21 Hottest Stars Of The 90s And Where They Are Now

How can we not love the 90s? That was the generation we had bad hair, and let’s not even get started on the clothes. Never mind those facts; it was one of the best generations of pop culture out there. The whole generation created a cult following that's still going strong today. There were so many great TV shows and movies going on around that time, it’s hard to keep track of them all. We just loved the actors of that generation. They had the cool catchphrases, some of which are still used today when we recall the amazing TV shows. “Did I do that?” That was the kind of phrase we used when we got into trouble, in the hopes that being witty would get us out of being grounded. They never worked, of course, but we always got a good laugh out of them. Ahhh... the 90s... can we go back to those days? It might be just because we’re sick of paying bills, but oh, what a free-spirited time!

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite stars from that generation? We all look back on the 90s fondly and wonder about where our favorite actors ended up and whether they're still acting or went into celebrity obscurity. It’s time to find out what happened to these 90s actors and where they ended up. Check out some of your favorites right here!

21 Andrea Barber - Remember Kimmy Gibbler?

Andrea Barber was the annoying best friend Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. D.J. and she were close buds, and she couldn’t have asked for a nicer and more loyal friend. After the show, Barber didn’t do much in the way of acting. She focused more on getting an education and having a family. Aside from a stint on It's F*Ckin' Late with Dave Coulier playing Kimmy Gilbert, she hasn’t done anything else. She went into obscurity and wasn’t seen again until Netflix decided to reboot Fuller House and bring the whole cast back. Now, Barber has reprised her role as Kimmy Gibbler with a show that's just as popular as it was in the 90s. This year, she's also been seen on the TV series Hollywood Darlings. Whether she plans on doing more acting now that her family is older is something that only time will tell.

20 Devon Sawa - Remember Casper?

Devon Sawa was a 90s heartthrob that made girls swoon in movie roles, such as Casper, Now and Then, and Little Giants. He moved on to be a teen heartthrob in movies such as Idle Hands and SLC Punk! He was even in an Eminem video titled Stan, but of course, he's most recognizable for his role in Final Destination, the horror movie that made us afraid of our own destinies. He was living the high life at one point, dating actresses like Rachel Leigh Cook, Sarah Chalke, and Tara Reid. But then, as quickly as he came into the spotlight, he was suddenly missing from it. Although he's starred in a few small roles in both TV and film, he's never been able to grasp onto the same kind of success that he had in his younger years. In 2011, he married Bachelor Canada producer Dawni Sahanovitch whom he had a couple of kids with.

19 Christie Abbott - Wishbone

Christie Abbott was the star of the PBS series Wishbone that was mainly about dogs, and she worked hard while on the series. She appeared in 50 episodes of the popular show before moving on, but moving on didn’t bring her very far. Abbott is certainly one childhood star that wasn’t able to hold on to a career in Hollywood once the show ended. From there, she went into obscurity aside from a few gigs. She had only been in a handful of things since the show and nothing at all since 2011. She appeared in Walker, Texas Ranger, Dr. T and the Women, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her last appearance in Hollywood was in 2011 for a small-budget movie called Summer Song. We’re not sure what she’s doing now, but she certainly grew up to be a knockout -- that’s for sure!

18 Austin St. John - The Red Power Ranger

Austin St. John has had a whirlwind career since he played the original Red Ranger on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He left the show abruptly due to a contract dispute during the second season. He couldn’t get enough of Powers Rangers, however, and since he had a background in martial arts, he went back for Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. He didn’t do much of anything after that point and made an extreme decision to go into gay p*rn. We guess he had to pay the bills somehow, right? He left Hollywood and started moonlighting on Sean Cody for a while, which is a far cry from his Power Ranger days. At one point, he ended up going back to school and now works as an EMT and firefighter in Washington, DC. Currently, he has a few small budget movies in pre-production, so we may see him back in Hollywood after all.

