20 Times Cara Delevingne's Street Fashion Was Better Than Her High Fashion

Whether you recognize her from her acting or her past career as a model, Cara Delevingne will continue to be one of the biggest celebrities in 2018. She hung up her full-time modeling duties in 2015, but not before walking away with two British Fashion Awards for "Model Of The Year".

Delevingne expertly used her exposure to start landing roles in movies, and before you knew it, she was appearing in movies that were making hundreds of millions at the box office. Not content to slow down, her next big project, The Carnival Row, is making it's way to television and also stars Orlando Bloom.

Cara doesn't only turn heads on the red carpet or the runway. Along with being one of the most popular models, comes the crux of being one of the most photographed by paparazzi. Thankfully for Cara, she is also easily considered to have one of the best senses of "street fashion" of any celebrity.

Something that becomes abundantly clear as you check out the 20 Times Cara Delevingne's Street Fashion Was Better Than Her High Fashion.

20 Caught Looking Fabulous By The Paparazzi

There are many downfalls that come with being a celebrity, but none may be more apparent than needing to deal with the paparazzi. Celebrities often just want to live their life and get from point A to point B without having to pose for a bunch of cameras. And considering how much time Cara has spent in front of cameras, nobody would blame her for being a little bit fussy.

If there is a benefit to the constant attention, it's that tabloids have managed to catch her in some pretty fantastic outfits. The above dress was worn by Delevingne back in 2015 when she was walking around in London. You need to hope she looked in the mirror before leaving to make sure she wasn't going to suffer any wardrobe malfunctions!

19 Showing Off Her Abs In Two Outfits

One of the hardest parts of your body to keep looking good, is your stomach. But if you're going to be strutting your booty down the runway on a regular basis, as Cara Delevingne used to do, you better believe you're going to do what you can to keep yourself looking the best. That includes making sure you aren't only eating right, but also spending some serious time in the gym.

While it may be a lot of work, if you get the results that you're happy with, why wouldn't you want to show that off? Especially when you tend to get a ton of positive feedback when you do. Judging from the two photos above, it definitely appears like Cara Delevingne is more than happy to wear shirts that only cover half of her chest and still remain looking confident.

18 Looking Fantastic At The Airport

Cara Delevingne definitely wanted to start the New Year out right back in 2016. She, her then-girlfriend St.Vincent and her friend (and fellow model) Suki Waterhouse all elected to take a trip to Barbados in early January. That's definitely one way to avoid the rain and snow that can come with this time of year!

And while they may have just been hanging out at the airport, when you're as famous as these 3 are, you're going to get photographed.

Let's hope seeing photos from this trip don't bring on too many negative memories as St. Vincent and Delevingne officially called it split before the year was out. But something tells us Delevingne won't have to be single for too long if she so chooses.

17 Matching Tracksuits With Margot Robbie

There is no question that for many people, Suicide Squad was one of the most disappointing movies of 2016, but that doesn't mean the movie didn't have some positives that came from it. We're sure if you asked Cara Delevingne or Margot Robbie what the best thing to come from the movie was, they may have to say their friendship.

When discussing Delevingne with Glamour Magazine, Robbie stated:

"She is a rare gem in this world and I've just never met anyone like her. She is the most genuine person you can ever meet and there's nothing calculated about that girl. She's like a little comet just blasting her way through this world."

The two have been seen enjoying each other's companies on a variety of occasions. While that means there are plenty of moments to choose from, you may agree that the matching outfits they wore to a Suicide Squad afterparty were awesome!

16 Rocking A Red Toque

It's never an enjoyable feeling to wake up and realize that you are having a bad hair day. That feeling may get even worse if you were famous and you knew that the world was not only going to see but judge you for your appearance when you leave for the day.

One of the best ways to combat some fussy hair is to throw a hat on. Or in the case of Cara Delevingne, making sure she has a toque handy to throw on! Though that bright red color may draw more attention to her than she would typically enjoy.

Although, by showing off those long legs with those shorts, it's not the red hat that has people talking about her.

15 Enchanting You On Her Suicide Squad Promotional Tour

When you are an actor, actually appearing in the movie is really only one part of your job. You better hope you love that movie because you are probably going to spend the following few months of filming dealing with various promotional tours. That was absolutely the case for Cara Delevingne and her involvement in the film, Suicide Squad.

