20 Stylish Outfits Nikki Bella Wore That Makes Her Our Favorite Wrestler

Nikki Bella announced back in April that she was taking a leave of absence from the WWE. When you consider the accomplishments she had in the ring, including being the Diva's Champion for over 300 days, you can imagine it was a significant blow to the WWE.

Thankfully for fans of Nikki, her time away from the ring definitely didn't mean she left the public spotlight. She was a standout on Dancing With The Stars, she started her own clothing company and in the process, amassed a social media following of close to 10 million people.

Talks started towards the end of 2017 that Nikki may be making a return to the ring in 2018, and if she does, it won't take long for you to remember why she may have been your favorite female wrestler. One thing that's going to help jog your memory is the list we have for you today.

With 20 photos of Nikki from a variety of her passions, you can rest assured you've come across the most comprehensive list on the internet when it comes to the best photos of Nikki Bella.

20 Caught By Paparazzi Looking Tremendous In Black


Nikki Bella's decision to appear on Dancing With The Stars came with it many opportunities. And while it was a positive experience for her, it was also an incredibly lucrative opportunity for the paparazzi members who were willing to wait for a glimpse of Nikki.

They found themselves successful back on October 16th when they spotted her heading towards the studio alongside her partner, Artem Chigvintsev, but we don't think you're too devastated that he was left out of the picture. If you were wondering why Nikki had a smile on her face, perhaps it was because on this particular week she was performing her Disney routine that was inspired by Coco.

19  Glittering Alongside Artem On Dancing With The Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS - NIKKI BELLA AND ARTEM CHIGVINTSEV - The celebrity cast of "Dancing with the Stars" are donning their glitzy wardrobe and slipping on their dancing shoes as they ready themselves for their first dance on the ballroom floor, as the season kicks off on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

John Cena and Nikki Bella have a bond that isn't going to be broken anytime soon. But for the purposes of reality television, fans of Nikki got to see her dancing with the professional Artem Chigvintsev. When talking about why she was so passionate about the world of dance, Nikki stated,

“It makes me feel young. Dancing just gives you youth. You can get lost in these moments where the day just seems better. There’s something very freeing about dancing and I love that.”

Let's hope she took good notes from Artem so she could transfer those skills to John!

18 This Is Her In A Swimsuit

There is no question that Nikki Bella is one of the most talked about females to ever enter a WWE ring. Which means that whenever she elects to leave her house, there is a good chance that people are going to be really interested in what it is she has to do. And that interest might be even higher if she finds herself in a swimsuit.

Because while the ring attire she wore during her rise to fame may be revealing, that may seem tame in comparison to the photo we've selected of Nikki above. Let's just hope if she goes to the beach that John Cena isn't far behind because something tells us it's only a matter of time before people start hitting on her.

17 Getting Her Sweat On At The Gym

Nikki Bella may have made it look effortless when she soared around the ring or danced up a storm on Dancing With The Stars. But one thing that takes a significant amount of effort was the time that she had to put into working out in the gym. Because let's be straight up, there's no way she'd manage to have the cardio to perform either task successfully if she wasn't able to get through a heated session.

Thankfully for her fans, Nikki not only loves working out but loves documenting it for her fans. You may typically get annoyed if you see people on their phone at the gym, but perhaps for Nikki, you'd make an exception!

16 Has A Passion For...Skateboarding?

When you are a professional wrestler, one of the main elements you need to succeed is to have a strong level of balance. After all, you aren't going to be able to stay on your feet when you get shoved if you can barely stand on your feet to begin with.

Nikki shared the above photo to her Instagram account back on July 21st and received close to 150,000 likes. Easy to see why!

Nikki's balance also played a role when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars. But did you know that one of the reasons she has such a strong sense of balance is because of her love of skateboarding?

15 Showing Some Patriots Pride

There aren't many teams in the NFL that are as hated as the New England Patriots. I mean, at least unless you're a Patriots fan. In which case you've not known what it looks like to have a mediocre football team for the better part of the last two decades. When you factor in that John Cena is from West Newbury, Massachusetts, you can make the assumption that he's probably a pretty big Patriots fan.

