20 Things Emma Watson Loves To Spend Her Money On

Emma Watson is all and all a powerhouse of change. She’s one actress who does more than act in movies – she tries to inculcate change in her fans and followers and uses her fame to help various causes and campaigns. In the big bad world of movies where women are supposed to be decoration and men are supposed to take home the big fat paychecks, she is managing to stand on her own. And she’s well on her way to becoming one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and talks about gender equality anytime, anywhere. Plus, she’s not stereotyped and happy to take on diverse roles. Then she takes her money and spends some of it on charity as well.

This girl-woman is A-okay where we are concerned. And if she likes her privacy and refuses to let random fans click selfies with her because she likes to keep herself and her location safe and somewhat secret – well, the woman has style. In short, she has the beauty and the brains to manage it all. But the sheer mountain of wealth she sits on and her many, many public appearances where she has to look good means she has to spend some of that money on herself as well, be it clothes, jewelry, salons, vacations, cars, etc. So here is all that Emma Watson, millionaire and soul of generosity, spends her hard-earned money on – other than charity, of course.

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20 For Most Days, It's A Body Shop Stain

via: shemazing.com

Emma Watson isn’t all that big into wearing makeup – and frankly, her pixie-like charm ensures she doesn’t need too many layers in any case. But she is fond of the Red Pomegranate Cheek & Lip Stain from The Body Shop and this is what she had to say about it as told to IntoTheGloss: “On a daily basis, I’ll always use the Red Pomegranate Cheek and Lip Stain from The Body Shop. It’s not certified organic or anything, but they do a ton of awesome work for the environment and fair trade. It’s something I always wear because A) it doesn’t really look like makeup and B) I tend to get very pale. I’m not someone who has a ton of pink in her skin, so I get washed out without a bit of color added to my face. It makes me look healthy and less exhausted. And I like that you can kiss someone while you’re wearing it and it’s not going to come off. “

19 Subtle And Elegant Handmade Jewelry From Catbird

via: variety.com

As pretty as Emma Watson is, she doesn’t need to wear too much bling to accentuate that face! On the premiere of her movie Beauty & the Beast, Emma wore her own personal pair of Catbird’s Sleeping Beauty Chandelier Earrings. The brand shared this on their Instagram page: “We are so proud to be aligned with Emma, who has a strong commitment to wearing and using her platform to share ethically-made goods.” Based out of New York City, all of Catbird’s pieces are handmade and crafted with love and amongst its famous fan base, it also has celebs like Kate Bosworth and Rashida Jones. Why do celebs love the brand? At least 1% of all sales, year-round, are donated to non-profits; so since the brand believes in equality and helping others, celebs believe in it too!

18 Cruelty-Free And Vegan Products

via: instyle.com

The Good Guys label was started by Marion Hanania in 2010 and has since won several awards including PETA’s Best Stylish Casual Shoe award. The shoes are designed in Paris and manufactured in Portugal facility that is not a sweatshop but actually boasts a nice working environment. Famous for being the “most rad cruelty-free-vegan shoes” around, its sneakers have literally become a must-have for every ethical fashionista in town. The materials they use are microfiber, canvas and natural rubber result in a light, waterproof, durable and comfortable shoe – two of which Emma loves – the “Samo” sneaker in white and the “Norider” boot in black. So this star proves that you can kick leather in some amazing vegan shoes too!

17 Even Her Undergarments Are Ethical

via: dailymail.co.uk

A lot of people don’t really agree with Emma Watson’s take on ethical clothing or even gender inequality (ahem, Piers Morgan, are you reading this?). But she’s not the kind to get too upset over this. Nope, she takes the ethical far more seriously, right down to her underwear, thank you very much! So when she’s in the mood to shop for some ethical undies, it’s Woron in Copenhagen for her. Founded by the Woron sisters, the brand is all about being fair, cruelty-free and sustainable. The site claims, "Woron is vegan, cruelty-free and a slow fashion brand. Woron uses plant-based fabrics, not only because they are great for your skin, but also because it is important that no animals are being hurt in the process of the making of Woron products; so you will not find any leather, wool, silk etc. in our collections." Of course Emma Watson would be so conscientious to even make sure her undergarments are cruelty-free!

16 The It Bag And More From Simon Miller

via: cliqueinc.com

Not only did Watson carry the "it" bag of 2017 – the Simon Miller cult bonsai/bucket bag – but she’s also an ardent fan of the brand. In fact, it says so on her Instagram account: “Simon Miller produces the entire women’s collection in the USA in collaboration with organic mills to reduce their impact and conserves water, in addition to working with independently run family mills and artisans in France and Japan. The brand focuses heavily on incorporating OZONE technology in their production, as well as employing ceramic stones in the denim wash processes. Simon Miller donates excess product on a yearly basis to local organizations.” Therefore, this ethical diva wears Simon Miller with pride.

