20 Worst Celebrity Meet-And-Greet Photos

In today’s society, there is little that many people seem to desire more than to become a celebrity. Of course, most of us will never attain any kind of meaningful fame in our lives, which leaves us sitting at home and observing the careers of those that have. On top of that, even those that have zero interest in living their lives in front of the world in that way will likely become attached to those who are a part of the entertainment that they enjoy. That means that both groups will likely have a good reason to enjoy the idea of being able to get near the people they read about online and in magazines and see on their screens.

While famous people seem more in reach today than ever before due to social media, that doesn’t make it easier for you to get near those you enjoy in all likelihood. As a result, paying to get near a celebrity and have your photo taken is going to be your best shot, but that doesn’t mean it will always go well. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty worst celebrity meet and greet photos.

In order for a picture to be considered for possible inclusion here, it first off has to have been taken at a celebrity meet-and-greet event or otherwise needs to have been from an official event. Since these images have a distinctive look, it is typically pretty obvious that we are looking at one, but a judgment call may be required in some cases. Next, somebody famous also has to be a part of the image and at least one everyday person. It doesn’t matter if a crowd is present in the moment as long as there is at least one recognizable face among them. Finally, the resulting image needs to be one that feels painfully awkward, off-putting, or unfortunate in some way.


20 Paris Hilton

via Getty Images

Someone that has become famous for very dubious reasons, Paris Hilton first became known for being the heir to a fortune that was built generations earlier by her great-grandfather and her partying ways. Then becoming a sensation when a recording of her with a man in the bedroom was released to the public, she was afforded a long list of opportunities that only a few people get. The star of a “reality” show that has also starred in movies and even has at least one hit song in her past, you have to respect her ability to extend her fifteen minutes of fame repeatedly. Seen here with a fan at the launch of her shoe collection that was put out with Sears, it seems clear that he is having a lot of fun. Still, she doesn’t seem like she knows how to handle the situation which is why we included this shot here.

19 Edward Furlong

Via neatorama.com

Forever a part of film history due to playing John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Edward Furlong is a part of one of the most universally praised action films of all time. Also seen in other films like Detroit Rock City, Pecker, Pet Sematary Two, Brainscan, and American History X, he has given many memorable performances over his acting career. Unfortunately, like many of his fellow former child stars, he has grappled with substance abuse issues over the years, which has led to a number of outrageous decisions on his part. Far from one of his crazier moments, this shot of him with a fan is still notable for the uncomfortable look on the face of the fan as he grasps the air in front of her chest.

18 Britney Spears

Via breatheheavy.com

One of the most accomplished singers of her generation, Britney Spears has been a pop culture mainstay for the most part since she first came to prominence in her teen years. Known for her many hits songs like “Womanizer,” “...Baby One More Time,” and “Til The World Ends” to name only a few, it has seemed like she has the Midas touch a lot of the time over her career. Of course, she is also one of the highest-selling female singers of all time and has won a bevy of awards including the Millennium Award that was given to her at the Billboard Music Awards. Seen here striking a pose with one of her many male fans, the two have their hands in the same position but the difference is that he has a normal look on his face while hers is anything but.

17 Morena Baccarin

Via slightlywarped.com

An actress that we can’t get enough of, whenever Morena Baccarin joins the cast of a film or show, we are interested if the ante is upped significantly. Pop culture royalty to many for playing a part in the much-beloved series Firefly and its movie spin-off, Serenity, that alone is enough to earn her a place in nerd culture forever. However, she didn’t rest on those laurels and also was a part of other shows like V, Homeland, and Gotham as well as films like Spy and Deadpool. Pictured here in the middle of two of her fans, the resulting image was so close to being a fine one if it weren’t for the fact that the dude on the left is looking off camera. Geez man, you’re standing with Morena and you can’t even stay in the moment.

16 Justin Bieber

Via theblemish.com

Introduced to the world when he was recorded singing as a youngster and the footage was uploaded on YouTube, Justin Bieber has since become a pop prince that is embraced by millions of fans. Known for songs like “Sorry,” “Baby,” “Love Yourself,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Cold Water,” he has enough hit tracks under his belt that we could go on and on. Also a focus of a great deal of controversy over his years in the spotlight, he has been in the spotlight during a time in life where most people are jerks and have great means which is a recipe for disaster. Still, as much as you can write off many of his antics, you’d still hope that he would hugely appreciate his fans but in this shot with one of them, he couldn’t possibly look less happy to be in the moment.

