20 Weirdest Outfits Worn By Beyonce That Are Incomprehensible

Beyonce is one of the biggest and most legendary names in music but even she can make mistakes. Her latest song collaboration with Eminem, "Walk On Water," reminds us that she "ain't no Jesus" and is "only human just like you." The superstar has sold out arenas around the world, won countless awards, and made chart-topping hit songs. She has had a monumental career already and she is only 36 years old.

These days, Beyonce's style game is off the charts. She wears designer outfits, keeps up with fashion trends, and has literally never looked better. She also most likely has a stylist with excellent taste to assist her. Although, that was not always the case. For a long time, Beyonce's mom was making the majority of her outfits and performance costumes and we don't blame Miss Tina. She was doing the best she could but some of these looks were absolutely cringe-worthy.

Beyonce has definitely had some fashion failures over the years. Granted, these fashion faux-pas were mostly from early on in her career when she was just making a name for herself in Destiny's Child but a photo lasts forever. Fortunately, since breaking off from her girl group, having a successful solo career, and managing herself and her brand, Beyonce has found her own voice and style that she represents loud and proud. Hopefully, at this point, she can look back at laugh at these looks she wore back in the day. Here are 20 of Beyonce's outfits that we still don't understand.

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beyonces worst outfits brown fur corset and satin
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20 This Brown Fur Corset And Satin Skirt Atrocity

beyonces worst outfits brown fur corset and satin
via: twimg.com

This hideous atrocity looks like a combination of Cinderella and the three little bears gone horribly, horribly wrong. We can't imagine what the pop star was thinking when she chose this interesting ensemble. To make matters worse, her outfit also clashed terribly with the blue carpet she was forced to walk on at whatever event she was attending.

The dress appeared to be two parts; a girly pink corset with brown fur around the shoulders with a floor-length silky satin skirt. The champagne color of the skirt did not match well with the pink corset and there was something about the whole get-up which gave off prom vibes as well. Beyonce looks beautiful in mostly anything she wears but this look was just not working for her.

19 These Outfits That Look Like They Were Made From Curtains

via: onsugar.com

Back when Beyonce was a part of the girl band, Destiny's Child, her mother Tina Lawson (formerly Knowles) would make all of the costumes and outfits for Beyonce and the rest of the group. This was back when Destiny's child was still four members, so Beyonce was just getting their start in the entertainment industry. It literally looks like Ms. Tina went to town with the Knowles' dining room curtains to make these outfits for Destiny's Child back in the day.

This has got to be one of the ugliest patterns in existence. It looks like Bey tried to keep it classy by covering her midriff but that dress is not any better than the other three ladies' two-piece coordinates, especially with the bright purple detailing.

18 This Interesting Getup She Wore For Her 21st Birthday

via: beyonce.com

There are not too many pictures of Beyonce in social settings back in the day before social media became as huge as it is now. This photo is from the pop star's 21st birthday party, which she shared with fans in 2014 as a throwback photo on Instagram. The singer wore a white and gold pair of checkered hot pants, along with a matching bra top with a cut-off t-shirt that read "Sweet 21." She also wore a white, furry baseball cap.

Beyonce had a roller skating party in Atlanta, Georgia. She turned 21 the same year that Destiny's Child released their debut solo album, Dangerously In Love. We do lots of things that we regret when we are young and we are pretty sure she would not wear this outfit again if given the opportunity.

17 This Gaudy Gold Blazer And Shorts Set

beyonces worst outfits gold suit
via: popsugar.com

Jay Z and Beyonce attended the 2004 MTV VMAs wearing coordinating outfits but this is not a look we would recommend they try again. The couple is one of the most powerful celebrity couples in the business but back in 2004, Beyonce was still making a name for herself. Beyonce wore a gold blazer with matching hot pants. The blazer was bedazzled with rhinestones around the collar and sleeves. Her husband was wearing a white suit with gold accents, along with a beige hat and glasses.