15 A Cadillac Escalade

via: gotceleb.com

Frankly, the Escalade is hardly the most luxurious car around, but somehow, Watson looks mighty fine in it. Her black monster has room for up to eight people, ten if they are Watson-size and is luxury with tons of bling. But she uses it very rarely, and only for very special occasions. The second car she owns is a blue Audi S3 – and she’s seen the most in it, zipping around town when she does her shopping and stuff. The third car she has is a silver Toyota Prius and this is the one she takes her family around in, goes to the gym in and gets her McDonald's yummies at. This is also the car she is perhaps the most in love with, as she once said about it, “I’m driving my little, or my quite big, bulky, ugly Toyota Prius. My friends call it a brick but I like it. And it's good for the environment too."

14 Little Bold Dresses By Edun

via: cliqueinc.com

Sustainable doesn’t mean boring and Watson proves it by donning bold dresses made by the very trendy and very sustainable brand Edun – and we are spelling it right! Edun is one of the most fashion-forward brands of the moment, creating trend-led pieces including printed flares, deconstructed tops and eye-catching dresses (like the one Watson is wearing here). However, the whole movement is focused on sustainability and building long-term opportunities for African artists and artisans, giving it a Watson-approved appeal which is making stuff fly off their virtual shelves. Plus Watson looks absolutely ravishing in the dress and younger than her age.

13 Her Custom “Watson” Paul Andrew Pumps

via: pinterest.com

To Emma, sustainable fashion is also the kind that you love so much that you wear it again and again. So goes her love for the custom-made pointy-toe pumps that Paul Andrew designed for her graduation for her. In fact, Paul Andrew prides itself in collaborating with endorsers who challenge unethical practices, and Emma Watson happens to be one of them. So at the Regression press meet that lasted two days – she wore them for both the days with pride and a style statement. And then she and her stylist posted it on Instagram too: “We are making an effort to work only with companies that share a commitment to eco-friendly and humane design, and artisanal craftsmanship. Emma's custom shoes are back in action because wearing something you love over and over is the real beauty of fashion, and sustainable!"

12 Rings Made By The Fair-Trade Gold Brand, Golpira

via: cliqueinc.com

So the tagline of Golpira is no dirty gold and much like the sheer horror of the blood diamonds – gold mines the world over are no cakewalk to work in. Plus most gold mines cause plenty pollution themselves. As the founder of the brand, Gisa Golpira says, “In a world where recent gold mining contaminates drinking water and land with mercury and cyanide, destroys traditional livelihoods and displaces indigenous communities, it is time for sustainability and authenticity.‘ So Golpira’s gold jewelry is made from nuggets found by sustained gold digging and not mines. Obviously, that would find favor with Emma and she wore the Golpira Imala ring while attending the City of Joy Premiere in New York.

11 Maria Nila Keeps Her Hair From Going Brassy

via: pinterest.com

While we might find Watson utter perfection, but like every other girl in the world, there are things about herself that she doesn't like. As told to IntoTheGloss, Emma says, “Hair is the hardest thing! My grandmother was a redhead, so I have quite a lot of warmth in my hair color. But for whatever reason, when it gets dyed, it tends to go a bit brassy or orange. To get rid of that tone, I use the Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo and Conditioner. The brand is amazing—vegan, no parabens, and their packaging is carbon neutral. Then occasionally I use the Masque in my hair for 20 minutes. That really gets the brassiness out.” So if you want your hair glossy but not brassy, Maria Nila is Emma's go-to brand.

10 When Meeting The Prime Minister, Do It In Maiyet

via: pinterest.com

What does Watson’s meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and her Esquire cover (with Tom Hanks) have in common? Well, she was dressed in Maiyet for both. For the meet, she wore a Tuxedo and on the cover, she’s wearing a strappy black dress. She even Instagram posted about Maiyet after her meet, “Suit is by Maiyet who are committed to forging partnerships with artisans globally and has entered into a strategic partnership with Build A Nest, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to training and developing artisan businesses to promote entrepreneurship, prosperity, and dignity in places that need it most.”

9 When Emma Watson Wore & Designed For Zady

via: popsugar.com

When Maxine Bedat, founder of Zady saw how much Emma Watson was wearing her eco-conscious brand – she and the brand were excited. So when Watson came to Zady and asked if they could create a bespoke collection for her that she could wear to her events, Maxine was thrilled. Zady along with Emma and her stylist created a lovely collection for Emma – which now everyone can buy since October 2017. Zady believes that apparel is now worn, on average, only seven times before people get rid of it. So this brand wanted to feel confident that people would get great use out of these clothes and wear them for a long time, and with Emma promoting the brand by wearing it, this could go a long way indeed.

