20 Times Vanessa Hudgens Was Too Much To Handle

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the most beautiful women in the world under 30, let alone any age. The former Disney star has a habit of making jaws hit the floor just when people gawk at her. Despite making an early appearance in Thirteen, Hudgens didn’t become a household name until she starred as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series.

With her voice all over those soundtracks, Vanessa entered a singing career with the V album in 2006 and she has been a force in young Hollywood ever since. TV, music, stage, and screen–you name it and the California cutie can do it. Her affinity for posing in bikinis certainly doesn’t hurt her popularity, either.

Currently a part of the judge’s table on So You Think You Can Dance, Hudgens has been lending her experience to a new crop of would–be dancers and entertainers. But she’s also very entertaining, just by looking at her, an impressive feat. Without any further ado, here are some gorgeous pictures of the former Disney kid.

20 Flat Tires/Hot Tires


You have to love Hollywood star chasers and their love of reporting anything and everything. A few months back it was “reported” that the actress got a flat tire while shopping in Beverly Hills. Imagine if your life had that kind of coverage. Perhaps the paparazzo that was stalking her this day was inspired by the star’s awesome photo shoot for Flaunt magazine a few years ago.

That set of pictures featured the then 25-year-old beauty posing in a dirty lot filled with tires, going back to age old thought that hot girls in dirty places with automobile related paraphernalia seem to attract eyeballs. Hudgens didn’t seem to mind, that pic featured her in just a jacket and denim shorts.

In keeping with the auto theme, Hudgens got to “flaunt” her stuff and showcase her toned AF abs wearing a variety of outfits posing in front of a truck yard, a diner, and a top a dirt bike, shedding her goody-two-shoes image the same way a lot of Disney girls came before did, provocatively.

19 Hippie ‘Nessa


The whole hippie/flower child culture suits California nicely. After all, it was cultivated in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury section in the 1960s. Vanessa herself here seems to have been bitten by the Free Love bug.

She even once said “I’m literally my happiest self when I’m dancing half naked on a grass field listening to Led Zeppelin,” when discussing her association with Hillsong, as opposed to the Roman Catholic Church she was raised in. Hillsong is a Pentacostal mega church based out of Australia.

Even though she was once throwing death stares at ex Efron’s female fans, Hudgens has a lot of love and mellow vibes to pass on, and looking good in sundresses as a dirty hippie is never a bad thing for fans to look at, and surely not many fans would mind dancing with Vanessa to the sound of Zeppelin either.

18 Workout Pics


When it's your job to look gorgeous, you have the opportunity to work out and exercise as much you can handle. There is a dearth of magazines devoted to health and they love showcasing what stars do to be so fit and fabulous – the biggest trick – it's their job to be beautiful! So they're going to hit the gym even if it kills them!

Vanessa is no different and nowadays helps to accentuate her natural beauty by exercising on the cycle, sweating a whole lot (get your mind out of the gutter!), and eating a lot of avocados. When she was getting her start, like most teenagers, her diet consisted of mostly junk food. After her performance in the 2013 flick, Gimme Shelter, Hudgens decided to take physical fitness more seriously.

For the film, she had to gain 20 pounds and looked in the mirror wondering “who am I?” The actress dove right into yoga and it all seemed to work to put her slender frame back in the right proportions.

17 Under Her Spell


Hudgens has to be an immortal soul–sucking succubus. How else do you describe a girl with her kind of beauty, whose face doesn’t look a day over 20 and is closer to 30? Take a look at her if you dare – she is an alluring temptress of the worst (or best?) kind; one that doesn’t have to do a whole lot of work to ensnare minions.

In all seriousness, early on in her career, Hudgens experienced a minor scandal when some racy, personal photos of her were leaked for public consumption. She issued a public apology (why she has to apologize for her private phone being hacked and her private pics being leaked is just nonsense), and then went on about her business and made High School Musical 3.

While the leaked pics were private, Hudgens decided to take some control of what pictures do come out and posed for Details magazine in March 2011, shedding her school girl image and posed in some lacy lingerie and some wet and wild shots. Clearly, Hudgens decided it was time to be seen more as an adult actress in Hollywood and less of a child. Surely her older fans rejoiced.

