21 Times Kaia Gerber Copied Mom Cindy's Fashion Style (And Looked Even Better)

"Maybe she's born with it... or maybe it's Maybelline.." Well, in this case, the girl was definitely born with it. Kaia Jordan Gerber is one of the world's most in-demand top models, and she's barely 16 years old. Truth be told though, she's not just any 16-year-old. She's the daughter of the absolutely stunning supermodel Cindy Crawford and model-turned-entrepreneur-still-absolutely-gorgeous Rande Gerber.

She's already walked the fashion runways of Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Prada, Fendi, and Chanel. And, in February of 2018, she will be on the cover of Vogue Paris! For most models to land just one of these achievements would be something that dreams are made of. This remarkable young woman is just getting started and has the world at her impeccably-manicured fingertips.

With a mother as famous for her looks as Cindy, it would seem like a daunting, if-not downright impossible, task to even want to attempt to follow in her footsteps. Well, that is unless you yourself had been genetically blessed by the superhuman Greek gods which, in this 16-year-old's case, she irrefutably has 100%.

Kaia's inner confidence and flawless natural beauty incites this magnificent glow about her. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Kaia will not only flourish in the fashion industry but she may end up even surpassing the success of her mother! Here are 21 times that Kaia absolutely nailed a look inspired by her mom and arguably pulled it off even better!

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21 All-American Girl Next Door

via Daily Mail

Kaia has an effortless innocence about her. It's something innate that can't be artificially replicated. Cindy is trying a little too hard to show an innocent side. Unfortunately, it's coming across as a high school cheerleader with a lack of confidence trying way too hard to hit on the team captain of the football team.

Kaia nails the heck out of the innocent look. She is, in no way, lacking in confidence. She knows she's stunning but she knows she must portray a little bit of naivety in order to stay on top of the supermodel A-listers. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid are all anxiously awaiting her to stumble and be booted from the pedestal. So far, this supermodel phenom has been untouchable.

20 Snow White

via Lainey Gossip; Daily Mail

Cindy's hard stare into the camera lens and forced smile was trying way too hard. It comes across as snarky. Her wavy bedhead hair is likely a product of the 80's but the stare and Joker-ish smile is definitely something that can't go unnoticed. The outfit is also wearing her, instead of her wearing the outfit. One would never guess she would become an international supermodel nor a household name.

Kaia's look is full on supermodel. Her stare is concentrated, cool, and confident. She's absolutely rocking an au natural look and looks breathtaking. Her broad shoulders are pulled back. Her head is held high. She is wearing the outfit; the outfit is not wearing her. Kaia's jaw-dropping good genes are only just beginning to appear.

19 Pepsi Protege

via Daily Mail; Teen Vogue

Fancy yourself a Pepsi? The decade may again be to blame for Cindy's high-waisted mom jeans and bouffant-style hairdo but she's lacking confidence in this shot. She doesn't seem to know whether to be the friendly girl next door or a man eater, a la Pamela Anderson.

Kaia has paired a natural makeup look with an edgy leather ensemble. It's a risky fashion move but she more than pulls it off. She effortlessly commands attention. From the boots to the Pepsi crop top, she looks absolutely phenomenal. The only thing she's missing is a can of Pepsi! Her left hand looks a little empty without a refreshing beverage in it. But, she is a top model who obviously watches her figure (not to mention a teenage metabolism).

18 80's Club Hopper

via Twitter; Tumblr

Check out the incredibly gorgeous Miss Kaia rocking the 90's look that her mother rocked more than two decades earlier. Between the hair and the shoes, she's got it together! The lace-up black suede skirt, choker, and grey crop top simply look stunning on Kaia!

Her mom's 90's look had the glitz, the rockin' hair, even fishnet stocking but it was a little too much in our opinion. The look wore her; she didn't wear the look. Kaia's fashion is much better packaged than her mom's over-the-top attire. The clothing looks tailored to her lithe figure whereas back in her mom's day, the clothes wore the model and looked almost sloppy.

17 The Lady In Red

via Vogue Girl; Pinterest

There's no way around it. If you are wearing red swimwear, you want to be noticed. Red swimwear is meant to be eye-catching and sexy. Cindy modeled a red one-piece during her venture into fitness back in the late 80's/early 90's.