8 Her Favorite White T-Shirt Is From TOME

via: facebook.com

In 2014, TOME launched a philanthropic project in conjunction with Freedom For All, a foundation that fights human trafficking, modern day slavery and debt bondage. According to the TOME website, "The White Shirt Project is symbolic of a clean slate, like that experienced by the emancipated individual." Obviously, Watson had to be part of that and on a visit to Malawi, she wore a white shirt by TOME. But she also otherwise loves this sustainable brand, which is also a women-led, women-focused organization that appeals to Watson's feminist sensibilities. Oh, and the black skirt is by Zady. The effortless charm is all her, though!

7 Emma's Choice Of Nail Polish Is As Natural As It Can Be

via: popsugar.com

If you know Emma Watson, you'd know that on a day to day basis where she doesn't have to make a formal public appearance, she eschews makeup. And that goes for nail polish too, and this what she has to say about: "Weirdly, I often don’t wear nail polish on my hands in my day-to-day life. It doesn’t seem like a useful way to spend my time when it will be destroyed within minutes. But I love, love, love having my toenails crazy colors. I use the brand Kure Bazaar, which is one of the first brands that excludes things like toluene, formaldehyde, synthetic camphor, but it does actually provide trendy colors so it’s pretty cool." So when in need, she goes for natural-based nail paints, and they cost $15-20 a bottle.

6 Bold Choices At The MTV Awards

via: pmchollywoodlife.com

At the premiere of the MTV awards in 2017, Emma Watson turned up in a cool KitX dress. The person behind KitX is Kit Willow, who is not only a master draper but also a master of psychology so she cares about her garments and the happiness they bring to the wearer and to the environment. At the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Watson stepped out in a black asymmetrical dress by this Australian eco-luxury brand that she looked utterly amazing in. With its silver accents, a single transparent sleeve, and plenty of sleeknesses, the dress was an ideal and bold for awards that focused on fun. Winning the ceremony’s gender-neutral acting prize, Watson accepted her popcorn-shaped trophy with panache and gave a touching speech as well.

5 When It Comes To Watches, For Emma It Is The Cartier Tank Solo 

via: mtv.co.uk

The Cartier Tank solo was first designed by Louis Cartier in 1916 and has come a long way since then. The piece is understated and simple in its elegance. As the website states, "The legendary Tank watch is an icon of modern watchmaking. It represents the perfect alliance between technical excellence and geometrical style. For over a century, Cartier has reinterpreted the Tank while remaining faithful to Louis Cartier's original concept." And with it adorning Watson's wrist – she prefers the Cartier Tank Solo in gold – she joins ranks of celebs partial to this classy brand. Including Princess Di...

4 A Stunning Miu Miu Gown

via: pinterest.com

Mostly, Emma Watson is the personification of an eco-conscious red-carpet persona and she does manage it with her own charm and the with the help of her erstwhile stylist Sarah Slutsky, and now Rebecca Corbin-Murray. Sometimes, though, even this sustainable clothing promoter proves that even she is not immune to the allure of Miuccia Prada’s fairytale designs. At one event, Watson wore a custom white satin gown covered in a crystal-embellished floral print by Miu Miu. It was like Watson was having a princess moment, or maybe she was just missing being Belle.

3 Her Choice Of Perfume Can No Longer Be Found

via: twitter.com

While she wears and is the face of the Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose perfume, Emma's own favorite perfume is nowhere to be found: "My favorite bottle can’t be found anywhere. It was the first perfume my dad bought me when I was 11 or 12. We went to Provence in France and he took me to a perfume making factory and saw how it was made and everything. We bought it there, and I don’t know where else you can get it. I’ve tried to find it but I can’t, so I just keep it with me as a good luck charm now. If someone knows what it is, that would be amazing! I would love if someone could figure it out for me. That would make my life.” So anyone up for the Holy Grail of Emma's perfume? It is sweet that she holds on to something so sentimental when she can use any designer perfume she wants.

2 She Loves Wearing Sustainable Materials

via: summitmedia.com

Stand aside leather and wood, for Watson loves her heels made from recycled stuff. She’s been seen many a time in heels from Susi Studio, which is a Los Angeles­-based lifestyle company that aims to promote conscious living. The footwear is gorgeous, for the modern woman and all vegan. The brand’s focus is to inspire compassion towards humanity, animals, and the environment through creativity. Like vegans do with their diet, Susi Studio exercises mindful design and production by using sustainable materials like canvas, denim, hemp, and faux leather produced from recycled plastic bottles. And Watson is happy to be seen in them again, and again.

1 She Has Joined The Sock Boot Bandwagon

via: whowhatwear.com

Emma Watson has evolved from the once frizzy Hermione Granger into a star that has a strong presence and voice – not just on screen but off screen as well. She is a firm feminist, is happy to have anyone listen to her gender-issue talks and is also become one of the world's most-followed fashionistas. Her fashion is impeccable and also, very ethical. So this is one girl who dresses with a lot of heart. The recently appeared in a cutout, midi-dress that she paired with what is being called the "sock boot" and looked fresh as a daisy in it. While others have done the sock boot before her, it's her decision to pair this boot with a longer dress that really made the sock boot look phenomenal!

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