16 California Girls Are Undeniable


It doesn't matter if you're from a big city like New York City or from a sleepy lake town like Sault Saint Marie, Michigan we all love ladies from California. David Lee Roth sings about them, the Red Hot Chili Peppers adore them, and Cali native Katy Perry even wrote them an anthem. What's not to love about sun–kissed cuties who love the beach, bikini tops, and daisy dukes who live in a state where it's beach weather all year round? Right, everything!

Vanessa was born and raised in Salinas, California, which is eight miles from the Pacific Ocean and home to three beaches, so obviously she is the type of the girl Katy Perry was serenading. Combine her west coast heritage, paparazzi, and tendency to wear bathing suits and you wind up with voyeuristic shots like this one.

Considering Hudgens is a millennial celebrity, so voyeuristic shots like this and others shouldn’t be too much of an intrusion.

15 The Wetter The Better


Her ex-boyfriend Zack Efron might have starred in the Baywatch, but even his fans would probably admit that Vanessa looks a whole lot better in swimwear and wet than he does. The pair met on the set of High School Musical in 2005 and dated until 2010. Shortly after, Hudgens began to take on more adult and action oriented roles, such as Sucker Punch.

In the Zack Snyder directed film, Hudgens plays Blondie, one of the dancers in Babydoll’s (Emily Browning) fantasy world. Hudgens, like the rest of the girls in the film is scantily-clad, which sadly might be the only reason to see this clunker from Snyder, that was once described as Alice In Wonderland with guns.

The promotion for the flick involved Hudgens posing for shoots in magazines, like Details, where here she is in a chair, like a pedestal for the world to see–Hudgens is now a fully grown woman, and she is one of the hottest on the planet for that matter, wet or dry.

14 “Malibooya”


Gaze upon ye mortals and despair! Clothes, no clothes, weird hair, bikinis, bathing suits, even if was wearing garbage bags walking along Skid Row – if Vanessa Hudgens is rocking a look, more likely than not, she's rocking it with style and beauty.

Submitted for your approval as proof of that concept–Hudgens’ Instagram pictures. Pictures like this one, of the raven–haired stunner hanging out with her friends, or attending red carpet events, and having fun on the sandy beaches like this one in Malibu. Whether Vanessa is the only person who calls it Malibooya or if it is just Cali–slang will have to be clarified in the article comments.

One thing that certainly isn't debatable is that even she's just lying out to catch a tan, she doesn't have to try very hard to look beautiful and garner attention – the pic alone has almost one million likes on her page.

13 Candie's Girl


For anyone that has ever heard the New Edition song, “Candy Girl,” we all know how catchy the tune is. Clearly all kinds of juvenile humor could be gleaned from the idea of a young Hollywood debutante being a spokeswoman for Candie's clothing. The brand has been around in one form or another since 1978.

They have a simple, yet elegant advertising strategy – have cute, seemingly age defying ladies wear the brand (never mind that Jenny McCarthy sitting on the toilet in a campaign that was gross). But besides Jenny being disgusting, Britney, Alyssa Milano, the Dixie Chicks, and most recently, Sarah Hyland have all lent their image to the Kohl’s brand.

Vanessa Hudgens was another beauty to be a model for the brand back in 2011 and the company couldn't have picked a more perfect model. At 23, Hudgens had the innocent–meets–vixen look down pat and got to show off that side of her in some tasteful bikini shots.

12 Spring Breakers


It was seemingly a money idea and a clear and easy sell to movie studios – take four young Hollywood cuties and set them to be sexy bandits who get in way over their heads while on Spring Break in the aptly titled, Spring Breakers. It didn't hurt that former Disney kids, Selena Gomez and the apple of our article’s eye, Vanessa Hudgens starred in the flick, either.

In the instant cult–classic, Hudgens plays Candy, a drug-addled college kid who desperately needs to go to spring break, and decided to rob a restaurant to be able to afford it. Candy is the wildest one of the bunch, threatening to kill a guy. Instead they're coerced into becoming full-fledged criminals.