15 Lady Gaga

Via hiamag.com

The heir apparent in our mind to the legacy of someone like Madonna, this recording artist seems to be able to change her image at a moment’s notice while always seeming sincere. Known for songs like “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” and many, many more, when Mother Monster, as she is sometimes known, puts out a single, people pay attention. Someone who seems like she was born to be an artist, no matter if you support everything that Lady Gaga does, there is no debating the idea that she seems to be true to herself. That is why a shot of her with a pair of fans like this one seems so weird to us as she doesn’t seem committed to the moment in the slightest and looks as though she’d rather be anywhere else.

14 Katy Perry

Via Pinterest.com

Without a doubt one of the most famous and successful singers in the world today, there are only a select few of her peers that could be aptly considered anywhere near Katy Perry’s level. Known for tracks like “Firework,” “California Gurls,” “I Kissed a Girl,” “Roar,” and “Teenage Dream,” her music has served as the soundtrack of many young people’s lives in recent years. That is why it should come as a surprise to nobody that she has a number of extremely passionate fans that follow her every move and support her in any way possible. Seemingly pictured with one such person, she can be seen pointing at a tattoo of herself on the back of the woman which must be an honor of sorts. But she looks very awkward pointing at it.


13 Rihanna

Via Pinterest.com

During the previous entry, we touched on the immense success of Katy Perry and our opinion that very few singers are comparable to her, but here we have one of them, Rihanna. Blessed with a singing voice for the ages and an ear for tracks that are bound to be hits, when she is involved in a song, there is every reason to expect it to be a blockbuster in terms of sales. Known for music like “We Found Love,” “Live Your Life,” “Umbrella,” “Disturbia,” and “Take A Bow,” her songs typically combine catchy beats and seductive singing to great success. We’re sure by now that you’ve picked up on the fact that many of the photos on this list involve a celebrity playing a large part in their failure. That isn’t the case at all here as it is the odd choice of eyewear on that fan that ruined this shot, and she looks as good as usual to us.

12 AJ Lee

Via Imgur.com

Formerly an employee of the WWE, if you ask us, AJ Lee was one of the best performers there at the time, including those of both genders. Able to garner a large reaction from the crowd pretty much every time she made an entrance, she could also be relied on to take part in stellar matches. However, for us, her greatest strength was her character work as she was able to convince us that she really was a nut on a regular basis, even though we knew it was a fiction. A part of a strange photo here, first off, we think it is odd that someone so young opted to sit in her meet-and-greet photos. But the cringe factor of this fake proposal is what made this picture a must for this list.

11 Mark Hamill

Via blazepress.com

An actor that will always be able to demand big pay days to show up at any comic con, Mark Hamill’s place in film and pop culture history is as assured as anyone that we can think of. Forever best known for bringing Luke Skywalker to life as part of the Star Wars franchise, his character is a hero to millions for good reason. Also an accomplished voice actor, his other biggest claim to fame is his tenure lending his vocal abilities to several projects that feature his version of The Joker. Kind enough to be willing to get close enough to one of his fans in a photo that he was able to put his arm around his shoulder, it is unfortunate that the shot features a man with such a crazed look on his face.

10 Scotty McCreery

Via wideopencountry.com

A country music superstar that won the tenth season of American Idol, coming to prominence by playing a part in that series led to him having a loyal fanbase that enjoys taking photos with him. Known for songs like “I Love You This Big,” “See You Tonight,” “The Trouble with Girls,” “Feelin’ It,” and many more, Scotty McCreery has had a long list of hit songs over the last decade. Seen here pictured alongside one of his young fans, we can’t say for certain that it was taken as part of an event, but it seems likely considering that she seems to be prepared with the shirt for the moment. Standing alongside a child that is holding a shirt emblazoned with the words ‘blink if you want to date me,’ it is pretty hilarious that Scotty is holding his eyes open with his fingers in response. Still, as amusing as it is at first blush, it is still a very odd position for a famous singer to find himself in.

9 Jessica Nigri

Via obsev.com

A unique entity on this list, Jessica Nigri has become famous for posing in a slew of photographs where she dressed up as various pop culture characters. Known for her curvy body and willingness to don outfits that show it off to a large degree, she managed to make a career for herself as a professional model due to online popularity. She also has become a spokesman for a number of businesses and companies that want to gain traction with the nerd culture, including comic books and video games. Pictured here with one of her fans, it is a series of calamities as a photo. First off, the hover hand going on is incredible since there are several inches between her and that guy’s hand, yet somehow, she still seems to be incredibly put off by his appendage being even that close to her.

8 Joe Jonas

Via directlyrics.com

A picture that is unlike any of the others on this list, this doesn’t have the look that we typically think of resulting from a meet-and-greet, but it came from one nevertheless. Best known as a member of the Jonas Brothers, a group that was made up of him and his brothers, Joe Jonas is now a member of the dance-rock band named DNCE. An image from a meet-and-greet event for the latter act, here we see a shot of one of their fans being dragged away from him. You can’t see his face here as he is recoiling, but the body with the blue shirt and black pants is him as he tries to get away from a female fan that got handsy before being ripped away from him.

