20 Things You Forgot Jennifer Aniston Did In 2017

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and talked-about actors for more than two decades at this point, ever since Jennifer Aniston became a star, people have paid attention. First becoming famous due to her role in the show Friends, she took full advantage of that opportunity and has done a whole lot since that time to remain rich and famous. Due to that fact and the intensity of scrutiny she has lived under for a long time now, there are many things that she does that people take note of and then move past almost as soon as they learned about them. We know she was the subject of headlines we read and then completely slipped our minds, and it seems unlikely that we’re the only ones. Realizing all of that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty things you forgot Jennifer Aniston did in 2017.

In order for something to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it needs to have been done by Jennifer Aniston in the year 2017. It doesn’t matter what it is, so you may find things like landing roles, anecdotes from her personal life, or a litany of other things that she was a part of. Next, what she did has to be something that it seems likely that a lot of her fans have forgotten about or not even realized took place. We do want to make it clear that everyone’s breadth of knowledge is different so some readers may know about some of the entries on this list but we believe that most won’t.

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20 Partied With Lisa Kudrow And Courteney Cox

Via Pinterest.com

We’re not sure if you have heard of it yet but Jennifer Aniston used to star in a sitcom called Friends for ten years. Oh, you have? Well, people seemed to like it an awful lot and during the run of the series, it was helped along by the belief that the people that played the main cast really did care about one another. Helped greatly by the highly-publicized stories that they negotiated their deals with the network, they were not going to be used against one another. In the years since the show came to an end, however, it seems that some of them are no longer as close as we initially thought they were. On the other end of the spectrum, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox, the three female leads, remain close enough with each other to this day that they partied together in 2017.

19 Cover Girl Again

Via harpersbazaar.com

An actress that has been a mainstay of pop culture for several decades at this point, it should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that Jennifer Aniston has appeared on a lot of magazine covers. In fact, some of the previous times she did just that were stunning enough that the world seemed to stand up and take notice. That is especially true when she adorned a pair of Rolling Stone magazines during the early part of her stardom, one of which featured her entirely in the buff. Still chosen by editors as the perfect person to help inspire people to purchase their goods to this day, this year, she worked with Harper’s Bazaar. They chose to print a fantastic image of her on their front page and we love how the shot shows off how beautiful her face is but are especially bowled over by her eyes in this image.

18 Tried To Sell You Smartwater

via People

Society has changed an awful lot in the last several years. A couple of decades ago, celebrities of the highest caliber would take part in advertising campaigns but many of them opted to do so only in continents outside of North America and Europe. They did this as there was a very real possibility that had they blatantly used their star power to promote goods to the public in those regions they would be seen as sell-outs and their career would be damaged. Obviously, no longer a problem based on a number of A-listers that openly promote things like cars and brands, Jennifer Aniston has jumped in on this with two feet. Somebody who has worked to advertise the brand Smartwater since 2007, this year, she was photographed for several new campaign photos for that company that look gorgeous.

17 Found Out Her Pre-pubescent Co-star Had A Crush

Via etonline.com

One of the most popular shows of the nineties and early 2000’s, Friends is such an immensely popular sitcom that there are millions of people with encyclopedic knowledge of it. A series that featured a long list of notable guest stars, included in that are the likes of George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Christina Applegate, Winona Ryder, and many others. Beyond that, however, there were also several recurring characters on the show that had a big impact and one of them is Ben, the son of one of the group members, Ross Geller. Played by a pair of twins, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, the former of the two was in the news in 2017 because of something he revealed. Talking to the New York Post, Cole said that he was so infatuated with Jennifer Aniston that he’d “go blank” on his lines when sharing scenes with her. A cute story, it may not be something Jennifer did but it was a story from this year she inspired, so we’re counting it.

16 Helped Jimmy Kimmel Prank Her Hubby

Via scoopnest.com

Like virtually all celebrities, Jennifer Aniston spends several hours of her time on the set of late night talk shows whenever she has a major project coming out. As a result, she has developed relationships with many of the hosts at the helm of these series. One of the most popular late night personalities over the last several years has been Jimmy Kimmel, a man who is a well-known fan of pranking people, something he does regularly for his show. Opting to fool the real-life husband of Jennifer, Justin Theroux, Jimmy and his crew stole his car and had it “pimped” so that it was an advertisement that the actor deserves an Emmy. Turns out the host didn’t do this alone as he depended on Jennifer to provide him with the keys to the vehicle.

