15 Ways Chris Evans' Workout And Fashion Makes Him The Real Captain America

Full disclosure: for a really long time, I didn't get the hype about Chris Evans. I had a friend who was genuinely obsessed with him, but I just didn't get it. Sure, he seems like one of the more down to earth celebrities and isn't in the tabloids much which is a welcome change, but there's a reason why he's part of the seemingly interchangeable Hollywood Chris lineup. Seriously, he's one of four attractive, bankable male movie stars that are part of a superhero cinematic universe, and one of three in the Marvel stable. Chris Evans isn't even the Chris who's been working with Marvel for the longest period of time (that would be Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor). Personally, the more I got into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I found myself gravitating more towards heroes like Thor and Deadpool than I did Evans' Captain America. I was Team Iron Man all through Civil War. However, the more I learned about Chris Evans, the more I had to admit to myself that he's a great actor who's really underrated.

Chris Evans started out in life pretty normally. He's the son of Lisa and Robert Evans and grew up in Boston, and even when he was a kid he knew he wanted to act. He kept at it while he was a kid and needless to say, he's made it in the business. Chances are you know him as Captain America, the role he's been playing for the last seven years, but he's also been involved in other, smaller films that are worth watching. He's a tough looking guy who has a really scary workout regime, but in reality, he's genuinely a nice guy. Here are fifteen things you need to know about Chris Evans that will make you realize he's much more than a Marvel superhero come to life.

15 Chris Evans Took Gymnastics To Become Captain America

Chris Evans trained a lot to become Captain America, but he didn't just stick to weights to achieve his heroic physique. He focused a lot on acrobatics on top of bulking up, which gave him superheroic skills on top of a superhero's body.

"I did some gymnastic classes, which were a lot of fun. I got to use acrobatics more, so he's flipping off things and spinning and jumping and using his environment."

In The Winter Soldier we got to see a lot more of that, as the movie entailed a lot of hand to hand fight scenes as shown in the photo above, where we got to see his talent put to the use the most.

"I also did some plyometrics, stuff like squat-to-box-jumps. The aim was to keep my heart rate high throughout the workouts, and that helped with my general fitness and especially during filming when had long days and was running around or doing fight scenes." he told Bodybuilding.com.

14 Captain America's Muscles Are Just For Show, Except Not Really

Chris Evans is actually pretty slim in real life, so in order to achieve the look he has as Captain America, he actually has to work really hard for it. He spent months adding bulk to his thinner frame, but he did it in such a way that he'd be more than just muscular, he'd be agile and fast on top of being strong. He was always strong, too, so the muscle was really more for the look than anything else.

"The preparation for Captain America was really about me bulking up looks wise, so it was a lot of weight training so I could get big."

"The training regimen was based on heavyweight/low-rep sets of the classic compound lifts. I did stuff like squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, incline bench presses, weighted dips, and chin-ups." he told BodyBuilding.com. Here he is supporting nothing beyond a t-shirt and pants, but believe you me, when we were watching the movie and all of a sudden he began to pull a helicopter back to the roof? That shirt was bulging with muscles. He made something so simple become an iconic scene, partially because of the symbolism of it, but partially because of how good he looked.

13 His Diet Is Super Healthy

Since Chris Evans needed to bulk up for his role as Captain America, he didn't just exercise to get that big. Anyone who's ever tried to build muscle or body mass knows that diet is a major part of that too. For him, the key is protein.

"The equation is around 2 grams protein per kilogram of bodyweight and that's achieved with a bunch of chicken," he told Bodybuilding.com.

"But then I'd also consume other sources of lean protein and some protein shakes through the day. But the eating is the thing I like the least (laughs), because I'd feel full all the time. I'd eat porridge, walnuts, raisins, low-fat Greek yogurt, a scoop of protein and maybe sliced banana for breakfast, which is generally an hour or two before I work out. Then through the day I'd eat a lot of things with a good protein source, lots of fish and meat." He'd mix in salads with all of that protein, but it was mostly protein.

12 Humbling Fashion - He Got Ditched On His Prom Night

Look at this photo. Evans is wearing a classic tux, looking relaxed and happy and eager to begin his night. How could anyone want to ditch someone who looks as adorable as him? We might not have a full body shot, but we bet anything that he looks dashing as ever. The rumpled look about him makes him look like a better date than anyone with an expensive suit. We like casual Chris, and he always nails it.

