20 Times Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Were Stunningly Beautiful Fashion Icons

Is there a more fashionable couple in the world than John Legend and Chrissy Teigen? We’re seriously asking, is there? Because even if there is, we’re pretty sure that they don’t show it off with as much style, class, and heart-warming realness as these two do. Chrissy in particular is known for being almost oddly open in her social media posts, especially compared to other celebrities who can’t even post a selfie without having it Photoshopped (we’re looking at you, Ms Kardashian-West).

The mixture of their high-glamour lifestyle and candid snaps has made them a force to be reckoned with on social media, and they are undoubtedly one of Hollywood's biggest power couples right now. Even if you don’t follow either of them, you are sure to find out about their latest exploits as they are always making headlines for one thing or another.

They aren’t always media darlings – they’ve had backlash one or two times, though if you ask us, it kind of sounds like the media sometimes gets a bit jealous. When you have a woman who is so comfortable with her body that she lives in it fully, and doesn’t mind you seeing it either, there is bound to a bit of scorn heaped on from those who would rather see her repressed. In the spirit of challenging that, here are 20 occasions when John and Chrissy proved that they are serious fashion icons.

20 Pink Frills And Blue Florals

In this outfit, John’s blue floral print on his jacket is subtle but powerful. It brings his suit to a new level without having to go crazy – it really makes you look closer at the fabric. He isn’t matched to Chrissy’s colours at all, but somehow that doesn’t matter for these outfits.

She is absolutely glowing in her Pamela Rolland gown, fitted to match her very obvious baby bump. She looks so healthy and happy, and there is a noticeable sheen and smoothness to her skin. The two of them are just gorgeous as they head towards the birth of their next child. The dress is covered in beautiful fringes, feathers, and embroidery as well as small crystals to keep Chrissy looking like the bountiful mother to be.

19 Making A Strong Fuchsia Statement

John’s plain black suit and tie, matched with a white dress shirt, really allows Chrissy’s outfit to stand out all the more. He is definitely happy to support her and allow her to shine, particularly right now as she is heavily pregnant. If you were thinking her dress or posture looked odd, that’s another baby bump straining against the fabric!

The bright colour is a really bold choice and it makes her stand out in the room. She is holding a Tyler Ellis clutch and that fuchsia dress was designed by Tadashi Shoji. She is beaming with pride and she definitely knows that she is the best dressed woman around. Maybe other women would be smug, but she doesn't seem like the type.

18 Dressing Up For A Birthday

When it comes to Chrissy’s birthday, it’s clear that they don’t do things by halves. Instead they like to go all out, and when Chrissy and John are involved, you know that that also means dressing up. They look fantastic in this shot, where it’s so very clear that they are the lord and lady of the situation – everyone else is simply the help.

The people around them are the crew who handled the party, in which everyone was instructed to dress up in 60s style clothing. Chrissy looks very much in control in her double-breasted pink outfit, complete with a scarf and hat, while John looks like he might be about to head out to golf with his rich buddies. They definitely nailed their looks, showing that they are serious about fashion even when they are just dressing up to a theme.

17 Paris Fashion Week Looks

These are the outfits that Chrissy and John decided to wear when they swung by Paris Fashion Week. When you have front row seats to a fashion show, you have to automatically be prepared for the fact that people will judge you as much as they do the models. Not only do they both look great, but Chrissy has also made sure to get inspiration from European styles with her cute belted minidress and shoulder bag.

The outfit shows off her long legs and also looks great alongside John’s casual suit. They both look like they could easily transition from day to night. That’s really handy when getting wrapped up in PFW, where a show can easily turn into an afterparty.

16 Going Broke For Tartan

We have to admit that we can barely notice John in this photo. He’s there, and when we do manage to drag our eyes over to him, he looks great. His coat in particular is a great fashion flourish. But all of that means nothing, because he is posing next to his stunning wife in an outfit that would turn heads no matter where she went.

The double tartan of her matching boots and skirt really catches the eye, and they play with perspective in an interesting way. The over-the-knee boots combined with the high-waisted skirt lengthen her body dramatically, and you can only pull this look off if you have a tight body like Chrissy does. Then there’s the cropped jacket she is wearing over the top, in true Clueless fashion.

15 Suited Up For Anniversary Celebrations

These are the outfits that Chrissy and John chose to wear for a date night out on their wedding anniversary. They both look fantastic from head to toe. John has brought a plain black shirt and jeans up to a new level by pairing them with a long-line beige coat and sneakers.