Possibly more memorable than the film to the mainstream, was the tawdry marketing for the movie, which featured all of the girls as dirty and provocative as the posters would allow them to be, which led to Hudgens and the other girls posing in all kinds of wild positions and in as little clothing as possible.

11 The Next Bond Girl?


She might not know it, heck even the Broccoli family might not know it yet, but Vanessa Hudgens is a Bond Girl just waiting to be cast in an eventual 007 adventure. All the Broccoli family, the proprietors of the franchise needs to do is take a look at this picture, and remember Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in a white bikini in the original classic Dr. No – instant callback and creating a new Bond girl memory all in one scene.

With Hudgens appearing out of the water in a colorful itsy-bitsy bikini, it would be a radical update for the series, and perhaps bring it back to some of the early fun and colorful adventures as opposed to the newer, grittier Bonds.

Broccolis take note, with the entire hullabaloo about who the next 007 should be played by, don't sleep on Hudgens’ ability to play a slinky sexy villainess.

10 Cleverly Hiding Her Top


From leaked private pics to gorgeous swimwear shots and all points in between, there's no secret that Vanessa likes tantalizing her fans and letting imaginations run wild, or she just likes dressing the way she does and tantalizing is a star-making side effect.

Unfortunately, like most stars have to deal with, she's photographed constantly and as one of young Hollywood's most sought after actresses, she's stalked all over the world.

Clearly, she knows what's she's doing here though, wearing her hair in just the right spot to make someone do a triple if not quadruple take. Is she or is she not wearing a bra? Then we have to talk about those abs that would make a fit female MMA fighter drool with jealousy. Some professional athletes and people who exercise try their whole lives to have a stomach as flat as Vanessa’s and here she is just flaunting hers for the world to see while teasing everything else.

9 Come Hither


In case you were living under a rock several years ago, Vanessa Hudgens once was part of the biggest trilogy of kids musicals for this generation, and in a long time. Like so many Disney starlets before her, the easiest way to shed the mouse house gumdrop good girl image is to shed as much clothing as censors will allow.

Here’s Hudgens in what could be a promo shot for a guest appearance on an episode of Law And Order: SVU, but instead is part of her shots with the Candie's brand. For an inexpensive brand you can buy at Kohl’s which is third string behind Target and Walmart, the brand thinks awfully high of itself. Or low from a certain point of view.

It is surprising that more of media-induced outrage wasn't called into question here. After all, as beautiful as Hudgens is, Candie's is clearly playing off her nubile face and body, leaving the gawker to wonder “is she 18?”

8 Leg Of Thrones


Edible oiled up thighs are as American as Apple Pie, aren't they? The thicker and more toned the better, even renowned children's poet, Shel Silverstein wrote an adult song “Never Bite A Married Woman On The Thigh,” on his Inside Folk Songs and of course ZZ Top famously sang about gorgeous gams in “Legs.” You might need new eyes if you don't realize Vanessa fits the bill of these two songs.

With all of the swimsuit pics she's taken over the years, her legs have certainly been on display before, but never like this - where they're almost literally put on a pedestal - or in this case a throne. It's easy to see why she spends so much time in the gym and then barely clothed catching a tan, all the effort pays off with legs that show no sign of quitting anytime soon.

7 Lady In White


Good gawd! What they'll show on TV these days – who says everything is so PC, this outfit could double for lingerie, it's so revealing. While Hudgens isn't at the highest most elite echelon of Hollywood superstardom, her ability to sing, act, and dance is a triple threat that some performers only dream of having and get her pretty close to that status.

This makes her a great addition to the judges’ table on So You Think You Can Dance. Now in its 14th season, the series has changed up its style in these past few seasons (All-Stars, Kids, and this season’s team concept). With her triple-threat entertainer status, she's a perfect addition to the show, and someone who can guide the contestants, offering advice on how to deal with Hollywood waters.

For the Labor Day edition of the show, and on her Instagram, Hudgens dressed in all-white, an appropriate color for the holiday. But, man how sick is this outfit?! That neckline plunges for days, showing everything and somehow revealing nothing.

6 Perfection


When you work out and look great and part of your job is to inspire fans to want to look great too, you tend to want to show off all that you've got. Clearly, Hudgens is no different and that's why this picture, along with all of the other ones here and all over the internet exist. But this one might be the most picture perfect image of the starlet that we’re ever going to get.