17 Danielle Fishel - Topanga

Danielle Fishel was the one that guys drooled over in Boy Meets World, the show she practically grew up on. It was those beautiful long locks and the big blue eyes that drew them in. She was on the show for seven years before the show ended. At the same time, she was in a relationship with Lance Bass, who later on came out as gay in 2006. When the show wrapped, we saw very little of the actress as she disappeared from Hollywood. In 2012, she decided to go back to college to try something new. A year later, she married the love of her life, Tim Belusko. After that, she became part of two TV series, Gravity Falls and the Boy Meets World spinoff that they titled Girl Meets World. Corey and Topanga are back in the series as parents to a girl.

16 Ian Ziering - Star Of 90210

Ian Ziering was one of many heartthrobs on the 90s hit TV show Beverly Hills 90210. These days, he hasn’t changed much; he’s still as handsome as ever but with that sexy mature vibe about him. He was probably the only guy that could pull off a platinum blonde mullet and still be considered hot as hell. During his reign as Steve Sanders, he also wed Playboy Playmate Nikki Schieler in 1997. After the show ended, Ziering did small roles for a long time, never quite tasting the same fame again. He divorced from his Playmate in 2002 and was basically out of the limelight until he starred in Domino with his former co-star Brian Austin Green. Ziering also started working with the Chippendales showing his sexy body all over Las Vegas. He got a major career boost when he starred in Sharknado, which has now become a cult classic as four more of the movies have come out since then.

15 Brittany & Cynthia Daniel - The 90's Twins

They were the twins of the 1994 FOX TV show Sweet Valley High, which, of course, was based on the books by Francine Pascal. These gorgeous girls made a name for themselves in the industry because they were twins. It’s been over 20 years since the show, so what have the two been doing since? While Brittany continued acting, her twin became a photographer instead. The two have their own Instagram account called "The Twin Travelers." After the show, Brittany starred in many movies such as White Chicks, The Game, and Joe Dirt. She also starred on the hit TV show Dawson’s Creek for a whole season as the seductive Eve. Brittany battled stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011, which she successfully beat. These days, Brittany has been in TV shows such as The Game and Black-ish but hasn’t been in anything in over a year. Cynthia ended up getting married in 2006 to actor Cole Hauser and had three kids.

14 Jaleel White - Stevel Urkel

Jaleel White was the guy that played Steve Urkel on Family Matters. The funny thing is, he was only supposed to be a guest appearance, but people fell in love with him so much that they basically built the show around him, which pissed off some of his co-stars. So, what's he been up to since the show? Well, he's appeared on many comedy shows as well as a few sitcoms. More specifically, White's been consistently acting and is still on TV shows this year, including Bones and Me, Myself and I. He’s even the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the video games as well as many animated series. He has a few movies in post-production for 2017, so we'll be seeing more of White this year. It seems that Urkel has done well for himself since his quirky character on the show.

13 Sean O'Neal - Remember Clarissa Explains It All?

Sean O'Neal has had a spotty career since his fame on the popular 90s show, Clarissa Explains It All. After the show, it was rumored that he was asked to join a boy band from Florida, but he turned it down. His goal was actually to step away from Hollywood, if only for a breather. As we said, his career has been spotty. He's only been in one TV show since Clarissa Explains It All, called Development Hell and a movie in 2016 called Penumbra. It was such a small role that he was only named as the “party guest.” His website indicates that he goes on regular auditions, so it’s a wonder why he isn’t getting more parts, but he may have the childhood actor curse, where some of them don’t make it out. We certainly haven’t seen him in anything in over a year, so who knows?

12 Ron Lester - Varsity Blues

We know Ron Lester from his role on the TV show Popular as well as the football movie Varsity Blues. He’s changed a lot over the years, more so physically than anything else. He had a lot of weight on him in the 90s, so much so that it had to be a health concern. These days, he looks much different, a slimmer version of the Lester that we grew up with. He hasn’t been as successful as he was in the Popular series, but he did go on to lead a motivational radio series, so he's been successful in other arenas. The last movie we saw him in was a straight-to-video called Racing Legacy in 2015, and we haven’t seen much of the actor since then. Whether or not his weight loss had anything to do with his lack of success is hard to tell; his “look” has significantly changed.