Chrissy, meanwhile, absolutely stuns in a little black dress. The hemline comes down just to the right level for her to show off her black over-the-knee boots, which are a favourite style staple of hers. She has kept the accessories simple with hoop earrings and a little black shoulder bag. A dress like this doesn’t need any more than that. Her hair is also completely on point, falling in soft waves over her shoulders and down to her waist.

14 Stripes On The Streets

This is a perfect example of how to do couple matching without being too obvious about it. No one wants to be Britney and Justin at the MTV Awards. Here, both Chrissy and John have incorporated white strips and dark colours into their outfits, but they have done it in different ways.

John wears his sports jacket over a plain white tee, dark jeans, and high-top sneakers. Chrissy has a belted shirt dress with pinstripes and patent over-the-knee boots with triangular heels. They are also both matched up with sunglasses in similar shapes. While there may not be any stripes on their daughter’s outfit, that’s actually a great thing – celebrities have to be reminded sometimes that children are not fashion accessories! Chrissy and John haven’t let us down yet.

13 More Casual, Still Stunning

Even when Chrissy and John are wearing casual outfits, they still look absolutely stunning. This striped shirt of John’s actually made headlines when they were photographed at a sports event, if you can believe that. Meanwhile, Chrissy looks gorgeous in a floral belted number that hangs loosely down to near her ankles.

Even though she isn’t wearing the sandals she has brought with her, she makes sure to point her toes as if wearing invisible high heels for the camera. She knows that this improves the posture, makes legs look longer, and makes her appear taller. It’s a great posing tip and something that a lot of women use to make sure that they look great in photos. Chrissy pulls it off effortlessly and in a perfect example of the form that you should take.

12 Wearing Traditional Clothes In Bali

These outfits are truly stunning, and while they might be playing dress-up, John and Chrissy do it here with the utmost of respect. They were visiting Bali and were offered the opportunity to try on some traditional dress, which suited them amazingly. They look like they could be a royal couple, standing tall at an official ceremony in their nation.

They really pull it off in an amazing way, given that the outfits were not made for them or with their sizes in mind! The ceremonial costumes are made with beautiful colours, and the gold headdresses, in particular, are so stunning. This just goes to show that when you look good and have confidence in yourself, it doesn’t matter what you wear – you will own it.

11 Visiting The Game

When watching the Seattle Mariners play, Chrissy and John take it to a more casual level. This is a perfect way to showcase real style: when you aren’t even dressed up and you still manage to look amazing.

Chrissy is wearing grey sweatpants with a black loungewear top, and a Nike cap to finish the look off. They have dressed their daughter in a tiny Mariners shirt, which is just completely adorable. As for John, he is wearing black jeans paired with a floral lace patterned sweatshirt and a cap. They are perfectly suited to the sports environment but still look stylish and classy. This shows they know what style really is – it’s not all about flashy gowns and jewels. It’s about looking good all the time.

10 Black In The Desert

There is a theory that black helps you to feel cooler because it reflects back light from the sun. Whether this is true or not, Chrissy and John have definitely embraced the sentiment for this trip to a dry and dusty location.

They are wearing all black everything from head to toe, and they both look great together. John’s jacket and sunglasses lend him that touch of cool, while Chrissy has created a neat silhouette by combining a cropped jacket with a figure-hugging floor-length black skirt. One thing we have to love about this couple is the way that they always exude togetherness, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. You can see that they are still madly in love with one another, which is fantastic.

9 Adorning The Tiles In Marrakech

When you visit Marrakech, it’s practically required by law to take photos of yourself amongst the stunning tile designs. Chrissy and John are showing how it’s done here.

Chrissy definitely looks in control, with her golden gown covering her from head to toe with a slit at the chest and bare arms. She has accessorized with large hoop earrings and a clutch, as well as strappy shoes. John is matched to her – but not too much – in a honey-coloured jacket over black jeans and sneakers. If you look closely, you can see that he is wearing the same tone as her clutch bag and heels, tying their looks together. They are so cute in this picture because John just looks incredibly happy to be there with her.

8 Sharp In Black And White

The couple are rocking this black and white vibe when attending an event together. The blue carpet – not the red carpet – is a great place for them to pose with the press, as it really helps their outfits to stand out all the more.

Chrissy has gone for a black and white dress which has a mixture of textures and shapes, including a leather strap which runs off the edge of the dress to interesting effect. She has also gone for her stalwart over-knee boots and a small black clutch bag. Her only other accessories are her dangling gold earrings. John has gone for all black except for the soles of his shoes. Black jeans, ribbed sweater, and bomber jacket all go together for that head to toe look.

