21 And Legal: 15 Of The Hottest In Hollywood Right Now

Back in 1993, the movie Dazed and Confused came out, introducing us to Matthew McConaughey's David Wooderson, the 20-something who still hangs out with younger high school kids. The movie has attained some level of cult-classic status and has given us a line men have been using ever since when they're checking out younger women. "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age. Yes they do." Some guys like to say "alright, alright" after this line, but watch the movie. The scene in question does not end with "alright, alright."

This quote can also be said of our subjects for this article, "That's what I love about 21-year-olds in show business, we all get older and they stay the same age." This is one of the beautiful things about the entertainment industry. We never have to wait too long for the next stunning young thing with talent. There seems to be a new gorgeous starlet every time one turns around.

Many of them are discovered in their teens and a small few are child stars who maintain fame into adulthood. Of course, on a related note, a magical age in the United States is 21, when people are finally old enough to legally drink. Some states have different rules, but the vast majority reach this rite of passage at 21 (despite being able to drive at 16 and able to join the armed forces at 17 with parental consent, right?). But we digress, and the tangents must stop here. To follow are fifteen of the sexiest 21-year-old ladies in show business right now.

15 Anya Taylor-Joy

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If you're into horror/thriller movies, 2016's psychological flick, Split, likely isn't the best horror movie you'll see all year. But it is up there with a very creepy story that packs a ton of suspense. It features a very talented and rather terrifying James McAvoy playing a man with over 20 personalities, who kidnaps a trio of teenage girls. One of these girls is Casey, who is played by actress/model Anya Taylor-Joy. Most of her work is in the horror genre, having starred in The Witch in 2015, and playing the titular main character in 2016's Morgan. She starred in Thoroughbred, which was released in January, and director M. Night Shyamalan has confirmed that Taylor-Joy will co-star with McAvoy again in a sequel to Split, set for release in 2019.

14 Kendall Jenner

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For those who are concerned about the fact that we listed Kendall Jenner all the way up at number fifteen, we did this because she is so well-known that we couldn't not include her. We wanted to save the rest of the list for lesser known gems. She's probably the hottest of the Jenner-Kardashian clan with a near flawless body and a threateningly beautiful face. Born in November of 1995, she's still 21 for a few more months and if you're ever wondering what she's up to, just check out her Instagram as she doesn't go for long without an update and selfie. She recently took some negative publicity for offering a cop a Pepsi in the stupidest commercial of all time, but we'd be flattered to get some tap water in a dirty glass from this beauty.

13 Laura Marano

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12 Sammi Hanratty

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Born in Arizona but raised primarily in Los Angeles, Sammi Hanratty has been acting since age ten, getting her first few parts in single-episode roles in a few shows such as Passions, House, and Charmed. Lengthier roles would follow, including multi-episode gigs with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and a recurring role on The Unit that spanned ten seasons for over four years. More recently, she has been seen on Mad Men, 2 Broke Girls, How To Get Away With Murder, and The Vampire Diaries. 

She's had some success in movies, including A Christmas Carol, Jack and the Beanstalk, and recently, in 2017, her first starring role in Bad Kids of Crestview Academy. Outside of acting, she is an active anti-bullying spokesperson.

11 Kelli Berglund

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As you'll see, there are a few actresses on this list, along with Laura Marano, who work for Disney, as they obviously love to find young women who can sort of sing, sort of act, and use them as cash cows. Good for Disney, there is a reason the company has an apparent worth about $91 billion in total assets. Kelli Berglund's career started out with a few small roles on TV, including two years on TLC/Discovery Kids' child-friendly Sesame Street knockoff Hip Hop Harry. She moved on to work in a number of commercials for huge brands and also competed in several forms of dance back in her youth.

Since 2012, basically all the work she has done has been through Disney, including a starring role on the show Lab Rats, about bionic teenagers.

10 Anna Faith

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If you're into cosplay (what dude isn't these days?), this is a face you may not have seen for a while. Anna Faith, born in November 1995, is a model and cosplayer from Florida who gained some fame back in 2014 when her striking resemblance to Elsa from Disney's Frozen was discovered. Her sister, Lexi, sometimes dresses up like Elsa's sister, Anna, and the two have been featured in a few TV shows and have both reached "Instagram-famous" status. It goes without saying that Anna has also branched out in terms of her cosplay routine, using her outstanding good looks to dress up like other characters. Some of her best works include a Spider Girl costume, Tinkerbell, and of course, Harley Quinn. We, however, prefer her without a costume and just being a woman wearing as little as possible.

9 Abigail Breslin

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The young lady who played Olive and earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her work on Little Miss Sunshine, is all grownup now and we couldn't be happier with the results. Abigail Breslin turned 21 in April 2017 and continued to act but has also sought to diversify her career. Her other notable acting jobs include The Call and 2015's Maggie, in which she and Arnold Schwarzenegger try to get her medical attention after she had been bitten during a zombie apocalypse.

On television, she's also found some success with her most memorable roles, including Chanel #5 (Libby) on Scream Queens. We know not many dudes will want to sit through something like this but she'll be one of the stars in an upcoming television remake of Dirty Dancing. So if the wife/girlfriend makes you sit through it, at least you'll get to see this cutie.