Evans is also familiar with something us regular people have dealt with a lot over the course of our lives: heartbreak. When he was 18, he went to prom with a girl he really liked, but before the end of the night, he'd get ditched.

"We danced all night, then she got back together with her ex."

It's really nice to know someone who's a role model for people of all ages has been through things like this, and it's equally as nice that he's open about it. It just goes to show how relatable the actor can be and how much of a regular, average guy he is. Many celebrities go on about how they're regular people deep down, but they don't really come off as relatable as Evans does. That's part of what makes his Captain America so compelling.

11 He Has Several Meaningful Tattoos

Chris Evans has a ton of tattoos and all of them have a special meaning to him. He's actually said he's addicted to tattoos, and right now he has six. He has one that looks like an Asian character that resembles the letter A, and that one represents his connection to his family. On that same arm, he has an inscription that says "loyalty" when it's translated. He has another one on his other shoulder that represents the astrological sign of his mom, which he's said is his favorite.

On his right side, he has a tattoo in memory of his friend Matt Bradley, who died in a car accident back in 2003. He also has a tattoo near his collarbone with a quote to represent his journey with Buddhism, which has helped him cope with fame. Finally, he has an ankle tattoo that says "SCS," to represent him, his brother Sean, and his sister Carly.

Sure, he's not wearing any clothes here, but honestly, is that so bad?

10 He Does Lots Of Charity Work

Okay, we had to include this in some of his best fashion choices. While Chris has a soft spot for the stealth suit that he supports in The Winter Solider, I have a soft spot not only for this picture, but this particular Captain America outfit. Chris Evans has a very old school kind of look about him, and that fits in tune with the old school suit. It's fitting, the colors of the flag are not too bright, and he definitely brings it to a new level with the beard.

Chris Evans has done a lot of charity work, some as himself and some as Captain America. Back when he was promoting Captain America: Civil War, he took some time from his busy schedule to surprise 13-year-old Archie Silverstein, who donated all of his bar mitzvah money to CelebrateU, a charity that gives birthday parties to less fortunate kids living in shelters. Evans gave him a superhero-themed cupcake and called him "a real champion." As for himself, he spends time with sick kids at Boston Hospital whenever he's back in his hometown. He's also publicly supported charities like Got Your 6 and Breast Cancer Care. He's also raised money for charity by participating in the Super Bowl.

9 He Supports Real Life Troops

ADANA, TURKEY - DECEMBER 7: Actor Chris Evans (L) and actress Scarlett Johansson of Captain America and The Avengers, NBA player Ray Allen, singer Craig Campbell and American swimmer Maya DiRado visit 39th Air Base Wing of the U.S. Air Force stationed at Incirlik 10th Adana Tanker Base Commander in Adana, Turkey on December 7, 2016. (Photo by Incirlik Air Base/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Chris Evans is always doing his part to support the troops. Back in 2016, he took the 22 Pushup Challenge, which is a lot like the Ice Bucket challenge was for ALS. The 22 Pushup Challenge was created in 2013 when founder Andrew Nguyen learned that in 2012, an average of 22 veterans died of suicide each day. The plan was to get 22 million pledged pushups to raise awareness for veterans issues.

In December 2016, Evans, along with other celebrities, went on to visit service members on the USO Chairman's Holiday Tour. The USO was ecstatic for the support. “With the leadership of General Dunford and help from our great celebrity friends, we are making this a holiday our service members and military families will never forget,” USO CEO and President Dr. J.D. Crouch II said.

8 He Has Anxiety And Tap Dances To Cope

Chris Evans has been on Ellen more than once, but this is probably when he looked his best. Casual Chris Evans is our favourite Chris Evans and here he shows up dressed in dark clothes, with a black jacket that hugs his arms in the most pleasant way. His smile is as gorgeous as ever, and the dark purple shirt adds a touch of color, even though it's dark. This is also the interview where he showcased his tap dancing abilities for a couple of seconds!

Chris Evans has social anxiety, and in recent years he's opened up a lot about it. He tends to experience anxiety when he's about to step onto the red carpet. “It’s a little nerve-racking,” Evans explained to Rolling Stone.

