20 Worst Jersey Shore Fashion Styles That Still Make Us Cringe Today

For six seasons Jersey Shore was one of the most watched reality shows. The show followed Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jennifer “JWoww” Farley, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Vinny Guadagnino, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, and Deena Nicole Cortese, as they got into trouble on vacation at the Jersey Shore for four seasons, and Miami and Italy for a season each.

Although the show was known for the cast’s extreme partying, and getting into all kinds of trouble and drama, the cast — especially the girls, had some really wild outfits over the years. Whether it was bold t-shirts with awful sayings on them, ill-fitting dresses, mountains and mountains of animal print everything, or even some questionable choices in footwear, we were curious to see what they’d be wearing each episode. Although we found some outfits cute, and some funny, some were just plain cringey, and we didn’t want to see them then, let alone now.

The show has been off the air since 2012, so you can imagine how bad the outfits are now if we thought they were awful then. It’s fun to look back and see just how far the cast has grown fashion-wise over the years. These are the 20 worst Jersey Shore fashion styles that still make us cringe today.

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20 Snooki And Her Animal Print

via: bustle.com

Back in the Jersey Shore days Snooki was all about the animal print. This outfit definitely showcases that. The thing is, the outfit had potential to be kind of cute, but the animal print was a little overdone. The dress itself isn’t that bad, in fact it’s an adorable little dress. There’s not too much animal print that it’s overwhelming. Apparently, Snooki didn’t think that was enough cheetah print for her taste. Not only did she add a cheetah print flower in her hair, she opted for some cheetah print fingerless gloves, as well. The sparkly shrug on top of all of that doesn’t really pull the outfit together — or help it for that matter. This outfit had the potential to be nice, but Snooki definitely overdid it. Sorry girl!

19 T-Shirt Time

via: mtv.com

The guys of Jersey Shore made “T-shirt time” a big event. They’re known for wearing t-shirts that are pretty bold, sometimes really tame, and other times… really ugly. This picture shows Vinny and Pauly D in said t-shirts. We have to admit that Vinny’s black tank isn’t as bad as Pauly D’s bright yellow shirt. We’re not even sure what either shirt is trying to say (especially Pauly’s). Not to mention the cargo shorts… not really in style anymore these days. Pauly tops the whole look off with a heavy gold chain, which sometimes can come off as a bit much. In this case, Pauly needs to make quite a few changes to his outfit… that bright yellow color really makes us cringe!

18 Tacky Tank Tops

via: nj.com

The guys are back at it again with another set of cringey and awful outfits. This time they were spotted out wearing matching tank tops that were probably made in one of the many shops on the boardwalk. If that isn’t tacky enough, they’re actually wearing tank tops with the names of the girls in the house. (We’re really not sure how Sammi felt about Ronnie’s shirt saying I heart Deena, though.) Whether they were doing this as a joke or not, we’re really not a fan of these awful outfits. It’s definitely something you’d see a high school couple wear, though, or even some hardcore fans of the show. Next time leave the cringey tanks to the super fans or the young couples in love.

17 Airbrushed Hats

via: sarcasmsociety.com

In this photo we have Deena and Pauly D wearing some interesting hats, if you can even call them interesting. Again, this item — like many things the cast of Jersey Shore wear — is something you’d have done on the boardwalk (if you were a teenager or younger, not really a thing young adults would do). We’re really not sure what the point of these hats are. Dirty? Dirty what? Dirty Jersey? The hit song by Christina Aguilera? We’re honestly not sure, but Deena and Pauly seem to like them. Once again, they’re a bit tacky and juvenile and definitely make us want to cringe a bit. One thing is for sure, you won’t be catching us wearing those hats in public any time soon.

16 Snooki And Her Animal Print… Again

via: nj.com

Our favorite repeat fashion offender is back at it again with some more animal print. This time Snooki is sporting a snakeskin patterned dress, rather than a cheetah one. Once again, we feel Snooki had the potential to have a really cute outfit, but somehow she almost overdoes it, and that’s what ruins the outfit. Here, we’re not a fan of the huge, chunky belt going across the waist. Sure, they were really popular in the early 2000s, but these days we stay far away. It certainly takes away from the dress and we would ditch it completely. Snooki tends to over accessorize, and she did so again with the matching headband, and huge gold hoop earrings. The headband is way too much, and we think that her gorgeous black hair would actually compliment the outfit alone. Tone it down next time, Snooks.

15 The Girls Wear Some Loud Dresses

via: aceshowbiz.com

When Jersey Shore was still really big and on TV, the cast was at almost every event. Here we have the girls wearing some really glamorous outfits. But in all honesty, there’s just way too much going on. Our eyes immediately gravitate toward Deena as her dress is by far the loudest out of all the girls. We appreciate the pop of color, however, there’s a splash of color and then there’s the rainbow, and Deena’s a walking version of it. Sammi’s dress isn’t as bad as Deena's, however the shape reminds us of a really short toga, while Snooki’s dress isn’t sure if it wants to be a tiger or a sunrise. Out of all of the girls, however, JWoww’s is by far the best. She can have a pass this one time.

