20 Times Sofia Vergara's Fashion Stole Our Hearts On Modern Family

It's hard not to notice the gorgeous Sofia Vergara, and if you're a Modern Family fan, you probably adore Gloria Prichet as well. This mockumentary family sitcom premiered in September 2003, and it's safe to say that Sofia is a huge part of the show and kind of the reason why so many people continue to watch the show. Her adorable accent paired with her bombastic figure and excellent fashion style make her one of the biggest stars of the show. And something tells me her thirteen million followers on Instagram agrees with me.

Sofia is portrayed as a very beautiful Latina who enjoys wearing high heels, tight dresses, and animal print. She did face some heavy criticism over the years about her portrayal of Gloria being stereotypical, but she strongly defended her role, and we like her for that. In her defense, Sofia said she just acted as her mom and aunt do as Latina women, and that she does not speak for all Latinas.

Nevertheless, her fashion style is almost always impeccable and she continues to dazzle us with her stunning figure and an overall charming appearance.  That is why we decided to single out 20 of her best outfits on the show when she completely stole our hearts.  As someone who is always dressed on point on the show, the task was not light at all but we managed somehow.

20 Red Snake Red Dress


When you see Sofia in this dress, you can hardly stay indifferent. A lovely knee-long red dress that is super tight really accentuates Sofia's curves and well, makes us love her even more.

On top of it all, her cleavage is surely tempting and one can only assume how many men have stopped and zoomed this image just to take a closer look. Who can blame them when she absolutely stole our hearts on this episode wearing this red snake dress by Roberto Cavalli? Especially with this innocent, slightly surprised look on her face. Classic Gloria Pritchett!

19 Looking Mean And Lean In Jeans


We are used to seeing Sofia in pretty dresses with animal prints on Modern Family all the time. But she sure can pull out a more casual outfit as well and look equally hot. Ripped jeans and form fitting blouse? We say it's an excellent combination of her usual fashion style with a twist of modern with these cool jeans.

Her straightened hair merely emphasizes how beautiful she looks in this simple outfit, and there's the appropriate makeup as well. Another case of winning over our hearts, well done, Sofia!

18 A Casual Dress


On episode titles "Lake Life", Jay takes his family to spend the vacation on a houseboat on a lake. For this occasion, Gloria stuck to her favorite animal-print fashion and wore a white tiger print long dress by Shahida Parides.

As always, she had the perfect outfit suited for the occasion and she paired it up with a sun hat not visible in this picture. Her bangs look adorable and give her a youthful appearance. The only jewelry she wore on this occasion were large round earrings.

17 The Alien


When Gloria Pritchett dresses up for Halloween, that's really something! This time she decided to be an alien so she wore a tight green suit paired with a shiny glittery cape and cute antlers on her head. As if this wasn't enough to win our hearts, she had green lipstick as well which made her all the more adorable.

On this episode, she definitely proved that she is not only gorgeous in tight dresses, but in a Halloween costume as well. She completed the outfit with a matching bracelet and a ring, and her wavy locks contributed to the sexiness of this alien-style appearance. The fact that she had a huge (fake) baby bump at the time made no difference at all.

16 Back In Black


If we had to think of a perfect outfit for Sofia Vergara it would have to include a super tight black dress and a beautiful large necklace. Wavy locks and big earrings are a great addition to the overall appearance.

The gorgeous hair and a dress with long sleeves that accentuates her waistline, as well as her ample front asset, make us vote for this outfit as one of the best ones Sofia wore on the show. We may say that she stole our hearts again.

15 Animal Print Dress

via: images.spoilertv.com

Sofia wore this animal print dress in Season 7 and she looked absolutely stunning, as always. If anyone can pull-out an animal print dress, it's Sofia Vergara/Gloria Pritchett as everything looks great on her.

She wore appropriate jewelry with the dress, which in this case is a big animal print necklace, a golden ring, and a bracelet. Her hair, as usual, looks amazing, making us jealous but we forgive her. It was an exciting episode!

14 Jury Duty


I think it's safe to say that Sofia or Gloria Pritchett was adorable in the episode "The Verdict" when she wore this awesome black outfit. Gloria was preparing for her jury duty and appeared at court looking amazing. She was thrilled about being summoned for jury duty and so were we when we saw her.

This black sleeveless dress looks great on her and she wore a matching necklace that gives the whole outfit an elegant touch. There were some exciting scenes in this episode and it helped that she looked flawless the whole time.

13 Animal Friendly


With Sofia Vergara, and with Gloria Pritchett, high heels are everything. But in this case, Gloria replaced her high heels with these adorable purple and white wedges by Guess, but we simply loved this change as we don't often get to see Gloria in this kind of fashion.

But she remained faithful to her love for revealing dresses as she wore this tight knee-long purple dress with see-through sleeves. Both her and her son on the show, Joe, look adorable in this photo. Don't you agree?

12 Playing Golf


This outfit contains more than one surprise. The first one is the not so obvious-sneakers. We can count on our fingers all the times we saw Sofia Vergara wearing sneakers. Yes, we see her in jeans, but never in a combination like this.

Secondly, instead of letting her hair down in beautiful casual locks or straightened, she tied her hair up and completed the outfit with large round earrings. Nevertheless, her fashion style remained on point with these tight jeans and burgundy sweater, and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

11 Glowing In Pregnancy


Gloria was very cute in this episode, where she spent the majority of it trying to convince Jay to help her prepare for the baby. But what caught our attention is this beautiful long sleeved black, blue, and gold dress.

