20 TGIF Stars Who Look Fantastic Today

One of the most memorable concepts in television over the last several decades, just like Must See TV did years later, TGIF gave a block of television programming through a line. A group of family-friendly sitcoms that would air every Friday night, shows branded with that name became appointment television for millions of people at that time. As such, looking back at the brand puts a huge smile on the face of many adults today who grew up with it being a part of their lives as it takes them back to a more innocent time in their lives. Still, if you are one of those people, you look at the world through different eyes today and take note of how attractive celebrities are. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty TGIF stars that look fantastic today.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, they first and foremost need to have been a main cast member of a show that was a part of ABC’s TGIF lineup when it was airing. It doesn’t matter which iteration of that block of programming we are looking at as it was a part of television on separate occasions over the years. Furthermore, someone doesn’t need to have been considered the lead of any of the series that aired in the block as long as they were considered at least a regular. Aside from that, the only other thing we considered was how hot they are today and then ranked them accordingly.


20 Jessica Capshaw - Odd Man Out

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There really is no doubt about it. Jessica Capshaw is one of the lesser-known people that are included in this list, and she earned her way here by starring in a TGIF show that the majority of fans wouldn’t remember. A part of the main cast of a little-seen show called Odd Man Out, she was a part of this famous lineup for a single season in the 1999-2000 version of this programming block. Acting ever since, she has found success on television in episodic dramas including The Practice and Grey’s Anatomy which she is a part of to this day. A beautiful blonde with a body to die for, she is a perfect start to this list as she looks so great that she could easily be described as a sight for sore eyes.

19 Aimee Garcia – George Lopez

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Someone who has a long history of joining shows later in their runs and adding a great deal to what makes them great, Aimee Garcia owes her place on this list to doing just that. Added to the cast of the TGIF series George Lopez in the 2006-07 season, in it, she played Veronica Palmero who was a relative of the show’s female lead. Also a part of a number of notable shows including the likes of All About the Andersons, Trauma, Dexter, and most recently, Lucifer, she is a great actor to add to any show it seems. Blessed with legs to die for and a face that is nothing short of exquisite, when she appears on our screens, we couldn’t be happier for it.

18 Soleil Moon Frye - Sabrina The Teenage Witch

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A former child star that first became a well-known entity when she was a youngster, Soleil Moon Frye brought the titular character in the sitcom Punky Brewster to life. Also starring in its spin-off animated show, It’s Punky Brewster, television would miss out on her starring in a series for several years. Thankfully, she was added to the TGIF series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch as the character Roxie King as it went along, and that means we get to include her as part of this list. These days not acting nearly as much as she used to, that seems to be a choice she made based on her ever-growing family which currently includes her having four children. A busty woman that looks every bit as fit as she ever has, in our opinion, her body is on point, and she has a smile for the ages.

17 Jurnee Smollett-Bell – On Our Own

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An actor who was a part of the TGIF lineup for an interesting reason, Jurnee Smollett-Bell must have been a welcome addition as she brought a lot of entertaining people with her. Having previously appeared on other ABC shows like Full House and Hanging’ with Mr. Cooper, she would go on to star in the series On Our Own where she appeared alongside five of her real-life relatives. Since then seen in a number of things including the shows Cosby, Friday Night Lights, and True Blood, she also was a part of films like Roll Bounce, The Great Debaters, and Hands of Stone. A busty babe who makes just about any piece of clothing sing, the only shame is that she is not cast in things a lot more regularly.

16 Megan Park - The Neighbors

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A part of the most recent iteration of the TGIF concept, Megan Park is a great example of why the powers that be bringing this concept back multiple times is a great idea. One of the stars of The Neighbors which was a part of the lineup during the 2013-2014 run, the show may not have had staying power but there is little doubt that this actor is a resilient person. Popping up in things left and right, she is one of those performers you are likely to recognize by her face but probably draw a blank when trying to come up with her name. Fortunately, looking at her is a pretty great experience so you’re not going to complain that is the case as she has a body to die for and would be the prettiest person in nearly any group of people.

15 Natalia Cigliuti – Odd Man Out

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Someone who had an unenviable task, Natalia Cigliuti was cast in a spin-off of one of the most popular teen shows of all time, Saved by the Bell, and did an enviable job in it. The second person to appear here due to her part in the short-lived TGIF series Odd Man Out, it seems clear that the producers behind that show had an eye for attractive and talented performers. Best known for Saved by the Bell: The New Class which was her television debut, she was also one of the stars of All My Children and G.I. Joe: Renegades for a time. A brunette with a body that looks glorious in a bikini and a face that is a thing of beauty, she isn’t one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but her looks hold up with the best of them.

