20 Jaw-Dropping Locations Demi Lovato Has Used For Instagram Backdrops

The extraordinarily talented Demi Lovato is good at everything she does. She first became a major Disney star and cultivated a loyal fanbase. She would soon become a world-famous recording artist with chart-topping singles. She has appeared in several TV series and films always stealing the spotlight. She also has a large social media presence and online following. In particular, she is excellent at posting glamorous pics to Instagram. In fact, she proves that she doesn’t even need a photographer to take her most gorgeous pics. She is one of the most followed celebs on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why.

Demi Lovato is always the star of every single pic she takes, and her incredible beauty is always the focus. However, her choice of locations and backdrops complete the whole package. She has a keen eye for backdrops that should make photographers nervous. She clearly is a fantastic photographer and model all at the same time. Here is a look at 20 Glorious Locations that Demi Lovato Has Used For Instagram Backdrops.

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20 Exploring Morocco


Since making her triumphant return, Demi has focused on her career as a recording artist. She has released numerous popular albums, such as Here We Go Again, Demi, and Confident. She tours and performs all over the world for her growing fanbase. She does her best to not let her loyal fans down. In May of 2017, she traveled to Morocco to participate in the 16th Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival. It featured an impressive lineup, but Lovato was the true star of the event. After her stellar performance, she took time to explore the city and take glamorous pics. In this pic, she leans up against a wall in an alley in the city. The walls are painted sky blue with part of it painted purple. Coincidentally, her dress matches perfectly with the background.

19 Private Jet Photoshoot


No, this isn’t the cover of Private Jet Weekly, and in fact, there is no such magazine. Judging by this pic, Demi Lovato might want to consider launching that magazine. She has the perfect location and model to start her own magazine subscription. Lovato is known for turning her private jet runway into a photoshoot from time to time. In this pic, she does a cute little pose as she boards her private luxury plane. She also shows off her perfectly-fitting workout attire. She partnered with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics clothing line in support of the United Nation’s Girl Up campaign. Her Instagram is filled with pics of her private jet as she is constantly traveling all over the world for appearances, concerts, and events. However, she’s always ready for an impromptu photoshoot.

18 The Lion


It doesn’t matter what the event is, if Demi Lovato is attending, she will be the center of attention. She attends all big award shows and is invited to all the major events. She has been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy and Billboard awards. She has won a MTV Video Music Award, an iHeartRadio Award, and a People’s Choice award. In December of 2017, she attended the opening party for Refinery 29’s interactive art exhibit, 29 Rooms. Lovato has the unique ability to wear an outfit that perfectly matches with just about any background. She posed in front of a painting of the head of a lion. It’s an incredible piece of art that made for an impressive background. Lovato wore a snakeskin top, green pants, and snakeskin heels. It makes for an unforgettable Instagram post.

17 Above The City

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Demi Lovato is regarded as one of the most influential celebs. She has millions of followers on Instagram. She is one of many celebs that use social media to directly engage with fans. They all wait on the edge of their seat for her latest post. She has used Instagram as a way to connect with her followers and spread a positive message. She often uses her Instagram to promote a healthy body image to her fans. She has suffered from bullying and depression in her younger days and is an advocate against bullying. In fact, she is the ambassador of a campaign, Mean Stinks, which deals with bullying among girls. In this pic, she wears a cute little dress with the city behind her as a memorable backdrop.

16 Washington Monument


Demi Lovato can pose in front of a historical landmark and she still steals the focus. In this pic, she chose a very impressive background. Lovato’s personal life has been of great interest to the media and her fans. While she’s looking for the next location for her impromptu photo shoot, the media is trying to uncover her latest relationship or fling. Her most high-profile relationships were with Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama. She also dated former UFC fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos and former UFC Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold. She usually tries to keep a low profile when it comes to relationships and focuses on her career and Instagram. In this pic, she poses in front of the famous Washington Monument and reveals in the post that she’s a fan of the series Scandal.

15 Like A Boss


Demi Lovato can turn walking through an airport into an impromptu runway fashion show. She released her very first single, “This Is Me,” on June 6, 2008. It was featured on Disney’s Camp Rock, which was her breakout role. Since then, she rose to the top of Hollywood to become one the most admired and influential celebs. She uses social media to reach out to her younger female fans. She often shares her own story of having an eating disorder. In 2011, she was critical of Disney for airing shows that joked about eating disorders. Disney apologized and removed the episodes from airing. That’s part of the reasons why Demi has a bit of a swagger in the pic. She struts her stuff through the airport like a boss.