Posing for a cover piece for Shape in 2011, Hudgens speaks about how she gave up her junk food and had fun working out with her Sucker Punch co-stars. The bottom line is how well it paid off in droves - and this picture is the proof in the pudding (even though she probably doesn't eat pudding anymore).

Compliment all of that hard work and hard body with Vanessa’s fetching smile and you have the ultimate picture of the bombshell.

5 Coachella


For those of you that don’t know, since 1999, Coachella is one of the premier festivals in music and the arts. Emanating from the Southern California town of Indio, it is held for two straight weekends every April and is headlined by an eclectic mix of pop stars, rock stars, EDM, and DeeJays. One of these DJs just happens to be friends with our girl ‘Nessa – Aussie beauty, GG Magree.

As always, Hudgens is never shy about wearing two pieces, and while there are plenty of pics of her wearing an all black outfit makes her look like the hottest version of Wednesday Addams you'll ever see!

For people who wish to seek some more nefarious, more than PG-13 pics of Hudgens and Magree at Coachella, there are photos that do exist of the pair sans-bras with backs to the paparazzi’s cameras.

4 California Cutie


Sometimes just looking cute is hotter than trying to look hot, even though Vanessa Hudgens succeeds in being and looking hot! But here's a picture of a good old American girl looking just like a good old American cutie. Vanessa Hudgens, even now at almost 30 still has the face of a young teenager, so why not exploit that fact?

This picture is from a shoot Hudgens did for the Bongo Company, and if you’re wondering why this one looks so real, that’s because supposedly it is! “The clothes make me feel carefree and confident, which is why I love that the final ad images are unretouched,” she told in an interview promoting the shoot and the brand. Hudgens vetoed the use of photoshop in the shoot.

“It’s so important for girls to remember that real beauty shines from within, and I’m so proud that Bongo is choosing to send such a positive message with this campaign.

3 The “Who, Me?” Moment


Some pictures are able to evoke memories of other events and scenes in the viewer’s mind. This one is no different. Hudgens is rocking a great two–piece and holding her gimmicks as if they’re about to fall out of her top, but she’s clearly having fun doing whatever she was doing when the celebrity stalk…err…paparazzi snapped the photo.

It’s the new millennium moment evocative of an old film, Gilda. There’s a moment in the 1946 film where Gilda (Rita Hayworth) flips her hair back, which back then was apparently all the boys needed to get warmed up, and she says “Who Me?” The moment in that film is immortalized in The Shawshank Redemption, when Red tells Andy “I love it when she does that shit with her hair.”

Two underrated bombshells from their respective eras, both getting their just due right here in the same column, god bless the internet.

2 Homemaking Homewrecker


OK, don't let your significant other catch you looking at this article or these pictures...in case you didn't have the common sense and common decency to know better. There are plenty of beautiful women in this world to be sure, but how many of them are YOUR significant other and how many of them meander around the house, doing housework looking like THIS?

In our last shot hailing from the Candie's photo session, Hudgens goes from the little girl she evoked in several of the other pics to bonafide vixen who is putting plenty of women on notice, or just having fun with the Susie Homemaker images of yesteryear.

In any event, make sure the wife doesn't catch you leering at this pictures and this one specifically...trust theRichest.com folks, your paramour will not be ironing anything ever again, let alone attempting to look this if she sees Hudgens in all her glory here.

1 Red Carpet Ready


With all of this talk and all of these entries detailing just how yummy Vanessa Hudgens is, sometimes it is very easy to forget a feature that isn't always mentioned – the lady has a face for crying out loud! And boy is it a great one!

Big wide eyes that are always full of life – whether she's using Younique or going au natural, a nose that is seemingly unaltered, and quite frankly, an award winning smile that's pretty infectious – if you're having a bad day, Vanessa’s smile might just cheer you right up.

What's better is that for the most part, she has always taken on fun loving roles that allow her to showcase as many pearly whites that can fill up the movie screen. Now as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, she gets to have fun watching the performances and fans get to share that fun as well.

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