20 Times The Women Of Modern Family Were Foxy AF

Look... there's a lot about American television that we just cannot get on board with these days, as it feels like they've just gone way too far in a lot of respects. It's almost as if they've given up on a huge amount of the writing because they know that they can get away with it, making up for it by throwing as much money as possible at a show to make sure that it gets marketed in a way that will get people watching. Once you've got them hooked, you can be fairly sure that they'll keep coming back. However, sometimes, shows do shine through, and you have to give them their due.

While Modern Family isn’t exactly what we’re looking for in a perfect sitcom, it would be a lie to say that we hate it. There's a lot to like in the rather pleasant writing that will give most people a giggle while at the same time endearing them to the characters. That being said, it’s certainly not the writing that we keep returning for.

Yes, Modern Family seems to be the only famous American television show around at the moment that has an entire cast of absolute knockouts. These women are so beautiful that it boggles the mind they’ve managed to get every single one of them on the same project. When you’ve got women who look like this, you don’t have to worry too much about the writing or the directing! So, let’s take a look at the four women who make Modern Family worth watching.


20 Beautiful Women Just Love White Vests

What is it about beautiful young women and the white vest? It feels like we've never known a beautiful woman who hasn't owned an entire wardrobe full of these things. Is it because it lets them show off a good bit of skin without actually being too revealing? We also want to take this time to say that we’ve never really understood why people would want to have an alcoholic drink out of a hollowed-out piece of fruit. We understand the visual appeal, but doesn’t it get annoying having to carry that around with you, open-palmed, only able to take a sip through a straw rather than one great big gulp like you can from the rim of a glass? Maybe this is just a sign that we’re drinking too much, but we find it impossible to look at images like this without thinking all of these things and more.

19 The Main Reason To Watch Modern Family


Seriously, though, is there any outfit that Ariel Winter can't transform into something absolutely stunning? While she may play a rather plain character in Modern Family, this just goes to show how good an actress she is. But perhaps more importantly, when you take a look at what she's got going on underneath the baggy clothes, you can see that rather than likely being the nerd at high school, Winter was more than likely very popular, most probably with the boys. We don’t like to stereotype people or anything, but if there’s any time in this world when stereotypes really do shine through as real, it’s while we’re at high school. We’re not saying she wasn’t smart as well, but take a look at that body! There's no chance she had any problem making friends at school, if you ask us. Maybe she would tell you otherwise? The best ones are always humble.

18 Definitely The Most Famous Beauty Of The Modern Family Cast

While we definitely agree that this woman is absolutely stunning, we still feel like we hold more of a flame for Ariel Winter, with Sofia Vergara coming in a close second. That being said, it doesn't mean we don't totally understand the appeal of this absolutely gorgeous woman. Seriously, these women are the sort that you can only look at and marvel, still unaware of how some people can be so stunning. We know that we’re not working with terrible faces and bodies, but have you seen the level that women like this are taking it to? We wonder how much time and effort has to go into making your body look like that. Most of the time, people just turn to plastic surgery instead of putting in the hard work, but it really looks like this actress doesn’t have to do that to keep looking young and beautiful. We should be so lucky.

17 Before The Surgery...


Yes, believe it or not, but the fantastic Ariel Winter actually went through surgery on her body. We know that you're probably thinking what we're thinking, which is that this woman certainly doesn't need plastic surgery, and she would agree! The surgery she got was actually a breast reduction, as she was unhappy with the blossoming size of her chest and the way that the media reacted to it as she managed to get more famous. We don't know whether it's because she's older now or because she's happier with the shape of her body, but we would argue you can see the rise in confidence in the years since she went through with the procedure, which can only be a good thing, if you ask us! Women have a right to feel comfortable in the real world, no matter how their faces look and their bodies are proportioned. That's just a basic human right.

16 Good-Looking Women Love Swimming Pools

Honestly, we have no problem with the affinity that many women seem to have when it comes to appearing next to bodies of water with very little clothing covering up what God gave them. If anything, this is probably the main thing that we love about bodies of water, whether it be a swimming pool or a beach. This image isn't actually from the actress’s real life but a still image from Modern Family, so we think it's fair to say that the writers and directors know exactly what they're working with when it comes to the female cast members. All we're saying is, they get Sofia Vergara to run around quite a lot, which we definitely don’t think is a coincidence. Honestly, when she walked into the casting call, the people must have been jumping up and down with what they’d been handed. They knew people would tune in just to see her.