14 Hollywood Life


Demi Lovato has faced many personal demons and has struggled throughout her career. She admits to still facing insecurities but manages to overcome them and be featured in some of the steamiest photo shoots. Photographers are all clamoring to work with her, especially after seeing sizzling pics she posts to Instagram. She truly does make the perfect model. She was kind enough to post this steamy pic from an Elle photo shoot. She poses on the balcony in a sultry little outfit. Behind her is a view of the city of Los Angeles. It’s an incredible view of the famous city. The Capitol Records building is clearly visible on one side of the image. Additionally, the Hollywood sign is also visible, although it is way in the background.

13 Mixed Martial Arts


As a child, Demi was bullied so bad that she begged to be home-schooled instead. Those bullies shouldn’t mess with her anymore because she can tap them out and write a song about it. This isn’t some exotic beach or historical city in the background. It’s a simple and gritty background for a tough-as-nails fighter. Despite being a glamorous Hollywood celeb, Demi isn’t afraid to train hard physically and work up a sweat. She trains in Mixed Martial Arts at the Unbreakable Performance Center and has even sparred with Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone. She has trained in several different disciples, including Muay Thai, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and boxing. The MMA training is very therapeutic for her mentally and physically. In this pic, she’s getting in a quick but intense pre-Grammy’s workout.

12 On The Beach


Demi Lovato turns into a world-class photographer when she is given a camera, a tiny bikini, and a breathtaking location. She first started her career as a child in 2002 after appearing on the popular children’s TV series Barney & Friends. She had her big break in Disney’s Camp Rock in 2008. She became an immensely popular Disney star and later starred in Sonny with a Chance from 2009 to 2011. As her popularity grew, she developed a more mature image and look. She enjoys using Instagram as a way to interact with her fans. She strikes a seductive pose while lounging on the beach. It’s hard to look at anything other than Demi, but the location is undeniably incredible. The white beach sand and gorgeous blue ocean in the background make for the perfect Instagram post.

11 Knitting On A Plane


Most famous celebs spend their free time partying all night and hooking up with other celebs in a drunken stupor. Demi finds more relaxing ways to spend her free time. After having major success as a Disney star, Lovato released her debut album. She released Don’t Forget on September 23, 2008 to a positive reception. She soon became a major star and is in constant demand. She is often seen in her private jet flying from country to country performing for her fans. She travels to some of the most exotic locations and shares the images on Instagram. However, she happens to have one of the coolest backdrops with her at all times. In 2017, she posted this pic of her knitting on her luxury plane, and it has turned out to be one of her most popular posts.

10 Exploring Morocco 2


In 2017, Demi traveled all over the world performing for sold-out crowds. She visited exotic locations such as Morocco. Initially, she had plans to take a step back from music and acting in 2017. She felt she needed a bit of a break after a grueling schedule for the last several years. However, she soon started to develop an itch to get back in the studio. She released her most recent album, Tell Me You Love Me, on September 29, 2017. It got mostly positive responses from critics and was a hit with fans. She enjoyed her time in Morocco and posted a plethora of pics to Instagram. She casually leans up against this classic building with a pinkish hue. It has a rich history and unique architecture, which she took advantage of. 

9 Demi and Elephants


Demi Lovato’s personal struggles with addiction are well-documented. She has overcome many obstacles, including self-harm and eating disorders. She openly admits that, at one point, her substance abuse was out of control. She discussed how her addictions negatively impacted her performances, specifically noting that she was very hung over during a performance on American Idol in 2012. It also impacted work on her album, Unbroken. In March of 2017, she celebrated 5 years of sobriety by donating to charity. She donated to a group of different causes, including LGBT, adoption rights, and animal rights. Kenya is one of her favorite places to visit in the world. In this pic, she enjoyed her time with two baby elephants. The two elephants she poses with also make excellent models.

8 Officer Demi


Every year on Halloween, fans wait with great anticipation to see Demi’s sizzling costume. Each costume is steamier than the last one and has her fans buzzing online. In the previous years, she went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and a French maid. Lovato always finds fun and creative ways to show off her costume on Instagram. In 2017, she documented her entire Halloween night while wearing her steamiest costume yet. She wore a revealing black leather police uniform with fishnet stockings. For this pic, she chose a very interesting location as the backdrop. Lovato “arrests” her friend in an equally steamy outfit and leans her up against a real cop car with its lights blaring. She wrote in the caption, “Watchu gon do when they come for you?”