The pop star's ensemble was gaudy and over-the-top, even for her. Her makeup was overdone and her hair did not look its best. Everyone has an off day, even celebrities, and this was one outfit that definitely did not flatter her best features.

16 This Ridiculously Tacky Handbag

beyonces worst outfits tacky bag
via: allw.mn

This is not necessarily an outfit that Beyonce wore that made us question her fashion taste, but rather an accessory. The "Single Ladies" singer was snapped carrying this bulky, multi-colored Louis Vuitton handbag. This just goes to show that just because something has a designer label does not make it cute. Spending a ton of money on something expensive does not always pay off.

This Louis Vuitton bag had multiple patterns in shades ranging from white, to baby blue, to red, to navy and the whole thing just wasn't working together. It looks like a bunch of bags messily slapped into one. This is the only publicized photo of Beyonce carrying this purse so perhaps she realized how hideous it was and decided to part ways with it.

15 These Patriotic Pants

beyonces worst outfits patriotic pants
via: ew.com

Every American can appreciate some good patriotism but these pants were just too much. Beyonce, Michelle, and Kelly all wore these red, white, and blue flag-printed pants. These three were never seen in public without attire that was at least somewhat coordinating. The pants all had fairly different patterns but were essentially the same pair of flared patriotic pants.

To add more color to their outfit situation, Kelly wore a blue leather belt, blue tank top, and blue shoes, while Beyonce wore a red chain belt, white tank top, and white shoes, and Michelle wore a red leather belt, red tank top, and red shoes. If there was one thing you could count on Destiny's Child for, it was that they would be wearing matching outfits.

14 This Frilly Blue Ballgown

beyonces worst outfits teal dress
via: zimbio.com

Typically, when Beyonce gets dressed up for a red carpet it is a sight to see but this dress is just not very flattering. For starters, the lace tulle material looks like doily paper and the baby blue color is just not suiting her. She wore this floor-length gown to the premiere of the film Dreamgirls, which the singer had a leading role in back in 2006.

The gigantic bow ribbon on the side of her dress is just obnoxious and unnecessary. The matching pale blue eyeshadow just makes everything worse! Why is it that women used to think it was stylish to match their eyeshadow color to their clothing? Thankfully, that trend came and went quickly. But hey, at least her hair still looked good.

13 This Sparkly Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Mess

beyonces worst outfits dallas cowboys
via: piximus.com

Beyonce and the rest of the ladies in Destiny's Child loved to wear themed outfits for their performances back in the day. We are not sure what kind of a vibe the singers were going for but this looked like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders Halloween costume. Surely, the three girls looked like part of the team while dancing up on stage.

The glittery silver cowboy hat looked incredibly tacky, along with the big hoop earrings Beyonce wore. These days, the Lemonade singer wears makeup that is much more subdued, without all of the heavy black eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow, or dark lipstick. She also rocks her natural hair instead of a blonde highlighted wig she wore in the photo above, which is much more flattering on the superstar.

12 This Funky Oversized Top

beyonces worst outfit patterned dress
via: pinterest.com

This oversized peasant top with giant sleeves and a funky pattern is something that Beyonce would never be caught dead in today. Although she looks thrilled in this photo, she is probably not thrilled with herself when she looks back at this outfit choice. The singer wore her hair in natural curls and minimal makeup, which looked great, but this hideous blouse ruined the whole look.

She wore the oversized shirt with a pair of shorts and tied a braided purple belt around her waist. The shirt was so big that you could hardly see her pants. The pattern and the colors were pretty ugly but hey, when you are Beyonce, you can make anything look good. Honestly, she could be wearing a trash bag and we would all think she looked great.

11 This Loose Yellow Big Bird Skirt

beyonces worst outfits yellow skirt
via: zimbio.com

This outfit was just not well-styled. The bright yellow skirt is froofy and loose, calf-length, with a ribbon tied around the waist. The frills, material, and color of this skirt are horrible. The calf-length of the skirt is pretty awkward and unflattering as well. She paired it with a white, long sleeve patterned top and nude, embellished high heels.

