22 Photos Proving Why Kendall Jenner Has 80M Instagram Followers

Instagram is a great place to be if you like looking at or posting pictures of cats, second-hand copies of Harry Potter books, and various avocado-themed culinary creations. I know it feels like Instagram has been around for centuries, but the site first launched in 2010. Today, it boasts over 500 million active users worldwide, who have collectively posted more than 40 million photos in total while adding another 95 million every day.

Despite this, the average Instagram user has less than 400 followers, a number which becomes all the more shocking when you consider the staggering number of followers the assorted members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have. Take, for example, Kendall Jenner. The 21-year-old model and socialite boasts a total of 80.6 million followers on Instagram. That’s almost one-fifth of the total users of the site.

So how did Jenner amass such a large following of followers? Well, her television fame certainly helped, but it is the pictures she posts that are primarily to blame for people flocking to her account in such great numbers. Jenner often shares snaps of her elaborate home and various tropical vacations, allowing her followers to live vicariously through her. She also posts a great deal of bikini selfies and images from photo shoots, which presumably accounts for the majority of her male following.

Reading about the treasures of Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account is all well and good, but if you are to fully understand its glory, you must see some of her posts with your own two eyes.

Here are hottest photos that prove why Kendall Jenner has 80 million Instagram followers.


22 Goddess Of The Sun

Nothing may make you more excited for summer than getting to look at a bikini-clad Kendall Jenner.

Jenner posted this picture to Instagram more than a year ago, but its age does not make it any less appealing. In it, we see the Instagram queen resting on the sun-baked ground of what I’m guessing is a California home. Her orange bikini just barely covers her breasts and is held in place by some loosely tied strings.

Her body and hair are dripping wet, suggesting she has either just gotten out of a swimming pool or is a particularly sweaty woman (I like to think it’s the first one). The star plays with her jewelry as it dangles from her neck proving she doesn't have to look at the camera to look good.

21 Simple


This picture is fairly simple and straightforward, but it shows everything – or, at least, almost everything – that you want to see.

In it, we are shown Kendall Jenner, who is, unlike in most of her other photo shoots, backed by no expensive props or elaborate sets or fancy costumes. The star stands alone before the camera, clad in a plain black swimsuit that you could probably purchase yourself for less than $20. Her hair, which is usually expertly styled, jolts out from all directions, making it look as though she has just woken up after an hour of sleeping on the beach.

Clutching the hem of her attire and pulling it upwards, Jenner reveals her tanned waist, the meeting point of her toned torso and her hips.

20 Vintage

When Kendall Jenner posted this picture to her Instagram account a couple of months back, she joked that she was channeling “vintage Paris Hilton”. Of course, those who are familiar with Hilton and her life back in the 00s didn’t need Jenner’s Instagram post to notice that there were some similarities between her dress here and the dress which Hilton wore to her 21st birthday bash.

Kendall Jenner wore a replica of Hilton’s 21st birthday dress – a sparkling silver number which hangs from the breasts and comes to rest well above the knee – to her own 21st birthday party in New York City last year.

It should be noted that Kendall’s choice of dress, while a conscious imitation of Paris Hilton, was not a knock on her fellow socialite, but rather an attempt to honor her.

19 Bumbling


Thanks to her celebrity status and ridiculously high following on Instagram, Kendall Jenner is often offered absurd amounts of money to promote various websites, products, and apps by “naturally” making reference to them in her posts. An example can be seen here, in this picture promoting the dating app Bumble.

Jenner posted this perfectly posed picture to her Instagram account last month to inform friends that she was having “so much fun” at a party organized by Bumble. While your eyes will initially be fixed on Jenner’s tanned body, red lips, and white teeth, they will eventually drift to the massive Bumble logo cleverly positioned beside her, placing the brand in your not-so-subconscious.

Jenner is an unlikely spokesperson for an app such as Bumble as there is little chance somebody like her would experience any difficulty trying to find a date.