14 Lori Loughlin – Full House

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One of the stars of a show that was central to the early success of the TGIF concept, the popularity of Full House made it a jewel in the crown of ABC television. Added to that show early on, Lori Loughlin was introduced as the love interest of Uncle Jessie and would help define the sitcom during the rest of its lengthy run, including its time as a part of this lineup. Since then trying her hand at finding other shows that are worthy of her skills, it wasn’t until she was cast in 90210 that she found a regular home again. On top of that, she has also surfaced of late as part of the spin-off Netflix series Fuller House. Looking every bit as beautiful as she did in the prime of her career, actually, we would go further than that and say that she is more attractive today than she ever has been in the past.


13 Christine Lakin – Step By Step

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A show that was a part of the TGIF lineup from 1991 until 1997, Step by Step actually ran until 1998 which makes us feel like leaving this programming block was a bad thing. Playing the character Alicia "Al" Lambert as part of the show, Christine Lakin was cast as a tomboy character, but as she grew up, the character was changed into a more feminine one. Since then part of a slew of series including the likes of Boston Public, Family Guy, Bones, NCIS, Modern Family, as well as Melissa & Joey, she is a welcome addition to anything we watch on a regular basis. A stunning woman that has been part of some pretty incredible photoshoots in the past, we find it hard to fathom that producers ever thought to cast her as the plain Jane in a show.

12 Sara Rue – Less Than Perfect

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An actor that has proven that she has what it takes to make it in that industry, Sara Rue first made her mark because she was much larger than most of her peers. However, she was never dependent on that fact. Tapped to star in the sitcom Less than Perfect which ran in between 2002 and 2006, during that time period, she would lose thirty pounds but remained one of the most lovable presences on television. Since then someone who shows up regularly as a guest star in some of the most popular series on TV, her resume is far too extensive to touch on here. A delightful woman that lights up whatever room she enters, we would love it if she found another series to star in, as seeing her regularly in the right project would make for appointment viewing.

11 Megan Fox - Hope & Faith

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At one time someone who seemed as though she was poised to be one of the biggest movie stars around, Megan Fox has been a part of some pretty big blockbusters in the past. One of the main shows at the center of this lineup during its second all-too-brief run, Hope & Faith only lasted three seasons which may be why so many people forget that Megan was a part of it. Better known for her part in movies including the recent Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises of films, she also recently returned to television as part of the show New Girl. Someone who has been included in many lists of the most attractive women in the world, she is a dazzling-enough woman that she definitely deserves accolades like that.

10 Jodie Sweetin – Full House

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The second actor that played a part in the Tanner family which was at the center of Full House, Jodie Sweetin was only a child when she first made a name for herself. Someone who has been public with the fact that she struggled with substance abuse issues as she grew into adulthood, she has since been able to kick that problem, and it looks wonderful on her. One of the stars of the Netflix series Fuller House, which is a spin-off of the sitcom that first made her a known entity, when it first debuted, some of the clothes her character wore drove fans wild. A blonde with a bountiful bosom, to say the least, her beautiful blond locks make her even more desirable.

9 Molly Ephraim – Last Man Standing

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An actor that has yet to become anything resembling a household name, despite that, Molly Ephraim was one of the stars of a popular series for many years. Another instance of somebody who owes her spot on this list to the last version of this programming block to date, her series Last Man Standing anchored it from 2012 to 2017. These days making occasional appearances on the show Brockmire, she has yet to find another show to star in, but given her onscreen presence, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if that changed at any moment. Considered one of the most underrated beauties in the pop culture scene by most of the people that are aware of her, she is appealing to the eye no matter what style she is embracing at that moment.

8 Kaley Cuoco – 8 Simple Rules

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An actor that has become a gigantic star in recent years, most people seem to be unaware that Kaley Cuoco starred in a series before the one that has made her a star in recent years. That is sad since the sitcom she was a part of previously, 8 Simple Rules, which aired as part of TGIF, was the last project that John Ritter starred in, and he was a beloved actor for a reason. These days known as the woman that was at the center of the show The Big Bang Theory from the very beginning, she is one of the best-known actors on television today. A delightful-looking woman that has amassed a huge fan following in part for her acting skills and equally because of how hot she is, we would be totally remiss if we left her off this list.

