20 Things Only Jessica Biel’s Personal Trainer Could Tell Us About Her Lifestyle

World-famous actress Jessica Biel started her career at a very young age. She’s grown up in front of a worldwide audience, and it appears that she hasn’t aged a day. She is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful Hollywood stars. The media and fans are dying to know her secret to her incredible looks and body. Turns out, the secret is having a healthy lifestyle and exercising. Biel has done it all in Hollywood, from singing to modeling to acting and now producing. Biel had her first break in television as a teenager and later landed major film roles.

It might seem like Jessica Biel was just born beautiful, but she actually puts in a great deal of work. She works out hard physically and isn’t afraid to work up a sweat. She also sticks to a healthy diet and gets a lot of proper nutrition. In fact, she works closely with a personal trainer, Jason Walsh. Walsh is a well-known trainer among celebrities and has worked with other famous faces, such as Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, and Matt Damon. Biel has managed to get into fantastic shape with the help of her trainer. He has given us  information about her healthy lifestyle. Here is a look at 20 Things Only Jessica Biel’s Personal Trainer Could Tell Us About Her Lifestyle.

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20 Full-Body Movement

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Jessica Biel has always been praised for the hard work she puts into her physical fitness and health. She loves working out at a very high and intense level. She has always been into working out and staying in shape. She was nine when she began appearing in local productions, such as Beauty and the Beast and The Sound of Music.

In fact, she had plans to be a musician first.

She later landed several commercials, including Pringles and Dulux Paint. Jason Walsh revealed that prior to meeting him, Jessica focused most of her training with machines. Walsh has taught her the importance of full-body movement. She met with Walsh roughly five times a week for her workout sessions. She would use a combination of weight lifting, hiking, and yoga.

19 Core Performance


As a child, Jessica never really dreamed of being a supermodel one day. She was very into sports, particularly gymnastics and soccer. Her hero growing up was soccer legend Mia Hamm. Biel said,

“That was the person I wanted to be, not a supermodel. I wanted ripped abs, muscular thighs, beautiful arms.”

At the age of 11, she participated in a competition held by The International Modeling and Talent Association. Through this, she landed her first agent and started modeling. However, she never gave up her goals for her fit and healthy body. She certainly keeps her personal trainer busy with her intense dedication. Jason Walsh recommends that his clients and beginners read the book Core Performance by Mark Verstegen. It teaches the basics of training and how to avoid injuries.

18 Circuit Training


When Jason Walsh first met Jessica Biel, she was doing basic cardio and what Walsh referred to as “old school” training with machines. This resulted in her having a disproportionate shape but he knew exactly how to help her improve. In 1997, Biel landed her first feature film role in Ulee’s Gold, which starred Peter Fonda. That was just the start of her film career and fame.

Her circuit training workouts are brutal and tough, but she always powers through.

It begins with light cardio and stretching. But once the circuits begin, there is no looking back. Each circuit contains three exercises that are to be repeated three times. It works the core upper body and ends on the lower body.

17 Yoga


Another key to Jessica’s secret to looking so great is her dedication to yoga. In fact, she goes back and forth between yoga and circuit training. The yoga mainly helps with her flexibility. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, she was quickly becoming a major celebrity. She was on the verge of a major breakthrough at that point in her career.

Her commitment to yoga has certainly helped her manage the stress of her career as her popularity grew.

She started doing yoga about 10 years ago after being introduced to it by a friend. She said, “At first I felt like, ‘I can’t do all those crazy poses,’ and I still can’t, but I’m not competing with anyone.” She wants to help introduce yoga to more men and women across the globe.

16 Not Just Cardio


Jessica Biel’s workout and diet wouldn’t be complete without her tough-as-nails personal trainer. Jason Walsh is a world-famous celebrity trainer that works with all the big names, including Reese Witherspoon, Ben Affleck, and Natalie Portman. Biel’s goal is to have a toned and thin figure, which she does a good job at accomplishing.

Walsh has her doing powerful exercises, plyometrics, and weight training.

Among other exercises, he has her do walking lunges to attain perfectly-sculpted legs and glutes. She also does Seated Russian Twists and Hanging Leg Raises as well. He puts her through a grueling workout but she can handle it. When talking about her trainer Biel said, “I have an amazing trainer” and “I concentrate on making everything strong, and you can’t do that with just cardio.”

15 Healthy Balance


Working out intensely 5 days a week is nothing without a proper diet. Some celebs have a very strict diet that they follow. Biel is much more relaxed with her diet but sticks to it faithfully. In 1997, she won a Young Artist award for her role in Ulee’s Gold. This launched her film career and she landed several more roles. During that time, she appeared in I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Summer Catch, and the cult film, The Rules of Attraction. Throughout her career, she has maintained a healthy diet.

