketed after she worked as a webcam girl and stripper.

Comparing the image on the top right to the image furthest to the left and the second image on the bottom right, Karmin looks like a completely different person. Before the full face of makeup and hair extensions, Karmin appears to have some acne, freckles, and darker areas under her eyes. In a matter of minutes, Karmin’s transformation can be attributed to her false eyelashes, pink hair extensions that have drastically increase the length of her former shoulder length hair, foundation to even out her skin tone, dark smokey eye shadow to accentuate her eyes, and styled pink hair. Her new look is drastically different from her natural look, and if it was not for the bold pink hair, we would probably have a hard time identifying whether the person in the before and after photos are the same individual.

14 Penny Pax

You wouldn't expect the female in the upper left image to be involved in the "dirty" film industry. She appears to have an innocent demeanor. While smiling for the camera, you can help to notice she has beautiful blue eyes. Without makeup, her eyebrows appear to be a little sparse and her blonde hair barely goes past her shoulders. Now let's introduce the transformation photos. Do not let her innocent looking face deceit you, she is actually a well-known actress and model named Penny Pax.

She was formerly a lifeguard for five years at a hotel in Vegas. After Penny’s makeup session, you can see that she does not appear to be the innocent looking Penny no longer. She appears to possess a more enticing look with her bold sharp eyeliner that brings out her blue eyes, her hair is styled in luscious curls, her skin tone is more uniform and even in color, and her bold lipstick that shouts for attention. In addition, it appears the makeup has added a couple years to her age, considering that she appears a lot older with a full set of makeup.

13 Zarina Summers


Once again, do not be fooled by the innocent face displayed in the upper left image of the entire photo. Zarina Summers is a brown doe-eyed brunette with an innocent smirk in the upper left photo. After her makeup session, she has completely transformed into a vixen. Her natural face appears to possess a false innocence, but her makeup transformation has instilled a higher level of confidence within her.

She begins to start showcasing her sensuality by posing the following three photos. Her dark eye circles have disappeared in a matter of minutes, her black smokey eye shadow draws more attention towards her eyes, her lips have been finished with a pink gloss, and her overall skin tones appears to be a lot lighter. Summers appeared in 38 films but retired in 2014.

12 Proxy Paige

Proxy Paige is an adult film star who first started working in an adult film shop, and after acquiring some experience in the industry she started to star in films. Refer to the before photo on the top right corner, she appears to look innocent at first sight, with her two colorful ponytails, bare naked face, gaping smile, and pink beanie.

Once Proxy is covered in a full face of makeup, she looks a lot older than she does with her natural look. Crazy how makeup can add years to your face, right? Prior to the transformation, Proxy had barely visible eyelashes and sparse eyebrows. With the help of dark hues of eyeshadow, falsies, and brushes, she was able to transform remarkably. Her eyelashes are noticeably longer now, her eyebrows are shaped evenly, her smokey eye provides a bold effect, and her hair is arranged into a messy bun.

11 Kristina Rose


It is completely unbelievable how much this star has transformed with the power of makeup. Her made-up face is barely even recognizable. The following star is Kristina Rose. We are humans and we all have our perfect imperfections. In the photo furthest to the left, we can see that Kristina’s natural skin bears some acne problems and blemishes.

Her eyebrows are somewhat thin and her hair is lazily tied up in a bun. Once again, makeup has done its magic, sculpting Kristina’s face into someone completely unrecognizable. Her eyes seem a lot bigger with the help of black eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow, her complexion is completely free of blemishes and acne, her skin now is evenly toned, her cheeks are rosier, and her lips are glossy to provide a fuller effect.

10 Kiera King

Some people might have a hard time identifying whether the person in the left photo is the same person in the right photo. Shown in the photos above is actress Keira King. Her before photos shows her naked face and unkempt brunette hair. Before you know it, makeup has completely transformed Keira King and has granted her flawless features.

In the after photo, her hair is straightened, her eyelashes are elongated, her skin is free of the blemishes that previously appeared in the before photo, her eyebrows are thicker, and her lips possess a fuller effect after applying lip gloss. Clearly, makeup can eliminate unwanted features and enhance the desired ones. It is apparent that the adult film industry has certain expectations of the actresses appearance, and makeup helps her successfully uphold these expectations.

9 Jessica Mor


The scarlet haired female above is Jessica Mor and you may be ecstatic that she is an adult film star. The top right corner photo captures a natural photo of her without makeup. If you refer to the remaining photos, you can compare the differences in her before and after photos. Her makeup transformation has extremely sculpted her face, adding desired features to uphold the industry’s expectations.

She happens to have eye bags in the photo with her natural face, and some concealer has succeeded in eliminating them. In addition, her lips in the natural photo appear to be vaguely shaped, but lip gloss has provided a sculpted effect of distinctly shaped lips. Prior, her eyelashes were barely noticeable in the first photo, but the fake eyelashes definitely helped with that cause. Her eyeshadow, in combination with her long eyelashes, has aided in making her blue eyes stand out. Her hair has also been straightened and styled as well.