11 Selma Blair - Cruel Intentions

Selma Blair got her big break in the movie Cruel Intentions, which is now a cult classic with a huge following. We loved that scandalous movie that had a cast of manipulative teenagers who were seemingly out to destroy one another. The movie made Blair a huge star, and she had the choice of any role that she wanted. She and co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar won Best Kiss at the Teen Choice Awards for the smoldering kiss they shared in the movie. So where is Blair these days? After the movie, she went on to star in the Hellboy and Legally Blonde franchises, which were both huge successes. She starred in TV series Anger Management alongside Charlie Sheen until 2013 when she was written off the show. Rumors went around that it was due to a feud between her and Sheen. These days, she's starring in Bookaboo and American Crime Story.

10 Rider Strong - Boy Meets World

Rider Strong is the Boy Meets World bad boy that we all loved and wanted to help out as much as possible. He got his huge fame from the show that lasted a solid eight seasons. It was one of the most popular shows in the 90s, and it developed a huge cult following. They brought back the same love of the show with Girl Meets World that starred Corey and Topanga. He hasn’t had a strong career in Hollywood over the years, but it's been consistent. He starred in a few horror movies such as Cabin Fever and Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever that weren’t exactly hits. Over the years, he's starred in multiple TV shows such as Kim Possible, Pepper Dennis, Castle, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and, of course, Girl Meets World. We'll see what the future brings for our favorite 90s star.

9 Monica Keena - Dawson's Creek

Monica Keena played Anny Morgan, the nasty and spoiled girl from the right side of the creek. She was only on the Dawson’s Creek for a year before they killed off her character. From there, she continued acting in both movies and TV, although she never became the big name that Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes became. She was cast in bit parts in TV shows such as Entourage, Undeclared, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, The Closer, and Beavis and Butthead. She also appeared in many movies such as 40 Days and Nights, Freddy VS Jason, and First Daughter. She has a few things in post-production right now, so she's still going strong. She was dating Edward Furlong for many years, and they had continuous issues with him being arrested for domestic violence. The two finally separated and moved on with their lives.

8 James Van Der Beek - Dawson's Creek

James Van Der Beek was the boy that lived on the creek in Dawson’s Creek and fell in love with both Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes throughout the series. The show ran for six seasons before it was canceled, and after the show ended, Van Der Beek had trouble being cast in anything. It appeared as if no one could see past the good boy image he had on Dawson’s Creek. He had small roles throughout his career on many different TV shows but nothing like the success he had on the show that made him famous. He had small bit parts on Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Cyber, and even Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 in which he played himself. That show was also canceled, however, after only a few seasons, and Van Der Beek found himself looking for a new project. These days, he seems to have gotten a second chance at fame as he's set to star in What Would Diplo Do?, a show based on Diplo’s A Day in the Life concert promo, which also starred Van Der Beek.

7 Ross Hull - Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Ross Hull played Gary for ten years on the hit show Are You Afraid of the Dark? It’s too bad the show didn’t stay on because it seemed like he had a more successful career before the show than he did after the show. He didn’t do much after the show ended and only had a couple of parts in shows such as Ready or Not, Student Bodies, Stargate: Atlantis, and Mutant X. It turned out, though, that he wasn’t made for Hollywood and decided to move to Canada instead. In 2016, he starred on Dark Matter as a TV anchor. He must have realized that he was meant to be an anchorman because he ended up moving to Ottawa to work as a real weather anchor on CBC Ottawa. It turned out that the small screen suited him much better than the silver screen did.

