21 Photos Ariel Winter's Parents Want To Forget

It's no secret that Ariel Winter and her mother, Chrisoula (aka Crystal, aka Chrystal) Workman have a difficult and tumultuous relationship. Ever since their family drama painfully erupted in a lengthy court battle and Mama Workman permanently lost custody of then 14-year-old Ariel, she claims to have cut all ties to her mother. Raised instead by her older sister, Shanelle Gray, Ariel has kept in contact with her father, Glenn Workman who is divorced from her mother. But family drama is nothing new and at the deepest cores of their hearts, parents still want the best for their children and cringe without hesitation if they see their darling baby daughter's bare bottom exposed for the whole world to see.

Ariel's character on Modern Family, Alex Dunphy, on the other hand, is a parent's dream come true. She's smart, funny, adorable and loaded with morals. She loves to wear conservative clothes and the body part she is most interested in is her brain. Scrolling through Ariel's Instagram account, Alex seems to her complete opposite. Ariel's clothes seem to get smaller and skimpier as time goes on and her habit for partying gets bigger and bolder... definitely not every parent's dream come true. Here are fifteen photos that Ariel's parents would love to forget.


23 No More Sugar And Spice

This image is not what most parents envision when thinking of their adorable little girl growing up. In all fairness, Ariel was in full costume for her movie, Dog Years when this photo was taken but fake tattoos aside, this isn't too far off the mark for how she usually dresses. Ariel has her own personal collection of tattoos, loves anything short and skimpy and gives zero cares as to what the majority of the population thinks, much like her character, Lil, opposite Burt Reynolds in the movie. The director for Dog Years said that he wrote Reynolds' part with him in mind and if he had declined the role, the movie wouldn't have been made. I'm sure that many young actresses would have jumped at the chance to play Lil but it seems that the director had Ariel in mind for this exact role since the two are so alike.

22 From Bookish Baby To Biker Babe


Sweet little Alex Dunphy would never be caught dead in jeans that happened to be ripped in a very provocative place, let alone squeezed onto the back of a motorcycle. But then again this isn't sweet little Alex Dunphy and Ariel Winter is sure doing everything she can to make that point abundantly clear. Maybe she is wanting to send Hollywood a message and break away from the goody-two-shoes mold before it is too late and she is forced to join a whole host of regretful actors on Typecast Island. Luckily for her, roles like Lil in Dog Years and maybe even her part as Dora The Explorer in the skit she did for College Humor are helping to make sure the message is received loud and clear by all. In any case, parents really don't want to see photos of their daughter partying or whatever she is doing on the back of a motorcycle.

21 Bunny Ambition?

Do you think that Ariel's pose, coy smile and choice of outfit, in particular, might be sending a message to a certain magazine publisher? We're not sure because of course, this might be as simple as an easy Halloween costume to throw together but you've got to admit that with all of Ariel's racy Instagram content and controversial outfits lately, wanting to pose in Playboy wouldn't be too far off of the mark. It's not that Ariel needs the boost in fame because she certainly seems to be getting plenty of attention lately but it also doesn't seem like something she would hesitate to do. Mr. Hefner, do you copy? Message received? If it is, we're certain Ariel's parents would like to destroy that message.

20 Cutting Off Her Innocence


Just like these denim cutoffs that were hacked off almost at pocket level, Ariel is effectively (and by all accounts, quite happily) cutting off her ties to her youthful innocence. In fact, Kim Kardashian West recently sent Ariel roses, thanking her for standing up to Chloë Grace Moretz in a body-shaming Twitter feud. Solidarity sisters?

"Everybody is so hyped up on the fact that I post photos where my butt's out. It's a butt. Everyone has a butt," Ariel said in an interview. "It's like, 'Let me live! I'm enjoying my life, you're enjoying your life, you should be posting your butt if you like it, too!'"

Thanks for the tip, Ariel. We doubt that many will take her advice because liking a body part does not have to equal posting it online for all to see but the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless!

19 Cheeky Secrets In The Sand

If Ariel, in a skimpy Princess Leia-ish white bikini with gold chain accents, thought that writing her name along with then-boyfriend, Laurent Gaudette's name in the soft white sand in the Bahamas would keep them together, she was wrong but it looks like she had a fun trip in paradise anyway. Laurent carried a camera with him on the beach and took several photos of Ariel as she crawled around on the beach on all fours. (Yes, we can actually hear her father audibly groan in agony when he sees this photo.) Ariel was named after The Little Mermaid and it looks like she was paying homage to her namesake with her long red hair but that fact doesn't make this pic more PG.

18 Pink Hair, Dressed Almost Bare, Don't Care


This sexually charged pic is something straight out of every father's worst nightmare. In typical Ariel fashion, her ripped shirt exposes plenty and her super short denim cutoffs leave little to the imagination. Her long dip dyed pink hair, heavy makeup and long black fingernails makes a statement. What that statement is exactly, we're not quite sure. See the cutesy little pink bunny keychain clipped to the belt loop of her shorts? We are theorizing it's either 1) a playful sayonara to her childhood, 2) an attempt to bring a more PG rating to her outfit (nice try) or 3) something that she saw Kylie Jenner do. She does seem to be doing an awful lot of Kylie-esque moves lately. Your thoughts?

