20 Tweets These Celebrities Immediately Regretted Sending

This doesn't really need to be said, and I'm sure it has occurred to just about everyone out there, but social media is one heck of a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it has made life better by connecting people and allowing a constant exchange of information, humor and interaction across the globe.

On the other hand social media has also freed a set of beasts so nasty that they nearly (and in some cases completely) eliminate what positives it has brought. We listed information, humor and interaction as potential selling points of a life on social media, well don't worry, it helps the spread of false information as well as truth, bigotry and hatred as well as humor and plenty of interaction with terrible, terrible humans. It's funny how the world works.

Of course, social media is excruciatingly entertaining and can act as a loudspeaker for not only brilliance and hilarity but also ignorance and downright stupidity. Twitter is one of the most exciting when it comes to stupidity, because it's so simple: Twitter is just a way to capture someone's thought at any given moment, when you're famous and have way too much time on your hands, most of those "at the moment" thoughts are comically stupid. Here are twenty of those stupid thoughts, communicated through Twitter (and in many cases quickly deleted), that these celebrities immediately regretted.


20 Courtney Love - Heart Shaped Box

Okay, so maybe this is a Tweet that wasn't particularly "regrettable" compared to most of the rest, but Courtney Love did soak up some ridicule in the aftermath. It is hard to tell if Courtney Love can feel emotions like regret anymore. The woman is basically a walking, living, breathing bag of drugs these days. But this is besides the point.

For some background, at a concert in Sidney, Australia, Lana Del Rey sang her own version of Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box. Apparently it was a light and pleasant take on the original. Courtney Love decided to then take to Twitter to let us all know that the song is about her lady parts. It is unclear whether she intended her Tweets to be funny or if she had a problem with the singer rocking her own version of her late husband's (who many think she had a hand in killing) work.

Who knows what was going through her head... more importantly, does she know what is going through her head?

19 Gilbert Gottfried - Tsunami Jokes

This little Twitter faux-pas goes back to 2011 after a nasty earthquake-tsunami duo hit Japan. Over 15,000 people died, with thousands more getting injured and thousands missing. It wasn't really a laughing matter, but comedians are irreverent by their very nature, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that Gilbert Gottfried dropped a couple of related Tweets.

For most of us, our first encounter with this comedian was during Aladdin. He was the parrot. Then we grew up and realized he is one of the dirtiest comedians in the business. Check out his rendition of the joke The Aristocrats (warning, NSFW). His Tweets ended up losing him a job, as he was the pitchman for Aflac Insurance (you know, the company with the duck? He was the voice of the duck), who do a lot of business in Japan. They were less than pleased with his Tweets.

For the record, he forgot the best tsunami joke: did you hear about the diet fad that swept Japan in 2011? It was called Swim Fast.

18 Jason Biggs - Plane Crash Joke

We'll save you Googling that name to see where you remember it from; he was Jim, the main character from the American Pie series. Jason Biggs was a recurring character in Orange is the New Black a couple of years ago, but other than that there isn't much worth mentioning.

He took to Twitter with an unfunny but also not particularly offensive Tweet, seen above. Frequent flier miles... not the worst joke that's been made out of a tragedy. Of course, because you can offend people with anything, plenty of people called him out for his insensitivity. He stood up for himself, saying humor is a legitimate way to move through tragedy, and that a willingness to joke about horrible things doesn't mean he doesn't feel for the people involved and their families.

17 Rashard Mendenhall - Support for Bin Laden?

If you're an NFL fan, you will remember Rashard Mendenhall as the first round pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers back in 2008. He is retired now, having played just six years in the league. Playing running back, he had a couple of 1,000+ yard seasons, won a Super Bowl with the Steelers, and called it quits after 2013, saying he was done with football, as he no longer enjoyed it as he once did.