And while her good looks may have been downplayed in the movie (y'know, due to the whole being evil thing), she definitely didn't mind stepping up her game when she was promoting the movie! The above photo was snapped only moments after she left her hotel by paparazzi back on July 30th, 2016.

14 Looking Beautiful At Basketball Game

While Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin have seemingly cooled off their flame, there was a period of time where Cara Delevingne's BFF was poised to become one of the biggest WAGs in the NBA. While Cara herself doesn't seem to have much interest in attending NBA games, that doesn't mean that she is super against the sport.

She was more than happy to stop and pose for some photos back in 2014 when she attended a Summer Classic Charity Basketball game that was being held in New York City. Who knows, even with Kendall and Blake perhaps calling it quits, maybe Kendall can convince Cara to go check out some games (and men!) in person.

13 Switching Up Her Hair For Pink

Cara Delevingne has been known to mix up her appearance over the years, especially in regards to her hair. But perhaps her boldest style so far was debuted back in August 2015. Cara appeared at the Osheaga music festival sporting what many people thought was a perfect pink color for her.

If the hair wasn't enough to stand out, she also made some great fashion choices with the pineapple T-Shirt and the hilarious "got bacon?" shorts. At the time, Delevingne was there to support her relationship with musician St.Vincent. While they are no longer together, we're sure at the time, St. Vincent really appreciated her being there.

12 Representing Her And Kendall's Fashion Line

Cara Delevingne has spent hundreds of hours promoting the clothing line of different companies. So perhaps you won't blame her too much if she decided that she may find some success if she had a fashion line of her own.

While still unofficial, Cara Delevingne and one of her BFFs, Kendall Jenner have teamed up for the tentative fashion line CaKe. With those two involved, you can imagine they would definitely come away with some winning ideas.

Based on the first two letters of each girls' name, the only sign of the company has been these matching t-shirts the girls wore back in 2016. Real brand or not in 2018, it's still a great look!

11 Ravishing In Red As Fans Stand By

One of the aspects of being a celebrity is knowing that you are going to be doing a fair bit of traveling. Which means that while you may have an expensive mansion back home, you may not see yourself spending too many hours in it. Which also means that if you're a celebrity, you're hopefully a huge fan of staying in hotels. Though it's not like Cara Delevingne can't afford to stay at the very best!

An element of staying at a hotel is the chance that people are going to find out you're there and stalk you. That's exactly what happened to Delevingne back in January 2016. It was only moments after she left the hotel that fans could be spotted waiting with their phones out. Judging by the look on Delevingne's face, however, it doesn't look like she was paying them any attention.

10 Nailing A Selfie While Promoting Rimmel Cosmetics

Cara Delevingne is well aware of all the steps that go into having a professional photo taken of her. As we can tell from our next entry, she definitely doesn't need to have someone else holding the camera to come away with a great photo. Though if we're being fair, there is no way to tell how many photos Delevingne took before she finally chose the winning one.

While the photo is a departure from her high fashion, the photo did still promote the Rimmel cosmetics brand which may help explain why her makeup looks so on point. The real winner of the outfit may be her awesome black jacket with an orange tank top underneath. Just don't get too close to her because that jacket looks pokey!

9 Looking Tired (But Fantastic) After A Flight

Cara Delevingne is definitely looking tired and unimpressed on our next entry, but it's hard to blame her. The photo was taken of her when she landed at an airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After all, celebrities may be able to fly first class and have different advantages, but a long flight is still a long flight. Something tells us just because they're famous, doesn't mean their body doesn't know what jet lag is.

Despite having all the reasons in the world to look at her worst, you may be in agreeance that this relaxed style is one of her best looks. She may even gain some extra points in your eyes when you see that she decided to leave the makeup behind and is still stunning.

Cara was later seen pushing her luggage through the airport, which indicates that she definitely gets some use out of those abs she's sporting.

8 All Eyes On Her Shorts

When Cara Delevingne leaves her house, it is only a matter of time before all eyes are going to be on her. Which may be why she bought shorts that literally have eyes all over them.

While it's not the most conventional fashion choice, Delevingne surely knew she had a winner on her hands when she put them on. Especially when paired with a super casual t-shirt on top. And while you're probably not going to see her rocking a hat as she appears at various red carpet events, it's clear she looks great when she is wearing one around town.