She stays away from gluten but has not banned cheese, and still eats sugar.

Biel and the family stick to healthy foods like Paleo pancakes, veggie burgers, and for a snack, gluten-free pretzels. Her healthy diet is crucial to her lifestyle and training sessions.

14 Meal Plan


One of the many benefits of having a personal trainer is knowledge of a healthy diet. Jessica already has a balanced diet but it helps to get a second opinion. According to Jason Walsh,

“The best way to lose weight is to blend nutrition, exercise, and physical therapy.”

In addition to a grueling workout, eating properly is essential. He has her eating 5 small meals a day consisting of vegetables and lean meats. For a snack, she can have a protein shake and of course, no diet is complete without kale. He reminds all of his clients that it’s about feeling healthy and fit and not about losing weight. He also believes that overeating and eating too often is a problem, but he encourages Biel and his other clients to enjoy their treats.

13 Cheat Day


The most important and crucial part of a strict diet and workout plan is the cheat day. Without the cheat day, there really is no reason to diet and work out regularly, besides the whole being healthy part. In the early 2000’s, Biel reached a new level of stardom with her starring role in the 2003 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was a remake of the classic 1974 horror film of the same name. Despite receiving mostly mixed to negative reviews, it did wonders for Biel’s career and was her breakout feature role. She always earns her cheat day and once said,

“I mean, of course I have cheat days and will go out and have, like, cookies and pizza.”

She is careful to never overindulge and keeps a healthy balance.

12 Training Hard


As Jessica’s career was taking off, she realized the benefits of a personal trainer. She took on several action roles and showed off her impressive physique in numerous films. She starred in the 2004 film Blade: Trinity, and despite getting negative reviews, it did very well at the box office. She starred in several other big-budget films, such as Stealth, The A-Team, and Total Recall. However, all of the films were disappointments and failed to impress critics. Regardless, she looked incredible in all of her appearances, and fans all over the world want to have a killer body like hers. During an interview, Jason Walsh revealed a few more of her secrets. He said, "Learn how to squat properly, crunch properly, and how to do push-ups and pull-ups — two of the best upper-body exercises."

11 Jumping Squats And Lunges 


It’s easy to tell from Jessica’s workouts that she doesn’t like to play it safe. She never backs down from a challenge in the gym or in her career. Despite being incredibly difficult and painful, Biel never quits her workout. Particularly, plyometrics are extremely difficult and work parts of the body we never even realized we have. Most people in the gym try to avoid doing a large number of jumping squats and jumping lunges. However, this part of her workout is crucial and plays an important role in her phenomenal figure. According to Jason Walsh,

“These hurt. Even athletes hate them. After Jessica did these the first time, she would’ve punched me if she had the energy.”

She soon came to appreciate the benefits of her intense workouts, although she still might want to punch her trainer.

10 Brutal Workout


Jessica Biel’s healthy lifestyle helps her keep a clear head when it comes to her career. Not every movie she’s in ends up being a major blockbuster. But even with a negative reception, she does pretty well. In 2008, she starred in the film Easy Virtue, which received mostly negative reviews but Biel was praised for her performance. Critics described her performance as an “irresistible force of nature.” When not acting, her trainer keeps her on track to reaching her goals.

To get the toned look that Biel is looking for, she does a weekly three-day cardio workout and spends three alternate days working on muscle development and toning.

Additionally, she finds time to play sports with her friends, specifically beach volleyball.

9 Martial Arts


Jessica’s trainer also knows that it’s important to change up the workout and to try various other options, such as going on hikes, playing sports, and doing yoga. It’s well known that Biel is dedicated to yoga and hitting the gym. She admits that one of her toughest roles was Blade: Trinity. She went through a great deal of intense and grueling training to prepare for that role.

Under the guidance of Jason Walsh, she would do 45 minutes of cardio and a full hour of weights.

For a normal person, that would be the end of the day. But for Biel, it’s just the beginning. She said, "After that, I'd do an hour of martial arts and an hour of archery. And that would be an everyday thing."

8 Intensity & Motivation


In the last few years, Jessica began turning her attention to low-budget and independent films. She starred in several films, such as Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, Accidental Love, and A Kind of Murder. In 2015, she starred in the indie film Bleeding Heart. Biel was praised for her role in the film with one critic saying, "With an internalized and very subtle performance, Biel excels in her ability to find the very motivation of May."

When not filming, Biel can be found with her family or in the gym.