14 Deena And Snooki Over Accessorize

via: mtv.com

Once again Snooki’s biggest downfall when it comes to her outfits are all of her accessories. In this picture, both Snooki and Deena overdo their simple outfits with bizarre accessories. We actually don’t mind either dress, in fact we quite like them. What we don’t like, however, are the chunky bracelets both girls are wearing (spikes… really Snooki?). We’re also not a fan of the big belt that Snooki’s wearing… it definitely doesn’t do anything for her and really takes away from the dress. Perhaps the most cringey part of the outfit is the big pink bow in Snooki’s hair. She’s already a tiny girl, and the bow makes her look like a child rather than a grown adult. Both outfits look like something a teenage girl would wear to a high school dance. Try again, ladies.

13 Snooki’s Dress Brings Out Her Orange

via: cnn.com

Snooki seems to be the biggest repeat offender on this list so far. Here she’s pictured at the MTV Video Music Awards. Although she does look well put together instead of that drunken messy state that we usually see her in, we’re not the biggest fan of this dress. We all know that the cast of Jersey Shore are obsessed with tanning, and do so on a regular basis. However, there’s a fine line between tan and orange, and Snooki almost always walked that line. This dress really pushes her over that line. Because of the wacky pattern and color reddish orange color of the dress, it really brings out her tan, but not in a good way. Snooks really looks more orange than anything else, and that definitely makes us cringe.

12 Deena And Snooki Have Too Much Going On

via: mtv.fr

Although we can’t see all of Deena and Snooki’s outfits in their entirety in this photo, we don’t need to see them in full to know that they’ll make us cringe. We can see a bit of Snooki’s trademark animal print, but once again, there’s way too much going on. Deena’s dress looks more like a t-shirt, and this time she’s wearing the oversized hair accessory that we can quite frankly do without, along with the huge flower ring on her finger. We don’t think that Deena and Snooki know the meaning of simplicity. Less is always more! Yes, we’ve seen the two in far worse outfits, and we have to admit these are just a tiny bit better. For now, we think they just have to tone it down just a bit.

11 Not The Best Promo Outfits

via: newsday.com

The dynamic duo is back once again, and the way they’re looking at each other in this photo makes them seem like they know they’ve committed yet another fashion crime. Plot twist! For once the lovely Snooki isn’t wearing any animal print. It seems like Deena checked off that box this time around. Maybe she borrowed it from Snooki’s closet? Who knows! We’re not a huge fan of Snooki’s dress. It seems a bit ill-fitting and the material looks like it could be fake leather, or some other material that should be made into a dress. As much as we hate to say it, we’d rather see Snooki in something animal print, rather than whatever this black dress is made of. Deena didn’t commit that much of a fashion crime this time around, so we definitely give her a fair warning.

10 Snooki Has Questionable Footwear

via: gunki.com

So far we’ve seen Snooki in some interesting outfits, and this one has to be one of the most questionable so far. If she’s going for the more casual look, she’s really got it down. However, it seems like she’s going for the “just rolled out of bed” look. The outfit itself isn’t terrible, as she’s just wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and a hat — nothing out of the ordinary for the summer. However, from the knees down is where things get a little weird. The first thing that makes us cringe is the fact that she’s wearing two different patterned knee socks. In the summertime? No thank you. Second of all, she’s heading out wearing fuzzy animal slippers. We’re really hoping that she’s not planning out getting out of the car.

9 Definitely Not A Matching Outfit

via: cosmopolitan.com

At first glance, this outfit doesn’t seem to be a real big offender. However, the more you look at it, the more cringe-worthy it is. It might look like The Situation is wearing a matching tracksuit, however they don’t match at all. The colors are two slightly different shades of blue, throwing everything off a tiny bit. We can give him a pass on the Italia hoodie (he is Italian after all) however, we can’t say the same about the sweat pants. Abercrombie was once the go-to store for all of your clothes, but as time went by the store’s popularity dwindled. This means The Situation either still shops at Abercrombie, or these sweats are definitely showing their age. Either, way we think they deserve an upgrade ASAP.

8 The Girls On A Night Out

via: nbcmiami.com

If you’ve seen even just one episode of Jersey Shore you know that the show mostly revolves around the cast going out and partying and the drama that surrounds it. Over the years the girls have worn some interesting outfits on their nights out and this night was definitely one of them. Once again Snooki is wearing animal print, and we’re really starting to loathe the sight of it, as it’s getting pretty old. Time to refresh your wardrobe, Snooks! As for JWoww, we’re not a fan of the paint splattered and ripped jeans, nor the huge cowboy belt buckle. Not only does it seem a bit messy, but really out of place too. As for Sammi, she’s not as big of an offender as Snooki and JWoww. These outfits really wouldn’t be out first choice for a night out with friends.