15 Signed On To Star In A Female-directed Comedy

Via womenandhollywood.com & tagthebird.com

An industry that has a long history of extremely disproportionately featuring stories told by white men, it should be very clear by now that Hollywood has a major problem when it comes to this. As a result, we often miss out on films with more authentic minority and female characters and issues. That fact makes us very pleased whenever we see a skilled person from those groups helming major movies. That is why we are overjoyed that Jennifer has signed on to appear in the upcoming movie directed by Anne Fletcher called Dumplin. The person behind The Proposal and several other films, she also worked as a choreographer on movies dating back to the mid-nineties so it is great that she is set to work with a star of Jennifer’s caliber.

14 Fought Back Tears At The Oscars

Via vanityfair.it

Jennifer Aniston has done a lot in her career. She has earned enough money to be called wealthy many times over, amassed a loyal following that follows her every move, and even taken home awards like a Golden Globe or a Primetime Emmy. Still, there is one accolade that she has never even come close to, at least at the time of this writing, the Academy Award. Despite that, she is a big-enough star that she has appeared at their awards show in the past, including being there this year to present the In Memoriam segment. However, she pulled some of the focus from the dearly departed ever so briefly when she understandably had to fight back tears when speaking of Bill Paxton who’d died the previous day.

13 Starred In The Yellow Birds On Screens

Via deadline.com

If there is one thing that should be very clear by this point in this list, it is that Jennifer Aniston is a huge star. Only falling short of a select few people when it comes to how famous she is, only names like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, or other celebrities that are well-known can claim to be a bigger deal than her. As a result, when she appears in something, it is seen as a very big deal. For instance, in 2016, she was by far the biggest star of the movie Office Christmas Party, and while it didn’t astound at the box office or with critics, people definitely knew it was coming. Yet somehow, her 2017 movie, The Yellow Birds, was released in January and virtually, nobody seems to have any idea that it exists even though critics have written that she is great in it.

12 Vacationed In Mexico Bikini Style

Via etonline.com

In the past, some of the people that seemed to be looked up to the most were the great thinkers, military leaders, and influential among us. These days, things have changed and it is actor and musician types that are most celebrated. But, there are also people like “reality” stars out there that get a whole lot of attention. As such, there are a lot of people who feel like they would do anything to be among them since they only see the positive side of fame. However, there are some pretty big negatives, including the fact that someone like Jennifer is dogged day and night by the paparazzi. That is why we know that she and her husband went on vacation in Mexico to celebrate her forty-eighth birthday.

11 Signed On For TV Return With Reese Witherspoon

Via popsugar.com

An actor that became a star because of her time as one of the best-known names on television, since the end of Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been spending all of her time as a movie star. A fantastic career move as it has made her a much larger star, that is because there is no doubt that in North America, it is actors that appear in films that are considered a bigger deal. However, it appears that the medium that started it all out for her still has a pretty big place in her heart. At least it seems that way since she has signed on to star in an upcoming series that is being penned by Jay Carson, who is a producer of the show House of Cards. Set to star alongside Reese Witherspoon, that is yet another throwback to her early days as her new co-star played the sister of her previous TV character, Rachel Green.

10 Paid Tribute To Jason Bateman

Via Yahoo.com

From the outside looking in, we, everyday folks, often have no idea what is going on during the filming of the shows and films that we hold dear. After all, how many times have actors played buddies on screen in the past only to admit later on that not only were they not close but they greatly disliked one another? That is why this particular entry is such a heartwarming one for us. Tapped to honor Jason Bateman earlier this year, Jennifer did a marvelous job while speaking about the man she has appeared in five films with. You could argue that it was a publicity stunt made to make it look like she and her Horrible Bosses cohort are pals. But based on the quality of her speech and that she showed up at all, we doubt that.

9 Spoke Out Against Body Shamers…Again

Via mirror.co.uk

An industry that is based entirely on being able to advertise movies to the masses, the powers that be in Hollywood have come to believe that having an attractive face front and center is greatly important. That is why any cursory look at the cast of most major movies will reveal that the people given the most important roles are hot beyond belief. Perhaps that is why much of the world puts such a premium on the looks of stars. When it comes to Jennifer Aniston, that has been a boon to her career as she is gorgeous. But at times, it has been devastating to her life as she is the victim of body shaming on a regular basis. That is why she spoke out against fat-shaming, body-shaming, or childless-shaming last year. When that stemmed nothing, however, she did not shrink under the pressure and instead echoed her words a year later.

8 Had Her Honeymoon Brought Up In Court

Via celebuzz.com

Somebody who is very used to receiving headlines at this point in her life, Jennifer Aniston is sometimes the subject of stories that appear to have little to do with her. At first blush, it may seem that an entry that looks at her honeymoon being brought up in a lawsuit she isn’t named in could easily fall into that category. But upon further consideration, we don’t think so. We say that because Joel Silver, the famed film producer, is being sued because his personal assistant attended that party with him and then went missing, only to be found no longer alive. Her demise was caused by drowning which is being blamed on her taking drugs, presumably at the party that night. While there is no reason to think that has anything to do with Jennifer, we’re sure that having something like this take place around her joyous day had an effect on her.