“You’re in the SUV with your family, your people. And then you have to pull over in some weird parking lot and do the swap. There are security and all these people. All of a sudden you’re out of your comfort zone. It’s strange. The little things that can tip you over.”

He's fine when he's acting since he's in his comfort zone, and he's good at doing press junkets and TV appearances, but at premieres or conventions, it's another story. To cope with his anxiety, he took up tap dancing from his mom and even has a dance floor installed in the basement of his house.

7 He Tries To Take Half The Year Off To Spend In Boston

10/16/14– "Captain America" Chris Evans filming a promotional video for the Concord Museum, a favorite of his since childhood. The Sudbury native also got to see a lot of the Museum’s Thoreau collection including a pair of Thoreau snowshoes from the Museum’s extensive collection.(Courtesy Concord Museum)

When you're famous, you get a bit more control over your schedule because you need to juggle all sorts of projects you're doing throughout the year. Chris Evans uses his power of scheduling to make sure he can get back to Boston and stay there for half of the year. He still lives in Boston and has said he can't imagine living anywhere else. He can actually be seen in Boston all the time.

Back in September 2017, he posted a video of him being reunited with his dog after ten weeks away. He's also been seen around the city with Jenny Slate, with whom he is back in a relationship. He's also part of the many Boston based celebrities who work out in Boston, a group that includes fellow Marvel superhero Ryan Reynolds and actress Mila Kunis.

This is one of the most prized Chris photos out there in terms of what he's wearing. It's the lumberjack look that can either make men look gorgeous or like a stereotypical redneck who needs to invest in a beard clipper. Luckily, Chris is the former. He dressed like this for a museum tour, and gosh, something about this whole look screams domestic. The casual elegance of him, poised and comfortable in his hometown, dressed not to impress but impressing anyhow, with the classic swept back hair and trimmed beard. He's stolen our hearts once more.

6 He's Passionate About Animal Rights

Another favourite photo of Chris is any photo of him and his dog Dodger. How is it, that walking down the street in casual clothes is literally having us swoon over him? The polo shirt and beige pants are nothing to fawn over, and on any other celebrity they would probably be picked on for daring to be so casual on the street when paparazzi await them. Chris however, pulls it off. Every shirt is his best friend as they all seem to cling desperately to his muscles and biceps, and his pants might get baggy at the bottom, but they clutch to his slim hips, accentuating his "dorito" build that the media has given him.

Chris Evans loves animals and is very passionate about animal rights. He adopted his dog, Dodger from a local pound while he was filming Gifted, and the story of how he adopted him is honestly one of the sweetest stories you'd hear from an actor these days.

“One of the last scenes we were filming [in Gifted] was in a pound, a kennel,” Evans told PEOPLE. “I foolishly walked in and I thought, ‘Are these actor dogs or are these real up for adoption dogs?"

"And sure enough they were, so I was walking up and down the aisles and saw this one dude and he didn’t belong there. I snagged him and he’s such a good dog. They aged him at about one, he acts like a puppy, he’s got the energy of a puppy, he’s just such a sweetheart, he’s such a good boy. He loves dogs, he loves kids, he’s full of love.” He calls himself a "dog lunatic" and even sleeps with his dog when he's home.

5 Chris Evans Speaks Out Politically

This stands as one of the most iconic photoshoots to date. It's literally nothing but Chris posing in Captain America shirts with or without jackets. But it's the symbol that makes it work too. Not only does the rumbled shirt give him that kind of "I'm hot enough to look like I just rolled out of bed this way", showing off his tattoo and messy hair, but that peek of his collarbone showing just a bit of his tattoo...well, it does things to us. The jacket is a nice punky touch, giving him an edge to the Captain America look he has.

Being Captain America has influenced Chris Evans, but he has always been someone who shared similar views with the nation's hero. Chris Evans grew up as a devout Catholic, but he doesn't really believe in that anymore. He's gone on record as saying:

"I don’t necessarily believe in god, at least not the man with the beard and robes and things like that. God can be whatever you want it to be. It’s the universe, the thing that connects all of us, this innate energy that’s in the air, animals, trees, that’s God."