6 Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Home Improvement

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was a huge heartthrob in the 90s when he got his big break on Home Improvement in 1991. He seemed to have a bright future ahead of him, and, for a while, he did. During the seven years that the show aired, he did other projects like Tom and Huck, and I’ll Be Home For Christmas, a movie where he fell in love with Jessica Biel. He was also the voice of Simba in 1994 in The Lion King. But that all changed in 2000 when he walked away from Hollywood. He decided that he wanted to go back to school and live a normal life for a little while. He didn’t go just anywhere; he studied at Harvard, Columbia and a university in Scotland. He did return to Hollywood, however, in 2013 when he attended the premiere of Dark Tourist, which was produced by Zachery Ty Bryan, his Home Improvement co-star. He starred in Last Man Standing in 2013 for two years, and since 2015, he hasn’t been doing much.

5 Skeet Ulrich - 90s Heartthrob 

Skeet Ulrich was a hottie in the 90s when he was starring in movies like The Craft and Scream. He seemed to have Hollywood at his feet at that time, even playing alongside heavy hitters like Helen Hunt, Jack Nicholson, and Greg Kinnear in As Good As It Gets. He even found the love of his life in actress Georgina Cates and married her in 1997. At that point, he decided to walk away from Hollywood and buy a farm in West Virginia. He's returned to Hollywood off and on over the years but has never achieved the success that he once had. You may have seen him in TV shows such as Miracles, Jericho, Into The West, and CSI: NY. In 2001, Ulrich and his wife welcomed twins into their lives. Jericho was his big comeback to Hollywood, and he was also on Law & Order: L.A. for a year in 2010.

4 Jenna von Oy - Of Blossom Fame

Jenna von Oy played Six on the hit show Blossom in the 90s. She was on the show for five years before she decided to call it quits and headed to the University of Southern California. It didn’t take her long to get bored of the normal life, however, because she dropped out of school after only two years to return to acting. She got onto another long-running show called The Parkers for another five years before she decided to give a career in country music a try. She released her first album in 2007, and although she put all her effort into it, it turned out that it wasn’t meant to be. She got on yet another TV series in 2001 called What’s With Andy? that she stayed on for six years, but she hasn’t done anything else in the industry since 2012.

3 Marla Sokoloff - Gia Of Full House Fame

Marla Sokoloff played Gia, the troubled teen from Full House, who, at one point in the show, turned her life around. After the show, Sokoloff starred in a few films like Sugar & Spice and Dude, Where's My Car? She, at one point, even got a regular role on The Practice, where she stayed for six years. She's been working steadily in Hollywood over the years but has stayed out of the limelight for the most part. She dated James Franco for a period of time, and he tossed her back in the limelight in 2013 when he told Howard Stern that the two had made a sex tape when they were teenagers. These days, she’s been on TV shows such as Mind Games, The Fosters, Grey’s Anatomy, and Hot in Cleveland. You can see her this year in a movie titled, A Happening of Monumental Proportions.

2 Madeline Zima - The Nanny

Madeline Zima was the youngest of the Sheffield children, and she’s probably the most successful actor that has come from the show The Nanny. No one else from the show, male or female, has been able to stay strong in Hollywood as long as Zima has, so kudos to her! She's had regular roles on popular TV shows such as Californication, The Vampire Diaries, Betas, Twin Peaks, and Heroes. She seems to have worked quite well in Hollywood since the show ended. She's been working consistently in Hollywood, which is no small feat for a child actor. She grew up to be a stunning woman that has a body to die for, never mind the intelligence to pick the right roles in her career. She's to appear in two movies in the next two years: Insight and The Morning After, both currently in post-production.

1 Christina Ricci - Major 90s Child Star

Christina Ricci became popular in the 90s after roles in movies like Casper, The Addams Family, and Now and Then. She got her big break in movies such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Ice Storm. Since then, Ricci has been working nonstop in Hollywood. In the 90s, she was certainly the go-to actress for girls that were a little weird or creepy. As an adult, the girl certainly grew up to be a smoke show and has a strong career in the industry. These days, she’s been working alongside heavy hitters like Sharon Stone and Susan Sarandon in Mothers and Daughters. She found love in 2013 with dolly grip James Heerdegen, whom she met while filming Pan Am. In the past few years, she's been on the TV series Z: The Beginning of Everything and has a video called Teen Titans: The Judas Contract coming out this year.

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