7 Posing Alongside Gal Gadot

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Now we aren't going to blame you if when you first look at this photo, you are first captivated by the stunning Gal Gadot who is standing to Delevingne's left. However, just because Gadot clearly brought her A-Game while attending ComicCon in 2015, it definitely doesn't mean that Delevingne also isn't totally rocking her outfit. It's just too bad Suicide Squad didn't end up as big of a smash hit as Wonder Woman was. Though maybe she can relate to Delevingne with stories of how disappointing Batman Vs Superman was.

Delevingne must have loved the photo when you consider she later uploaded it to her Instagram account. Her fans were also receptive to the photo and close to 1 million people ended up liking it.

6 Wearing A Dress For Paper Towns Radio Promotion

Cara Delevingne has spent a large portion of her life promoting various brands and projects that she is involved in. What must help get even more attention towards these projects is when she attends promotional events wearing outfits that are sure to catch the eye of any paparazzi member in the area. After all, now along with promoting the film, you are getting tabloids to write stories about how gorgeous you looked on the way to talk about it.

If that was her goal, she definitely hit her mark back on June 18th 2015, when she attended KISS FM studios to talk about Paper Towns. It was a gorgeous day in London, which allowed her Burberry dress to be wonderfully complimented by her sunglasses. You just need to pray that talking about her projects non-stop doesn't make Delevingne get tired of them!

5 Making Overalls Work In New York

When it comes to the typical person, you might assume that buying overalls probably isn't the most alluring thing in the world. Yet when Cara Delevingne elects to put them on, you may come away feeling like she has pulled off this look. Though at this point in the list, are you convinced there is any look that Cara couldn't pull off?

Especially because she had the foresight to only wear the bottom half of the trousers and pair it with a cute white top, that also just happens to show off her abs. Delevingne was spotted by the paparazzi wearing this outfit back in June 2015 when she was walking around New York City.

4 Getting Close To Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne have been spotted together on a variety of occasions. When you consider the amount of paparazzi attention both stars get, it's only natural that if they did hang out, that there would be photographic proof. While Gomez is currently bumping it up with Bieber, the rumor still was rampant that there was a chance she was once getting intimate with Delevingne.

When talking about the rumours to E! Online, Gomez stated,

"Honestly, I loved it. I didn't mind it...She's so fun and she's just extremely adventurous, and sometimes I just want that in my life, so I didn't mind it. I loved it."

3 Her "Last Clean T-Shirt"

One of the most annoying tasks that you may have to do around your house on a regular basis is a load of laundry. That doesn't stop becoming annoying when you become rich and famous, but perhaps you can hire someone to do the task for you.

If Cara did hire someone to be on top of her clean clothes, perhaps they were slacking on their duties. That or Cara just wanted people to laugh when she stepped out on the town wearing her "Last Clean T-Shirt" shirt. Considering the fact that she paired the shirt with a toque that says "Whatever" should indicate that even if you don't love this outfit, that she definitely isn't going to mind.

2 Looking Amazing In A...Bart Simpson Sweater?

Cara Delevingne has definitely worn her fair share of unique outfits over the years. While you may not typically think Bart Simpson on a sweater isn't a good look in theory, are you really going to make the argument that Delevingne doesn't look tremendously lovely here? Plus, maybe you'll give her some extra bonus points for having the courage to take an iconic cartoon character and turn it into a stunning outfit.

Besides, it's not like models aren't asked to put on some seriously weird outfits when walking down the runway! Delevingne wore this Simpsons-inspired outfit back on September 11th, 2012 while attending an afterparty for the fashion brand Osklen.

1 Promoting Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets With Short Hair

Cara Delevingne has changed her hairstyle up throughout her life, but perhaps her least hassled "look" is on display in our next entry. We just hope you weren't too fond of seeing her long hair!

Delevingne decided to go with a relaxed look for her outfit choice when she was promoting the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets at an Apple storeWhile the movie wasn't a smash-hit scoring 49% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, it did make over $200 million at the box office.

It was monumental for Delevingne to land a role in the film and should be influential in helping her career going forward. Especially with potential talks of a sequel being in the works!

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