18 Top Of The Shop

This picture was posted to Kendall Jenner's Instagram account last year and provided her followers with a sneak peek of an upcoming release courtesy of the Kendall + Kylie clothing line. But we're sure you're even happier about the sneak peek at Kendall!

The bathing suit, which was released in conjunction with Top Shop, is minimal in both its design and the coverage it provides. It's almost entirely plain white fabric covers only the parts of the body which must be covered by law, although you’d have trouble finding a police officer willing to arrest a naked Kendall Jenner.

Jenner’s legs are covered in sand while the rest of her body is engulfed by the light of the sun, which shines down upon her with the enthusiasm of the camera of a paparazzo.

17 La Perla


Kendall Jenner has been working extensively with the Italian brand La Perla and recently stripped down to her underwear for the racy photo shoot in which she promoted the company’s pre-fall 2017 lingerie campaign (that’s how the fashion world describes it but isn't pre-fall just summer?).

This image, shared by Jenner two weeks ago, shows her as she arrives at an event organized by La Perla at the Met in New York City. The star is seen looking slightly more elegant than she does in her recent lingerie photo shoots. She is decked out in a multi-thousand dollar gown, which offers the paparazzi a clear view of her flawless back and a blurred view of her equally flawless legs. Her makeup, as always, is perfect and there is not a single hair on her head that is out of place.

16 Dandelioness

In this picture, we are granted the wonderful view of Kendall Jenner standing among a thick gathering of dandelions. Actually, I’ll be honest, my botanical knowledge is not now, nor has it ever been, extensive. I’m not entirely sure if the flowers she is standing among are, in fact, dandelions; but if you’re getting worked up over my possibly inaccurate labeling of some flowers in an image which shows a supermodel in a tight bathing suit, you really need to reset your priorities.

The aforementioned tight bathing suit featured in this picture hugs Jenner’s body so closely that we can see a perfect outline of her perky breasts. Jenner’s usually perfect hair is rather unkempt here and is blown into her face by the wind. The sky above is awash with dark clouds, suggesting a hard rain is about to fall. It’s difficult to say why Jenner thought this day would be a good one to wear a bathing suit, but let’s just be glad she did.


15 Fashionable Exit


If you ever want tips on how to make a fashionable exit, you should consult Kendall Jenner. Of course, that might not be so easy as she’s notoriously difficult to track down.

In this image, Jenner is shown making one of those aforementioned fashionable exits, looking just as fashionable, if not more fashionable, than usual. The star is clad in a flowing dress which trails behind her yet provides little, if any, coverage in the front. The dress exposes a portion of her cleavage to the paparazzi, who illuminate it with their cameras.

She refuses to look up at those around her, presumably a combination of a desire to maintain some sort mystique and the necessity to watch where she is going so she doesn’t fall over!

14 Keeping Watch

Daniel Wellington is a manufacturer of wristwatches which preys on the human race’s love of nostalgia to sell “timeless and elegant” watches to people who are willing to spend several hundred dollars to know the time.

In an attempt to capture the attention of millennials – who are a bunch of perpetual non-watch wearers – Daniel Wellington enlisted the help of Kendall Jenner, who has used pictures such as this one to spread brand awareness.

In this image, Jenner is shown with bright red lips and an equally red jumper, semi-formal wear for what looks to be a semi-formal dinner party. She rests her gorgeous head in her hand, a clever trick to bring attention to the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch that is stationed on her wrist

13 Retro


Anybody who is familiar with Kendall Jenner's Instagram posts knows that she loves any camera filter which can make her images look like something out of old Hollywood. It seems the star wishes for a simpler time, without internet, television, or any of the other things that have helped her become a celebrity.

In this black and white selfie taken with a camera that looks very old but is almost certainly connected to wi-fi, Jenner is clad in a black bikini, which covers the bare minimum of her body and gives us a wonderful view of her hourglass figure. Her snow white skin, enhanced by the retro filter, provides a stark contrast to her dark underwear.

“cool [sic]” wrote Jenner in the caption which accompanied this picture, “now i [also sic] need a vaca [sic again].”