In 2011, after Osama Bin Laden was killed, he Tweeted that. He didn't mean anything by it, but predictably, the "Go America Go" crowd lit him up like a Christmas tree. He probably didn't need to Tweet about something as politically charged as 9/11 and Bin Laden, but he also didn't mean to show support for the dude, and just wanted to offer an anti-war sentiment. Then again, he probably wouldn't have lost an endorsement deal with Champion for a Tweet along the lines of "Hey Steelers fans, who's excited for the season??!!". See, that is a Tweet that will only enrage Cleveland Browns fans, and come on, who cares about them?

16 Hayley Williams - Topless Selfie


Hayley Williams is an American singer-songwriter known primarily for her work with the band Paramore. We have filed her in our database of women under the category of "weird-hot". She's pretty open about her religious faith, and in contrast to this posted a topless selfie in 2010, only to take the picture down just a few minutes later. She would claim that her account was hacked. We really aren't sure what to think; especially when a celebrity is involved, because these people are mostly narcissists and will do anything for attention. Hayley doesn't necessarily seem like that type, and most definitely isn't lacking for attention, so maybe this was a true-blue case of a hacking.

Either way, we had to post a censored version of the photo, but plenty of untouched ones are out there, go get your fill, you dirty dogs!

15 Hulk Hogan - Tweets About His Daughter

There are a few examples on this list of older celebs who just haven't figured out how social media works and aren't paying close enough attention. Hulk Hogan has had a major lesson in public relations over the last few years to say the very least. He had his infamous racist tirade back in 2015, which has basically ended his time in the spotlight. His Tweets however, are less on the side of offensive, and just plain funny, especially the ones about his daughter.

One of these Tweets is just the Hulkster ogling his own daughter and posting about it. The other one is some troll getting a re-Tweet claiming to have banged Brooke. While we feel kind of bad for the old fella not having much social media intelligence, these are pretty funny. If anyone has explained his actions to him yet, we'd be willing to bet he regrets these.

14 Logan Couture - NSFW Share

Playing winger for the San Jose Sharks, Logan Couture has made a name for himself as a very solid forward who can score goals even if he is somewhat injury prone. It's unclear what to make of his Tweet-fail, as he just posted a url from a p*rn site. It was after 2:30 in the morning and after some embarrassment he said that he wasn't even awake at that time. No kidding, that was his defense: essentially, "it couldn't have been me, guys, I don't stay up that late". We were born at night, Logan, and it wasn't last night. Then again, a hockey player in his 20s watches adult movies, who is surprised? Puck bunnies may be rare down in California, and Couture is used to Canada.


13 Alison Pill - Intended Tweet or... No?


Canadian actress Alison Pill, who you may remember from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World or Newsroom, posted something contrary to her squeaky-clean public persona back in 2012; a topless pic of herself laying back on a bed. She then admitted her mistake and claimed that somehow a "deletion turned into a Tweet". Now, I've been on Twitter a long time and can honestly say that even in my early social media days, this was never even a concern. Alas, we got to see some tatas. This picture isn't hard to find so enjoy, gents. But still, we'll never really know whether this was a mistake or whether she just wanted to get her name out there and covered up a publicity grab with "oh my God, I'm so bad with tech, look how awkward I am".

12 Oprah Winfrey - Don't Mess With Nielsen!


Oprah is a smart woman, and while I have no particular fondness for her program or business empire, she started out completely impoverished and is now worth over 3 billion dollars. If this isn't worthy of respect, what is? But with that said, she did something pretty painfully stupid on Twitter a few years ago. Her television channel OWN was about a year old at the time, and she had a habit of reminding her fans to tune into her show and channel in every way possible, including Twitter. But in this case, she called out specifically to those with Nielsen boxes. Nielsen is a market research company; their bread and butter is figuring out who watches what, who buys what and so on. A major celebrity calling for a group of people such as those with Nielsen boxes would taint their numbers. Oprah was contacted by the company, issued an apology and deleted the Tweet.