He's very liberal, and while he doesn't go out of his way to make everything political, he doesn't shy away from those questions because he thinks they're important. "It’s insane that civil rights are being denied people in this day and age. It’s embarrassing, and it’s heartbreaking. It goes without saying that I’m completely in support of gay marriage. In 10 years we’ll be ashamed that this was an issue."

4 Scarlett Johansson Has Starred In Six Movies With Him

Scarlett Johansson has been in movies with Chris Evans for years, and it's long been speculated that they've been dating. However, they're just good friends who happen to have starred in six movies together. That number is bound to grow with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Infinity War coming out soon, so that number won't stop at six. Fans of both actors want them to get together, but given their relationship histories that probably won't happen anytime soon, or at least it won't become public. ScarJo is fresh off of a divorce with Romain Dauriac, and Chris Evans just got back together with Jenny Slate.

Here, although Scarjo is lighting up the red carpet with her gorgeous red dress, Chris looks handsome as ever in his dark blue striped suit. His patterned tie adds some fun to it, but what we love most about it is how it looks with his beard and slicked back hair. Although Chris has hit the carpet more than once with a clean shaven face, it's his rugged look that somehow manages to bring the suits to a whole new level.

3 He's Really Close To Sebastian Stan And Anthony Mackie

The relationship between Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan is one that's been pondered over by fangirls everywhere, but despite what Tumblr might have you think, these two are just best friends. This makes sense because Captain America's best friend is Bucky Barnes. Together with Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon, they make up Marvel's most famous bromance. The two have been working together since 2011 when they both started playing their Marvel roles, and Evans has a lot of feelings about the relationship between Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson.

"I think that’s what Steve’s been looking for ever since he woke up 70 years later. And I think the hunt for the reconnection with Bucky, and the cultivation and development of his current relationship with Sam, has been his key priorities."

Here, the trio is pictured looking ridiculously handsome and put together, and quite frankly we just don't know where to even look. The trio looks incredibly dashing. Once again, Chris looks beautiful, standing in all his glory in a fresh tan and beige casual suit. He looks like one of those rich billionaires from wall street, who knows what they're doing, how good they look, and the casual elegance they're able to portray with a simple suit.

2 He Goes To Therapy And Reads Self-Help Books

Chris Evans is in therapy to deal with his anxiety and is open to talking about how he goes to therapy. He started when he took on the role of Captain America, so he can work through his anxiety because he feels it's good to talk about the things that cause anxiety. He also reads a ton of self-help books.

In one interview, he talked about how he really likes Eckhart Tolle, an author who wrote the book "The Power of Now," which is all about being present in the moment and detaching from your sense of ego. He likes Tolle so much that he got a quote from him tattooed on his body, and you can see it on his collarbone when he's not acting or in Captain America's uniform.

The quote says “When you lose touch with your inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself, when you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.”

During an interview, he picked some casual clothes, light colours which oddly are a pick me up considering the topic at hand. Tan pants and a lilac shirt are not a usual fashion choice, especially among men it seems, but Chris has never been one to care too much about what people have to say about his fashion choices. Regardless, here he is shown looking magnificent as always, the lilac coming out beautifully with his skin tone, and working with the pants very nicely.

1 He's Really Humble And His Fashion Choices Show That

Chris Evans's fashion choices really show that despite the fact that he's worth millions of dollars, he's still a really humble guy deep down. While he does like designer brands like Oliver Peoples and Alejandro Ingelmo Toby, he's also a guy who likes walking around in regular Converse because he likes them.

That being said, he tends to wear a lot of brands that look like regular, less expensive things, only for them to be really luxurious, showing that he's the type of guy who understands that really cool things don't have to be flashy in order to be cool. Chris Evans definitely comes off like a more down-to-earth guy than the average celebrity, but that just goes to show how high his goals are. He's not just satisfied with being a Marvel superhero, he wants to one day win awards for his acting like Oscars.

Here he is wearing a simple blue suit, but he makes it look like it's made of gold. Maybe I'm just biased. But the man looks better than ever, strutting down the street, casual elegance oozing off him in waves. His hair is slicked back once again, his shades give him that James Bond kind of look paired with the suit, and as it blows open in the wind, it gives him a carefree kind of attitude, instead of being all buttoned up to remain refined.

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