7 Spoke Out Against Lack Of Roles For Women

Via zimbio.com

Earlier in this list, we’ve looked at a couple of issues that we believe modern women are facing—the lack of female filmmakers creating content for them and the popularity of body shaming. Those aren’t the only things that she has set her sights on during the 2017 calendar year, however, as she has addressed another one that we find quite appalling. Speaking about the lack of substantive film roles for women over the age of fifty, she thinks “we have to change our perspective” and that “we don’t honor or pay respect to aging.” A pair of statements we couldn’t agree more with, we love that older male stars get great parts but hate that someone like Kathy Bates has been left behind in the movie world.

6 Made More than Almost Anyone Else

Via laineygossip.com

Hollywood accounting is one of the greatest mysteries out there as there doesn’t seem to be much of a rhyme or reason to it. If you don’t know what we are talking about, consider this. Last time we knew, David Prowse, the man in the Darth Vader costume, has never been paid any residuals for Return of the Jedi. That is because the studio claimed that the movie hasn’t turned a profit despite it being the sixteenth highest-grossing film ever when adjusted for inflation. However, there is one thing that is a lot easier to understand. The more famous and successful the actor, the larger their paycheque is. That is why in 2017, Jennifer Aniston has earned more than almost any other female actor in the world, only losing out to Emma Stone.

5 Texted Her Ex

Via lifeandstylemag.com

Currently married to Justin Theroux since August 5th, 2015, from what we can tell, Jennifer Aniston and her husband are very happy together. Despite that, there is another man who she will forever be linked to who is a much bigger star, her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. That is why much of the world immediately thought of her when he split from Angelina Jolie, a woman who he seems to have cheated on Jen with and eventually married. If she wanted to make sure discussion of that dispersed immediately, then she would have been well-advised to have kept her distance from Brad. However, according to reports, the two of them began texting back and forth once he became single. That said, it doesn’t seem to have meant anything for Jennifer’s marriage as she still appears to be happily married which has caused that story to fade away.

4 Ended Friendship With Chelsea Handler

Via etonline.com

It isn’t only Jennifer Aniston’s dating life that people have focused on in the past as there are also a lot of people that are interested in who she chooses to be friends with. We guess that is fitting considering the series that introduced her to many of us. For instance, in the past, the fact that she and talk show host Chelsea Handler grew close was of great interest to fans of the both of them, in part because of the way the pair seemed to have very different personalities. After all, Jennifer is someone who outwardly carries herself with great poise whereas Chelsea is all too happy to be loud and boisterous. We’re not sure if that contributed to the reported end of their time as pals but it seems as though they no longer associated with one another by June of 2017.

3 Donated To Puerto Rico

Via YouTube.com

A year that has seen a great deal of devastation from natural disasters ravaging the world, the efforts to clean up the ensuing damage is always a great struggle. For its part, Puerto Rico is an area that was hit hard and has gotten a lot of attention across the world because many feel that the government that is supposed to present it isn’t giving it the aid that it requires. A territory of the United States, its people are citizens of the country and give them their tax dollars, but many on the ground feel like the federal government isn’t doing nearly enough to help. As such, observers in the private sector with means have been doing what they can to send them aid, including Jennifer Aniston who donated a million dollars.

2 Revealed Her Sunscreen Of Choice

Via etonline.com

Someone who's been an icon of beauty throughout much of her career, if you need proof of the fact that some people desire to look like Jennifer Aniston, then you need look no further than “The Rachel,” the hairstyle that her character on Friends made famous during the early seasons of that series. Her distinctive look was popular enough that many tried their very best to adopt it themselves. As such, to this day, there are loads of people that pay attention to the things she does in order to look the way she does, otherwise known as her beauty regimen. That is why some of our readers may be very interested to know that she revealed one of her favorite skin treatments, her sunscreen of choice. Letting people know that she is “addicted to my [her] Aveeno sunscreen,” she also said that she keeps it in places like her car, pool, kitchen, and bathroom. Sure seems like she likes it a lot.

1 Had A Hilton Call Her Pregnant

Via thesun.co.uk

Earlier, when we touched on the idea that Jennifer Aniston has gone public with her disdain for body shaming, we included her quote that referenced being put down for not having children. An example of the fact that those things can very much be related to one another, in March, Kathy Hilton had to apologize for things she tweeted about this talented actor. That is because Kathy was dumb enough to post on social media after seeing Jennifer that she is “having a baby girl. 100/ percent.” An ignorant thing to write as there was no truth to it and either way, it isn’t her business, there is a lot more wrong with what was done, and we feel like it is so obvious that we don’t need to spell it out.

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