21Jessica - Messy Momma

Jessica, pictured here around 2013 with baby Maxwell Drew, has definitely seen better days. Maxwell looks like a healthy baby while in contrast, Jessica looks exhausted and totally disorganized. Now being a new mom is no picnic and can certainly take a toll on the sleep schedule, so we're not

trying to pick on Jessica too much here. It's just that the girl has her own personal glam squad and enough money to employ an army of nannies and au pairs to be with her and the baby round the clock. Maybe she was just trying to spend as much time with her baby as possible instead of pawning her off on a nanny, which is commendable. But people can be harsh when they see this pic of the former Dukes of Hazard remake star. We can't even repeat the words that were originally tagged to this photo when we found it. Ouch.

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