7 The Guys Can’t Escape Either

via: playbuzz.com

Where do we even start with this photo. They look like a Jersey Shore boyband gone absolutely wrong. Starting on the left with Pauly, we honestly want to burn those pants. They’re awful and we don’t think there’s any other way to describe them. Vinny’s silver oversized basketball shorts give us 90s boyband vibes and we’re not feeling it at all. Ronnie’s zip up sleeveless hoodie is something straight out of the Jersey Shore, but without a t-shirt underneath (who are we kidding a t-shirt wouldn’t make a difference) we don’t think he pulls it off very well at all. As for The Situation, he’s the least offending out of all of them, just looking like he’s about to hit the gym. This photo is by far the most cringey of them all.

6 Snooki’s Bling Glasses

via: twitter.com

Cringey aside, we’re wondering how in the world Snooki even sees out of these things. Not to mention they look like something Lady Gaga would wear once upon a time. Not only are these glasses cringey, they’re straight-up silly. They give off the appearance that she took science safety goggles from a classroom and bedazzled them herself. We think it’s truly funny how she matched a bling heart ring to the glasses, too. We’re not exactly sure what look she’s going for — whether it’s futuristic, fancy, or by the looks of the headband, boho, it’s just too much. We’re begging you Snooki, please never ever wear those glasses again!

5 More Loud Dresses

via: nbcchicago.com

During their time at the Jersey Shore house, JWoww and Snooki were attached at the hip, to the point that they got their own spin-off show, and still remain best friends today. By looking at this photo, it’s easy to see that they probably get their fashion advice and opinions from one another. Quite frankly, they should quit while they’re ahead. It’s obvious that they’re trying to turn on the s*x appeal in these dresses, however, they seem to fall a bit flat in our opinion. Snooki’s looks more like a beach cover up rather than a dress you’d wear to a club. As for JWoww, we would say the same thing, however, we’re confused as to what her dress is trying to say. The words are a strange addition to the dress and kind of hard to read. Regardless, we don’t like it one bit.

4 Snooki’s Outfit Is A Mess

via: hqpictures.net

What a surprise that Snooki is wearing yet another cringe-worthy outfit. The repeat offender is finally wearing something without any animal print on it, and we call that progress. As for this outfit, we’re not sure if it’s a regular dress or perhaps a bathing suit cover-up. Either way, the pattern is just a wild mess. During the first season of the show, Snooki wore a lot of cringe-worthy outfits similar to this one. As the seasons went on though, her style did get a little better, but this really takes the cake. From the Old Navy flip-flops to the iconic hair poof, this outfit just screams Jersey Shore and Snooki.

3 Merchandise From Their Jobs

via: mtv.fr

During their summers spent in Seaside Heights, the cast had “jobs” where they worked at a t-shirt shop on the boardwalk selling apparel and other gifts at the Shore Store. This picture shows JWoww and Snooki working a shift at the store, dressed head to toe in all things the Shore Store sold. We understand that they’re there to sell things, and that wearing merchandise is a good thing, however, JWoww looks like she rolled right out of bed, and yet again Snooki is overdoing it with the obnoxious graphic t-shirt that reads, “if lost return to the Shore Store” along with a (sort of) matching hat. Less is always more in our eyes, girls!

2 Deena’s Frilly Dress Doesn’t Work

via: intouchweekly.com

We can see that Deena really tried to look nice in this outfit, it fell just a bit flat. Although we like the idea of the dress — we’re not fans of how it was pulled off. The belt or the jewels in the middle make the dress look a little (or a lot) cheap, and we would do away with it if possible. We also think that the dress makes Deena look a lot younger than she actually is. The dress is something that you’d see at a high school dance, a sweet 16, or even a prom. We wish she would dress a little older — less ruffles and more dress to hug her curves. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

1 Snooki’s Furry Boots

via: nydailynews.com

Last but not least, possibly the worst piece of clothing on this entire list is Snooki’s furry boots. She has them not in only one single color, but two. Snooki has had some bad outfits on this list, but these really take the cake. The boots are so cringey, that they look like she has two poor little poodles strapped to her legs. We can confidently say that we’d take all her animal print everything over her furry boots any day. Although her outfits in these two photos are a little better (we can do without the neon green “I’m bad” shirt, though) the boots completely distract us from anything else. We’re hoping that she doesn’t wear them these days and that she’s gotten rid of them, or better yet, burned them. Sorry Snooks!

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