11 Ashton Kutcher - Defending Paterno

It's unfortunate that Ashton Kutcher ate so much crap for this Tweet. Here's some background for those of you who don't follow college football. Joe Paterno (Jo Pa in this case) was the coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. He was an icon in the college football world, and to many people, he still is. He was the head coach from the mid 1960s until 2011. In 2011 one of his assistant coaches, Jerry Sandusky, had used his position with the team and in the local community to engage in sexual acts with many young boys over the course of more than fifteen years. Paterno was implicated in having kept some aspects of Sandusky's misdeeds secret and was fired from his position at Penn State.

Kutcher didn't know this prior to posting this Tweet. If he did, then yes, this Tweet would have been an abomination, but he just thought he was throwing his support behind an old football coach who had been unjustly fired. Shortly after the sh**storm he endured after this he handed control of his Twitter account to a PR firm to avoid such an event in the future. Of course, nobody people bothered to just say "hey dude, Paterno appeased and enabled a pedophile, this had to happen for the university to save face". God forbid anyone on Twitter just practice some decency and calmly explain things to the celebrity who messed up.

10 Amanda Bynes - Tweets About Her Father

Amanda Bynes really went off the deep end. She was a somewhat entertaining kids star on Nickelodeon and then got onto the big screen and quickly became one of the hottest young women in show business. While some actresses stay hot and relevant for years like Jennifer Aniston, and others get into drugs and become entertaining for a different reason like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes went insane. We don't mean "well, she's a little wacky" by the way, she's so loopy that Gary Busey screens her calls.

But in all seriousness, a couple of years ago she started Tweeting terrible things about her father, to the tune of sexual, physical and psychological abuse. According to the other kids in the family and Amanda's mother, Rick Bynes (her dad) was nothing less than a stellar father. Nothing ever came of these Tweets because shortly after sending them, Amanda indicated that they were false and that her dad never did any such things. She did however, say that her Tweeting was his fault for having her brain implanted with a chip.

9 Anthony Weiner - His... Weiner...

You know that feeling you get when you hold publicly elected office and suddenly your bad judgment causes everyone to know you're a cheating perv? Former representative from New York Anthony Weiner knows this feeling well, even if the rest of us don't.

His name was thrown around left and right during the recent election as media outlets claimed late in the summer that Weiner had sexted women who were not his wife in the previous year. He and his wife, Hillary Clinton aid Huma Abedin, separated in the wake of this newest scandal. The one we're talking about however, happened back in 2011, when Anthony Weiner Tweeted a picture of his manhood (covered by underwear) to a young woman. The Tweet was quickly deleted but the damage was done.

8 Mary J. Blige - Her Intelligents

To be fair to the admittedly talented R&B/soul singer Mary J. Blige, if she had a group of backup dancers who were all men, dressed in snappy outfits and were smart, it would be very clever to call them her "intelli-Gents". But here we are mentioning her name on a list of colossally stupid celebrity Tweets, and we are mentioning her because not only is "intelligents" not a word, but the entire sentence makes no sense and proves what we think she was trying to say in the Tweet.

She got some negative attention for this one and deleted it very quickly. She demonstrated her intelligents real good on that one.

7 Bow Wow - DUI Bragging

via:The Gazette Review

We probably don't have to explain this to most of our readers (you're mostly top notch people, thanks for being you) but drunk driving is bad. You increase your potential to hurt people when you operate a large machine while inebriated. Secondly, if you're a normal person with a social media presence, posting things about your drunk driving exploits is a bad idea. Number three: if you're a big name celebrity, like semi-skilled rapper Bow Wow, posting about your DUI experiences behind the wheel of your Lamborghini is a great way to earn some haters. He was hanging out with top-tier woman beater Chris Brown, who I've been told also raps, that night and implied that he was so loaded he may have to let him take control of the wheel.