Kaia's red one-piece with a plunging neckline and extremely high-cut legs looks sensational on her. It showcases her incredible lithe frame and broad shoulders. Kaia makes her mom's swimwear look ill-fitting and almost sloppy. Kaia has one-upped the glam on the swimsuit that has been for the longest time more of a 'mom suit.' She has demonstrated that the one-piece can be just as jaw-dropping as the skimpiest of bikinis out there.

16 Bohemian Beauty

via GotCeleb; Vogue

Cindy pulled off the off-the-shoulder, demure look well in the 90's. But, would the look fly in 2018? Not quite. It doesn't have that same 'wow' factor. The large chunky gold hoops and dark makeup paired with the shoulder-baring crop top is just too much.

Kaia's off-the-shoulder ruffled crop top paired with a matching skirt looks absolutely gorgeous! The pale lavender shade compliments her beautiful olive skin tone. She has very natural makeup and her hair is kept down and loose in a simple side part. Her jewelry is kept to several silver rings and oversize ornate silver studs.

Kaia's look would be perfect for a weekend in the Hamptons or out on a romantic dinner date. Cindy's look is more appropriate for giving salsa dance lessons or a casual beach bonfire.

15 That 70's Girl

via Pinterest

Soft, flowing, loose shoulder-length tresses, deep brown smoky eye makeup, and a neutral peach-hued lip color are both beautiful looks for the stunning Cindy and her mini-me daughter, Kaia. However, one has arguably pulled it off just a bit better than the other.

Kaia's deep-set brown doe eyes are absolutely perfect for this look. The 70's were all about being a free-spirit and an anything-goes attitude. The confidence of Kaia's innocent yet all-knowing expression makes her look absolutely breathtaking. The white ruffled shirt with gentle lace collar and simple black vest add a depth and wise-beyond-her-years feel to Kaia's sensational look.

Cindy's 70's-era glam with her loose shoulder-length slightly-teased hair is definitely beautiful but her large gold medallion earrings and harsh black eyeliner make her look more sultry than innocent or worldly. Her expression with a slightly open mouth and distant eyes do nothing to compliment her look and are, at the very least, distracting.

14 Cocktail Hour

via Daily Mail; Pinterest

Kaia Gerber absolutely rocks the formal wear short cocktail dress look. It would be impossible to outdo this girl in this dress. She looks flawless in this thigh-grazing black bubble cocktail dress. Her lithe frame is accentuated with the deep u-cut neckline. Her striking natural beauty is complemented by long stunning diamond drop earrings. The inspiration seems to be a modern-esque Audrey Hepburn.

Cindy's green cocktail dress is ill-fitting on her slim frame, making her waist seem bigger than it is. The gold buttons down the front and the low sharp V neckline are way too much, especially with the three tiers of ruffles at the bottom of the dress. Accessories include a chunky silver bracelet that looks like it's from a completely different outfit. Her makeup is kept natural but her hair looks like wind machines are blowing it in completely different directions.

13 Bad Hair Day

via Twitter; Cut & Paste

What the funk-y hair has happened here?! Kaia and Cindy are wearing some insanely strange hair on top of their heads. It's going every which way and looks like they're dressed up for a Halloween costume party.

Not a Halloween party. This is fashion. Fashion is meant to be ridiculous, right? Well, somehow, Kaia is able to pull off this outrageous hairstyle. We have no idea how. She just does. Her perfect complexion, very light brown eyeliner on the outer corners of her eyes, and innocent gaze leave this look almost feeling romantic! Braids going every which way and all different styles, and somehow this works on this beautiful doe-eyed girl.

Cindy looks like she's either ready to go fox hunting or club hopping in London's underground club scene. The look overpowers her natural beauty, whereas Kaia has full command over the eccentric hairstyle.

12 The Grey Sweatshirt

via Tele Star; Pinterest

An item found in everyone's closet—the oversize grey casual sweatshirt. The color is comforting and goes with everything, and it's perfect if you just need to run to the store or run a few errands. It's easy to see why it's such a fashion staple.

Cindy's is made of a nylon/windbreaker-type material. The color is pretty but it's ill-fitting. Oversize sweaters are great but when you get too over-sized, it just looks ugly and sloppy. A couple sizes down and this would have been perfect.