We are used to her flawless appearance on the show as well as in real life, and she definitely nailed it this time too. Her hair was as perfect as ever, and the baby bump didn't slow her down one bit. She wore a long silver colored necklace and of course, a red lipstick to complete the whole outfit.

10 A Casual Outfit


We don't see Gloria Pritchett in jeans quite often but when we do, we like it. During this episode, she wore cool tight jeans with a gorgeous blue dotted shirt. She "forgot" to button the last few buttons, but we are definitely not complaining.

Her hair was made the usual way, adorable wavy locks, and she completed the outfit with an intense dark red lipstick. What makes her so beautiful in this episode is the fact that she doesn't look a day older than 30. Nice job, Sofia!

9 Pink Mirrored Print Dress


It seems that Sofia Vergara really appreciates Roberto Cavalli's work because she often enjoys appearing in his dresses on the show. She sure knows how to wear them as we can see in this photo. Gloria appeared in this beautiful pink mirrored print maxi dress at the wedding on Modern Family.

The dress is tight enough to accentuate her curves and even though it's one of the rare outfits where Gloria doesn't show a bit of cleavage, she is just as gorgeous. The elegant earrings completed the outfit and for this occasion, they were the only accessory the actress wore.

8 Virgin Mary


When Sofia Vergara dresses up for Halloween, she surprises us every time. This time the actress dressed as the Virgin Mary while Ed O'Neill dressed up as Joseph.

Sofia wore a long white dress and a blue shawl that covered her head. What completes this adorable picture is their son on the show, Joe Pritchett, dressed as a young Jesus. This is one of the few outfits that Sofia wore on the show that were not accentuating her stunning figure, but she managed to win our hearts nevertheless, being as funny as she is.

7 Outfit 5


In Season 4 episode "Open House of Horrors", Phil Dunphy hosts an open house at an old Victorian house. This happens on Halloween, so the cast is dressed in spooky costumes. But there is nothing spooky about Sofia Vergara here, in fact, she looks so amazing as a witch in this stunning old-fashioned black dress.

Although it is long, the dress is amazing, as the tight corset reveals her amazing waist. The dress also reveals her shoulders which shows off the right amount of skin. Back then, she had a slightly darker hair color which went perfectly with this Halloween outfit. She is definitely the star of the show.

6 Printed Black And White Blouse


A printed black and white long-sleeved blouse and black tights may not sound like everyone's ideal combination but when you see it on Sofia Vergara, you'll definitely love it.

As if this bombshell didn't look perfect already in those tight dresses, skirts, and jeans, she wore tights for this episode and probably made everyone's heart skip a beat. Along with sky-high heels and a matching black bag, Gloria Pritchett showed us why she is the star of the show. Not to mention that the V-neck blouse highlighted her more than ample cleavage.

5 Blue Blouse


Gloria sure loves those Roberto Cavalli dresses and blouses as once again she shined in his creation. On this episode, Gloria Pritchett wore a V-neck printed blue blouse with what appears to be black leggings.

While her cleavage may be the first things you notice here, we must agree that she looks great overall. The tight blouse emphasizes her fit figure and the red lipstick adds to the overall impression that she just slays in this outfit. Instead of those wavy locks, her hair is straightened this time. No accessories necessary to complete this outfit.

4 Princess Fiona


On this episode for Halloween, Gloria wanted Jay to be the Shrek to her Princess Fiona. Jay refused as he wanted to be Prince Charming instead. With or without Shrek, Gloria looked amazing in her long green dress with long sleeves.

She had a long braid and a delicate crown on her head like a real princess. Apparently, the Colombian star can't even look bad when she's playing an ogre. That's why we love her, and we loved this costume as well.

3 Tight Blue Dress


By now, we have already concluded that Sophia Vergara looks wonderful no matter what color she wears. She slays equally in red black, animal print or blue.

She looks alluring in this very tight twist front knee-long dress with high heels, and no one can deny it. Naturally, she wore matching jewelry to complete the outfit, a big turquoise bracelet along with two smaller gold bracelets, and an awesome handbag. She also wore big earrings that are not visible in the picture. This killer dress and her gorgeous hair make the whole outfit a win.

2 Wonder Woman

ofia via:dailymail.co.uk

Is there anything she can't do? As we have already noticed, when it comes to costumes, Sofia manages to surprise us every single time. This episode was additional proof (not that we needed one) that she can really pull off any outfit.

The incredibly young-looking actress dressed as Wonder Woman wearing a tiny little red and blue dress with stars. She wore a curly black wig and nude fishnet stockings. Let's just say that she really took things to the next level with this costume. Honestly, she kind of even looked better than some of the actresses who actually played Wonder Woman. We loved it!

1 God Bless America


On this episode, Sofia or Gloria Pritchett was about to become a US citizen officially and so she prepared for it the proper way; by making a statement with her outfit. That meant a sleeveless black shirt with an eagle print, and super short denim shorts with the flag of the United States.

We're used to seeing Gloria in revealing and fun outfits but this was perhaps the most skin we ever saw. She also wore a black belt to go with the shirt. She surprised us when she showed up in this outfit, and definitely grabbed our attention. Why do we like this outfit? With her casual hairdo and this youthful style, she really looks like a teenager. Of course, sky-high heels were inevitable.

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