20 Times Christina Aguilera Stunned Us With Her Fashion Choices

In the late 1990s, the term “bubblegum pop” took over, bringing about many young singers who were quick to come to fame. Several were put into the industry meant to survive on their good looks rather than their fame. Christina Aguilera was different. She was naturally beautiful, but she also had some spunk. Her one of a kind, and stunning voice blew everyone away. It led to a breakout album and a Grammy win for best new artist. But in 2002, Aguilera stunned everyone by remaking herself with a more daring image, using her body to her advantage to show just how much she had grown up. In the years since, she’s had more hit albums, and has bounced a bit in her style and her weight. Today, she still remains an icon for her voice. It’s paid off with hit tours and a stint as judge on The Voice to prove her star power. To this day, she gets attention, either in tabloids or on TV and proven herself a lady with a great style on the red carpet.

Of course, like all celebrities, there have been times where Aguilera has taken a riskier route with her outfits. The 2000s was her high point, where she bared a lot of skin in order to get people looking. Since then, she's “toned down,” but Aguilera still wears some outfits that make you do a double-take. Here are 20 outfits you can’t believe the former Mouseketeer has worn.

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20 Medusa?


Europe may have different standards of beauty and red carpet styles, but even overseas this look was just too much. For the 2001 MTV Europe Music Awards, Aguilera wore a simple tight black dress, which always works out well, but it was hard to pay attention to when her hair just did not work out in her favour. Her hair was pulled back and dyed odd colours to give off a golden-green look that made her look more like Medusa than a Hollywood star. With her deep purple lips and range of shades for her eyeshadow, it continued to throw off her look. Thankfully, unlike Medusa, this look didn't turn anyone to stone.

19 Floral Arrangement


As soon as she hit the carpet at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Aguilera was hit by a question: “What is she wearing?” Granted, the VMAs are hardly known for demure fashion, but this outfit really boggled our minds. It looked like she had skinned a flamingo, and attached the feathers haphazardly to it. The pink heels completed the picture and her high black hairdo made it stand out more. The “Big Bird” jokes just wrote themselves, as Aguilera strutted about on the red carpet like a peacock. It’s hard to tell if she was trying to be a bird or a flower, but regardless of the fact, it was way too overwhelming. For the show she would end up changing outfits, but this costume remains one of her best worst outfits to date.

18 Doctor Who Tribute


Aguilera is hardly equated with sci-fi. She prefers classic comedies and movies with a vibe for the 1940s. But this 2001 appearance on TRL had fans wondering if she was a fan of Doctor Who. The iconic BBC series is well known for the Doctor, a time-travelling alien who takes on various forms and wears some rather nutty fashions. This outfit seems to be her channeling the Fourth Doctor, with a big floppy hat over her nearly white hair. More notable is the ridiculously long multi-coloured scarf that goes all the way to her knees. She was meant to be promoting her latest album but instead looks like she’s about to take the TARDIS out on a spin. Aguilera might be wishing she could go back in time and burn this outfit before it ever hit TV.

17 Santa Style

If you’re a major music star, sooner or later, you do a Christmas album. It’s practically a demand. Aguilera's first was in 2000 when she was still the “wholesome” singer, a standard collection of covers of classic Christmas songs. She’s also been popular for various TV shows to sing some holiday classics and her amazing voice lends itself well to making the holidays shine. But this pic shows her getting into the spirit in a much different way. The red Santa suit flows over her very shapely body and the hot pout she puts on makes it look even sexier. The cap is nice atop her long blonde hair and the huge white fur cuffs almost bury her hands.

16 Candy Cane


If there’s one thing Aguilera knows how to do, it’s dress up for a party. For many Hollywood parties, she showed up as best dressed. This party, she chose a different direction. She looks like something you would find at the top of a holiday candy cake, but maybe that was her intention, who knows. Though she is wearing a tight dress and a flung back white fur coat to show off her shoulders, it's her hair that really just brings the whole system down. It looks like there is a mountain of cotton candy resting on top of her head. At least it matches the holiday decorations.  Leave it to Christina to promote the holiday spirit in a new way.