12 Toned Down

We are used to seeing Kendall Jenner in extravagant, oftentimes bold, outfits which have the potential to both innovate and destroy contemporary fashion. In this image, however, we see a different side of the reality television star.

This picture of Jenner was taken at one of the many Victoria’s Secret sponsored events she has been a part of and shows a toned down version of the Angel. Rather than an outrageous latex outfit or a skimpy strapless bikini, she is wearing a silk gown which clings to her body without drawing attention to it.

Her makeup, while flawless, is a great deal more natural than the fiery red lips and smoky eyes she has helped popularize and proves that you don’t have to be over the top to be beautiful.

11 Winging It


This picture was taken several hours before the picture we just looked at and shows Kendall Jenner in full costume as part of a Victoria’s Secret’s runway show last December. The outfit seems to fit Jenner’s personality perfectly; fiery yet calming, sinful yet spiritual, hot yet classy.

Jenner actually received a lot of criticism from long-time fans of Victoria’s Secret due to her underwhelming performance on the runway. Many critics bemoaned the fact that she was given a spot on the show despite her minimal modelling experience while more dedicated models were glossed over. One particularly unhappy Victoria’s Secret fan declared that Jenner “can’t walk for s**t”.

While, admittedly, Kendall Jenner isn’t the greatest runway talent, she really doesn’t have to walk at all while wearing that outfit. She could just stand there and we’d happily come to her.

10 All Wrapped Up

With this picture, we’re going to an issue from Vogue Deutschland. In the photo shoot published in the magazine, it shows Kendall Jenner all wrapped up for one of those notoriously harsh German winters. Only she’s not all wrapped up.

Jenner has somehow managed to find a way to cover herself in a heavy winter jacket and thick turtleneck sweater while still showing off her breasts and thighs. Her hands, which rest on her legs, are protected from frostbite by a pair of shining leather gloves while her hair sits perfectly slicked back upon her head.

Kendall’s makeup in this photo is particularly impressive, with her black lips looking absolutely irresistible. Her smoky eyeshadow works wonderfully with her naturally seductive eyes, while her contouring draws attention to her inexplicably under-appreciated cheekbones.

9 Cruisin’


In this image, we see Kendall Jenner making, as she called it, a “pit stop”.

The reality television star is shown in the front seat of a classic car, with one hand firmly gripping the wheel while the other hangs over the red and white leather of her chair.

Although she is indoors, where most people don’t do their driving, Jenner shields her eyes with a pair of sunglasses, which probably aren’t necessary but look incredibly good on her. Her legs are covered by a pair of rolled-up jeans while a black crop top exposes her toned abdomen.

It is unclear if Jenner actually owns this car or if she purchased it after taking it for a test drive. If neither is the case, I’m sure the vehicle’s actual owner won’t have any trouble selling it now that Kendall Jenner has been pictured sitting in it.

8 Ballet

When Vogue España published a ballet-themed photo shoot featuring Kendall Jenner, Jenner found herself on the receiving end of criticism by dance industry professionals who claimed that she was making a mockery of their passion by turning it into a vehicle for her semi-raunchy photos. While you can see where they were coming from, it’s kind of hard to take their side when you see how amazing Jenner looks in ballet gear.

This image, taken from Kendall’s Vogue España photo shoot and posted to her Instagram account last year, shows her clad in a tight black leotard that hugs her body.

7 Ghost Rider


One of the great things about having an almost endless supply of money is that you can indulge yourself in your interests and surround yourself with everything you are passionate about. For Kendall Jenner, that means horses. Lots and lots of horses.

The reality television star has made no secret of her love of horses in the past, but she has confused both her fans and critics in the manner in which she has chosen to express that love.

Take, for example, this image, which Jenner shared on her Instagram account a couple of months back. It shows her standing atop a horse - which she described as her “spirit animal” – while decked out in an expensive looking red dress and long, dangling earrings. Let’s just be happy she left her high heels at home.