Now, Kaia's grey sweatshirt is awesome and not just because her mother's famous name is plastered across the front. It's the perfect size—oversize to perfection. You can still wrap your hands in the sleeves and feel absolutely cozy. She could wear it to the beach or to the mall. Her hair is left natural and wavy, cascading around her shoulders. Absolutely beautiful, uber-casual look.

11 The Bold Red Lip

via HawtCelebs; Listal

With her hair slicked back off her face, neutral makeup except for a slick of red lip stain, and chandelier earrings, Kaia is a knockout. Her expression is uber-cool, almost with a sense of teenage angst in it. Her skin is flawless and her outfit doesn't distract from her stunning natural beauty.

Years earlier, Cindy tried her hand with red lipstick and chandelier earrings but it came across as just too much. Your eyes don't know where to focus. Instead of leaving the red lip paired with neutral makeup, they added blue eye shadow along the outer corners of her lash lines. Her naturally beautiful eyebrows have been combed upwards making them look unnatural and unkempt. Instead of leaving the blue eye shadow, red lip, and crazy upwards hairdo, they added gaudy gold chandelier earrings with burgundy-colored balls attached to them. What could have been an inventive beautiful look just ended up looking like a big fashionable hot mess.

10 One-Shoulder Beauty

via Pinterest; Us Weekly

The one-shoulder look is alluring and gorgeous if done correctly. If you're going with a one-shoulder top or dress, you should have little distraction from the beauty of your bare shoulder and collar bone.

Tragically, Cindy wore this little black dress with a hideous white ruffle laying on one shoulder. The dress does not compliment her stunning figure and the ruffle hides her shoulder and collar bone. Her makeup and hair are kept fairly natural but seem more appropriate for a day at the mall than with a little black dress for a red carpet event. A bit more eye shadow or a punch of lip color would have transformed this whole look from drab to fab!

Kaia rocks the one-shoulder look! This simple black crop top is elegant and beautiful, accentuating her toned waist. She paired the basic black top with a flamboyant fun orange and black camo track-style pants. Her hair is kept pulled back and she has a bronze/beachy makeup look that works beautifully.

9 Lovely In Leather

via Us Weekly; Brigitte

These days, there are gorgeous faux leather materials available—you would never be able to tell the difference between faux and the real deal. Leather is a tough piece of fashion to pull off. Too much and you look cheap and trashy. Too little and it just looks out of place and that you're trying to come across as something that you are not.

There is a very happy medium and Kaia definitely fits in that happy medium. She pairs a beautiful flowy crop top with skinny leather pants and her favorite black lace-up boots. Her hair is glossy and sleek with subtle auburn highlights.

Unfortunately, Cindy was a definite fashion fail when she tried to pull off the leather look. The material looks like it was cut from a black trash bag. The cut is extremely strange and much too loose on the slender Cindy. Cindy's hair is messy without any real shape to it. She looks more like someone who belongs on the corner than one of the hottest supermodels of her day.

8 Plaidurday

via Twitter; Pinterest

Cindy's plaid look was definitely a look popular in the 90's but it definitely wasn't something that was timeless or translates well today. If the extra large gaudy necklace was eliminated along with the black nylons and black gloves, the look might pass today's fashion standards.

Kaia knows how to work the plaid trend into an outfit. She nails the look with a high-waisted plaid skirt, black bandeau topped with a black blazer draped over her shoulders, and black leather lace-up boots. Her makeup is minimal with a slick of pink gloss on her lips and her glossy brunette hair kept off her face and tucked behind her ears. She adds brown-tinted sunglasses to perfect the casual supermodel look.

7 80's Beauty

via Tumblr; Pinterest

The 80's is back and Kaia is leading the pack. Her throwback 80's sweater crop top with star-shaped silver earrings and black jeans is gorgeous. Kaia succeeds in pulling off this look that was super popular before she was born.

Cindy's 80's glam look is distracting and inconsistent. The makeup is understated and demure with a hint of raspberry-colored lip stain, light pink blush, highlight under the brow bone. But, the large multi-colored gemstones and black leather gloves don't work together. The purple gemstone earrings that are several inches in diameter are much too gaudy and look obscenely uncomfortable. This look may have been created in the 80's but it's a fashion fail.

6 Boots Are Made For Walkin'

via Pinterest; Vanity Fair

Knee-high boots work with almost any outfit but Kaia takes it up a notch. The all-black ensemble with asymmetrical zip coat, cap, and black knee-high boots. The only color is white in the small subtle white details on her boots and cap. Her makeup is kept natural with a slightly smoky eye. Kaia is the epitome of Paris chic.