15 Top Hat


Aguilera had some rough patches, nowhere near as bad as other divas but rough all the same. In 2010, she filed for divorce and was then arrested for drunk driving. There were rumours of her drinking and she seemed to be struggling with her weight. Thankfully, Aguilera managed to clean herself up and landed a gig as a judge on NBC’s The Voice. With this photo, she's giving us a 19th century London brothel vibe. Her shirt is ultra-tight, and she tops off the outfit with a black top hat and a fan. See that wicked twinkle in her eyes? That goes hand in hand with her personality. Her diva reputation skyrocketed with the show, as she asked for services that were a little too particular. She demanded a police escort to the studio, and a foot massage for a show where she sat in a chair for the entire session.

14 Lady Marmalade


The movie Moulin Rouge is talked about for more than its music, but for its clothes and iffy plot. What really got attention for the 2001 film was the music video for the remake of the song “Lady Marmalade.” Banded together for it were Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim and Mya. The video had the ladies in fine form in revealing outfits, and Aguilera was no exception. The tight red corset was nice enough to look at, but what put viewers off was her massive hair and wild makeup. It was the first time Aguilera broke out of her “wholesome” image and showed her burlesque side off, which she would end up using very well.

13 Top Cop


In 2010, Aguilera made a bid for movie stardom with Burlesque. The film had her as a young woman coming to L.A. to seek fame, and falling into a burlesque club run by Cher. In the film she was pushed on stage at random, coming to the rescue when she saves the club from shutting down with her amazing singing. The outfit she supports is tight latex and leather, topped by a cap. It's a revealing outfit, and quite frankly, not one of her best. There are many other ways to look good while revealing some skin, and this outfit just didn't make the cut. The movie itself was no big money maker, and Aguilera was criticized for her lack of acting talent.

12 Sheer Spots


Most of Aguilera’s wild outfits come from her transformation in 2002. Even at an early age, she had an affinity for offbeat costumes. After breaking out huge in 1999, she was still a “bubblegum pop princess” who portrayed a beautiful but still somewhat innocent style. Thus, it was surprising when she showed up at a party in this bizarre getup. The sheer top is of a leopard print, and would have been decent had it not been paired with a leopard-print coat. Her hair is billowing out and the huge pink necklace around her neck is a distraction more than anything else. This outfit was just a preview into the diva, outlandish, and risqué life that she enjoyed.

11 Business...Class?


Even when she tried to be “classy” in the early 2000s, Aguilera had a style all her own. For most of the year, she had been rocking the U.S. with her wilder style, flaunting it in a variety of revealing outfits. Hitting Europe for the MTV VMAs there, she decided to dress up a bit. But in her case, it might have been too much. The striped top looks more like she’s about to hit a high-class exotic dancer club, and her showed-off belly helps add to that effect. The white pants that are nowhere near fitting adds an odd and unappealing clash to it, and so do her black boots. Leave it to Christina to somehow manage to make “classy” look as wild as possible. Perhaps this one should have stayed in the closet, and not at an awards show.

10 Dirrrty Bride


The MTV Video Music Awards have been home to some wild performances. But the 2003 opening number is still the most memorable. In celebration of the show’s anniversary, Britney Spears came out in a white wedding dress to start singing “Like A Virgin.” After a moment, she was joined by Aguilera whose outfit paid tribute to Madonna with its more revealing look. Aguilera wore a tight corset, short shorts and boots with various necklaces. The two completed the number together, milking the attention for all it was worth. Madonna later joined them (with a clashing black outfit) and their performance was forever remembered as the time Madonna kissed both of them for all the world to see.

9 Black Diamond


As previously mentioned, the 2000s sparked Aguilera's "transition" phase from good girl to diva. This photo was from her "Dirrrty" phase, where she threw caution to the wind and decided to hit her fans with more skin, and far more suggestive lyrics. This outfit goes hand in hand with her music at the time. A corset seemed to be her favourite thing to wear during this time, and while it could have been used in a classier fashion, it just doesn't seem to do that here. It's astonishingly low, and the mixture of the black and white doesn't look as nice as she probably thought it did. Her fishnets and thigh-high boots are decent enough, but the random huge silver necklace throws it all off. Luckily, her voice makes up for any bad fashion choices.