6 DropOne

Say what you want about Kendall Jenner, her work ethic is undeniably admirable. If I had the fortune of the Kardashian-Jenner family to fall back on, I don’t think I’d ever get out of bed again (except, of course, to refill my golden chalice with champagne). Jenner, however, has found the motivation to embark on several business ventures, including a clothing line with her sister, Kylie.

In this picture, posted to Kendall’s Instagram a little under four months ago, the fashionista is shown posing nonchalantly in a garden chair, decked out in clothes from Kendall + Kylie’s impending DropOne line.

Jenner’s tight white top is designed to bring immediate attention to the cleavage while covering it entirely, which it does and then some. On her legs, which are spread like those of a narcissist on the subway, she wears a pair of three-quarter length slacks.

5 Tea Time


When Kendall Jenner posted this photo to Instagram, she captioned it “tea time”. So what does tea time consist of when you’re a world-famous lingerie model, reality television star, and general celebrity? Well, rather than scones and crumpets and the other delightful baked goods commonly associated with it, tea time for Kendall Jenner seems to be a lone bottle of water.

While the thought of a single bottle of water in the place of junk food is certainly less than thrilling, it can be extremely beneficial, as is proven by the jaw-dropping figure which Jenner proudly flaunts in this image. Between sips of her water, she talks with a friend on the phone, her lips captured in a smile by the photographer.

Jenner’s beauty in this picture - and indeed every picture she is in – comes as a stark contrast to the damp, withered wall we can see in the background.

4 The Kind I’d Like To Met

The Met is just a magical place, it really is. And it becomes all the more magical when you place Kendall Jenner outside of it, as is proven by this picture.

A grateful Jenner posted this image to her Instagram account last year, thanking those who helped make her trip to the Met so memorable. Of course, those people probably should have been thanking her.

Because the Met is such an iconic venue, when you go there, you had better be dressed in your absolute best clothes, which Jenner certainly was. Here, she is shown wearing a jaw-dropping white and blue ball gown which features more than a few gaps through which the wind and our eyes can reach her perfect body. Jenner, in full control, focuses her gaze on something beyond the camera, creating an illusion of disinterest which only serves to make her more appealing.

3 Kocktails With Snoop


The Kardashians and the Jenners are the cornerstones of contemporary Hollywood, so it’s almost impossible to go a day without seeing some story about them in the news. For a while now, news outlets have been reporting that there is significant tension between the two sides, but that didn’t stop Kendall Jenner from appearing on her half-sister’s recently canceled (praise the Lord) show Kocktails With Khloé.

This picture, taken from the set of her sister’s ill-fated talk show, shows Kendall Jenner with rap legend Snoop Dogg. Now, Snoop is a larger than life character and it's pretty difficult to take the spotlight from him when you appear by his side, but Kendall managed to do it through a combination of her bright red lipstick, velvet choker, piercing eyes, and natural on-screen energy.

2 All Grown Up

The vast majority of the images which Kendall Jenner shares via Instagram are not professional shots or stills from fashion shows, although she looks so good in them all that it would be easy to believe otherwise.

This image is one of the few exceptions to the rule and shows Jenner proudly standing on a runway with one hand fixed upon her hip and her assets pouring out of green lace lingerie.

This picture was taken over a year ago, well before Jenner’s 21st birthday (which we also talk about). However, like most members of her family, she came into her body at an early age and it's pretty difficult to think of a time when she did not look like a 28-year-old glamor model.

1 Still All Grown Up


This picture was taken on the same night as another photo on our list and again shows a confident Kendall Jenner proudly standing on the runway having finally achieved her dream of modeling for Victoria’s Secret.

Jenner grins from ear to ear as she sways her blue and red dress from side to side. The top half of her body is elaborately decorated with shining jewelry, with a series of necklaces resting on her chest while two tennis racket-esque earrings hang from either side of her head.

Kendall’s inability to nail that traditional model walk resulted in a lot of criticism coming her way, but she also received a great deal of support from industry insiders thanks to her enthusiasm and the level of interest which she created in the brand’s products.

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