Cindy wore black thigh-high boots to a fashion runway event paired with a belted camel coat. Unfortunately, the boots appeared to be made out of trash bags. They absolutely did not belong on a fashion runway. Pairing them with a black coat may have worked or just ditching them all together might have been the smarter option. Cindy's beautiful natural makeup was perfect but the pageant wave hair was too distracting.

Cindy's look was almost a hybrid of dominatrix and All-American girl next door. It just didn't work.

5 Androgynous Muse

via Revue iDNES.cz; Pinterest

The masculine edgy, androgynous look has always been extremely popular with women. Usually, it's pulled off by keeping a feminine makeup and hair look paired with slim-cut men's style trousers, blazer, and collared shirt with a traditional dark-colored tie.

Cindy does the androgynous look with pleated, loose-fitting, dark pants, white collared shirt, satin tie, and a leather hybrid-looking trench coat blazer. She has her hair done in unkempt waves, dark eye makeup, and a nude lip.

Kaia's androgynous appearance is reminiscent of a certain 1960's dreamy sophisticated 1960's cultural icon named Twiggy. A beautifully slim-cut dark suit, crisp white collared shirt, and a custom-fit dark three-button blazer are absolutely stunning on her. She wears little makeup, a slick of lip balm, mascara, and impeccably-groomed brows are all she needs. Her glossy mane is kept parted in the middle and flowing down around her shoulders.

4 Animal Instinct

via Us Weekly; Pinterest

Animal print has always been incredible trendy. There's a right way and a wrong way to pull off the animal print look. You can go bold like both Cindy and Kaia do or just add in a subtle animal print into your outfit with a leopard-print ankle boots or zebra-print handbag.

Kaia wears a bold yellow print on the runway. It looks phenomenal on her with her striking cheekbones and exotic dark eyes. Even in such an outrageous color, on Kaia, the look works!

Cindy made an attempt to pull off a candy apple green animal print mini dress, and it was a fashion flop if there ever was one. Her hair was half teased, half crimped. A diamond choker and black closed-toe pumps were her only accessories. The dress appeared too tight and the cut was poor.

3 LBD (Little Black Dress)

via Cut & Paste; Glamour

The little black dress is a staple in everyone woman's closet. It's the perfect go-to outfit for weddings, red carpet events, or date nights. Don't know what to wear to your friend's sister's cousin's 21st birthday party? Little black dress to the rescue! What about next Friday's hot date? Little black dress. Grammy Awards after-party? You guessed it, the little black dress.

Cindy wore a form-fitting bandage-style little black dress with her hair down in waves. She looked like the perfect college girl headed to her sorority's winter formal. Not at all hideous but definitely not supermodel material. She didn't play up any of her stunning features. The dress looked like it was cut from cheap prom dress material. Just not a great look for one of the world's most beautiful women.

Kaia nailed the little black dress look. Absolutely perfect modern update of the little black dress. Beautiful sequins on a high neckline. Sheer material that goes down to about tea-length and an asymmetrical wrap. It's not just a typical little black dress but it's not pretentious either.

2 Wild Animal

via Pinterest; Daily Mail

Cheetah-print pants paired with a black Metallica crop top, makeup kept natural except for a stunning black cat eye, hair slicked back, and black patent leather flats make Kaia's look absolutely flawless and iconic.

When Cindy tried her hand at cheetah pants, she paired it with a black top, black leather jacket, voluminous hair, and dark makeup. Her pants were belted at the waist with a faded belt. The look was messy and definitely not as polished or sleek-looking as Kaia's.

1 Black Cut-Outs

via Cut & Paste; Pinterest

Black is mysterious, romantic, and classic. At least that's how it should be. Unfortunately, Cindy doesn't pull it off quite as well as Kaia. Cindy's extremely ill-fitting high-waisted denim jeans is mismatched with a dominatrix style cut-out top with strange waist-cinching suspenders. Her hair is a distracting 90's Spice Girls mess, and her makeup is thankfully on the neutral side.

Kaia is the epitome of elegance and grace—alluring and romantic sheer black lace top with gorgeous black skirt with a faux fur wrap. Her satin-finish ankle booties complete the classic look. Her hair is kept off of her face and makeup is kept natural.

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