7 Katy Perry 2

Via emgn.com

Sometimes, when looking at a picture, there is more than one way to perceive it. For instance, with this photo, there are two things that could have been happening when it was snapped. The first one is that Katy Perry and the young man she is pictured with here are intentionally taking a picture that brings to mind the awkwardness of a high school dance and are having fun with it. That admittedly does seem entirely possible but it seems much more likely to us that the singer is posing in a dance position and feels really weird about it. After all, the fan seems to see the moment as funny while she looks sincerely put off, which is why we put this image on this list in a relatively high position.

6 Avril Lavigne

Via Twitter.com

A pop punk princess that is known for a supposedly edgy image that is still quite family-friendly, Avril Lavigne has shown that she has some admirable staying power over the years. Known for songs like “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” “Sk8er Boi,” “Complicated,” “Girlfriend,” “I’m With You,” and many more, her distinctive sound has been fully embraced by many. What hasn’t been embraced by her, however, is her fans during meet-and-greet sessions a lot of the time. In fact, there are so many cold photos of her standing near fans but largely ignoring them that she was forced to address them in an interview. Blaming shots like this one on security issues, she was even quoted as saying, “I do touch my fans.” But you’d never know it from a chilly image like this one.

5 Miley Cyrus Awkward Grab

Via Twitter.com

Someone whose antics were under the microscope of many around the world for several years, it seems as though Miley doesn’t care in the slightest what the world thinks of her. We say that because we believe that if she was concerned with that, she wouldn’t have seemingly happily posed for a shot like this one. A photo where she is allowing a fan of hers to grope her, there aren’t too many celebrities out there that would be up for taking such a shot. As such, we do have to give her some credit as it seems clear that she enjoys being around her fans and wants to send them home with a smile on their faces. However, if you’re a young man and you’ve been allowed contact with a celebrity like her, you’d at least think that you’d look pleased with the situation instead of copping the odd expression that dude did.

4 Justin Bieber 2

Via windsorstar.com

Off-putting from the moment you see it, there is so much about this image that we find difficult to look at. That said, we’re going to defend Justin a little bit here as it doesn’t seem likely to us that he unilaterally decided to grab that young woman since she seems to be in on what is happening. That said, we highly question the age of that particular young lady considering that his fan base has a lot of underage people in it, and she may be among that group. Still, no matter if she is older than eighteen or not, we still find this image to be hugely awkward either way as we have no interest in seeing Bieber grabbing a handful. On top of that, despite thinking that she is fine with him doing just that, the look on her face doesn’t communicate to us that she is pleased with the situation either.

3 Britney Spears 2

Via okmagazine.ge

You’d really think that a singer like Britney Spears who has been in the spotlight since her mid-teens would be used to dealing with fan interactions after putting up with them for more than twenty years. It shouldn’t shock anyone, however, that she doesn’t seem to look forward to hanging out with her many supporters, as many stars seem to echo those feelings. That said, considering that celebrities take part in meet-and-greet sessions for the massive amounts of money they provide, you’d think she’d want to keep the cash cow going by taking good photos. She may just be immensely sure of her fans’ love for her as we can’t imagine paying all of that cash to take a photo with her like this one where it feels like she is present very much against her will. Made all the worse by the awkward demeanor of the singer and fan, the look on Britney’s face communicates a level of uncomfortability that few are capable of.

2 Summer Glau

Via summer-glau.com

The second member of the cast of Firefly and Serenity to make this list, just like Morena Baccarin, this talented actress has accomplished much more than that too. In fact, she is a TV powerhouse, including appearing in shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Arrow, Alphas, The 4400, and she even made a memorable cameo on The Big Bang Theory. Pictured here with a fan in one of the worst photos of a celebrity we’ve ever seen, he has a ridiculous look on his face while Summer Glau’s expression is fraught with tension. On top of that, we’re used to fans using hover hand as they don’t want to make the star uncomfortable. But her hand is nowhere near him in this case, which blows us away.

1 Miley Cyrus 2

Via popsugar.com

A former child star that became famous after starring in a Disney Channel show, Miley Cyrus was known early in her career for a sticky sweet image that was family-friendly to the masses. Definitely no longer seen in that light, as she transitioned into adulthood, she adopted a far edgier image that included over-the-top stage shows, very provocative dancing, and racy fashion choices. Another thing that she started doing all the time was sticking her tongue out of her mouth in a wide variety of situations. As a result, seeing a photo of her like this one with her mouth wide open isn’t at all shocking, but the fact that she is sharing the moment with a fan that she is pretending she is about to make out with is.


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