And while Nikki may have been born in San Diego, you can imagine she doesn't mind showing some support for her fiance's team. There are many seductive outfits of Nikki on this list, but would you really blame John if his favorite one, was this one of her showing some Patriot pride?

14 Wearing Camo 

Nikki Bella has many things in her life that she cares deeply about. Such as her fiance John Cena! But she never would have had the opportunity to meet John, if she wasn't able to pursue her passion for professional wrestling.

Nikki opened up in a past interview about the feeling she gets when she enters the ring,

"To me, nothing is more fun than being in that ring. That ring is just my heart; it's my passion."

When you consider John's equal passion for wrestling, you can imagine their future children will definitely be familiar with how to take a bump or two!

13 Looking Amazing While She Gets Ready

It is clear when Nikki Bella steps out for a night on the town, that she looks like she has been well-prepared for the event. And even if you aren't able to see her face with our next entry, you can have a significant level of confidence that her makeup game was definitely going to be on point for that particular night.

We just have to hope that John Cena doesn't mind when she says she is only going to be another 5 minutes before she is ready, and ends up taking an hour! But once he sees her ready to go, his frustration may quickly disappear.

For this particular night, it'd be shocking if the highlight wasn't the makeup on her face, but the tremendous dress that she elected to put on her body.

12 Modelling For Her And Brie's Clothing Company

When Nikki was once asked about what her aspirations for the future were, she replied,

"I want to build a legacy at the WWE, but I definitely want to continue to grow the Bella empire. I want it to go beyond the ring. I would love to be a motivational speaker."

While the above entry doesn't speak to her speaking skills, it does allow us to talk about another avenue she is pursuing; Birdiebee clothing. Alongside her sister Brie, Nikki created and is one the main faces of the company. No wonder she is actively promoting them on Instagram on a regular basis!

11  With A Sledgehammer In Hand

When it comes to menacing characters in WWE history, Triple H is among the very best. If you found yourself on his bad side, there was a good chance you'd find yourself on the receiving end of a sledgehammer before the feud was done.

Nikki may not have been quite as intimidating to go up against in the ring as Triple H, but she sure still managed to know how to pack a wallop! And even if she wasn't as successful as Triple H, perhaps she was inspired by him when she decided to pick up a sledgehammer for this steamy photo.

10 Relaxing In The Summer Sun

What is your favorite time of the year? If you're John Cena, you may have a certain level of love and appreciation for summer. Especially because if Nikki Bella's Instagram page is any indication, she tends to have no problems spending her summer by the water and in swimsuits.

When you consider the two are currently planning their wedding, we wouldn't be surprised if they also spent a solid amount of time looking at potential places that they could go for a honeymoon.

And if you're John Cena, something tells us you're going to pick a place where the weather is hotter and the clothing chosen looks something like the outfit Nikki is wearing above!

9 She Loves America

You would hope that both Nikki Bella and John Cena are proud to be American. At the very least, Nikki sure looks amazing when she is embracing her pride of America!

While Nikki Bella may shy away from talking politics, that isn't the case for her fiance John Cena who unloaded on Trump back in June 2017

"It certainly doesn't speak proudly for America that the person who sits in the Oval Office is involved in controversy," said Cena on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Considering Trump is involved in even more controversies now than he was then, you can imagine Cena (and perhaps Nikki by association) are even less of a fan of #45.

8 Dropping Your Jaw At The MMVA's

Nikki Bella and John Cena got engaged to one another at Wrestlemania 33 in April 2017. Which means that when the time the MMVA's had rolled around in June, they were still considered one of the hottest and most appealing couples; at least as far as the paparazzi was concerned.

Knowing how many photos would be taken of them, you can imagine Nikki must have felt nervous stepping out of her house with the above dress, at least as far as potential wardrobe malfunctions are concerned!

We're sure she was grateful, however, that she managed to keep herself contained throughout the night. The end result was not only the most stunning dress of the evening but perhaps the boldest and most stylistic choice of Nikki's career.

7 At The Trainwreck Premiere

Nikki Bella was all smiles when she was attending the premiere of her fiance, John Cena's, movie Trainwreck. The movie was a huge hit with critics, scoring 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and made close to $150 million at the box office. Says Cena about Nikki,

"She has such beautiful brown eyes and they glowed with red hell fire. And she has such a great smile, but she turned into, like the Alien AND the Predator at once?"