7 Black For SAG Awards

When attending the Screen Actors Guild Awards, known as the SAGs, John and Chrissy kept it formal and classy. They really made a bid for best-dressed couple in attendance with their black outfits.

John opted for a black suit with sharp tailoring on the lapels, along with a white high-collared dress shirt. He didn’t go for a tie of any kind, which is always an interesting choice for a formal event. Chrissy wore a black floor-length dress with two splits: one from the floor to her mid-thigh, and one from the neck almost to the navel. These long splits are contrasted with tailoring that takes cues from suit jackets for a great formal look. A simple clutch, earrings, and long necklace are the only accessories needed for this outfit.

6 Looking Stunning In White And Blue

If they did this on purpose, then you have to admit it’s pretty genius. The colours of the Art of Elysium event which they were attending, as seen on the back board, were white and blue.

What did Chrissy and John wear? The very same… Chrissy was outfitted in a white dress with lace cut-out panels and fringed sleeves, and she was positively glowing too. John wore a dapper blue silk suit with a white dress shirt and black bow tie. They look glamorous and formal at the same time, something that isn’t always easy to achieve. They are a fantastic couple when you see them side by side like this – they seem to fit together perfectly. They both look healthy and happy when they are together.

5 Dressed In Black On Red Carpet

Another red carpet event, and another stunning look for this pair. They are such an amazing husband and wife team, never afraid to show affection no matter what the situation may be. You can’t help but feel the love radiating from them – and we love the look on Chrissy’s face, which seems to say, “Yep, he’s my man!” with a deep sense of pride.

Chrissy looks fantastic in an off-the-shoulder patterned black dress and very strappy heels, while John has gone the classic route of a black suit and tie with a white dress shirt. Chrissy seems to eschew necklaces most of the time and really prefers to wear hoop earrings with a number of chunky rings on her fingers. She’s also fairly partial to a clutch bag like the little black number she carries here.

4 Seeing Double In Metallic

Chrissy is a self-confessed fan of this photo, as she says the edit makes it look like there is a French hen in the middle of the shot. That aside, this image was clearly chosen because the two of them look so great.

John is rocking a long, black, military-style coat along with loose military boots, which really brings his outfit to a new level of bad boy chic. He looks like a rock star! Chrissy chose to go for a metallic top which seems to be staying up out of pure magic, since it is neither attached by straps or at the arms. She has gone for tight black jeans and strappy heels to finish the outfit off, as well as a blocky clutch which is slim enough for just the essentials.

3 Putting Their Best Feet Forward

Here, Chrissy and John are definitely on a mission, but they aren’t afraid to look super cute while doing it. In fact, the coy smiles they both wear seem to suggest that they know how great they look and are glad that someone has noticed it.

John is wearing a tan coat which hangs nicely on his frame, with a casual jeans and tee outfit underneath. Chrissy is much more dressed up in comparison, with a burgundy mini shirt dress and high heels. She is also carrying a black clutch bag. Once again, she doesn’t wear a necklace or anything else to distract from her outfit, which showcases her long legs. We can definitely see what John likes about her when looking at this image!

2 From Neck To Feet

This one is a bit of an unusual look for Chrissy, as it covers her from her neck all the way down to her feet. It’s likely that it was a colder time of year, and she wanted to cover up in style. She has certainly managed that, as she looks fabulous despite the change from her usual fashion choices.

This photo was taken while they were visiting London, and she carried a clutch by local designer Charlotte Olympia. John, on the other hand, wore a tan coat by Tom Ford to cover up in the cold weather. They both look great, and if they are feeling the cold, they certainly don’t show it. This is a classic street style look for them, adapting to their surroundings but never compromising on fashion.

1 Big Stripes And Bigger Chairs

For this shot, Chrissy and John are posing in Oslo’s City Hall ahead of the Nobel Prize Awards. Yes, these two get around! John is wearing a really great suit by Paul Smith, which uses oversized stripes and checks to create an impressive pattern (although we’re a little distressed that the lines on the jacket don’t match up to the lines on the trousers).

He has, sensibly, gone for a white shirt to avoid clashing with his print. Chrissy has a great red off-the-shoulder dress which shows off her legs and her shoulders, as well as some cute strappy shoes. They both look composed and in control, even in the presence of great minds – they are seriously put together, in a time when many people would feel intimidated.

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