8 Sophie Turner

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Sometimes you strike gold on your first time out. In the case of British beauty Sophie Turner, her first professional acting job has been her biggest. She started with that role back in 2011, playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, which we don't need to tell you, has become one of the biggest shows out there right now. Five years later, she was given a role in X-Men: Apocalypse as Phoenix and has starred in a few other smaller films. But Game of Thrones remains her major source of fame and fortune. She's recently been in the news for possibly dating Joe Jonas and allegedly uttering a racial epithet in a leaked online video, but neither of these really change the fact that she's really wonderful to look at.

7 Courtney Eaton

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We've said it before and we'll say it again. Any list of beautiful women needs at least one Aussie. Maybe there is something in the water down there or maybe the air is extra clean, but whatever the reason(s), Australian women just seem to be something special...or maybe just the absurdly hot ones end up in show business. Courtney Eaton was born back in January 1996 in Bunbury, Australia.

She started to work as a model back in her preteen years, and while working in that field, got some acting training that is starting to pay off. Her two most notable film roles are Cheedo the Fragile (one of the wives) in Mad Max: Fury Road, and in 2016, she was Zaya in Gods of Egypt. We eagerly look forward to this hottie continuing to get work in big pictures.

6 Madeline Carroll

Madeline Carroll grew up in Los Angeles and has been in the spotlight for nearly her entire life. Her first jobs came when she was just a child, working for Sears and being featured in a Fisher Price commercial. At age 7 in 2003, she had her first television role on an episode of Cold Case. Since then, she's been on numerous shows, including but not limited to Grey's Anatomy, Lie to Me, NCIS, and most recently, Scandal, with a small two-episode part as Karen Grant in season three of the show. In the big screen, she has worked on over ten films since 2006, including The Santa Clause 3, Resident Evil: Extinction, and Machine Gun Preacher, along with quite a few more obscure titles. Films featuring Madeline Carroll in 2017 include God Bless the Open Road and Zer0 Tolerance.

5 Katherine Langford

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Remember what we said about Australian women when discussing Courtney Eaton? Well, we said lists like this need at least one Aussie. Here's a second, because if one is awesome hot, two must be better, right? Damn right. Katherine Langford of Perth, Australia just turned 21 in late April. She's quite new to show business and has had just one major role—playing main character Hannah Baker in the first season of Netflix's drama series 13 Reasons Why. While some members of this list are getting by in show business based purely on their looks (Jenner, for sure), Langford is very talented and despite being a relative newcomer to professional acting, her performance on 13 Reasons Why has earned her the respect of the industry.

Getting back to what is important for our purposes, though, she's stunning.

4 Madison McLaughlin

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There is a lesson to be learned here, gentlemen: if you ever meet a woman who looks like this and she is in a bar, do not hesitate to ask for ID. Nobody wants to do anything illegal and despicable, and Madison McLaughlin looks like there is a good chance that she is still in high school. She was born in November 1995 in Louisiana and is most known for her role as Evelyn Sharpe on Arrow. Outside of her part on that show, she's been acting since the late 2000's and has worked on numerous shows, including Supernatural, Modern Family, NCIS, Mad Men, and Chicago P.D. There is no telling what she'll get up to in the future, but her work on Arrow is ongoing and we're confident we'll be treated to more of her on TV in the future.

3 Katherine McNamara

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There is no poetic way to say this, but we absolutely love redheads. Rare, magical, and more often than not, feisty with some attitude, redheads are right up there on our list of favorite things alongside heated seats in cars, freedom, and McDonald's all-day breakfast. Right now, there are few redheads in show business as beautiful as Katherine McNamara. Now 21, she's been working for about a decade with an impressive growing career that now includes about two dozen television parts, including the starring role on Shadowhunters  and a few decent flicks on the big screen, including Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

If you're not impressed yet, she completed high school at age 14, and then got her business degree at age 17, completing all her classes online. More recently, she has started to work on her Master's degree in Economics. She appears to be a case of "not just a pretty face."

2 Liana Liberato

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Gorgeous Texan Liana Liberato is what one might just call "distractingly good-looking." Her acting career started out in 2005 and for the first few years, consisted of a few single-episode parts for shows including Cold Case and CSI: Miami. By 2010, she was earning her first few big roles, including co-starring in Trust, Erased, and an actually passable horror flick, Haunt. The last couple of years have been successes for Liberato as well, as she has co-starred in Dear Eleanor, about two teens who take a trip across the United States to meet Eleanor Roosevelt, and had major roles in two movies that will be out later in 2017—To The Bone (a drama about an anorexic girl) and a comedy, Measure of a Man 

1 Dove Cameron

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For the record, we'd like to admit that we felt quite filthy for drooling over this young lady because she doesn't look 21 by a long shot. Of course, IMDb set us straight and other reputable sites collaborated, Dove Cameron is of that age, born in January 1996. After acting in small plays throughout school and developing a passion for it, she has scored roles in Shameless and The Mentalist in 2012, before starting work for Disney, playing a pair of twins on Liv and Maddie. She has also provided the voice for the Disney Descendants animated movies.

Because she's a gifted singer along with her acting chops and Disney loves to milk stars for all they're worth, she's one of the main singers for the soundtracks of both Liv and Maddie and Descendants. She was engaged to one of her Liv and Maddie costars until late 2016, when the relationship ended. As far as we can tell, she's back on the market. Good luck, guys.

Sources: IMDB, Famous Birthdays

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