21 Celebs Who Have Been Victims Of Photo Leaks

Just recently, another round of leaked celeb photos were released, unbeknownst to the victims. Hackers hacked into their private accounts or computers and stole the private photos. Soon after, the photos were seen all over 4Chan and Twitter, but due to privacy laws, they all but disappeared from the web. Only those with access to the dark web or those who know the secrets of the internet have access to them now. But by the time they were removed, the damage had already been done. Some of the celebrities make it a point to not pose in the buff for the public, others want their privacy and want these photos shared on their own time, and a few... well, they don’t really care. But due to the law, it still is an illegal invasion of privacy, even if it was Kim Kardashian (who often posts revealing photos on her own).

In the past, people have served months, even years, in prison for committing such acts, so it is a serious offence. After all, the minute the steamy photos are posted, they spread like wildfire. Surely many people from across the globe already have them downloaded for personal reasons or to use to make money. They keep reappearing online despite the law against it, and anyone who knows how to Google could most likely find most of them. But just whose photos do these include? Just take a look at this list of celebrities who have had nude photos leaked online in the past few years. It isn’t pretty... well, it’s very pretty, but it isn’t okay. Some argue that if they don’t want them shared, then don’t take them. But can those people honestly say that they want every photo on their phone shared with the world? We think not. So why should these celebs be any different?


21 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence had one of the most famous photo leaks in history. Back in 2014, she was hacked and claims that she was “blind-sided” by the crime. She says that to this day she can’t help but feel nervous every time her publicist calls. The hackers involved in her photo leak all received prison sentences. So it looks like she won a bit of a victory with that. Much like she did in Joy. After all, Jennifer Lawrence is no idiot. She's an intelligent, down-to-earth individual.

Who can blame her for being so angry at the hackers though? She says she feels violated, and who wouldn’t when someone not only posted private photos of you online, but made money from it. This is why she started a petition to make it impossible to make money from nude photo leaks. Though with so much under the table junk going on, she’ll be hard pressed to pass that law.

20 Kirsten Dunst

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One of the most innocent and shall we say, modest, of the photo leaks through the years is none other than Kirsten Dunst. The poor girl had topless photos of her leaked and she was really put out. She tries hard to keep her privacy, but it looks like it wasn’t enough. Whenever she found out her private photo had gone viral, she tweeted, “Thanks, iCloud,” sarcastically. So I guess it’s the cloud to blame for this. She says she tries to let it slide, and tries to be funny. But in the end, the FBI will take care of everything. You can see how someone wouldn’t feel bad for someone who continuously poses nude to have photo leaks. But for it to happen to someone who actually does try to stay fairly PG, it’s a little sad now, isn’t it? She has always been seen as the teen star in movies like Small Soldiers and Bring It On, so it hit a little below the belt to target her.

19 Kaley Cuoco

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Another one that tries to stay PG, and at the same time kept her sense of humor, is the Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco. She told Jimmy Kimmel that she was disappointed but there was nothing she could do about it. These photos were booty-heavy with a few topless photos as well. Some included her and her boyfriend, and likely all of these photos were meant for her boyfriend alone. But that’s not what the internet thought. Because, of course, the internet just assumes that nothing is sacred nor private. So sadly, her image was altered with these photos and many never looked at her the same again.

Thankfully, she kept both her sense of humor as well as her dignity. That’s our Kaley. She never lets anything get her down, no matter how offensive it is. In fact, all of the girls from The Big Bang Theory are similar in that matter.

18 Kate Upton

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Sure, many did not feel the least bit sorry for Kate Upton’s private photo stash being given freely to the world, all because she’s a model who often poses in very risqué clothing. But there is a big difference between a bikini shoot and a private nude photo. She didn’t speak much on the matter and chose to let her attorney do the talking. And boy, did he. Anyone guilty of hacking would run scared after hearing his speech about pursuing the predator. She has one of the best lawyers in the industry and he was furious when he heard someone had wronged his client.

The model was surprised and disappointed when she heard nude photos of her were found online, but with little to do, she did indeed leave everything in her attorney’s hands. So we’ll see if he gets anywhere in shutting these hackers down. Keep modelling and let your attorney handle this one.