However, her trainer encourages her to not spend too much time in the gym. He said, “Working out at a gym for more than an hour is a waste of time. It’s all about intensity, not how long you spend in the gym.”

7 Out Of The Gym


Jessica Biel tries to fit in 3 to 5 training sessions a week. Another key to her workout is getting out of the gym. She loves the outdoors and incorporates it into her workout. She likes to take control of situations and took a similar approach with her career. She produced and starred in the limited series The Sinner, which received a positive reception. Biel was universally praised for her performance and was nominated for a Golden Globe award.

She produced the series because she wanted to find more challenging roles instead of waiting for them.

She’s always finding new and different ways to challenge herself. When the summer season comes along, she spends more time outside with a different kind of workout. She said, “I’m planning on spending more time outdoors. Playing volleyball and jogging with my dog, Tina.”

6 Date Night


Jessica Biel has starred in several memorable films but her personal life sometimes gets all the attention. Her relationship and marriage to musician Justin Timberlake is often in the headlines making news all over the world. Jessica's personal trainer knows the importance of relaxing and taking a break from intense training. Between starring in films and training intensely, Biel finds time to spend with her husband and son. During a Reddit AMA, she described a typical Saturday at home.

Biel and Timberlake often wake up early and take their son to the park. Later, there are mandatory naps for everyone before an afternoon play date.

According to Biel, “Then mommy and daddy go out on a hot date.” After that, it's back to the gym for an intense workout with her trainer.

5 Never Skip Leg Day


It’s very easy to see that Jessica never skips leg day. She has perfectly-toned and sculpted legs that she clearly has put a lot of work into. She does an incredible amount of plyometrics. She does a large number of dumbbell squats, jumping lunges, and jump squats. She also enjoys going on hikes with her dogs. In 2010, she climbed to the top of Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro. She made the climb along with actor Emile Hirsch and 11 other climbers to raise awareness for the global water crisis. After roughly six days of hiking, they finally reached their destination. Once Biel reached the top, she was so overcome with emotions that she cried. Never skip leg day.

4 Pre-Oscars Workout/Post-Oscars Pizza


Each year at the Oscars, all eyes are on Jessica Biel as she struts her stuff down the red carpet. In 2017, she was one of the stars of the night at the 89th Academy Awards. She wore a gold sequinned dress that perfectly fit her curvy body. From the way she looked in the dress, it was obvious that she was doing something right. Biel never misses an opportunity to squeeze in a workout.

She managed to fit in a quick TRX session before hitting the red carpet.

She focused mainly on doing jump squats, which gives her the curvy and shapely derrière she has. This was crucial for the dress she wore and the after party. She wrote, “Sweating for the red carpet starts early because the need for after-party pizza is REAL.”

3 Back It Up


Jessica Biel often wears stunning gowns and dresses that highlight her curvy body. She loves to wear backless dresses or tiny bikinis showing off her perfectly-toned body. She had her big career breakthrough with her role on the family drama 7th Heaven when she was 14. She portrayed Mary Camden for all 10 seasons from 1996 to 2007. Eventually, major movie role offers start pouring in, and she stepped up her workout. According to her trainer,

Jessica’s secret to looking stunning and confident in her strapless summer dresses or backless gowns is all the work she puts into her back.

It’s important to work each part of the body and the back is sometimes overlooked. To get that shapely look, she does Supermans, Isometric pull-ups, Rope pulls, TRX low rows, and deadlifts.

2  Pace Yourself


Jessica Biel has always enjoyed working out and likes having intensely hard training sessions. After giving birth, her trainer had her take a different approach to getting back in shape. In 2007, Biel began dating Justin Timberlake, and they married in 2012. Their son, Silas Randall Timberlake, was born in 2015.

Biel’s secret to getting her toned body back was simply going at her own pace.

Before, she would work out several times a week. But after giving birth, it was cut back to three times. Her trainer had her take a slower approach to working out and had her go at a pace she felt comfortable with. Jason Walsh said, “I don't want to stress her out too much...We can do enough to progress and get back into it.”

1 Commitment


Jessica Biel has fans all over the world that admire her toned body and want to know her secret. According to Jason Walsh, it’s simpler than it appears. He said, “The secret to Jessica Biel’s body is her commitment.” She’s shown that commitment in other aspects of her life, namely her charity work. She co-founded the Make the Difference Network and teamed with WomenCare Global. In 2006, she went on a date with a fan after he bid $30,000 to have lunch with her. This was a part of a charity auction to aid an injured Colorado teen with medical costs.

Her commitment is key to her success in the gym, her career, and philanthropy.

Walsh also said, “She is highly committed and dedicated, and for her, it’s a lifestyle that she’s committed to.”

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