15 If You've Got It, Flaunt It


Related to what we were saying before, this photograph is probably the most attractive photograph of Sarah Hyland on this list because it's the image of a woman who knows exactly what she has, how to flaunt it, and why she should look as confident as possible. It probably also helps that she's lying in a slightly provocative position, but if you ask us, it's mainly the sort of faraway look in her eye that suggests she couldn't care less if you were looking or not because she knows that she's happy with herself. Do you think you can fake that look? Reckon that a lot of the women who have that look are actually just putting it on because they know the effect it can have on other people? We think you probably can, but you’d have to be a damn good actor to pull it off.

14 And Flaunt It...

Look... we're going to be honest here and tell you that we're all for curvy women, and we don't really go in for all of this long-leg stuff, but then, that's just us. We can understand why somebody would look at the face and love what they see. Those pursed lips and angled cheek bones are definitely a look that a lot of men and women out there are looking for, which is something that we understand but just don't go for personally. What we will say is that we can respect a woman who knows how to work with what God gave her, and this woman has been working it ever since she got into showbiz. You have to be a smart woman to be able to use that sort of thing while still getting across that you’re a legitimate actor who must be taken seriously. Some people achieve it.


13 And Flaunt It!


Yeah, we just don't get it. There must be some people looking at this image right now and salivating, but this sort of toned human being just doesn't do it for us. We're really not sure why. Do we just like women who are unhealthy, or is it one of those things where we have that evolutionary biology in our heads telling us to pick a woman who could carry our children and feed them as well? Why is it that people find women who don't look like they were bred to bear children attractive? Does that go against all of our supposed biology that's evolved for centuries now? How much of an effect does society have over our minds when we attempt to find someone attractive? These are genuinely questions that we're constantly asking ourselves because we find this sort of thing fascinating to think about.

12 Just, Such A Natural Beauty

We're still pretty amazed that this woman hasn't seemed to go much further than Modern Family, which has now been on the television for a very long time. Seriously, we assumed she'd be like one of those young actresses who moved straight into working in films, like those Disney women who spent their youth entertaining children before going onto more impressive stuff. We suppose that if you're still as young as Winter is, have this amount of money and are as famous as you are, there's no need to go rushing out there. We're sure that she'll manage to find her way into more interesting work as she gets older and starts to progress as an actress. Or maybe she wants to do something different? The point is, we wish we’d been given the chance at her age to have this amount of money, this amount of freedom, and this amount of fun.

11 Like Something Out Of A Calendar Shoot


Seriously, whichever young guy has managed to bag this young lady is a very lucky man. Honestly, this woman is something special, and she needs to make sure that she makes the most of this insane amount of money, power, and fame. Don't go running into a relationship with the first pretty guy who treats you right because there will be a lot of those people out there during your lifetime. We think you should be spending as much time as possible seeking out a bunch of people and figuring out what exactly it is that you want because you have no idea the amount of power you have right now, Winter. We think the reason we’re talking so emotionally right now is that we wish we understood what it's like to have this sort of stuff going on in our lives. What we’re saying is, we wish we were young, beautiful, and rich.

10 Is She Wearing LATEX?!

Guys, we don't know how we're going to write in this paragraph because we're fairly sure that Ariel Winter has helped us realize a dream. We didn't realize that latex had become an accepted form of clothing that can be worn outside, but now that we know, can we say that we're all for it? That goes double if your face and body look like this. Red carpet events like the one in this image are perfect chances for younger celebrities, especially female celebrities who are as beautiful as we always thought they were, to try out new looks that the older women may not be as comfortable giving a go. What we’re trying to say is we're totally happy to have young starlets trying out latex clothing while they’re out in public because it's a win-win situation, as far as we're concerned.

9 The More Refined Beauty Of The Modern Family Cast


Some may see the refined comment as an insult, but it certainly isn't. The other three women on this list are just as beautiful, but they're beautiful in a much different way, in a way that's arguably shoved into your face by the modern world we live in. If you've got a certain set of lumps, either on the front or the back, your ability to be eye candy in this world shoots up by an insane amount. However, if you're rocking a more subdued look, perhaps with a great set of pins or a svelte body, people are much less interested in what you've got to offer. Personally, we think this is a real shame. It means that everybody feels they have to look a certain way to get into the higher echelons of showbiz, and we would argue it pushes even more women into the hands of plastic surgeons.

8 She Knows How To Get Our Attention

Not only does what she's wearing show us that she knows exactly what she is doing; you can also see the intelligence that everybody is looking at her in her face, the wisdom right there behind her eyes. Honestly, is there anything more attractive than a woman with confidence? A woman who's confident knows that you're looking and knows that she has power, a power that's regularly denied her by the society she lives in. Some men out there prefer women who are so down on themselves and feel so dejected that they'll just do whatever the man wants, but we couldn't imagine anything worse. That woman needs help, not an overpowering boyfriend. Where do you guys stand on this sort of thing? Honestly, if you’re intimidated by a strong and confident woman who knows how beautiful she is, then you really need to start having a think about who hurt you in the past.