8 Dirty Cowgirl


For the most part, Aguilera appears to have cleaned up from her wilder times, settling into motherhood and being a judge and performer. It probably helps that she’s not as constant on social media as other stars are. When she does go online though, everyone knows about it. Her selfies can still bring people to a halt. This shot of her as a hot cowgirl was enough to get people talking. Sure, her huge hat is really cute, but what had people gawking at her was the fact that under her jacket she was wearing nothing. This was clear thanks to the well-applied pastie on her left side. All things considered, this is actually one of her tamer looks.

7 Classic Chaps

It was in 2002 that Christina Aguilera made her transition complete by shedding clothes practically altogether and deciding to stick with barely wearing anything.  Suddenly calling herself “Xtina,” she came out with a new album with a sharper edge and more sexualized lyrics. Her new punk rock-revealing clothes had us wondering if she was going to endure a mosh pit or go to a rave. These choices would haunt her for a while; when she hosted Saturday Night Live in a more demure outfit, she was asked “Where are your Christina Aguilera clothes?”

6 Meow!

It’s no surprise that Aguilera cites Madonna as one of her inspirations. She's taken inspiration from Madonna's singing, performances, and knack for showing off. This outfit proves just that. The suit is so tight it looks like it was painted on her body, but the intention to show off her curves clearly pays off. It might actually look okay if it weren't for the makeup that is just a touch too far. The gloves are also a little much. Sure, Madonna might have been able to pull off something like this, but that doesn't mean we all could Christina. This photoshoot continued on to be over the top, complete with a bell around her neck and a saucer of milk that only made us cringe.

5 Candy Girl


Aguilera seems to have a thing for the 1940s. When she did the video for “Candy Man,” the idea was her playing a trio of sister singers in a World War II setting. Her music video look was classy and fit with the theme, but this particular photo doesn't follow through. Her cute sailor look shifted to a classic rendition of  Rosie the Riveter. Promoting her video and new brand would have gone better without the leather jacket, which ultimately shatters the image. Unfortunately, this street style just doesn't cut it for the 40's look she was busy promoting.

4 Alien Queen


This particular photo showcases one of the moments in which her makeup was more of an issue than whats she was wearing. In this case, it looks like she is auditioning for the role of an alien queen in a sci-film, rather than trying to stay in her actual role as a Hollywood star. Her pink dress was more than okay, but the shades of makeup and the way she chose to wear it is just appalling. Not to mention her earrings which look like they would be better placed on a Christmas tree rather than her ears.

3 The Almost There


In 2002, “Xtina” was all over the place. She was on the cover of rolling stones with only a guitar to cover her, and made sure most of her music videos were nothing short of wild. It was her outfit at the 2002 Video Music Awards that had our jaws dropping. Her idea of fashion was basically a piece of cloth that barely covered her chest. Her belly was on full display, and her shorts were so short that we were surprised she was even wearing any. Yet no one was really turned off, and she managed to keep our attention even after this fashion disaster.

2 Forget Something?


This 2000 outfit was one of the first showcases of how Aguilera was growing up. When she showed up to the Video Music Awards, she got a lot of attention. Although the slit of the dress over her leg is classy, it is the random missing half of fabric over her belly that has us scratching our heads. It adds no elegance to her look, and neither does her randomly streaked hair. Little did we know at the time, that this was nothing compared to her upcoming looks that would shock us all.

1 Hello Nurse

Okay, so out of all of her outfits, this one is really not so bad. We were actually stunned in a nice way for this one. The classic Halloween nurse outfit is always a hit when you have the body for it, and this is no exception. The ultra-short skirt shows off her great legs with heels and her red garters a nice touch. The cleavage is flaunted if not overtly, and the nurse cap she wears sits beautifully on her lush blonde hair. She definitely pulled off this look.


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