7 Private Jet Photo Shoot 2


Between touring the world and spending countless hours in the studio, Demi manages to squeeze in an impromptu photo shoot. Additionally, she has dedicated a great deal of time to charity work and activism. She is well-known for her work in the mental health community, but she is also a champion for LGBT rights. The NYC Pride Spokesperson praised her as a “role model” and said, “As a community, we’re fortunate to have an ally like Demi.” In 2016, she was awarded the GLAAD Vanguard Award at the 27th GLAAD Media Awards for her work in the community. As noted, her private jet makes a number of appearances on Instagram. She strikes a seductive pose on the steps of her luxury jet that would serve as an excellent advertisement for private jets.

6 Boss Of The City


It doesn’t matter where Demi Lovato is, she can always figure out a way to turn the day into a photo shoot. In addition to being her own photographer, model, and location scout, she has appeared on several TV shows. She appeared on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. After taking a hiatus, she returned to television with a recurring role as Dani on the critically-acclaimed musical comedy Glee. She also served as a judge and mentor on The X Factor from 2012 to 2013. All Demi needs is the perfect shot and location for her to kick into model mode. She wears a fur coat while posing in an apartment. She is high above the city, which is behind her in the background.

5 On A Yacht


Vancouver, B.C. is often considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and the world. It’s known for its gorgeous mountains, oceans, and view. Demi Lovato knows this too and didn’t miss the chance to take an unforgettable pic. It took her several years to finally get to this point in her life. After punching a backup dancer, she entered rehab to deal with her depression, bulimia, and addictions. She has openly discussed her substance abuse and admitted to smuggling cocaine aboard planes. She later committed to staying in a sober living facility to avoid all temptations until she was truly ready. She now dedicates her time to working out and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The hard work has paid off as she shows off her incredibly-toned body on a yacht.

4 A View Of Kenya


When Demi Lovato traveled to Kenya in 2017, she shared pics of her journey to Instagram. In this pic, she sits with two friends wrapped in red blankets with their backs to the camera. The main focus of the image is the breathtaking and stunning view of Kenya. She was praised for her work in Kenya but has also been a huge advocate for mental health illness. For years, she struggled with depression and eventually began to harm herself. She had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed as bipolar. Since overcoming her issues, she has dedicated her time to mental health awareness. She serves as a mentor to those that struggle with mental illness. She created the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program to help cover costs related to mental health patients.

3 Floating Away


In 2017, Demi Lovato took a much-needed vacation. She spent her days on the beach and floating in the ocean. However, she just can’t resist striking a pose when she has the perfect backdrop. She had a pretty good year, which makes it easier to enjoy her vacation. The first single off of her most recent album, “Sorry Not Sorry,” became her highest-charting single and reached number 6. Demi’s vacation was nearing its end as she floated in the beautiful blue ocean on a cherry-shaped flotation device. It’s also shot in a unique way, giving added depth. It’s a bird’s eye view of the pop sensation in a greenish bikini. It’s clear from the post that she wasn’t thrilled that her vacation was coming to an end. At least she found time to shoot a million-dollar pic.

2 Water Walk


Demi’s not striking a seductive pose on a gorgeous beach somewhere. Instead, she is working hard alongside members of the Maasai Mara community. In addition to being a world-famous recording artist and actress, Lovato is also known for her activism and tireless efforts in less fortunate countries. In 2013, for her 21st birthday, she traveled to Kenya for the first time. She participated in the Free the Children program and helped build an X-Ray clinic. She returned in 2017 to work with the We Movement and volunteered at the Maasai Mara National Reserve. In this pic, she carried water on her back during the water walk. It’s a special feature for all those that volunteer with the Maasai. She said, “Don’t keep saying you’re impressed with me. Be impressed with these women.”

1 A Day At The Beach


When Demi Lovato posted this image to Instagram. it created quite the buzz. She poses in a striped bikini on a white sand beach with a line of green palm trees behind her. It’s like something out of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Despite being the perfect location and model, it was just a day at the beach. However, the message along with the pic drew a lot of attention. In 2010, she began treatment for an eating disorder, self-harm, and addiction. She has since managed to overcome many of her personal issues. She admitted that she feels insecure about her legs in this pic. She also said, “Learning to love my body the way it is, is challenging but life changing.” She added, “Today I’m feeling strong.” The reaction to the post and message was overwhelmingly positive.

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