17 Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus has been called everything in the book. But even someone who has been as cray cray and risqué as her deserves her privacy. But sadly, this is not respected and photos of her were posted on an X-rated site. You may think she wouldn’t care about this, but when someone is trying to repair their own image, it really does get in the way, and it’s not fair in the least.

These photos were called “nasty,” “kinky”, and everything else you can call a leaked photo. Yet, they were one of the most clicked on celeb nude shoots in history. People talk a lot, and they are constantly contradicting themselves. So why not just leave celebrities alone, or at least fess up to what you spend your time doing. Miley has gone through extremely rough stages, but with her trying to clean up a little lately, it really hurts to see this.

16 Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

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I group them together because they were leaked together. The photos showed both sides of the former couple. Included was a nude selfie that Woods sent to Vonn, as well as replies and shots of them together. Word is that the photos were taken from Vonn’s phone, an easy target. Truth is, a good majority of photo leaks come from the user/victim’s phone. So if they just kept things offline and on their computers, it would help tons.

Out of every photo leak, this one has been the “biggest.” Who can blame Woods and Vonn for being so upset. This isn’t the first time that their privacy has been invaded, if you’ll remember. Needless to say, they are both taking legal action and are furious at the hackers and everyone involved in supporting them. This was a private conversation between two lovers and it was violated. Although they are no longer together, they are a team in fighting these hackers now.

15 Hope Solo

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Soccer star Hope Solo is another athlete to have photos leaked. As someone who is not a regular model or actress, this is extra terrifying. She spoke out against this quickly, however with, "It is extremely sad and unfortunate that the rights of so many women were violated by the unauthorized release of private photographs. This act goes beyond the bounds of human decency and, as such, I stand united with all the women affected and am exploring every option to protect my privacy."

As you can see, she’s just as angry as Tiger Woods, or Vonn who blew up Instagram with her rage. Hope, however, showed dignity that most of us couldn’t dream of mustering. Soccer players... they've got grit. Now, what would David Beckham do? Let’s not think about that… or do, it’s up to you. I think out of everyone targeted, she really did handle it with the most grace and dignity.


14 Cara Delevingne

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One of the only people to have completely full frontal and… well, backside photos leaked was Cara Delevingne. In 2014, her reputation was all but soiled by these photos. She’s always been seen as a young, beautiful, and innocent girl. But it takes but one private photo to change all of that. Especially when it’s one of the most revealing photos in photo leak history. Yikes! Thankfully, she holds the class she always did and embraces both her ability to be graceful as well as clumsily natural.

When asked why she went into acting if she was such a successful model, she says that she was tired of being fake. Modelling is fake in her opinion and now she feels liberated. After turning 21, she decided to eat what she wanted, talk like she wanted, and dress like she wanted. Now, were these photos tied to that coming of age period?

13 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan’s career has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. She’s been to prison, rehab, and has had the worst rumors spread about her. How much is true, we don’t know. But even when someone is struggling with addictions and the law, that rally doesn’t condone the spreading of stolen private photos. Give her a break. After all, everyone deserves a break, even Lindsay Lohan. It’s not like she asked for this.

She has been through so much, and not many feel sorry for her, as though she did it all to herself. But, she joins the rest as they join hands in fighting these hackers. Sure, you could just not take photos you don’t want shared, but seriously, everyone deserves privacy. Even Lindsay freaking Lohan. Sadly, she probably had the widest array of nudes leaked. Where most celebs have one photoshoot, or two or three personal shots, she had at least 30!

12 Lucy Hale

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This pretty little liar, Lucy Hale, was also devastated when she realized her personal photos were being shared. But at least she gave her two cents on the matter: "Once again, a woman in the public eye was violated, stolen from and her private life and body were exposed for anyone to see. I will not apologize for living my life and having a personal life that is all mine. It's truly unfortunate that being exposed in this way is allowed."

But just to make sure she didn’t sound too salty, she also added, "Thank you for all the sweet, supportive messages I've been receiving. It was a much-needed reminder that I'm surrounded by so much love. I appreciate you all very much. And to whoever did this... kiss my a**." Well said, Lucy Hale, well said. Not as classy as Hope Solo, but every bit as powerful. So you go girl!