The pop star wore long, caramel colored extensions in her hair, big hoop earrings, and a face full of makeup. Beyonce's style has really evolved over the past few years and these days, everything that she wears is much edgier, fashion-forward, and form-fitting. She used to conform to what music producers and record label executives would tell her to look like and sound like and now she has found more of her own voice and sense of style.

10 This Awkward Patchwork Denim Dress

beyonces worst outfits denim dress
via: nymag.com

Nothing can beat Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's matching denim ensembles they wore to the VMAs in the early 2000s but Beyonce's mismatched patchwork denim dress sure comes close. She and her then-boyfriend, now-husband Jay Z made an appearance together on MTV's TRL Live back in the early 2000s and the pair wore coordinating denim ensembles.

The former Destiny's Child star's mini dress looked like multiple pairs of jeans that were cut up and thrown together. She wore a New York Yankees hat and a pair of Timberland heeled boots. Jay wore a pair of dark wash baggy jeans with a matching denim button-up jacket, white sneakers, and a long, silver chain around his neck. One thing is for sure. These two should not try to bring these outfits back.

9 This Ill-Fitting Fur-Trimmed Leather Jumpsuit

beyonces worst outfits leather jumpsuit
via: thefashionspot.com

Beyonce wore this ill-fitting fur-trimmed leather jumpsuit during an appearance on a plaid red carpet in the mid-2000s. The whole thing was sort of a hot mess with fur, buckles, and hemlines all over the place. There was a lot of long fur around the neckline and some shorter fur along the sleeves, which made it look like she was wearing some kind of cat suit.

The belted tie waist accentuated her waist a bit but it is pretty chunky and tacky. The hemlines on the leather pants are also not flattering to the shape of her body at all. The singer accentuated her look with some blunt bangs and dark eye makeup, which helped, but does not distract us from what a disaster this ensemble turned out to be.

8 This Baggy Bottoms/Tiny Top Combo

beyonces worst outfits baggy pants tiny top
via: distractify.com

The ladies of Destiny's Child are not matching for once in this photo but their outfits are nothing to envy. Beyonce is wearing a yellow, purple, and pink crop-top hoodie with a pair of oversized, loose jeans and Timberland boots. She had her hair up in a high, half-up/half-down ponytail and wore big, gold hoop earrings. The tiny top combined with the baggy bottoms is just not a good look for the pop star, who typically takes the stage in form-fitting, feminine attire.

Kelly Rowland had her undergarments out on full display, with a tiny jacket over her arms, and a pair of small, purple shorts with matching shoes. Michelle wore a white and gold-striped tracksuit with a purple, white, and gold patterned hat and a pair of shoes that looked like snowboarding boots.

7 This Unflattering Green Mid-Length Dress

via: harpersbazaar.com

We do not know what the "Hold Up" singer was thinking when she chose this ensemble. The green patterned dress definitely did not flatter the curvy singer's best features. The pattern was pretty all over the place as well. The dress itself was an awkward calf-length, which was accentuated by the atrocious, magenta open-toed heels she was wearing. It was also too loose around the top, slouching around her chest.

Beyonce also accessorized with a chunky, beaded turquoise necklace and a pair of gold earrings. She wore her caramel hair wavy and long over her shoulders and a face full of makeup. This loose look is not something that the pop star would ever wear present day and it did not exactly do her any favors back then either.

6 This Interestingly-Shaped Top And Glitter Bottoms

beyonces worst outfits cloud top sparkle pants
via: woman.ru

We imagine that whoever styled the ladies for this event thought it would be cute to incorporate a flower top into Beyonce's outfit to coordinate with Michelle and Kelly's floral ensembles but the result was not too flattering. The green glitter pants paired with the interestingly-shaped top made for an awkward-looking outfit. The front of the top was shaped like a flower, while the back was completely open and being held together by a couple of straps.

