20Robert Pattison

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The lead actor in the Twilight series of films, which are equally beloved and reviled, Robert Pattison might be hated by a lot of people if he didn’t seem like a really cool guy. After all, if you love those movies, he is your guy and if you hate

them, don’t worry, based on his interviews, it seems like he does too. That is also why we don’t find it surprising in the least that he seems like he was more than happy to take a selfie like this one. Unfortunately, that other man has his eyes elsewhere, ruining the photo that was taken. There is another possibility, though, that guy may be clutching a phone that he is focusing on, and it may be the woman we can barely see between them who owns the camera this photo was taken from. However, that would make this selfie even worse, as we can’t think of a result worse than being totally obscured by some jerk in your dream photo.

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