11 Kim Kardashian

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If there is one person who most people don’t feel sorry for, it’s Kim K. After all, she has posed in the buff not just for odd photoshoots, but on Instagram on multiple occasions. I can’t really imagine her being upset about these leaks.

But for those who respect even the ones who would walk around town nude for any reason, they still think what this hacker did was wrong. If she wanted them shared, she’d do it herself. Maybe she was planning on it that night, who knows? Most still do say he had no right to steal the photos, but oh well. It’s done, and if you need to target someone, target someone who won’t lose themselves but handle the situation well. For someone like Kirsten Dunst, this means a lot, but for someone like Kim K, who was likely offended, it’s less dramatic. Why? Because I really don’t think she cared.

10 Scarlett Johansson

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Often voted the “sexiest woman in the world,” Scarlett Johansson’s leaked photos spread faster than anyone else’s. She was one of the first to have leaked photos that dated back to 2011. Whenever they were leaked, her lawyer warned the world to get rid of them or face the consequences. Somehow, 90% of them did. Though there are a few popular sites that keep a library of everyone’s stolen private photos. How they aren’t shut down, no one knows, but somehow they magically still have pictures of the bare Black Widow on a bear skin rug, or so sources claim.

Scarlett's photos were among the most popular leaked photos to hit the internet, despite her attitude against it. I’d watch it if I were these sites, for her lawyer was none too pleased and is likely working on a solution as we speak. With all these scary lawyers banding together, surely they will get it straightened out soon.

9 Gabrielle Union

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Gabrielle Union agreed with most other actresses by calling this leak a form of s*xual abuse. She said that the photos leaked were special, intimate moments between her and her husband that were for his eyes alone. She blames the hackers, the consumers, and even Google for not removing them from their results. As we all know, that’s how anyone finds these, and Google does not stop them. Whether they are working on a solution is unknown, but Gabrielle Union will not stop until she shuts this down one way or another.

Hopefully, she can do so before someone else’s private gifts to their husband are shared. Again, this is a woman that handles herself with dignity and grace, which can’t be said for many. Like Hope Solo, she does a marvelous job, which unfortunately, makes her that much more attractive to viewers as well as predators. Because the people that let it “slide” really care the most.

8 Emma Watson

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However, if there’s one woman in Hollywood who handles herself with class, it’s the epitome of grace itself, Emma Watson. So it really was a shame to see that photos of her had been leaked. It’s understandable why she was a target due to her popularity and beauty, but of course that doesn’t condone the act in the least.

The worst part about these photos is that they weren’t taken by Emma Watson in that way. They were taken from a costume fitting, no less. They weren’t from a nude photo shoot, or even sent to a lover. They were just innocent photos from a fitting. Now that’s low, even for hackers. This girl holds more class in her left pinky finger than most people will ever see in their entire lives! So those predators can stick it cause they can’t even almost touch Emma Watson and they never will.

7 Vanessa Hudgens

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Vanessa Hudgens had it bad. Unfortunately, her photos were leaked when she was barely legal. So the culprits may or may not have been accused of spreading child p*rnography if the photos were taken while she was 17. On top of that, she was in the midst of filming High School Musical 3, and Disney nearly dropped her for something that she had no control over. She was young, she had inappropriate photos taken, but they couldn’t afford not having Gabriella in the third movie in the more than popular movie series.

So they dropped it, she moved on, and almost everyone forgot about that 2007 incident... almost. There’s always going to be those sick people that post inappropriate photos of 17-year-old girls. Not naming any names... but let’s just say that they really don’t care how old the girl is. If she’ll sell, they will steal whatever they have to in order to make an extra buck.

6 Amber Heard

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Sadly, we have another private moment between husband and wife shared with the world. This one was of Amber Heard and it was unlike any other. This one was leaked back in 2014 and along with very revealing photos of Amber Heard, there was a video. This video was a strip tease that was recorded for her then husband Johnny Depp. She made him a special video that was for his eyes only and the internet soiled it. Now, you can imagine how popular that Amber Heard striptease got. Hearing that it was for Johnny Depp alone made it only that much more appealing to viewers.