7 Rachel Blanchard - Clueless

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One of the most memorable movies of the nineties, Clueless was a great film that made its mark on the teens of the era and should be seen by the masses today. Starring Alicia Silverstone, when they decided to make a series based off of it and she wasn’t interested in reprising the role, they needed to find someone to take on the part. Tapped to inherit the part, Rachel Blanchard played the character for several years including when it was a part of the TGIF programming block. Since then regularly seen in films and shows including starring in the You Me Her currently, whenever we see her on our screens, we can’t help but smile. A blonde who anyone attracted to women would love to have on their arm, her red carpet appearances are always a highlight.

6 Stacey Dash - Clueless

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From one star of the show Clueless to another, this time around, we are looking at Stacey Dash who played her character, Dionne Davenport, in both the movie and the series that came from it. The second-biggest figure in the movie and show that came from it, we could easily argue that makes Stacey the central figure in the franchise since she is a major part of both. Most recently becoming a controversial figure for her outspoken political views, she has passionate supporters as well as many that decry the things that she says. However, the one thing about her that we see no controversy about is her looks as it seems nearly impossible to argue that she is anything but incredible in that department.

5 Tamera Mowry - Sister, Sister

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One-half of identical twin sisters that were at the center of one of the shows that many see as defining the TGIF years, Tamera Mowry was a central part of its success because of Sister, Sister. A series that focused on a pair of siblings that look exactly alike, they were separated at birth, and when they discovered one another in their teens, it forced their parents into a de facto family. An entertaining pair, the Mowry sisters will always be linked together but have also worked apart from one another a great deal in recent years, which proves that it is their acting skills that matter most. A fit woman with a body to die for, that and her face which has a distinctive beauty mark we adore make her one of the most alluring ladies around in our view.

4 Danielle Fishel – Boy Meets World

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An actor that was a part of the cast of the sitcom Boy Meets World from the first season onward, Danielle Fishel’s character, Topanga, made her debut in the fourth episode of the show. At first, only a background character that the series lead interacted with at school and occasionally at home, as the series continued on, she became one of its main characters much to our delight. In fact, she was so integral to the show that when it received a spin-off called Girl Meets World, her character was brought back as one of its leads. Never able to make that big of an impact outside of this character, we find that surprising as her likable energy always worked for us, and she has grown into a gorgeous woman as well.

3 Hilary Swank – Camp Wilder

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One of the most acclaimed actors of her generation, Hilary Swank hasn’t been appearing in many high-profile projects of late, but she has a career that millions of performers would envy. One of the stars of a very short-lived series that aired as a part of the TGIF programming block called Camp Wilder, that show has been all but completely forgotten but still earns her a place on this list. Instead best known for her film career, Hilary was a part of fantastic films like Boys Don't Cry, The Gift, Insomnia, Million Dollar Baby, and several others, she is great at what she does. Someone who doesn’t get anywhere close to the level of credit she deserves when it comes to her appearance, she carries herself with class and confidence we find very attractive.

2 Elise Neal - The Hughleys

Clearly someone who had an in-road at ABC during the TGIF years, Elise Neal made appearances in shows from it including Hangin' with Mr. Cooper and Family Matters. That said, she owes her placement on this list to the fact that she starred in the series The Hughleys from 1998 until 2003, and it took up several time slots in this lineup at one time. Most recently trying her hand at television stardom in the show The Soul Man, she also was a memorable part of the X-Men blockbuster movie Logan in 2017, but we find it sad that she isn’t a bigger star anymore. Possessing a figure we can’t get enough of, when she recently posed for a photo shoot wearing black-and-white swimwear, we were blown away.

1 Elisha Cuthbert – Happy Endings

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Someone who many people do not associate with the kind of comedy series that TGIF was defined by, Elisha Cuthbert is best known for her more dramatic roles by most people. However, she was at the center of the sitcom Happy Endings which aired as a part of the lineup and has a passionate and loyal fan base that consider it one of the best shows that aired in recent years. Also memorable for other series including 24 and The Ranch, you may also know her from movies including Old School, House of Wax, and The Girl Next Door. Someone who seems as though she is totally without flaws when it comes to the way she looks, when putting together this list, she seemed like the obvious pick to top it from the start.


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