Cena was one of the standout stars of the movie, but part of his character is at one point covered only by a dish towel and also bumps it up with Amy Schumer.  When discussing how the discussion with Nikki went about the scenes in question, Cena admitted a smile was nowhere to be found on her face,

"I didn’t think I’d get the part, and I kept putting it off, not telling Nicole and not having the discussion of ‘hey, there may be some graphic scenes.’ So I got it, and I couldn’t say no, so I kinda walked in one day and said ‘hey, I’m kinda just doin’ this’ aaaaand that was the wrong approach."


6  Revealing How In Shape She Is Prior To Wrestlemania 33

John Cena has been part of some of the biggest matches in Wrestlemania history. But back at Wrestlemania 33, he took a backseat and instead teamed up with his now-fiancee, Nikki to take on Maryse and The Miz. Which at the very least was probably what Nikki would consider the biggest match of her career.

While it wasn't the most memorable match of any of these superstars' career, for Nikki, it was preceded by a very memorable photo shoot for WWE.com.

And when you consider how in shape and intimidating she looks in the above photo, you may not be too shocked to hear that she and Cena came out on top!

5 Looking Casual But As Gorgeous As Ever

While Nikki Bella looks gorgeous when she puts on an elaborate outfit, the best indication of how beautiful she is may be with our above entry. There is nothing overtly "fancy" about wearing some jeans and a white T-Shirt. But after you take a good look at that photo, are you really shocked that it wasn't a strong enough candidate to make our list?

Especially because if you asked John Cena, this is probably pretty close to the type of outfit she likes to wear on a regular basis. When uploading the photo to her Instagram account, Nikki made sure to give a shoutout to Honey B Glam for her makeup, Saint Laurent for the clothing and Louis Vuitton for the boots. With a promotion like that, we're sure it's only a matter of time before more free samples show up at her door.

4 Embracing Her Napa Valley Style For Instagram

The weather may be colder in December, but you better believe that doesn't stop Nikki Bella from being able to dial up the heat. She posted the above photo on her Instagram back on December 1st and captioned it "Napa Fall Vibes"; seemingly to indicate her love of touring wineries in Napa which she often also promotes on Instagram.

But you don't have to have to be enjoying a glass of wine to enjoy seeing Nikki in that outfit. It's definitely not the type of shirt you ever want to wear in the summer or you may find yourself with some seriously awkward tan lines when you consider the intricate designs that are found on her top.

3 Beautiful In Blue Before Her Boot

Nikki Bella definitely looks beautiful in blue for our next entry that has her standing with her partner Artem from Dancing With The Stars. But things took a turn for the worst only moments after this photo was taken, however, as she was informed that she had been eliminated from the competition.

At the time, the show had been on for 7 weeks. If it made the news any easier, Nikki was eliminated alongside Vanessa Lachey in a shocking "double elimination".

While Nikki surely had aspirations to win it all, she definitely should have held her head up high after she had some amazing performances. We bet she even learned some killer moves to bust out at her wedding!

2 Showing Some Celtic Pride

If you're a fan of the NBA, we hope you're a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors. Otherwise the last few years may have just been more frustrating than anything else. But if there was a team that was going to take over on top, the Boston Celtics have as good a shot as any.

They've battled through the adversity of losing Gordon Hayward to injury and are still poised to make some noise in the playoffs. One person who may be at the garden cheering them on in person is Nikki Bella. And if she is, you can imagine many people will be hoping she shows up in an outfit like this!

1 Kneeling Beside The Ring

This list is going to peppered with photos of Nikki Bella embracing various elements of her life, and doing so while looking gorgeous. But there's no way we'd be able to get through this list without taking the time out of our day to include at least one photo of her rocking out in ring gear.

While Nikki is no longer performing in the ring (at least as of right now), that doesn't mean she didn't have plenty of memorable moments that help make her remain one of your favorite performers. But as talented as Nikki was, we don't know if anything she did in the ring was quite as memorable as the stunning outfits that she wore!

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