17 Kopying Kylie

Kylie Jenner has made it publicly known that she believes that Ariel is stealing her look, which by the way, Kylie is extremely proud of in case you didn't know. Kylie posted a semi-similar pic of herself in a black bikini near the edge of crystal blue water and almost immediately, the comments about Ariel copying Kylie began, from fans and Kylie herself. It's not just this photo in particular, there are several instances of the two celebs looking mighty similar. While it might seem like Ariel is being a copycat, it's important to consider that celebrities are often on crystal-clear beaches since they can afford to vacation when and where they want and they also have access to unlimited wardrobe options so that makes the chances of similar looks occurring greater. On the other hand, maybe it's true though Ariel definitely has talent for days over Kylie. There are worse things than having a SAG Award nominee copy your style.


16 A Wild Night Of Regrets


Or maybe not. But surely Ariel's parents regret the moment they laid eyes on this photo because if any parent could, they would go back in time and erase this image from their minds and perhaps from ever happening altogether. But time machines do not exist and sure enough, that is little sweet Ariel Winter all dressed up for her role as Lil in the movie, Dog Years but the cameras were not rolling for the movie, only to capture this raunchy moment in history. This tattooed gal doesn't seem like the best choice in role models from first glance... from a parent's point of view. Maybe Ariel's parents can console themselves with the comforting thought that their daughter is a dedicated and talented actress who delved into her character. If only.

15 Public Display Of Affection And Near-Nudity

It doesn't matter how well your grown child is doing, how successful they are or how bright their future is. No parent wants to see this; a man wrapped around their teenage daughter (she is currently 19) who is hardly dressed in much more than boy shorts and a half shirt that lost a fight to a paper shredder. This photo is a part of a pool side photoshoot revolving around Ariel during her pink hair phase. Parents of Hollywood celebs know that sexy photoshoots are just par for the course in the biz but the fact that Ariel's boyfriend, Levi Meaden (star of Pacific Rim) got into the mix with his arms coiled around her has to be unnerving to the Workmans. Seductively kissing her cheek is just the icing on the cake... if that cake were baked in hell.

14 Attention All Gentleman Club Goers


Attention, males in the club! TV star Ariel Winter is puckered up on the dance floor and is posing as if she is about to kiss another girl because as you all know, there is nothing more than guys like to see in a club that two girls posing as if they are about to kiss. Ariel looks adorable with hair in french braids and pretty make-up on but what does not look adorable, especially to her parents is seeing her in situation where it looks like she is desperate for male attention. As you can see from the two leering men behind Ariel who seem all too happy about the situation, it seems to have worked just fine.


12 Coming Up Short


My, that certainly is a short dress. Or a long T-shirt. Ariel shows her wild side with this pose, going for a sexy over-the-shoulder smile. We're not quite sure exactly what's going on here or why she felt the need to pose with a long chain in a provocative manner but it is a suggestive pose and lately, Ariel has been no stranger to posting sexually suggestive images of herself. The dress that barely covers her and the knee high strappy Gladiator style heels only add to the cringing that her parents undoubtedly experience when they see this pic. We're not sure if this photo was taken at her own house or a friend's house but it's becoming clear that Ariel finds any opportunity to take non parent friendly photos.


10 Like A (Barely Dressed) Boss


Fear not, Modern Family fans. This photo is not Ariel on the set of a scene where we'll find out that Alex Dunphy moonlights as a crime boss. This is just Ariel being Ariel apparently. You know... thigh high black boots, black fishnet stockings, a black see through shirt showing a black lacy bra and a killer look that says, "I'm not your little girl anymore!" To her parents looking at this photo, that is. Ariel looks all grown up here as well as fiercely in charge, which can also be a scary thing for a parent. For many years, Ariel needed her parents and now that she is on her own and making her own big decisions regarding money, contracts and even surgery to take care of herself, she doesn't need anyone to look after her anymore.

9 Would Burt Reynolds Approve Of This Naughtiness?

Back in the day, who knows? But now that ol' Burt is eighty, we think not. We're guessing her parents wouldn't either but seeing as how whatever is happening in this little shindig is in his honor, we thought to include Burt in the matter. To be perfectly fair, this photo was taken either on the set of Dog Years or at an after work party since Ariel is sporting the temporary tattoos she sports for her character in the movie. But movie costume or not, this wild child attitude is all Ariel Winter. We're not sure what exactly was happening before this photo was taken but it's not anything that parents would be happy to see. At least one woman in the photo seems to be in "mommy mode" as she tries to cover Ariel's nether region before she exposes too much. The fact that Ariel looks about fifteen in this photo doesn't help matters.