7 From Well Before She Was Famous...


Yes, believe it or not, this woman is actually Julie Bowen well before she made it big with Modern Family, showing off the two favorite things in many men's lives. Is there anything better than an attractive woman bringing you a beer? There really isn't, just before you bother trying to answer that question with something different. Some of you may be scratching your heads, trying to figure out what you're looking at here, and that's because Julie Bowen appeared in Happy Gilmore, a film that way too many of us found funny at a much younger age. Can we not just all collectively agree to stop watching everything that Adam Sandler is in? We keep funding the guy and then wondering how it is he keeps making movies. It’s because you keep giving him money to bring out yet another film! Can we please just stop this madness already?!

6 Look At Them Legs!

Just like before, this woman knows she's got some great pins and is willing to show that off whenever possible, something that we honestly respect. However, we will say that we don't know how she's managing to pretend that she's comfortable on that insanely haphazard collection of cushions that somebody's expected her to lie all over. Is there no way they could've gotten her something a little more stable or a little more comfortable? Rather than being allured by the way she’s looking, we’re obsessing over how uncomfortable she looks laying on top of that mess as if she’s desperately attempting to look aloof while unable to fully settle into where she's lying down. No offense to the guys behind the camera, but this is the sort of thing you’ve got to think about before you start throwing some cushions together in the hope they’ll look nice.

5 She Knows How To Dress As Well


If there's anybody reading this who's in the fashion industry or takes photographs of celebrities for a living, why do they get people to pose and model in some of the weirdest positions ever? Is there something that we don't understand that's affecting us in a way that we just don't realize, that how these people are posing or what they're posing near is actually making us look at the image in a different way, perhaps even influencing how we feel about the celebrity or what they're wearing? Honestly, all we think when we see an image like this is how uncomfortable that poor girl must be having to hold her weight in a certain way while making sure she's posing properly and giving the camera a good smile. That being said, we like her clothes and her legs, so they must be doing something right.

4 On A Serious Note, Though, How Weird Would It Be To Be Young And Famous?

We just don't know how these people do it. We don't know about you, but our young lives were filled with mistakes that we're glad we've been allowed to forget, a luxury that the young and famous are just not afforded. We spent a lot of time trying out different things and figuring out who we were and what mark we wanted to leave in this world. There are people trying to do that while having a camera follow them throughout their entire lives, unable to leave their homes without a constant barrage of attention, not to mention that they're probably papped on their own private property as well. It must feel as if you have no peace and quiet at any moment of the day. While we’re sure money can help alleviate a lot of this stuff, we know that we would always reject fame if we could still take the money.

3 Does This Woman Just Not Age?


Is it just us, or does this photograph look like it could've been taken yesterday? Why is it that while the rest of us are at the behest of grandfather time, people like Sofia Vergara get to look like they did when they were in their twenties, with their amazingly good looks coming with them? Why is life so cruel? We're not sure what we would give to be able to stay looking how we do now, but we're pretty sure that it would be more than we've ever actually given up for another human being whom we loved, so you can be sure that we're pretty serious about this. The knowledge that you could go through life and never have to worry about what may be around the corner when it comes to how you look or how aging is affecting how people see you is a crazy level of calmness that we wish we had.

2 It's Time To Take A Look At Her Face

Most people spend their time looking at this woman's body, but we think we'd be doing her a disservice not to take a look at her face as well because it's not as if that isn't absolutely stunning just like her body is. One thing we always notice when we look at this woman is how insane her hair always looks, as if she must've been looking after it for decades at this point in a way that's known only to her and whoever she chooses to gift with this hair secret. Maybe this has to do with her race, but we can never get over how luscious her locks always look whenever she graces the outside world with her presence. We always want one of the people with a microphone to grab her and demand the secrets to long-lasting hair that looks like it just came straight out of a L’Oreal advert.

1 Now, Back To Her Body...


Look... we know we're coming across as pretty shallow here, but even the deepest of human beings would have to admit that what this woman has is pretty special. Do you know anybody else in your life who's walking around with these sorts of assets? It's like she's a genuine gift from God, and we can tell you right now that we're not worthy in any way whatsoever. If you're a man who ever had a chance with this woman and you blew it, we don't know how you're still walking this Earth or able to look yourself in the mirror. Do you lie awake at night, thinking about what could've been? Do you curse this cruel world for taking this woman away from your grasp? How many hearts has this woman broken? If we meet her, we think it’d have to be the first thing we'd ask her.


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