6 Mike Wallace - "Homophobic" Tweet

Lightning fast Mike Wallace, who is currently putting up pretty good numbers with the Baltimore Ravens, after putting up the worst numbers of his career in 2015 with the Minnesota Vikings, is a heck of a deep threat, but not the greatest personality in the sports world. He's known to be a bit of a diva in the locker room (rumors of an attitude problem) and after Jason Collins of the NBA came out of the closet in 2012, Wallace proved he's not the most internet-smart guy out there.

What he said was just a statement of fact and was only offensive if people wanted to be offended. He wasn't trying to be hateful, but obviously everyone on Twitter is a human rights lawyer so Wallace instantly became a pariah.

5 Denise Richards - Her Phone Number

Denise Richards married Charlie Sheen. Based on this we can infer that she isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to which dudes she will give her phone number to. Okay, we should be fair to the Warlock, he was a heck of a star in the 80s and early 90s before he became the poster boy for cocaine and semi-functional insanity.

She apparently thought she was sending her number through a private message, but this Tweet was sent back in 2009, when Twitter was fairly new, so such a screw up was normal at the time. Given that she was one of the hottest women of all time, we can only imagine what her phone screen looked like after this Twitter blunder.

4 Rihanna - The Jay-Z Tweet

There have been on-again-off-again rumors that Beyonce and Rihanna hate each other's guts for ages now. The drama inevitably boils down to rumors that at some point, Rihanna hooked up with Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z. When Beyonce's little sister Solange wailed on Jay-Z in an elevator a couple of years ago, some speculated it may have been because he wanted to head to a party held by Rihanna. For the most part these rumors fizzle out quickly, but last year, Rihanna sent a Tweet indicating that she had shacked up with Jay-Z. It was very quickly deleted and nobody involved ever really bothered to acknowledge the Tweet.

3 CeeLo Green - A Bit Of Homophobia

via:Hip Hop Weekly

While there are still homophobes in the world, gay-bashing is silly, much like racism, and plenty of other prejudices. Don't get us wrong, hating people is pretty normal, but hating people for what they can't change (sexual preference, skin color, place of birth, and so on) is silly when there are so many choices people make that are deserving of resentment, such as overall stupidity (it is a choice), poor hygiene, repugnant political beliefs and many, many more.

Back in 2011, after being criticized for a performance, CeeLo suggested that his detractor was homosexual and intimidated by his manliness. He was heavily criticized but claimed it had all be a joke and he has nothing against gay people.

But really though, what manliness? Who looks at Cee Lo, and thinks "what a rugged, manly man"? Nothing manlier than a rotund fellow with a high voice, right?

2 50 Cent - Special Ed

via:Rap Basement

Rapper 50 Cent got agitated by a fan about four years ago after that fan, excited to hear his new music, Tweeted "Release the engine or get shot again". Threatening a guy on Twitter is among the least effective ways of expressing "hey man, can't wait to hear your new rhymes", but 50's response was even more stupid.

He told the guy he looks autistic and then said he doesn't want any "special ed kids" on his Twitter feed, and to "go follow somebody else". While people who suffer from some mental disabilities look a certain way, autism isn't one of them, but "Fiddy" isn't a special needs worker so we'll let that one slide. But really? He doesn't want special ed kids following him? That was the Tweet that really riled up the oversensitive internet crybaby brigade.

1 Drake Bell - Caitlyn Or Bruce?

If you want to infuriate people these days, it can be as simple as misgendering a trans person or using their pre-surgery name. Even if it is an honest mistake, expect someone (probably not the trans person in question, who will probably just correct you politely and then continue going about their life) to get really offended, and act as if their day is ruined.

This is what happened to now 30-something former child star Drake Bell. He posted that he'd still call Caitlyn Jenner "Bruce" after she had her lady-parts operation. He clarified that his intent was to remember the athletic legacy, not to denigrate the choice to become a woman. But the damage was done, and the social justice warrior floodgates were opened and the human sewage was all over Bell, who learned that speaking your mind is forbidden in 2015, that any and all quotes will be taken out of context and finally that there is no reasoning with offended people on the internet.

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