8 Ava Adams

Ava Adams entered the adult film industry after working with Playboy and as a fetish model. Clearly, you can see the apparent differences between her before and after photo. Makeup truly does wonders. Makeup has appeared to subtract a couple years off of Ava’s face. It's clear her look was produced by a remarkably skilled makeup artist. Initially, Ava looks a bit exhausted in her natural photo, considering that her dark eye circles add that effect.

With a touch of concealer, her dark circles have instantly disappeared. Poof! Her eyebrows initially were thin and sparse, but eyebrow gel and powder has given her face more structure, providing Ava with more thick eyebrows. Moreover, her purple metallic eyeshadow has enhanced her eyes, making them look a little bigger. Her complexion is a lot fairer considering that her blemishes have vanished with the help of foundation.

7 Katja Kassin


Katja Kassin’s natural look is captured in the top left corner of the entire image. Her bare-faced look is completely different from her made-up look. Initially, her eyebrows are somewhat thin and sparse, her skin tone is uneven, and she does happen to have some blemishes. After her makeup session, these undesired features have completely disappeared.

Instead, she now has fuller eyebrows, a uniform complexion, fuller eyes with bronze and gold eyeshadow, her cheekbones are more prominent with the help of bronzer, and her lips appear to be more fuller with the help of lip gloss. Prior to her session, Katja did not seem to have full eyelashes, but after applying false eyelashes, she now has thicker and fuller eyelashes.

6 Celeste Star

Celeste Star’s transformation is truly incredible. Her makeup artist must have been extremely skilled considering that her transformation has taken at least a couple years off her face. Celeste star was formerly a cheerleader in high school. Thereafter, she entered into the adult film industry.

It is apparent that these actresses must uphold the standards of the industry by adjusting their appearances. Celeste initially has thin sparse eyebrows and very little eyelashes. With a couple adjustments, her makeup artist has successfully assembled a flawless appearance. Her eyebrows are now full and thick, her eyes are more captivating with the aid of eyeliner, the purple eyeshadow compliments her blue eyes, and her lips have been touched up with a light pink gloss.

5 Brenda Moreno 


Let’s take a look at our next shocking transformation. Next up, we have Brenda Moreno, an exotic dancer and adult film actress. Can you guess what she did before her career in the adult industry? Moreno used to work at a cafe and was also a door-to-doors salesperson. She then transitioned into the adult film industry after working as a stripper. She definitely looks unrecognizable after her makeover.

Initially, her natural face possesses features such as scanty eyebrows, a few wrinkles, and acne. With the assistance of makeup, her wrinkles have suddenly vanished, her acne no longer exists, her eyebrows are more thick and full, her eyelashes are longer, her hair is styled in voluminous curls, and she has accessories to compliment her frame. Her transition is remarkable, considering that she does not look like the same person in the first photo.

4 Draven Star

The female in the photo is an actress who goes by the name of Draven Star. Watch her quickly transform with the art of makeup. In her natural photo, before all the glam, she appears to have dark areas under her eyes, thin eyebrows, and ungroomed hair. Once again, the makeup artist has demonstrated her mastery on Draven’s natural face.

After a few touch ups here and there, Draven’s features have been enhanced to the extent that she does not look like the same person in the first photo. In the second photo, which portrays the transformation, her eyebrows are fuller and thick, her purple smokey eyeshadow creates an illusion of larger eyes and compliments her blue colored eyes, her face tone is completely even, and her hair is arranged neatly.

3 Veruca James


The film star photographed above is known as Veruca James. Veruca clearly has undergone a transformation that has yielded a flawless look. Veruca’s natural appearance shows a naked bare face with freckles, little eye bags, and untamed hair. The magic all happens when the makeup brushes are brought out to alter her look.

Once she has applied a full face of makeup prior to her set, you can see that she appears to be more enticing and confident. As she poses for the camera, you cannot help but notice that there are several features on her face that have changed. Her once sparse eyelashes are fuller and longer, thanks to eyelash extensions. In addition, her freckles have disappeared from her face. The eyeliner has also produced an illusion of larger eyes.

2 Jennifer White

Jennifer White has experienced drastic changes to her face after beauty makeover. Jennifer White is also an adult film star who must adhere to the industry’s standards in obtaining a flawless appearance. Jennifer naturally does not have thick eyebrows, rather they appear to be thin. Moreover, she does have untamed hair in the first photo with her natural look. She also appears to have minor bags beneath her eyes.

Within minutes, her face has completely been altered in the second look. Her eyebrows are now thicker, her skin tone is a bit darker and more even in tone, her smokey dark eyeshadow has created an impression of larger eyes, and her lips are exaggerated with light pink lip gloss. Clearly, these examples have shown the impact that makeup, in combination with hair styling, has on changing a person’s overall look.

1 Sophie Dee

This blue eyed and dark haired female is Sophie Dee who works as an exotic dancer and adult film actress. Watch her face undergo a drastic transformation with the magic touch of makeup. Initially, her natural face does possess some dullness, her overall skin tone is a fair rosy pink, and her hair is styled straight.

Poof! Her eyes are magically larger, her eyelashes are full and thick, her bronze eyeshadow calls for more attention to her eyes, her overall skin tone is even and slightly darker than her natural tone, her lips have been covered in lip gloss for an enhanced look, and her hair now has voluminous curls. The person in the after photo looks completely different from the person in the before photo. The power of makeup never ceases to amaze us.

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