8 Diving Into Drama


Ariel claims to be drama-free and not looking to cause any herself but the controversial outfit choices she makes may say otherwise to some, especially to her parents. This photo was taken during a photoshoot at an indoor pool in L.A. last October. She modified her outfit a few times during the shoot, mostly wearing her blue lace-up high-cut bathing suit with black knee-high boots. She also wore a pink faux fur coat for part of the shoot and then changed into a bright striped sweater and denim shorts. Cheeky denim shorts seem to be a fav of Ariel's but if you're thinking that it was a more modest choice, you would be mistaken. The high-cut bathing suit may have revealed far less.

7 Please, Not In The Magical Kingdom!

Yes, right in Mickey's very own house, Ariel dared to bare her bum and most everything else when she visited Disneyland with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden. Is nothing sacred? Considering that Ariel is technically a Disney employee to some degree (she voices the main character for Disney's hit cartoon for the kindergarten set, Sofia the First) could Mickey write her up for inappropriate work attire? Wearing a cute set of gold Mickey ears and not much else as her short jumpsuit seems to be laying down on the job, she eventually pulled on a black pullover hoodie to keep warm as the day went on. Is that a bit ironic to wear a hoodie while flashing your bum at the same time? We're guessing that her parents thought so when they shrieked in horror after seeing this photo of their daughter in Mickey's Magical Kingdom.

6 One Of These MoFy Stars Is Not (Dressed) Like The Others


Everyone is dressed as if they are attending a casual dinner party (or perhaps some sort of Modern Family event) and then there's Ariel who looks like she took a couple of wrong turns in trying to find Sigma Phi's annual Gods and Goddesses all-night rager. We are happy that Ariel is so confident in her skin but see what we mean about giving zero cares? She really doesn't! Even in front of her TV dad, TV mom, TV brother, TV uncles and producer Steven Levitan, she's all smiles showing off practically everything in her intricate gold cut-out dress. Come to think of it, no one in her TV family seems shocked or uncomfortable so they might be used to her love of wearing barely there outfits. Either that or they are awkwardly keeping it together until she walks away so they can talk about her. You know, like a real family!

5 Who Cares? Smooch Me Anywhere!

We're all for love and young love can be so sweet but it's safe to say that her parents would not be thrilled to see this pic of Ariel and her boyfriend, Levi Meaden kissing in such a carefree way in public. In fact, Ariel and Levi can be seen doing plenty of public smooching with the evidence posted on their respective Instagram accounts or in person if you happen to catch them as they globe trot around together, stopping to share a kiss as they please. Ariel has proved many times over that she isn't afraid to show some skin and apparently, Levi is more than okay with his best gal's outfit or lack of outfit choices. If you happen to run into Levi and Ariel together, don't bother telling them that public displays of affection are taboo... chances are they will be too busy kissing to hear you!

4 Lewd And Tattooed


Ariel is not lewd herself but her parents might think so when they see the backside of her red one-piece "Beach You Guessed It" bathing suit. To us, this bathing suit looks more like it was a regular high-cut bathing suit that was converted into a bum-showing suit when Ariel gave herself a wedgie with it, either on purpose or on accident. But judging by the usual bikini bottoms, denim shorts and anything else that she wears on her backside we would guess that it was the former. While her parents would probably enjoy seeing the change from super skimpy bikinis to this more modest choice of a one piece, we're sure they wouldn't be too pleased to see their baby had hiked up the back of the suit.

3 Sudsy Stuff

Don't worry, she wrote to her many Instagram followers. It's cranberry juice and I have pasties on my lady bits. This is not a pic of Ariel at home in her personal tub, she's on the set of her movie with Burt Reynolds, Dog Years. Her fans and followers might have reason to be concerned with the beverage near the tub since Ariel is still a few years shy of being legally able to drink so it is nice that she pointed out the fact that it's just juice to her loyal following but do you really think that they would be shocked at this point to see a pic of Ariel covered only in suds and barely at that? We don't think that they would have been too concerned with all of the other barely covered photos she's proudly shown to the world.

2 Aquatic Shenanigans For The World To See


Is she taking her namesake a little too far? She was named after The Little Mermaid but still… her parents did not have aquatic shenanigans like this in mind when they named her after everyone’s most beloved mermaid. It seems that photos like this (we've cropped it, but in case you haven't seen it, the bums attached to these legs are in full display) is a new trend that is becoming increasingly more popular with pools that offer glass or clear plastic walls. Girls just can’t wait to have someone take a pic of them pushing their bums up against the wall so they can post it to Instagram. Hey, I guess this proves that Ariel is just a regular girl after all. Celebrities — they’re just like us!

1 Exposed And Untouched

The photos, that is. These photos were part of a series taken for SELF magazine where Ariel proudly flaunts the tattoos that bear the initials of all of her nieces and nephews (the children of her older sister, Shanelle, who has starred on soap operas and her older brother, Jimmy, who played Pugsley on 1991's The Addams Family Movie) along with the surgical scar from her breast reduction surgery. The scar, especially, is visible in the photos purposely to show that Ariel is not ashamed of her surgery. Though she is wearing makeup, these photos are unretrouched. We don’t know what her parents think of these photos but they might want to forget how much their daughter has gone through in her short 19 years on this planet.

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