Beyonce’s heavy makeup, including the pale blue eyeshadow and coral-colored lipstick, made the whole look clash even further with the color of her pants. Michelle wore a long floral dress with a slit up the side, while Kelly wore a coordinating floral patterned top and form-fitting bottoms. All-together, their ensembles did not look good.

5 This Brown Cargo Skort Situation

beyonces worst outfits brown camo
via: onsugar.com

Camouflage has surely had its moments in fashion but this was not one of them. Beyonce appears to be very young in this photo so this was likely at the beginning of her career. It was also even more likely before she ever had a fashion stylist, so we'll try not to blame her too much for this dreadful outfit.

The yellow and brown camo pattern is not flattering with her skin tone, although, we are pretty sure this would look hideous on anyone. At a first glance, this appears to be a dress but it is actually some kind of "skort" ensemble, with shorts built into the skirt. The black boots also make her legs appear to be shorter and stockier than they actually are. If Beyonce cannot pull this look off, the average Jane surely will not be able to.

4 This Denim Disaster

beyonces worst outfits denim
via: flare.com

Beyonce's denim look might be the least atrocious of the three but this outfit still landed a spot on this list. The leading lady wore a pair of flared denim pants with some angled embroidery on the knees. Her jean jacket had destroyed frayed bits all along the collar. She paired the look with a pair of ultra-pointy black leather boots.

Michelle and Kelly were arguably given worse outfits to wear for this photoshoot. Kelly wore such a remarkably hideous denim combination that we cannot imagine who signed off on her look. The denim skirt was destroyed with rips and she wore some sort of denim corset top with a black turtleneck top with a pair of knee-high leather boots, while it looks like Michelle was given the matching distressed jean top.

3 This Glittery Butterfly Top

beyonces worst outfits butterfly top
via: imageshack.com

Beyonce and her sister Solange are both in the music industry and their individual sense of style has changed immensely over the years. This photo of the Knowles has the two looking almost unrecognizable. Beyonce wore short sleeve crop top with an orange sequin butterfly on it. She paired it with a western-style belt with turquoise and orange details and a dark washed pair of denim.

Beyonce's hair was curly, natural, and shoulder-length. Her sister Solange was wearing a homely, floral-patterned maxi skirt with a white t-shirt she had cut up on the sides and sleeves. She also wore a bandanna over her head and a pair of dangly earrings. The sisters look happy to be together, with huge smiles on their faces and that’s all that counts… right?

2 This Glitter Headband And Glitter Tattoo On Her Chest

beyonces worst outfits glitter tattoo
via: distractify.com

Beyonce's outfit was not necessarily terrible here but her tacky accessories landed this look on the list. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle all wore matching crop tops in pink, yellow, and white with dark washed denim pants and similar-looking sparkly belts. There is also some kind of pink and yellow ribbon woven into the pockets of their jeans. Although it was not the best outfit we've seen Destiny's Child, it is also not the worst.

The thing that made this ensemble so gaudy was the rhinestone stick-on tattoos with "DC," standing for "Destiny's Child," plastered across all three of their chests. Beyonce added some more glitter to her look with a silver sequin headband as well. These days, Beyonce is into Flash Tats, which are temporary tattoos with a metallic finish.

1 This Yellow Lace Nightmare

beyonces worst outfits yellow lace
via: usmagazine.com

The ladies of Destiny's Child have had their fair share of fashion fails throughout their time together but they also had a lot of good looks... this just was not one of them. These outfits were definitely still from back when Beyonce's mom was making their ensembles because there is way too much coordination going on.

The girls all wore the same denim and a bright yellow lace material that had been used to make all three outfits. Beyonce wore a yellow bikini top underneath her lacy poncho top, which she paired with shorts and yellow strappy sandals. Kelly wore a strange-looking denim strapless dress with the yellow lace material underneath paired with the same sandals, while Michelle had on a lacy tank top with light-washed jeans covered in lace on one leg, and navy close-toed shoes.

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