Her reputation was all but tarnished. Thankfully, she’s still be appearing in Justice League as Mera, which is how we like to see her. Now get excited about seeing her as Mera rather than those photo leaks that were used to hurt her.

5 Kylie Jenner

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Everyone and their brother follows Kylie Jenner on Instagram. But let me ask you, is there a Kardashian-Jenner that doesn’t have nude photos leaked? At least Kylie isn’t seen every other day online voluntarily posing baring it all. After all, the girl is just 20 years-old. If the pictures were posted longer ago than two years, the perpetrators would be facing more than sexual abuse charges or invasions of privacy. If the girl’s underage, things go downhill fast.

Word is, she just posed for her first voluntary photoshoot in the buff, so perhaps the two coincide. If not, then she may be angrier than we thought. Or perhaps, the leaks happened first, to which she thought, “well, it’s over, might as well go all the way with this. They already saw it, so I might as well get paid.” Could a photo leak inspire this kind of risqué modelling? It’s a thought, but could it be accurate? That’s something to think about.

4 Kristen Stewart

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The Twilight star Kristen Stewart is known for never cracking a smile, and never showing emotion. But you can bet she showed at least one emotion when she found out that illegally published leaked photos were posted online. She plans to take matters into her own hands and file legal action on behalf of herself, Demi Lovato, and many others who have had photos leaked of them.

This round that included Kristen Stewart both baring all and in provocative clothing involved the hacking of iPhones belonging to celebs. She wasn’t the only one who was involved, but she was the one who made the biggest fuss in the smallest way. She’s taking legal action and bands together with others to stop the hackers once and for all. Now, can she do it alone? Not likely, but with her and all these actress’ and models’ lawyers, you bet someone will scare those predators into submission at some point.

3 Anne Hathaway

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Another classy gal that has been targeted is Anne Hathaway, who was the victim of what she calls a “hate crime." These photos were deemed X-Rated and were used to make money on X-Rated sites. No one suspected that Anne Hathaway would be the next in line here, but sadly she was. She’s not as young as most of the others, which is quite odd, but she also hasn’t appeared in many R-Rated films through the years either.

She hasn’t commented personally on this hack as it is still recent, but word is that they are far more mature than any content ever shown by Anne Hathaway. This could mean one of two things: she wanted a private shoot (either for a lover or herself) or the photos are fake. The general guess is that they are real due to a few private facts. Luckily, they are only available on a couple of sites that the women’s’ rights organization is trying to shut down.

2 Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande would have one fewer problem if people would mind their own business and quit hacking other people's accounts. This isn’t the only time she was hacked. After the Manchester incident, racist comments were posted on her Twitter that were so harsh, they made her cry. But it was the leaked photos that really got everyone riled up, and that’s saying a lot.

This one got even more attention because Ariana Grande claimed that the photos weren’t even her. True fans believed her but those who were “fans” for the wrong reasons said that “they knew her when they saw her.” She laughed and said, “that’s not her cat, her bedroom, her bed, her bootie, her belly button ring, her chest, her anything." That’s just not her…so is it or isn’t it? Is Ariana Grande lying or perhaps mistaken? Or is she as classy and tasteful as she claims?

1 Rihanna

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Another victim of this atrocity to many, and a beautiful gift to some, was Rihanna. Along with many other celebs, she had topless photos leaked. Along with seductive bare back shots. Not much was said about these photos and she rarely speaks of them, but they did happen. Some believe that they aren’t her considering she doesn’t speak of them. But the identical tattoos say otherwise. In my opinion, the fact that she doesn’t comment speaks volumes. No one knows for sure if it’s her, which is a very intelligent move on her side.

So why doesn’t everyone follow this example? Don’t claim the photos and no one can prove anything? If they do, they are calling themselves out and could face the consequences. Boom! Rihanna wins. Everyone knows it’s your photo when you get angry about it. But when you stay chill and say that’s not you like Ariana Grande and Rihanna did, there’s going to be people that believe you! Nice going, girls!


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